Friday, September 24, 2021

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  • I am a peer specialist in Spokane. Our community lacks a psych survivor voice and non drug treatment centers. I am drowning in clinician land. I am frustrated to see clients who seem the same on or off medication who I feel are validated in their anger at emotional isolation who are then because of the anger detained and involuntarily injected with pointless medication. This is a senseless evil. I have expressed my opinion to coworkers only to find that I am thought either to be in denial myself~though I was on meds for 13 yrs ~ or the rebuttal argument to the aforementioned article about psychiatric care increasing suicide attempts, is that the patient was suicidal before any treatment.
    Recently I have two friends who have both been hospitalized multiple times this year for suicide attempts. They are each on probably 15 meds day and evening, probably at least half psych meds. And the rest are meds treating side effects of psych meds. They have each had numerous ECT tx. It has been a rough year for me but in a different way. I have severe anxiety which usually arises due to life events. My tx of this has been to systematically change my diet and lifestyle and when that was not sufficient to taper slowly off most of my medication. That worked for about six months and then a stressful life event brought anxiety back. I refused benzos and instead decreased my responsibilities. One of my medicated friends responded at one point saying”it is ridiculous that you would rather leave your job than take medication”. And though only my doctor and my family for the most part are supportive of my choice, I made a lifestyle choice to take time off work to recover. I firmly believe that I was diagnosed and put on meds because my lifestyle drove me to the brink. I also believe that it is’ridiculous’ to ignore what your body is telling you and instead force yourself to continue harmful behavior by masking symptoms. Has the world gone mad? What happened to healthcare being related to actually doing what your body needs? This is not a problem merely with psychiatry at all. We have a wide scale health crisis on our hands. Medication for type two diabetes? Logic is out the window. The value system of money no matter what the cost to human being is so wrong.
    Anyway in conclusion I am frustrated that my medicated friends who each have peer specialist certifications, see me as going rogue, while they continue to suffer needlessly feeling that suicide is the only way out. I just don’t understand why it could be more important to follow dr.s orders than to respond to your own body’s messages that something is wrong. Thank you so much MIA for helping me improve my life. I believe that my friends are suicidal because of psych tx, yes I do