Saturday, December 3, 2022

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  • This is still the closest I’ve found to my situation. Short recap on my situation. Started meds at age 8. Was on various meds until age 23 when I tapered off Effexor for 2 weeks (as the doctor instructed). I have since had 3 episodes of severe continuous panic for three days straight that reduced in severity over a few months. The buzzing has never gone away completely. I have been dealing with agoraphobia for 3 years now. I’m so terrified of the level of panic I had. I can’t drive far. Can’t keeo a job. My doctor thinks I now have bipolar type 2 and I agreed to try lithium and lamotrogine to reduce agitation and mixed episodes. It’s helping, but hard to say how much since I’ve also lost both my parents, my marriage, aunt, cousin, and my sweet dog and cat, my home, and of course a few jobs. That’s a lot of loss. I use clonazepam if doing exposure therapy or if I panic. I’m careful not to use it often.
    I’m feeling hopeless. I don’t have much quality of life. I’m grateful for what I have. I also miss not having this constant buzz of anxiety that threatens to turn to panic.

  • I’m glad I stumbled on this article. Although it isn’t the most hopeful thing I’ve read, I’m glad to find something that acknowledges that this problem exists. I haven’t found much information to go on. I’m tired of being told I should be better by now, and that panic attacks only last a few minutes, when my experience demonstrates they can last much longer.
    I was started on Prozac when I was around 11, I am now 31. I’ve tried different medications and have only been able to get off them twice. The first time, I tapered off Effexor in two weeks with the help of my doctor. Four months later, I had completely debilitating anxiety. I couldn’t eat or sleep. I constantly rocked, day and night. I couldn’t leave the house. This went on for weeks, until I hardly had the strength to walk down the hall. I went back on the Effexor.
    Fast forward about five years. I tapered off from Wellbutrin over the period of a year. Again, I crashed a few months later. This time, it was far more severe. I didn’t want to go back on an antidepressant, but my doctor gave me Imipramine, stating it was something given kids that wet the bed and would help me sleep. I didn’t know it was an antidepressant, and was too scared to read about it. I was terrified to take anything and I had already scared myself after reading about Ativan. I did take the Ativan, as the constant terror and not sleeping was too much to handle.
    It is now three years later, and I am still unable to work full time. My marriage is ruined, due to my husband not believing I could still be having symptoms. Added on to the anxiety, I recently started a tongue/ throat click that I hope is just a temporary thing related to anxiety.
    Every day is a struggle, but I know it could be worse. As long as I keep up with exercising and eating the best I can, I can usually stay out of the deeper depression states. I’m living as if it is possible to heal, and trying to accept that this may be as good as it gets.
    Thank you.