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  • The media ignores you when you protest their ill-researched, one-sided stories that reinforce false narratives about “mental illness.”

    When will the media get interested in the truth? When will the media report that Scott Noel was a scapegoat
    who should not have died at age 51? When will the media seek out a different opinion about what really happened to Scott Noel, including his during his twenties, his thirties, and his forties?

  • Marianne Williamson is right about the over drugging of Americans for normal human feelings. She is right and Anderson Cooper would know it– if he would just stop talking for half an hour to think about it.

    What did not get discussed is the way that the media accepts the DSM slanders, aka “diagnoses”, and even promotes them with no good reason except greed–it pays to sell pretend diagnoses and pretend “treatments”.

  • I guess what I am trying to say is that the individuals in the media are under tremendous pressure to tow the line and to keep spewing out the false narratives that the mh diagnoses are valid and that the drugs are helpful.

    I suspect that many of them are getting tired of not thinking the issue out for themselves–and that in time, probably soon–some of them will break away from the false narratives. Of course, those free thinkers may become vulnerable to lose their jobs (and that is why they tow the line so long).

    Obviously, I have a lot of respect for Robert Whitaker and the writers on MIA who are brave enough to tell the truth; and I am hopeful that the truth will be known, eventually.

  • It pays for the media to tell the False Narrative that psychiatry is a real and scientific branch of medicine–it is not. That is the problem.

    When we can get that to change, then everything might change. It seems obvious to those of us who realize all of the damage that the psych drugs do–and we know it from personal experience. We also know what a crime against humanity that forced drugging is.

    It would be something if talking heads like Anderson Cooper might learn the truth; and I may be naive (or hopeful) enough to think it is possible.

  • While I am frustrated by the willful ignorance of the WCPO story, I do not really blame the individual reporters.
    I know that they are following a playbook that pretends that psychiatry is a real and legitimate branch of medicine. This is a national problem that needs to be confronted.

    We all know that the mh narrative needs to change.

  • The media is arrogant, like Anderson Cooper. The interview with Marrianne Williamson is remarkable because he is relentless in attacking her opinions and questions about psychiatry, which are valid.

    My own experience with the WCPO Cincinnati local media was: Here is the Story. This is What Happened. Just accept the MH diagnoses as valid science (even though there have been whispers that it may not be).

    But there were big holes in the story about Scott Noel. How can a person who seems just as alive and awake as his surviving sister die so young? I am referring to the photos of his youth in the story and how he was an active participant in sports, music, and art. How can the reporter not seem to be interested in That question?

    What happened to Scott Noel in those thirty some years between his diagnosis and his death?
    That to me is the question. My guess is that he became a political scapegoat and he was shut out from society.

    Lucy May mostly seems interested in the way the police treated the dead body of a dead homeless person. That seems like it should be a part of the story–but not the bulk of the story. Also, she is obsessed with the photos of the dead body, which is pretty disgusting and sensational.

    The other big problem with the story, to me, is that Lucy May does not get any other sources to comment on Scott Noel and his struggles, besides his sister. Scott must have had some friends in those thirty years;
    and even if he didn’t, I think she should have tried to talk to someone else who knew him in high school.

    I think a second opinion about what happened to him changing from active and photogenic to homeless and dead would have been greatly appreciated. Because there is Not a second opinion, the first opinion of the sister seems pretty suspicious. Does she really actually believe in the diagnoses that Scott got? Really?

    I am certain that he must have complained bitterly about how his MH label was blocking him from every opportunity that he was seeking, including a home without forced drugging.

    I just don’t think that it was in WCPO’s agenda to talk about that–so they didn’t.

  • The truth is that the powers that be know that neuroleptic drugs take years off of a life, and can contribute to a person’s early death at age 51 when Scott Noel died.

    The media knows that the DSM labels are slanders. They know it, and they love to slander people. (I cannot believe I am saying this but it is true). Furthermore, Slander is highly profitable. The DSM is a best seller and Big Pharma is making billions and billions of dollars to make “medicine” that causes way more harm than good. All–or at least most, of those profits are based on FALSE diagnoses, because the DSM is not based on real science.

