Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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  • I live in Portland, it is a bit warmer here. We have a peer run program that has not made everyone in it completely safe, but we know of no completely safe spaces. What we did here was to create a safe place to sleep. With the lack of affordable housing and not enough shelter space, we created a place where folks could just sleep, and have their stuff safe for 12 hours. It is completely peer run, with some housed folks supporting the process. We realized and tell many people that if people don’t get enough sleep, they start to hallucinate. So we called the place “Right To Dream Too” It has been here for 3 years. It started up the same week Occupy started up and slid through the loops of the police and other forces that were completely absorbed by what was going on with Occupy. I have seen some amazing peer support at this place. Providing one’s own security is key and the member organization is fully democratic and aims at consensus. I don’t live there cause I was living at another earlier model of self run shelter called Dignity Village. I am excited to be involved with this organization because of its client centered approach and participation heavy model of recovery. Ibrahim Mubarak is the leader of this whole concept, but has lots of friends who have helped him over time. He has carried the dream forward and is the big heart. He is in Tucson, AZ right now, helping a community start up a rest area as well.
    I wanted to also respond to your comments about the Great Turning. I have always felt that those who are going through their crisis of mental anquish are the people who will be able to most help the masses as we undergo a collective paradigm shift. They are painful as we well know. Learning how to convene large numbers of people is a great skill in healing. I am struck most strongly over the last five years by my discovery of Open Dialogue. At the time of my discovering it, I thought. This is IT. This is what all our problems are based on! our lack of connected language of words. Doesn’t it describe racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, when that theory talks about the problem not being in the person, but in the inbetween space! that the person suffering is bearing the burden of the problem in the relationship!
    I am greatly disturbed and uplifted by what is going on in Ferguson, that people are gathering together in great numbers and also, discouraged by local conversations with the people I work with. I work in a wellness spa.
    Also, wanted to send a shout out to a brother! Good to see you doing well! I transitioned in late 2007, so I’m kind of old and still kind of a teenager! 🙂
    It took soooo long for me to come out because of direct blocks that landed hard on my sense of self and that came from the ‘helping’ profession. Ha ha ha…
    I’ve come a long way! Glad to be here, now, just so struggling with the reality of where people are still going.. But, it is the connecting with others that make my day, and the people I work with. Peace and love

  • Hi David, Good to see your writing here! Too bad for UU that they kicked out ReThinking Psychiatry.. Which is really not a radical organization, not as ragety as my first group I was in when I was first introduced to the movement. Marci does do a great job of pulling it all together in a gentle civll mannered way. I will let my disapointment be known when I attend the Pacific North West Social Forum. People will know about it then. I don’t have any beef with the CCHP, I wouldn’t join them, but they do have a lot going for them. Their recovery methods and detoxing programs are well designed and work really well. Their methods of conformity are a little stiff, but so is the military and no one is shutting them down, though they do look alike, with the marching and starched uniforms. All groups have their conformities that if you don’t follow them, you are subtly or not so subtly kicked out or silenced. Thats the way people do people herding. I look forward to a day when we can look back and say, “What were we thinking? ”
    I’ve got to hope for that. What is coming more and more clear to me, is that we have got to look towords respect to everyone as best we can. We have talked to psychiatrist, some of us have even become psychiatrist. To dis the CCHP is like combatting horizontally.
    As to revolution we really need a whole scale paradigm shift. Revolution just trades out different people in power, when what we have are relationships between people who need to desperately need to try and understand each other and not struggle over who is right. It is also too bad that there is such poverty in America that there is a struggle over resources instead of confronting the system head on by taking care of each other and communicating more honestly. Long road in front of America is all I can say. And yes, Forced Treatment is Not treatment, but torture or more nicely said, “Social Control” I look forward to more communication and understanding.
    Thanks for still being present with us all David!! You will always be a leader in my world!