Sunday, April 11, 2021

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  • PS to my above story I had the presence of mind not to name my mother or any one else as next of kin. I would only have considered my late husband as a safe person to list as next of kin. This would never have happened if I hadn’t been recently widowed.
    I learned subsequently that my mother’s plan was to commute the 2000 miles to the hospital, where she thought her report would have been sufficient to get me committed, collect me, force me to live with her. She labored under the assumption that as my mother she would automatically be named my guardian and conservator.
    I am not a poor person. My dear husband left me fairly well heeled. Was this part of my mother’s motive? To gain access to my funds? I really don’t know, but I wouldn’t entirely rule it out. I believe that her true motivation was that, unlike what she has said to others, that I could not escape her, that she realized I was perfectly capable of going whithersoever I wished. She was lonely and wanted me to come back. I would like to point out that very wealthy people have lost the right to handle their own finances due to this outrageous practice. From there one could see their life savings looted, all for falling asleep in an untimely manner. My fabulous mother is the last person I would feel comfortable about being my guardian/conservator. THIS IS ALL ABOUT MONEY Any American can lose all their assets, be kidnapped, drugged, humiliated, and beaten, on any pretext.

  • On August 30, 2014, I feel into a sound sleep, having slept poorly the night before. I was staying at a vegan/fasting center i n Santa Rosa, California. I had gone to the center un the hope of improving my severe rheumatoid arthritis. I suddenly awoke to strange men behaving in a frightening way, telling me I had to go to the emergency room. Why? My dangerous sleep was reported by my mother who was 2000 miles away. She had called and supposedly I answered the phone, speaking gibberish. Although she has knowledge of the fact that I sometimes walk and talk in my sleep, she invented a silly story about me falling earlier in the week, suffering a concussion, and rolling on the floor crying out, “I want my baby! I want my baby!” I have no baby.
    I resisted going to the hospital, since there was no reason at all for it. The paramedics probably felt they were being firm with me when they removed me by brute force, covering me with bruises, hitting my head on furniture, and giving me whiplash and a back injury from the extreme shaking to wake me from my sleep. I was then back to walking with crutches, which I had succeeding in greatly reducing the need for by a 26 day water fast at the clinic. The paramedics claimed that I had fallen as evidenced by their allegation that they found me asleep on the floor. When I sleep walk I am not alert, and probably was not sure where the bed was since I was away from home, and simply laid down and slept harmlessly on the floor. In addition, they dumped the soup on me that had been prepared to help me resume normal eating.
    I was taken without any witness from the clinic, with no clothing, no shoes, no cell phone, no id, no credit card or money. At the emergency room, where I was seen faster than I’ve been seen in years, I insisted on leaving. The nurse stated that that was impossible because I was wearing no clothes, no shoes, and had no means of communication or money or credit card.
    The hospital kept me most of the night, desperately trying to tie my “condition” to drug us, I think. When this proved impossible, since I was taking no drugs, I was released and put in a taxi, but only after I signed papers agreeing to pay them for doing this to me.
    I was kidnapped for ransom.