Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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  • I have worked in some capacity in the mental health fields all of my adult life and have been a consumer through bouts of severe depression and a life long diagnosis of PTSD. I currently live/work with a community of elderly and disabled folks at a subsidized apartment building where the majority of my population on disability is from psychiatric challenges. I totally understand and sympathize with the story however I have seen the other side of the spectrum. I have seen people who were in such a state of psychosis and refused to accept that there was any problem and without any kind of intervention and treatment are no longer here to tell their story. The flip of this woman’s daughter’s story but the end result was the same. I have no answer but I know that I have seen so many people suffer off any medication or without any treatment who could not identify that they had any problems and the 180 turn around when they finally are treated. Perhaps if the medical profession were not so quick to write a script and dispense a medication, perhaps if there were a more holistic approach to these diseases and a more cohesive treatment plans…again I don’t know but I do know that something MUST be done and soon because the diseases of the brain or psyche is destroying too many lives (both sufferer and those that love those that suffer).