    Truth matters.

  • The media has tremendous power; and yet they do not do the research necessary. In fact, in many cases I think they must know that psychiatry is based on lies. They know that psychiatry protects the status quo–so never mind serious research to get to the truth.

    The truth is that the DSM labels are slanders. The truth is that the labels can put a person on a downward spiral for life. The truth is that the powers that be know this; and that they are doing this intentionally.

    Also, the truth is that our country is wealthy enough, so that no one should be homeless or hungry.

  • p.s. I forgot to put quotation marks around “out of control” children. I meant that this is how the parents saw the situation. The young people, obviously, saw the situation differently.

    Straight was an over-reaction, a backlash to something that was not a real problem, in my opinion. It was
    a change in power dynamics that the adults in charge could not accept. So they became authoritarians (see “anti-authoritarians” article by Bruce Levine in this website).

  • Forgive me if I was being overly simplistic about homelessness. I think that the main reasons for homelessness are poverty, lack of affordable housing, and an overly punitive criminal justice system.

    I do believe that homeless people also suffer the double whammy humiliation of mh labels on top of the
    unbelievable cruelty of society for not providing housing for people who need it.

  • I have been trying to pushback against a local news story in Cincinnati, in which a homeless man died in November.

    In our local media, WCPO/ ABC News, our local reporter Lucy May wrote: “How Did Scott Noel Die? His Sister Wants Answers.” It aired on tv on January 30, 2020 and is available to read on the WCPO website–just type “Scott Noel” into the article search box.

    I have problems with the story from the beginning. It focusses too much on this man’s death; and it assumes that his mental health “diagnosis” was valid–not a political condemnation.

    I actually protested today in front of the WCPO studio; and I did get to tell Lucy May how I feel about the
    story (She did meet me outside on the sidewalk).

    I told her that I think Scott Noel must have committed a nuisance crime in order for the “light switch”in his life to be turned off. I tried to tell her that his story appears to be political–not medical.

    I tried to tell her that Scott Noel’s alcoholism was probably a normal response to be shut down/shut out by all of his former friends and family. It was probably also a normal response to his “diagnosis” which I am pretty darn sure he rejected (but nobody asked how he felt about it).

    The sign I carried today simply said: SCOTT NOEL/ SCAPEGOAT.

    I told Lucy May that she needs to read The Myth of Mental Illness by T. Szasz and she should visit the MIA
    website; because she acted as if she had never, ever thought to question the validity of “mental illness”.

    I tried to tell her that Scott Noel’s problems were probably social/political–not anything medical.
    In other words, he had achieved a pariah status, in my opinion; and that is probably common among the
    homeless population. Many of them, in my opinion, have become social rejects.

    Of course, I think that this is unfair. I told Lucy May that I think she should do a story about restorative justice; because she has done similar stories that tell of social support such as Bloc Ministries in Cincinnati.

    She recently did a story about a young woman who got out of jail recently and has been supported by Bloc
    Ministries to find housing and work and to stay off drugs.

    I asked Lucy May what is the difference between that young lady and Scott Noel (besides the fact that Scott is dead). She could not answer that question; and that is what really bothers me. Because the answer is that there is very little difference between those two people, in my opinion. I don’t mean to slander the young woman who is being helped–I just mean that I think both people made very human mistakes in life
    (and I obviously don’t have all of the information, because it is not being reported).

    In my opinion, society is very fickle in how it decides who to help and who to punish forever. Scott Noel
    was given the unofficial verdict of a life of punishment, in my opinion. That included two “diagnoses” that was really just a slander (part I of the punishment), followed by 30 years of adult day care that had to be horrendously humiliating, especially when you consider the (part II) drugging regime that he probably endured.

    Part III was the humiliating death that he suffered, and which Lucy May wrote about. I don’t think this part of the story is as important, although it is terrible and horrific. I think that Part I and II are the worst parts of the story; and that is not talked about much in the WCPO piece.

