Monday, May 10, 2021

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  • Thank Y’all so much for the advice. I really appreciate it. I did want to know if anyone on here has successfully W/D from Lexapro and how long it took to feel “normal”. When I stopped cold turkey, I felt amazing! I went through a week with dizzy spells and stuffy nose and then that was it. I felt things that I hadn’t felt in a long time! I used to hate the rain, it depressed me. But I remember waking up one morning and lying in bed with the window opening listening to the rain and I was soooo content. It felt amazing. Three months later, I had a horrible panic attack, and that led to the hopeless feeling which led me to thoughts of wanting to die, then of course I freaked out for thinking that and it spun from there. Thank y’all again!

  • Monica,
    THANK YOU. Thank you for putting it all out there for others, like myself, to understand. I am currently on Lexapro 20 mg and am trying to figure out how to ween off the best way. I quit cold turkey and my anxiety and the suicidal thoughts were awful. I find myself so mad because I know that I do not need these meds and the only reason I am medicated, is because I am medicated. I NEVER had thoughts of hurting myself before these meds. In fact, I was classic anxiety, scared of death. I had an amazing psychiatrist who wanted to help me get off of my meds and help me with eating whole foods and all, but unfortunately he passed tragically in a car accident. Now the psych I have is trying to push more drugs on me. He even said, “how old are you?” “30?” “Your mom has BPD and you WILL get it once you turn 30.” REALLY?!?!?!
    What. A. Quack.
    Do you know of any herbs that I can take to help with the weening process??
    Thank you. 🙂