Thursday, October 6, 2022

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  • Thanks 4 ur comment
    After a recent [not first!] hospital stay that was infvoluntary and involved forcible medication administration during which honest staff admitted things were WAY screwed up and higher-up “professionals” remained dense in response and unwilling 2 answer questions, I now wait with anticipation and curiosity what the “something giving” will look like.

    It’s perhaps the most unchecked form of oppression in our country today.

    “Give” it will, though, as all wrong does eventually.

    Now, I just try as hard I can to be a part of the change and hope I’m around wen it happens!

  • “‘Evidence based medicine’ appears to be primarily a marketing tool used to sell drugs.”

    Correct: There is little evidence to support any of the methods used by psychiatric medicine, or at least there is just as much–if not more–against it, but most mainstreamers are quick to invoke “EBM” as justification for discrimination.

  • On the subject of social media, on a negative note :

    My comments on “Popular social website” questioning psychiatry have been down-voted into invisibility..
    Some of them were deleted on the “Science” sub, and while I posted no links, I used my own experience, which the rules do not prohibit.
    “Arguments that run counter to well established scientific theories …must be substantiated with evidence that has been subjected to meaningful peer-review,” read the rules. If I’d to guess, Moderators used this rule to take down my comment, however, others commented right-and-left on the post (regarding latest “schizophrenia” “research”) speculating as if schizophrenia was a brain disease, and this has *never* been substantiated [not even by the new “research,” which was my point…]

    I’d say Ms. Grossberg (+ others) are right, and that a powerful win 4 “psychiatric liberation” would be revising commonly referred-to sources regarding “mental illness” that are so rapidly poisoning (figuratively and literally) the minds of public…

    …And I DON’T think this will B easy. I don’t mean to be alarmist, but, should many of the brilliant-and-inspired strategies above be implemented, counteractions and censorship may come swiftly, not only at the hands of the “powers that be,” but at the hands of those who have no political interests in keeping the “medical model” in place… (It is my argument that many besides Big Pharma have interest in seeing their co-workers, neighbors, and “loved ones” neatly “dealt with” and packaged away into boxes of “mental illness.” Aforementioned “willful ignorance” and closed.minded-ness 2 the truth prove this to me..)

    (*In* *addition,* I commented on a “pop culture” news site to reprimand a parent who, essentially, has gained recognition through sharing her adolescent child’s emotional and behavioral struggles under the guise of “advocating” for “mental health.” As of now, People dotcom has been trying to “approve” my comment 4 3 days. ) #myGriping

  • I have highlighted this beacon of positivity and shall continue to attempt 2 shed light on the truth a/b psychiatry whenever & wherever I think it’ll help..

    Can it b that the most powerful tool for communication is our own stories??
    “Coming out” about my experiences is something that has happened recently for me and continues to..

    Someone eloquently articulating what they know to be true, with grace, can have a powerful, “ripple” effect wherever it occurs.

    I have a friend, one of whose life goals is to use her gift of drama to create films that address psychiatric repression & “liberation;” I’ve forwarded this article 2 her.

    I share in your dream!! Bon courage

  • Disclaimer: I *never* condone excessive force by police.

    To me–the tenor of this short article goes against the main point MIA is trying to get across: “Mental health” is not an all-around valid lens through which to view any individual.

    If a person is acting illegally, let her be detained / arrested/ appropriately dealt with. If she is not, leave her alone, no matter how much her behavior “bothers” others…

    Saying someone “has a mental illness” is not a reason to judge their actions as “irrational.”

    Further, my favorite articles on this site are ones that affirm a person’s *choices* as dictating their life instead of mysterious “chemical imbalances…” Illegal activity should be punished as such, no matter what one’s “diagnosis” has been… (More-or-less, the only instance in which activity that breaks the law should not be fully prosecuted, in my opinion, is the presence of being “under the influence,” in which case this article should be about substance abuse, not “mental health.”)

    On the other hand, if a person’s behavior is simply deemed unusual by on-lookers *or even family members,* he should in no way be coerced to alter anything or be removed anywhere.

    All-in-all, the “mental health professionals” the report wants law enforcement to consult–along with the use of terms like “people with mental illness”–are likely only to perpetuate discriminatory falsehoods against individuals that others have a reason 2 want to enfeeble…