Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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  • this is the best thing i have read on CBT. particularly near the end where it talks about people that have had traumatic experiences and doing CBT. That is what happened to me. No one asked about the abuse I was facing. just about how i had to change my thoughts. i had to get with the program. accept the status quo. The status quo was a sexually abusive scout leader. A friend of my father. They called me treatment resistant when I got mad. it brought out rage. Sometimes I can’t contain it. Meds and cbt for so long. even though my body couldn’t handle the meds, and the cbt was so infuriating. All the private hospitals do CBT, and won’t take me because I won’t participate in CBT programs. The public hospitals don’t take you unless you are dead. I have no where to go. At least I finally got some victims compensation, and can finally afford (for a while) psychotherapy. It feels better then anything else has at least. Thankyou for this article.