    Finally, I told Lucy May that I think there are similarities between Scott Noel’s tragic story and the (Scared) Straight, Inc. that was very active in the 1980s in Cincinnati. There is an MIA story about Straight that I have already commented about; but it was a substitute punishment organization that parents used as crutch.

    It was endorsed by Nancy Reagan; and by many local leaders. However, it was extremely abusive and it was basically an indoctrination cult to punish young people for what was usually very minor drug experimentation and/or conflict with parents.

    I told Lucy May that as bad as it was, Straight might at least have given Scott Noel a path back into society.
    The other thing about Straight was that it was expensive (like mh care); and it relied on the spellbinding of desperate parents. They wanted to do SOMETHING about their out of control children; and so they put them in Straight, Inc.

    My opinion is that many, many parents panicked; and that part of the dynamics was a backlash for the very successful Young Peoples movement to end the war in Vietnam. Also, I think that Straight was filling another backlash to young people who were experimenting with drugs that doctors wanted to monopolize.

  • The reason I brought up the fourth grade name calling is that the DSM is essentially a book of insults as Jim Gottstein put it so well. In other words, it is a book of hate that is meant to draw attention to a scapegoat.
    The fourth grade bully learns that picking on someone else can be good for their own career as a student, just as the shrinks do in their career in labeling deviant behavior as “illnesses”. They are insulting people in order to galvanize support for their own political agenda.

    Restorative justice is a leap of faith in humanity. It recognizes that we all make mistakes. It recognizes the power of redemption and forgiveness. It is the future, if we want to have a future.

  • Psychiatry will gladly slander, drug, and torture social/ political pariahs. That is their bread and butter.
    However, this is un-American–in fact it is fascist and the police state has to be rolled back because our
    country is better than that.

    Yes, I do believe restorative justice can take the place of slander, drugging, and torture as punishment. Yes, I do believe that we all deserve and want a better system that is based on democratic values. Yes, I do think that people know that juveniles and others are being scapegoated by an oppressive police state.

  • By not speaking to each other, we are prolonging the suffering of many, many others.
    Again, I don’t think people give psychiatry a free pass. They fear it–but they do not approve
    of home invasion, torture, slander and drugging.

  • And then, of course, there is the propaganda. The fourth grade bullies used to slander the other children by calling them “faggots” and anything else demeaning that they could think of. I remember this vividly: a new girl thought that to be accepted, she had to be a bully.

    Of course, the people who advocate drugging anti-authoritarians are bullies; and the new slanders are in the DSM. These are not legitimate “diseases”. These are names that are used to intimidate, neutralize, paralyze the patient into submission. In other words, propaganda; because the words invite bystanders to join in and laugh and kick at the scapegoats.

  • Why anti authoritarians are diagnosed as mentally ill? Because the mh leaders do not want to understand them. Why not? Because mh leaders are propping up a system that is authoritarian. It is pretty much like the bullies in the schoolyard calling names to the weaker children. It is a machiavellian system that thrives on intimidation. Fascism can only survive if there is more and more torture and drugging. People have to stand up to the bullies. Unfortunately, the bullies are being rewarded lavishly by drug companies and political leaders; and, in our country, wealth proves that they are “right”. Of course, this is false.

  • Here is what we have as far as juvenile justice in America (in most cases):
    No restorative justice.
    No dialogue.
    No healing for nuisance crimes.

    We can do so much better; and most people know that the system, as it is, is overly vindictive and punitive.

    Take out for profit punishment, including for-profit prisons and for-profit drugging. Take out the vindictiveness; and we move much closer to restoring justice and democracy. Scapegoating people for
    profit is, unfortunately, the norm.

  • Some “asylums” that are built today look pretty nice and include pretty good food and clean rooms. However,the basic concept of locked doors and bars on smoking lounge windows is the same. Furthermore, the drugs are more powerful and the brainwashing of the groups is probably worse than ever. I am thinking of the Lindner Center outside of Cincinnati where I went in January, 2012. Eight years ago, but it still seems quite recent.

