Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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  • Hello I am really stunned with your sttory, I live in Catalonia (Spain) with my wife who is diagnosed with much things Bipolar II, Borderline personality disorder, but last year we figured out what are psiquiatrist do to ppl and how much injustice is done. She had a really hard life problems with parants and with her ex wich told a lot of lies at shrinks and she have a medical history really bad. It is really scary without respecting the private life of “patient”. The first and ultimate way she told her psiquiatre that she want to lower dossis of medicacion the PDoc said in historial that she is not aware of “decise” she have. I went with her only to see what are thay talking about and her terapist started analising me without any premission or any right t do it. She entered Citezen Commision on Human Rights recently in way of joining revolt against abuse. CCHR SHe have “terapy” of Lithium 800 mg and lamictal 200 mg with Tranxilium ( which I understand is like this Xentrex in USA). Can I as any of you there how can she quit which plan to use, to quit taking this “medicaciones”? Also she is scared for her chiled which is diagnosed with ADHD and she know he will enter in all this injustice system, and she what to help him before his brain is prejujged by the aminofetamina pills he takes more than one year now.

    I am sorry I am writting in her but I know english better.

    P.S. If you can or want to you can put a contact with her on FB Merce Kajganic Arias