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  • Oldhead,
    I know it is not about me only; but I think people need to be aware of the political part of a bogus DSM diagnosis. This is very intentional scapegoating for political purposes; and I know that it happens to other people besides me.

  • Upon further reflection, I think I see why Dr. Breggin is being insensitive on purpose. As I said, he seems to be in La La Land while many others are suffering. I think he is really trying to get to me and tell me that my stupid behavior–a nuisance crime in 1981 was very insensitive. OK, I accept that, and I apologize, again, to everyone I may have offended.

    Stupid juvenile behavior needs restorative justice; because what I did then and what I am getting now is not justice. Dialogue has to happen. When politicians (and prosecutors are politicians) get involved they can pretend that teenage confusion and acting out is a hate crime. That just was not the truth; but no one was interested in the truth.

    There still must be some examination of the TBI from the driveway accident in the summer of 1966 and the gas-lighting I got from my mom. This is being ignored.

    I never had an official diagnosis of brain injury because my parents did not want to be officially negligent in the accident in the driveway at 8550 Keller Road; Cincinnati, OH 45243.

  • That is not helpful. I realize when people are sincere, usually. And I haven’t seen sincerity from people in power since 1980. I have recognized a pattern of being shut off. This same pattern has appeared even in dissidents like doctor B.

  • This whole subject just seems like a joke to people who are being oppressed by psychiatry.
    There is a massive power differential that is obvious to those who are being silenced, drugged, etc.
    To me Dr. Breggin seems to be celebrating his own success, while ignoring the people who are left behind.
    I am saying this in the most polite way I can so that my comments will not be deleted again.
    I do recognize that Dr. Breggin has done a lot to raise awareness about the dangers of the therapeutic state.
    However, this article does not follow in that vein–in fact, it is a mostly strange La La Land article in my opinion. Love is not a realistic solution when your home is being invaded. Love is not a realistic solution when you are being sexually assaulted in your home every night. Love is not a realistic solution when your friends and family have cut you off from all meaningful dialogue.

  • Oldhead,

    You know that what I am saying is true. This is a game of You’re It. I am being
    attacked in my home every night. I am being attacked on this website. Obviously,
    I need human interaction, or I would not subject myself to this situation. If I am not being attacked, I am being totally ignored and isolated. That is hell too.

    I don’t know any of you very well; but that is not from my lack of trying to know you.
    It is because you don’t want me to know you. That is what I was saying before: the shrink doesn’t really want to know his patient because he doesn’t really want to help him. That is the problem for the patient/condemned man.


  • Restorative justice can work. Forgiveness and dialogue can work. The alternative is vindictive, cruel and unusual punishment.

    This is especially important in juveniles cases but it should be used in all cases.

    When no one is willing to listen to a juvenile when they have offended a community, that is not justice. That is scapegoating.
    When it takes decades for the juvenile to even realize that he has been a scapegoat since high school, then the system is broken bc that is not justice.

  • The psychiatrist never, ever really gets to know his patient, in my experience.
    He doesn’t even want to (because the patient is the condemned man).
    He doesn’t want to know his patient; so of course he doesn’t want to help him either.
    The psychiatrists job is to punish the patient, in my experience.
    That usually involves tricking the patient into taking drugs that are not going to help him…they usually hurt the patient one way or another. Usually the patient will lose self-confidence.

    Abolish psychiatric trickery. Promote restorative justice, especially for juveniles, but for everyone.

  • This is very true. The profession has meant tricking, coercion, conspiracy, etc. to me. When psychiatrists are talking about love, they must be joking; because that has never been my experience.

    The condemned man is not feeling loved. He is feeling hated on. He is feeling conspired against. He is feeling lies from family and friends who called him “sensitive”. The truth was that they people condemning him were over-sensitive and misinterpreted his very real teen angst.

  • Tough Luck sounds more appropriate. We know that your home is being invaded every night and we know that you are being sexually tortured every night; but we don’t care.
    We are sadists.
    Tough luck, take care.
    That’s what I am hearing.

    Please correct me if I am missing something.

  • “Tough love” may also mean your friends and relatives being facetious with you in their every interaction. This is extremely tiring; but I know it happens.

    NAMI pretends to stand for parents that “love” their children–but are too embarrassed by them to talk to them anymore (without being facetious). That is not love anymore, in my opinion.

    When restorative justice cannot be considered for juvenile bad behavior, we are left with scapegoating and lifetime ostracizing. There is not much to love about that.

    Love, to me, means forgiveness and dialogue. That is not what I am getting.
    I am getting shut out and ridiculed. That is hatred.