    As usual in psychiatry, the doctors will not listen to the patients when we express disbelief at the
    “diagnosis”. That is the same as it has always been, I think. And although I was not forced to take my “medication”, it was implied that drugs were the only way to get “well”. There is no debate allowed to question the validity of the diagnoses or the treatment. This is the same as always, probably.

    One other thing: Although I voluntarily went in there (because it was the beginning of the home invasion/ torture in my home), I still had to stay for ten days–even though I refused the drugs after the third day. I knew the drugs were not helping me and I soon realized that the group was also not helping–it was just an exercise in ridicule that included actors pretending to be mh patients. Yes, I am living in a political conspiracy.

    Finally, there is ritual humiliation like having to take out your shoe laces; and having to ask the front desk for your electric razor. This is on purpose humiliation. The person at the desk pretends to care–while it becomes obvious that she despises you. This is painful and confusing for someone who really thought that Western medicine was pretty advanced and progressive–not mh care. It is still all about coercion, which to me implies a lot of sneaky, snarky trickery. It is also big, big business–it is a gravy train that is a runaway train.

  • People fear psychiatry; and they know it is coercive. I don’t believe that they endorse it as a legitimate form of policing. I think they know that there are all kinds of problems with corruption in psychiatry, starting with drug company influence to promote pretend “illnesses”. Then, of course, there are the politicians who are just
    as corrupt because they are being bought off by the drug companies as well. That makes for a bad situation for our vulnerable democracy.

  • I think Dr. Cohen is wrong that people approve of the Therapeutic state. Instead, I believe that they fear it–for good reason; and they don’t want to become a victim of it. So naturally, they would rather the victim be somebody else–not them. It is more of a survival instinct than any kind of endorsement.

    Again, I think people know the Therapeutic state is undemocratic and probably fascist. That grates against the principals of the country–including fair trials and protection from cruel and unusual punishment. I also believe that most people have a lingering suspicion that psychiatry is corrupt; but it is so much a part of our culture now that they don’t know how to avoid it.

  • Restorative justice is what is needed, because it begins with truth. The truth that we are all connected. The truth that we are being divided in order to profit a few special interests. The truth that scapegoats are not helpful in building democracy–quite the opposite.

  • Fascism cannot prevail. Torture cannot prevail. The Therapeutic state cannot prevail.
    Take down fascism. Take down torture. Take down the Therapeutic state.

    Replace fascism with democracy.
    Replace torture with restorative justice.
    Replace the Therapeutic state with open dialogue.

    I think that David Cohen is wrong and that people know that there is something deeply disturbing and wrong about the Therapeutic state. I think that the free pass accepting coercion will be taken back when enough people realize this; and that time should be arriving shortly.

  • Anti authoritarians know that the Police State is dangerous and anti-democratic.
    We know that the Surveillance state is a kind of annoying punishment that never stops.
    We know that the Punishment state is worse than ever and that innocent people die by death penalty.
    We know that the Therapeutic / Drugging state is part and parcel with this creeping, sweeping fascism.

  • The thing about psychiatry that becomes obvious, if you are caught in the trap, is that the shrinks don’t want to understand the deviant patient. That should explain a lot; because this is a situation of power. The shrink does not want to know why the patient behaved badly. Why not? Because the truth is that we are all connected and that the people in power share some responsibility–whether they admit it or not.

  • Psychiatry specialized in demonizing people who have become scapegoats. Life is complicated; but psychiatry over-simplifies it and pretends that everything is black and white. It is not–there is a lot more gray than psychiatry recognizes.

    That is why restorative justice is necessary. There has to be dialogue that will bridge the generation gaps. There must be dialogue to get us out of the scapegoating business. There must be dialogue to remind us that we began as united families–and it is institutional psychiatry that is tearing us apart.

  • Anti authoritarians are against gas lighting. We are against scapegoating. We are against torture. We are for restorative justice.

    Authoritarians rely on gas lighting. They love scapegoating and torture. They are against restorative justice; because they know that social problems are a lot more complicated than the simple, false narratives that they want you to believe.

  • It might be helpful to recognize what the confused teenager is up against. Who are the authoritarians? Well, it starts with the family. Then it progresses to the community and to the schools. So that is an overwhelming group of people that form alliances against him.

