Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Comments by Khaki

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  • Thank you, Sera, for this piece. It made me feel stronger. The misogyny in this movement is appalling and is keeping us down. We have played into the hands of the Man and as a community have become complicit in our oppression. I have witnessed and experienced some truly appalling conduct. One infamous and former state leader would tell women he would only place them in consumer seats on boards if they looked at pictures of him in his underwear. He would ask highly intrusive questions about their sexual histories. Once at a consumer conference, this individual hit me several times and knocked me into a table after I objected to his abuses of power. A group of both men and women were present and no one helped me.

    There are truly lovely individuals in this movement across the privilege spectra whom I deeply admire. However, some of them support individuals who continue to cause great harm. We keep recreating a monster of abuse. Lovely people, please awaken! Abusers, when will you stop keeping yourself down? Those who have been mistreated, keep talking!