Tuesday, January 28, 2020

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  • This is my first ever comment on MIA……trying being mad in the UK…..

    Marvellous, as usual, simple Simon met a Pieman, not withstanding…

    In the UK we are bombarded with ssris and take the wrong one at your peril
    Or, is the wrong one the right one, or, is the right one the wrong one.

    They have had their day. It is all over.
    No pharmaceutical company is investing any more money in an ti de press ants..it is over..end of..

    However, over it may be for them, it is not over for most of us normal folk who happened across an ssri and got seriously burnt in the process.

    It always was, and always will be a fraudulent practise based on a myth with seriously under-educated people, like, the psychiatric brigade, peddling their wares……

    Anyway, greetings from Scotland….you are my favourite reporter…apart from our very own David Healy…and, yippee, it is over, it is over, it is over….

    and, alternative therapies, are not on my agenda, as, I did not want an ‘orrible ‘istory’ in the first place…so, god, bless, America and keep up your smart and honourable pieces.

    Thank you for being eradite, or, was, it, era….dite 🙂