    The confused teenager knows something is not right; but he cannot fathom the extent of the conspiracy. He resists as much as he can; and yet he is basically a conformist in most situations because that is how he grew up–everyone he knew was a conformist.

  • Finally, Julie Greene spoke to me when she talked about the way mental health professionals purposely made her feel bad. This is gas-lighting that is all too common; and when people are already down, it can be paralyzing to self-esteem. It is spellbinding that is similar to the cults; because you don’t know how to move forward. The only answer is to move away from the oppressors –or stop going to appointments that are self-destructive– who are talking down to you; but it may take years for the patient to realize this.

  • Frank,
    Do you consider yourself a “trash” person? Let me answer that for you. No; so can we move forward and talk about social justice and restorative justice? Cards to me are like the bread of shame that Alex was talking about. It is intentionally marginalizing; and people on both sides know it.

  • Yes, after I got out of the bin in 2012, my NAMI mom gave me her NAMI magazines which were so condescending and demonizing of the so called “patients”. What kind of trap was I caught up in? NAMI’s propaganda threw cold water on my old idea that psychiatry was a legitimate branch of medical science. I began to wake up and realize that I was a scapegoat.

  • Obviously, politics is part of the equation too. There must be recognition of social factors including TBI cover-ups,gas-lighting, framing/entrapment, conspiracies, etc.

    When a scapegoat becomes a political target; there are bandwagons that many, many people jump on and take out their frustrations on that scapegoat. It is a sport that brings out the worst in people.

    MIA readers who understand that psychiatry is a fraudulent business must advocate for restorative justice for psych scapegoats. Restorative justice is healing that is badly needed in this society that depends far too much on punishment and throwing away keys to truth and justice.

  • The whole reason for psychiatry in the first place was specifically to cast aside people who bothered others.
    Let’s start talking about the truth regarding psychiatry. Then we must talk about restorative justice.

  • I am still beyond belief that this is happening. I thought that open dialogue was what the writers on MIA specialized in. I need restorative justice. I need open communication. Psychiatry is still on the wrong side of history because it is covering up my mom’s negligent behavior. I was brain-injured in 1966; and she was negligent. She covered that up; and then she actually had the nerve to blame the accident on me. This is crucial information that is being covered up in order to put forward a false narrative about me–it is a political scapegoating narrative that is simply not true.

  • When you talk about forgiveness, I think about restorative justice. It is beneficial for everyone and strengthens the whole community. Obviously, we have a long way to go to make restorative justice the preferred method of justice; but I think it IS the future.
    Letting people speak who have been shut down in the past can have a profound healing effect. I feel better just thinking about the possibilities of open dialogue.

  • One person is golden because she recognizes humanity that is locked up and stigmatized. However, I think she is very careful not to identify too closely with those people–especially the ones who have been condemned.

    She is doing a political dance. She is saying in effect: I am free now/ I got my freedom. It must be lousy to be stuck in there. She is not saying: we are all human and we all make human mistakes. At least I don’t hear that.

  • The phrase is:
    If you can’t beat them, join them.

    That is what is corrupt about the peer movement; and it turns psych survivors against each other.
    That is what is happening; and it happens over and over.

    I notice that there is little to no mention of the dehumanizing labels in this article, which I think the author was given. It would be refreshing if the author could look at her situation from a Mad Pride perspective, instead of as an altruistic giving perspective.

    Then there would be less of the stigma by the people who are left out.

  • There is a very obvious divide here. There are people who are/were Mad but are finding acceptance in society, partly by “giving”. Then there are the Mad people who are condemned, who are not accepted back into society. This is also part of the dilemma of the “peer” movement–is it selling out?

    It is pretty obvious that there is “giving bread of shame”; and that itself is shameful, in my opinion. What Alex wrote did sound like the truth on that subject.

  • Another thing about Julie that I think about is a sense of shame for not believing in herself more than she did early in her life. Perhaps I am reading too much into what she wrote, but I know it is true for me. She seemed to be telling readers: believe in yourself strongly so that you won’t be taken for a fool by the cults or by the shrinks.