  • I remember my mom handing me the NAMI magazines after I got out of the Lindner Center. I was bewildered by them for weeks; and I think it took me months before I started to realize that I was a scapegoat.

    That is what can happen to people who grew up being gaslighted by their parents.
    Again, my mom made me write in my autobiography that it was my fault that I got run over in the driveway in 1966. The truth was that I was brain injured and Treon was negligent.

    So, I do not believe in “tough love”; because that to me means Scapegoating.

  • MIA changed my survey reply. I was incarcerated / tricked into going to the Lindner Center of Hope–not “Lindburgh Center”. It was my mom, Treon Christine, who tricked me into going there in January, 2012. I went because that was the first time my home was being invaded and I was being molested every night in my bed. It was/is done with anesthesia so I do not wake up.

    Treon is the same person who was negligent in my brain injury in 1966 when I was 18 months old. Her friend, Mrs. Moore, ran over me as she was backing her car out our driveway at 8550 Keller Road; Cincinnati, OH 45243. Treon has spent my lifetime gas-lighting me about her responsibility in that accident. She made certain that I wrote it was my own fault when I did my fifth grade autobiography. That was definitely gas-lighting.

    My home is still being invaded every night; and this has not stopped once (even if I travel) since January, 2012. This is beyond belief punishment for bad behavior in 1981. I have tried to apologize to anyone and everyone I may have offended; but nothing is working. If I offended you, please accept my apology.

  • I will do what you suggest if you can stop the home invasion and torture. But I need help getting started.

    This is coercion. No apologies acknowledged or accepted. No restorative justice so far. No meaningful dialogue one on one or in a group. Torture every night since 2012.

  • Steve McCrea,

    What would be helpful would be for MIA to be honest. Do you know that my home is being invaded every night and I am being tortured every night? I believe with certainty that you do know.

    I believe that MIA is not fighting hard enough for restorative justice or even due process for juveniles.

    I believe that you are playing a game here and it has to do with not admitting the truth. The truth is found in David Cohen’s article, “It’s the Coercion, Stupid” found under coercion on MIA.

  • This is a reply to Steve Spiegel and his idea that medical schools give psychiatry a false credibility.

    Yes, I agree with this; but there is more going on here. In my situation, it has to do with family friendships and taboo behavior. When a child (me) broke an unwritten rule, he was met with a conspiracy in order to shame him. This was allowed to grow into a high school conspiracy against the brain-injured person (me). Over time the conspiracy was allowed to grow across state lines and eventually over country borders.

    This is the wrong way to teach children; and it is especially wrong to teach brain-injured children this way.

    Again, I have to get back to my mom and her negligence in 1966. That is a subject no one wants to talk about because it is the truth. And the truth does not fit well into this false idea that my behavior in 1981 was some sort of hate crime. It was not.

    My mom called me names as I was growing up: Bonzert, Cakey, and Poosey. These were all condescending names. She called my brother Wicks Wilson which is a play on his real name Chadwick Wilson Christine. That was not condescending. Why the different treatment? I believe that she was conflicted and felt guilty because she was negligent in 1966.

  • Welcome to the forensic psychiatry scapegoating club!

    We will enter the condemned man’s house and we will torture him.
    We love to help out in this way. It drives the condemned man crazy that he get very paranoid.

    We are so proud of ourselves. We are very, very, very certain that by doing this mean nasty thing that we are doing the right thing. Get it?

  • Somehow we need to get the word out before people get trapped by the diagnoses and the drugs.

    We need to skip the step where people become addicted to their meds.

    Finally, we need to skip the next step where people need replacement gurus to take the baton from the priests of psychiatry.

  • I think someone should tell the truth about what is happening. While I admire Will Hall and Chaya for helping people to stop taking dangerous drugs, they are indirectly making money from the fraudulent diagnoses.

    Yes, the drugs are bad. But the diagnoses are worse, because they are not based on science. Psychiatry has been taking over religion and pills have become punishment.
    Doctors are making moral judgements–not medical decisions.

    Everyone is pretending that the doctors know what they are doing. But the truth is slowly getting out: the drug companies are running the whole show, including a large part of the criminal justice system.

    Stop the fraudulent diagnoses! That must be the best strategy to prevent the pill for every ill fraud. There must be a PR campaign to get this message out, because too many people are suffering.

  • Chaya,

    Yes, I agree that we need to meet people where they are.

    But no one is willing to acknowledge or do anything about the home invasion or torture that I am going through every night since 2012.

    My feeling is that people at MIA are giving a wink and a nod to each other about this.

