Monday, October 25, 2021

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  • Dear Melissa,
    Thank you for your post and I look forward to reading your book – I applaud you in your mission to take this issue to a wider audience. I am a medic/oncologist and I am deeply ashamed to report that I only became aware of the issue of benzodiazepine withdrawal when my mother became embroiled in a benzo detox nightmare this year. Approximately one month after a botched rapid withdrawal program supervised by an ‘addiction specialist’ (who was deeply unsympathetic to her suffering and blamed her symptoms on ‘anxiety’), she took her own life. She was not depressed – her emails to benzobuddies are testimony to to her desperate struggle to survive against the onslaught of pain and emotional lability she was battling. I am appalled that the medical community continues to dish out these drugs indiscriminately and then barely acknowledges the difficulties of withdrawal – let alone offers any support. And the aftermath is torture for a family like mine. Please continue your fight and to spread the word. Best wishes, F