    She had tried very hard to trust those fraudulent “doctors” and she paid the price when her kidneys shut down. Learn from her; and believe in yourself. You can heal yourself without drugs. She knew this in the end; and she knew that the drugs had been causing her constant suffering in the last years of her life.

    I am skeptical of all of the so-called mental health “categories”. However, when a person goes to a doctor or therapist and they are in distress, the professional has got to be honest. I think it could have been a lot different for Julie if her professional simply told her the truth–that they just did not have much or any experience with EDs. Then, probably, Julie would have taken more responsibility for her own situation.

  • I agree with Vanilla that MIA should do more to recognize Julie’s suffering. She was so angry, because the so-called “professionals” had no idea how to help her with ED. That is what generally happens in psychiatry. A person goes for help in a state of distress; but finds out that the “helpers” are not actively caring about the people who seek help. How confusing and disappointing is that?

    And so begins a bad situation that drags on as long as the patient or insurance can afford to pay the bills. And of course, there are the drugs, which are disabling and addictive. What a waste. Of course Julie was angry. All of us should be angry.

    I felt affinity with Julie mostly because I was duped by a cultish religious group, as she was. This was the first duping / gas lighting before the major gas lighting by psychiatry. I think Julie was pretty accurate in
    recognizing how similar a cult is compared to the cult of psychiatry. There is peer pressure to do what the group wants you to do–even though, if you stepped back at the time, you would have seen it as a hoax.

  • Wow Frank,
    That is obviously not helpful. I think that this needs to be put in some perspective. First there was an accident in 1966, in which my mom was negligent in my TBI. Then there were years of slow learning as a result of the TBI. Also there was gas-lighting in which she blamed me for her own negligence, including calling me demeaning names for years. Then there was bad teenage behavior in 1981 as a result of teen angst, as a result of the gas-lighting. That is when I became a target–and yet it took me decades to understand that I was a target of a political scapegoating campaign. It was only in the last few years that I have realized that a conspiracy was formed in the 1980s and that was the decade I became a target. I never intended to become a target.

  • Not a Happy new year. Why not? Because the home invasion and torture continue. Because the PR campaign against scapegoats is intensifying. Because psychiatry is as powerful as ever as a propaganda tool.

    I am still fighting for restorative justice. I am still resisting the torture and the conspiracy against me. I am still finding allies in the Hong Kong struggle for justice and freedom against state sponsored police brutality
    and surveillance.

  • The reason that anti-authoritarians are diagnosed as mentally ill is that everything is basically a political struggle; and the powers that be recognize this and are willing to use the pretext of “mental illness” to silence,
    torture and harass individuals that they see as dangerous to their status quo.

    If the powers that be were a little more forward looking, then they would see that the criminal justice system is broken. They would see a system based on vendettas. It is a system that is extremely vindictive and draconian. It is a system that is the polar opposite of what is needed: restorative justice.

    It is a system that actively divides families. It is a system that will go so far as to invade homes and torture individuals in their homes for years, night after night. I am not making this up–I am living this situation; and it is an assault on human rights.

  • Generational Trauma must be recognized and it must end. Stop perpetuating punishment. Restore justice.
    Open Dialogue.

    I forgot to mention that my son Eric was tricked into taking a dangerous acne medicine, Acutane for years. I
    believe that this drug damaged his critical thinking as well as his immune system and digestive system.

    He is being targeted just as I am being targeted. Stop this inhumane, draconian punishment. Stop using
    “medicine” to punish innocent people. I have no more words to describe how wrong this is.

  • Furthermore, I have reason to believe that the people who are out to punish me are also punishing my son.
    It is not obvious punishment; but indirect punishment. He is in a fraternity at Ohio state and his so-called “brothers” have been encouraging him to do dangerous behavior.

    This includes vaping, which is very dangerous, especially since my son Eric had very bad asthma as a boy. He is 21 now; but all of his terrible wheezing symptoms have returned as a result of e cigarette vaping.

