Monday, September 20, 2021

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  • Just to add that the reason i wouldn’t advocate being drug free (directly) is that i think it’s just to controversial to say it directly and i’m concerned that the app would therefore gain a bad reputation, so i would choose to do it more subtly.

  • I have two suggestions:

    1 – mass personal advertising. MIA could sell e.g. car window stickers with slogans like “‘anti’-depressants cause suicide” or “psychiatrists destroy lives” or similar.

    2 – create an app. If i was creating one i’d make one about recovery from schizophrenia. I wouldn’t actually advocate being drug free, just encourage reading about the subject, as well as emphasizing psychological therapies, healthy eating, exercise, stress management, etc.

    If i was further along the line of recovery i would consider doing 2, but it would seem slightly ridiculous to do it right now, as i am only recovered to a psychiatrists standard (i.e. i’m sane, but disabled in real terms).