    I realize that I must have unrealistic expectations for MIA.

    Which of your blogs deals with the condemning the patient through diagnosis?

    Which of your blogs deals with a family’s decision to let a deviant suffer alone
    because he has embarrassed the family?

    Which of your blogs deals with the continued bureaucratic isolation that mirrors the family isolation? I am talking about being shunned everywhere I go including the grocery store or Europe or Thailand.

    Finally, I feel like I am the only person talking about restorative justice. Perhaps I overlook it sometimes in the blogs; but it does seem like a solution to a lack of communication.

    And one more thing: This website is not 2 decades old, so you have not been writing here for 2 decades. MIA is about six or seven years old. Clearly, you are joking.

  • I would like to envision political freedom from psychiatry. Not just freedom from the drugs, but freedom from the system of oppression.

    I want freedom from home invasion and torture. I want to be allowed to go out in public without being harassed.

    I want the kind of freedom that could be possible if we allowed for open dialogue and restorative justice.

  • I also feel that the resistance to psychiatry is always working backwards.

    I mean that we are usually fighting against the “treatment” because that is what we are left with after we get slammed with the diagnosis/ treatment double whammy.

    If somehow we could attack the diagnosis first, that seems like the best strategy; before we all get disabled by the drugs and can’t do anything.

    We need to attack the DSM; because it is not scientific. It is the book of insults, as someone I admire has said.

  • I guess my problem with this article is that it seems to skate around the fact that there is such thing as politics in psychiatric diagnosis.

    People are scapegoated with the labels and they are scapegoated by the drugs.

    It is a conspiracy that the criminal justice system uses with the “medical” profession; and it is wrong.

    Juveniles who do stupid behavior may find themselves in a political situation that they never imagined.
    That certainly happened to me. I am talking about naive, gullible people who were run over (and brain-injured) as toddlers and were gas-lighted by their parents.

    These unsuspecting people do something dumb that is magnified by the powers that be in order to teach
    someone a lesson. The lesson that I have learned is that this situation is totally unfair.

    The powers that be are control freaks who are not willing to have a conversation with a confused teenager. Why? Because the powers that be have a political agenda and open dialogue and restorative justice doesn’t fit into that agenda.

  • I would like to say that even without the psych drugs, the powers that be can take away your power. I mean that they can blacklist you from getting a meaningful job or establishing meaningful friendships.

    They can get to your ex-friends and tell them to make every conversation you have with them (from now on) a facetious conversation. In other words, the targeted person has become a complete joke in order to disenfranchise him or her.

    I think this is unfair and wrong. There needs to be restorative justice for juveniles and adult offenders who have been brain-injured.

  • My mom is definitely aware that I am experiencing home invasion and torture every night. This is not a coincidence.

    I would be willing to forgive her for the accident if the home invasion and torture were to stop. It hasn’t stopped for one day once it began in January, 2012.

    This is a very organized and large scapegoating campaign against me. Unfortunately, my mom is not the only person in this effort to defame me and make me suffer. It is character assassination and framing and entrapment that has been going on for 37 years for political reasons. I have never had any chance to defend myself.

    Obviously, I regret the stupid behavior in 1981; but it was never a hate crime–it was not intended to offend anyone. I was a confused teenager who had a very late puberty, and I had a lot of teenage angst.
    (Delayed puberty often occurs with children who have been brain-injured).

  • Chaya,

    I agree when you say that it is difficult or even terrifying to separate from people who have mistreated you.

    This is especially confusing when the person who has gas-lighted you is a parent.

    You want recognition from your parent; and yet, you are still being gas-lighted by them. The game is not over until the people in power decide it is over.

    In this case, it is my mom and the lawyers, the doctors, the police, and the community policing actors who are still playing a public relations game against me. I have no recourse but to resist as best I can.

    When I do defend myself, I am ignored. And even when I stop defending myself, I continue to have my home invaded and continued to be tortured every night.

    I have reached out repeatedly to my high school ex-friends and even my ex-friends from middle school.
    No one will talk to me in any serious way; and yet I can tell when I do talk with them, that they know exactly what I am talking about. It is a very organized and unified conspiracy; but it is not fair because I really don’t think my old classmates know about the brain-injury or the gas-lighting that I endured.


  • Please allow me to explain more.
    1. I was brain-injured in 1966. My mom was negligent and she lied to me, blaming me for getting run over in the driveway. She even lied about my being ambidextrous to pretend to explain why I write with my left hand but use my right for sports.

