Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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  • Hi, i have autocorrect & auto capitilization turned off on my phone so disregard my typing. My name is Rachel, I’m 19 and I would like some help… I have been taking bipolar medications for only 3 years. But i’ve run into serious problems, at 16 i was first prescribed Seroquel mainly for the reason of its side effect of sedation since i am an insomniac. I believe i started at 300mg and my mood swings were still out of control, but on the plus side i was actually sleeping at night. My psychiatrist increased to 600mg & for a long time i was okay, i was still slightly manic but it wasnt nearly as bad as before. I stayed with it & i regret the day i ever took it. I complained to my psychiatrist that i was feeling tired all through the day & since starting cosmetology school i couldnt be tired all day. He suggested Seroquel XR 900mgs & i took if for about 6 months & wanted to switch back for a reason that i cannot remember. i had quit cosmetology school & now here i am back on regular seroquel, my mood swings are worse, i’m more violent than ever & i’m scaring others that are close to me. November of 2013 I beg to be taken off of seroquel & put on something new, something that won’t make me crazier. He puts me on celexa, no weaning off of seroquel he just advised me to take what was left (about 5 doses) & cut them in half & then start the celexa. so i did… that was the worst week i have ever had. I really thought i was going to die. once all the seroquel was gone, i was back, my boyfriend swears he saw the devil in me. i don’t even know who i was that week. not to mention the withdrawl, oh my god the withdrawl. My stomach pain, vomiting constantly, the dry heaving. i couldnt eat a speck of food for 3 days because i was gagging from everything. i want some water, oh gotta throw it up. everything that hit my stomach my body rejected. remember, i cant naturally sleep. here i am every night for a week up all night just starving. i couldnt eat & i couldnt sleep. how could it get worse? the mood swings. i wont even talk about them. that week was terrible the agony of the withdrawl of this stupid medication is HORRIFYING. I was stuck taking celexa with no seroquel left, i remember screaming for it, i needed it. i couldnt see my psychiatrist for another 2 weeks. when i finally saw him & explained he put me on lithium, at my request, and just 50mg of seroquel a day “to help me sleep” please we all know the real reason why i have to be on this measly amount of seroquel. my body needs it and i cant make it go away. i want it to go away. i dont want that pain to come back but i feel as though i’m addicted to this tiny pathetic pill. my psychiatrist wants me in therapy to help me but i cant pay for it since losing my second insurance. i have to pay rent and all those little expenses i dont need another one. i didnt take my litium today. its a first. i dont know why i didnt. i think i want to stop. but of course i took my seroquel. i’m chained to that bottle and i just don’t want to feel like that anymore.