Monday, March 20, 2023

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  • Great observations especially with regard to slow taper and reinstatement. Was ready too share this very good article with my 10000 member Cymbalta Hurts Worse group but the benzo recommendation stopped me cold. There are so many in our group and through networking among survivors and sufferers that have been benzo poisoned.

  • I can’t discuss details because of a gag order but I was intimately involved in a pharma induced suicide via Cymbalta. The family member went to the doctor complaining of suicidality. This had been an issue throughout the course of pharma treatment for an old back injury. The doc keep prescribing psychotropics and the member kept having suicidal thoughts. Over time with multiple whack-a-mole style drug changes and each drug bringing a new set of effects/more drugs-cycle, on the last visit with the last complaint of suicidality the doctor double their dose. Tragedy ensued. It is a subject that needs to be discussed. That and the pharma connection to mass killings, automobile drive into crowd killings, pilot plane suicides via pharma, etc. It all needs to be talked about but we all know that in mainstream it won’t be because the discussion is steered by big Pharma dollars. Only with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter is any truth coming out, mostly by peer to peer groups. I put more faith in thousands of anecdotal stories via people who are not in a “legitimate” clinical trial…another story illustrating my last point is the case regarding Traci Johnson by Jeanne Lenzer found on a Slate publication-Google it. Her suicide was deemed a trade secret. Yes, let’s get the conversation going.

  • @Better Life. I strongly disagree as I admin a very large group regarding Cymbalta. A non-pharma influenced global group where people come in all ages and stages. It has been our observation over the years that a slow taper gives the brain time to adjust to the new chemical mix. It also often minimizes the distressing and often times disabling withdrawals. We have had people slow taper at rates around 2.5% where they were still able to have a career and a semblance of a life. Compared that to folks who went the fast taper/cold turkey rate and the results are astonishing dissimilar. Not always, but very much superior with slow tapering. In fact, cold turkey can cause psychosis in some cases and we have several stories of people hospitalized due to the body’s severe reaction to the chemical upheaval. Which, if you know anything about that, is really an added danger because doctors are often prone to give more drugs which is the worst thing to be done in these kinds of situations. I only comment here not thinking I am going to change your mind but for all the fence sitters that might take your comment as Gospel. Respectfully, it is not, and could be very dangerous advice.

  • I administrate a group on Facebook – Cymbalta Hurts Worse – with over 7,000 members. Where do we send these people with horrific post taper withdrawal effects? Doctors are sadly clueless? And they often tell the patient that a new disease has come to town (wanting to prescribe more damaging meds) when it is clearly just the residual effect of getting off the chemical Cymbalta.

  • Agreed. Many of the psychotropics are known to cause suicidal/homicidal thoughts in some. The problem is no one knows who will or won’t be negatively impacted. Also, irrational thoughts are common. Then you come to the sticky subject of tapering and many doctors do not know how to safely taper correctly.

  • Sadly, the FDA is not on our side but the side of big pharma. There is a lot of cross pollinating that goes on between the two with executive jobs. It all boils down to money. The public is becoming more aware with the advent of the internet. Social media sites like Facebook are great tools for peer to peer help groups. Mine has over 7,000 members and we know the truth.

  • Mary Maddock of and Dr. Peter Breggin know a lot about the dangers of ECT. The general public is clueless about the dangers of psychiatry and there overreaching potential. Buyer beware couldn’t be more appropriate. The entire globe is undergoing a silent holocaust via the megacorp pharmaceutical industry. Their mantra is profit over people.

  • Great article. As I read it I said to my self yes, yes, and yes to all the points. I don’t understand what people don’t get about this holocaust befalling our society. I scratch my head on this because there are so many activists that have endured the tortures of psychiatry. Not just psychiatrist but family practice doctors are also prescribing psychotropic drugs for back aches and other non-psyche maladies. Keep writing, keep being outspoken, speak your truth. Hopefully, you spark others to speak their truths. We need a lot of sparks and hopefully some day the sparks will gain traction. We need a forest fire of enlightenment! One of the saddest things I have to endure is administrating the over 1800 member group on Facebook called “Cymbalta Drug Dangers” where daily we have people come to us searching for answers. The shattered lives are incalculable. I can’t believe this is reality.

  • Great article all around David Fox, I would suggest, however, that when tapering off many psychotropics to go slow. With Cymbalta, for instance, it is one of the most difficult anti-depressants to taper off. We have found in my Facebook group, Cymbalta Hurts Worse, we can get people off this drug with a slow, steady withdrawal to avoid the sometimes hideous and dangerous withdrawal effects. Often people give up getting off these drugs because the withdrawal is too difficult. It s a general rule of thumb with Cymbalta, for every 5 years on the drug it takes about 1 year of tapering to get safely off. In fact, one of our members found your article and posted it in our group today. Excellent! Keep up the good work.

  • Thank you so much Dr. Moncrieff. Your last paragraph caused me to gasp in agreement….” Thanks to the internet and the survivor and consumer movement, we are all more informed about medical treatment than we were in the past, and better able to discuss and negotiate that treatment with our doctors.”. For over 4 years I have administrated a Facebook group called Cymbalta Hurts Worse. We have over 1100 members. It amazes me how little doctors know about this psychotropic drug. The advice they give to people who want to stop Cymbalta such as alternating days or cold turkey is malpractice in my book. We have saved quite a few lives. I know this because people say this all the time. We encourage members to take articles and documents to help educate their prescribing doctors. Some doctors are receptive but many are too intelligent to believe a patient can know more about their experience or have contrary information, especially when it is learned from a group on the internet….We laugh at their “God-Complex” and celebrate when people are successfully off the poison of Cymbalta. The comradery and spirit in the group is #1 step to health. I can’t tell you how many people, when they find us, are so happy to find a group that believes them. How great and sad that is at the same time.

  • Oh, Elizabeth, your video was riveting and lives will be spared for it. I have shared in my two mental heath groups on Facebook – Cymbalta Hurts Worse and Prescription Drug Dangers. I lost a family member due to polypharmacy. Indeed the poly-drugging of people is gravely under-reported. Thank you so very much!

  • You have hit the nail on the head. I have thought the same since I was dipped in the flames via the tragic death of a loved one via Cymbalta. Some of my thoughts have been to have a seminar(s) of survivors and victims, relatives of victims in order to meet eye to eye. We could have various breakout sessions where different subjects and training could be covered. It has been a dream to arm these victims, survivors and current patients with materials to take to their doctors, pharmacists, medical examiners, coroners, their own centers of influence, school nurses, local newspapers, etc. If the expense and time constraints prohibit an in person gathering we could access Google Plus or some such online meetings (or do both). There are so many survivors and family members of survivors that the one thing lacking is organization. The knowledge, the passion and the determination is already there. I have only one small counter-thought and that is with regard to your #4. Government and Pharma are intertwined. Not to say we shouldn’t try to affect change in that direction but there needs to be a severe house cleaning.