    Needless to say, the lack of media attention to the vaping crises has been abysmal; and far too many people are suffering as a result. People are going to the emergency room and dying as a result of very little media warning about the dangers of vaping.

    The other dangerous behavior at the fraternity is the roller coaster of too much coffee, too much beer, and not getting enough rest. When he does visit home, he is always exhausted.

    I want to take care of myself and my family. I want restorative justice. I want open dialogue. Please do not punish my son in order to punish me.

  • I think there has to be some awareness, also, that political scapegoats are trapped. They can be physically tortured in their own homes. They can be psychologically tortured by constant surveillance. There is no exit, and there is no justice.

    I am not waking up at 1:30 in the morning because I want to. I am being woken up because I am being tortured. This is outrageous; and it has been going on since January, 2012.

  • Another of my favorite signs that I have been holding up in protest is:


    I know it sounds like be true to your school. That is on purpose; and I do believe in loyalty to your school.
    However, I believe that my story is much more complicated.

    I was run over by a car in my driveway in 1966; and my mom was negligent in that accident. I was her trauma victim. Furthermore, she gaslighted me by calling me demeaning names throughout my childhood: Bonzert, Cakey, and Poosey. She also told me that I was ambidextrous (Big lie #1) when I asked her why I throw right handed but write left handed (I asked when I was about ten or eleven years old, around 1975 or 1976).

    Also, she made me write in my fifth grade autobiography that the 1966 accident had been my own fault (Big lie #2). I dutifully (and foolishly) wrote down what she told me–even though I knew it didn’t sound right. I was too astonished to question her like I should have. She was gas-lighting me, and I was dumbfounded.

    So I think about all of this when I hold up the sign.

    I also think about the fact that my parents used my school to gang up on me and to humiliate me. It is still happening today, although now it is just the whole community–not just one school. In other words, it is worse than ever today.

    So my objective in carrying that sign is to say, Hey wait a minute. I am a victim of TBI first. I am also a victim of gas-lighting.

    Thirdly, I am a victim of a very unfair political conspiracy that my parents have used to clear themselves of REAL Negligence. In other words they have changed the subject.


    If people just become more aware that the labels are just one part of a dehumanizing process, then they may realize that this is about SLANDER. It is a systematic Negative PR Campaign; and it has been proven to work, unfortunately. The powers that be are following a script to discredit and torture individuals that they find to be
    irritating. In other words, people who are speaking TRUTH TO POWER.

  • What is dark and darkest is that psychiatry continues to follow the script that targets victims. TBI survivors are often victims of parental negligence.

    Psychiatry is more than willing to create a political narrative that is fiction–and yet, that narrative can never be questioned. Why not? Because the double victim (first from TBI, second from the insults of the DSM) has fallen down the psychiatry rabbit hole, in which he loses all of his civil rights.

    The victim also finds himself surrounded by people who find it in their economic, politcal and social interest to maintain that false political narrative. Even when the victim reaches out to people that he thinks should be his allies, he is disappointed to find out that the conspiracy against him is everywhere.

  • My favorite protest sign on Thursday was “STOP POLICE BRUTALITY/ STOP POLICE TORTURE”.

    It is still unbelievable (but now obvious) that the police have always known that my house was invaded and I have been tortured nightly since January, 2012.

    There must be restorative justice. There must be a pathway for individuals who have been run over in the driveway and gas-lighted about the 1966 accident.

  • Out-of-control government torture is what is truly dark and darkest. The reality check should be that psychiatry and the government are linked at the hip. The reality check needs to be the realization that we have out-of-control punishment for 1981 juvenile behavior that never should have become politicized.

    The reality check is that we have to have open dialogue and restorative justice; or else
    the issues will never be resolved.

  • This is not something that I want to be doing (protesting at my last surviving parent’s place); but I feel like I have no choice.

    My mom clearly knows that I am being tortured in my house every night since January, 2012. She is fine with that. Also, she very deliberately made sure that I got a DSM label (also in January, 2012) that would make her negligence in the 1966 driveway accident become overshadowed.

    I am protesting because I believe that I deserve restorative justice.