    2. I did bad behavior in 1981 that my parents and my ex-friends in high school chose to interpret a hate crime (which I view, instead, as teen angst–and not a hate crime at all). However, it was never talked about directly, so I did not know until much later what the whispering was about. Instead, jokes were made about it my last two years of high school, and there were many jokes made about it in my yearbook.

    3. My family and ex-friends gas-lighted me into doing more stupid behavior. This was the journey into forensic psychiatry. It began with stealing beer and throwing water balloons with David Weymouth. He made it seem like this was normal teenage behavior and I was too foolish to question him. One of the last things in high school I did was to “help” my friend Joe pick up an “abandoned” fire hydrant to take home to put in his house. Most people would realize that this was stealing public property. It took me years to realize that this was not at all legal, and that Joe Alexander was tricking me into a crime.

    The pattern here is that my “friends” and family were happy to let me make a fool of myself and incriminate myself. I had become the joke of the school, and no one was going to clue me in on how to redeem myself. That has been the same pattern for the last 37 years. It is forensic psychiatry that does not take into account the effects of being lied to by your parents. It does not take into account the brain-injury and the way the parents were careful not to get an official diagnosis.

    In fact, forensic psychiatry seems very adept at not looking at the whole story. It is
    much more focussed on scapegoating the individual, when there is more information to be discovered if they are willing to even talk to the juvenile offender. Yes, I was way too gullible and naive in trusting my “friends”. However, they were tricking me in a very vindictive way, that I feel was far too vindictive, considering my brain-injury in 1966.

  • I began to seriously question my mom about the 1966 car accident after she drove me to the Lindner Center in 2012 to get my bogus “diagnosis” and my phony “treatment”. I knew that the diagnosis made no sense at all to me; and the “treatment” only felt like a kind of punishment.

    So then I really wanted to know more about why she took me there. While she was handing me her NAMI literature, I really, really started to question why is she doing this? Eventually, I started asking about the accident. She was evasive, but she did say that it was her fault; and she offered a very weak apology that did not feel genuine at all. In fact, I felt like I had to pry that apology out of her–she didn’t want to give it to me.

    Why not? For the same reason that I never got an official diagnosis of brain injury. I never got that because it would have made my mom, Treon Christine, officially negligent…which she was. She should have been holding me when Mrs. Moore was backing her car out of the driveway.

  • In the summer of 1966, I was eighteen months old when I was run over by Mrs. Moore’s car as she was backing out of our driveway at 8550 Keller Road; Cincinnati, OH 45243.

    You cannot blame a toddler for getting run over by a car in the driveway…but my mom did that to me when I was writing my autobiography in fifth grade…and I wrote it down, because I wanted to finish my assignment…but also because I was very naive and gullible… Why was I so gullible? I argue that it had a lot to do with being brain-injured.

  • I would like to see more open dialogue about the intentional scapegoating that occurs by targeting people in the community who have “offended” or upset the social order through bad behavior.

    This happened to me, 36 years ago; and only recently have I begun to understand what is happening.
    I now realize that my family and my “friends” from high school have been setting me up as a scapegoat.

    I never had due process or any formal hearing to inform me that I was being punished. I have reached out to MIA and others to advocate for restorative justice.

    I have apologized to the people I have offended and I will continue to do so.

    My home is being invaded every night and I am being tortured every night. I have talked to the police but they only laugh at me. I have been to the Lindner Center of Hope, the local Taj Mahal of psychiatric “care”.
    No one is being honest with me; and I do not accept the bogus labels or the torturous “treatment.”

    Again, I was a juvenile when this occurred in 1981. I believe that restorative justice could have worked then; but I also think that it still can work today. I will do everything in my power to make it work.

    I will admit that the so called treatment in 2012 was a wake up call for me. It alerted me to the fact the “diagnosis” was bogus and the that “treatment” that followed was torture. I started to question everything, and eventually I realized that I have been the target of a conspiracy since 1981.

    So, I finally did wake up; but now I want restorative justice, because torture and home invasion is Not justice.

    I should add that the person who was instrumental in taking to the Lindner Center in 2012 for my bogus diagnosis was my mom, Treon Christine

    Treon was negligent in my 1966 brain-injury when I was run over in the driveway by her friend, Mrs. Moore. Treon told me later that the accident was my fault and she even made sure I wrote that in my fifth grade autobiography. This was big lie #1.

    Big lie #2: Treon also lied to me about being ambidextrous. She said I was ambidextrous when I asked her why I wrote with my left hand but throw a ball with my right. The truth is that I was brain injured; and that she was negligent in that accident in 1966.

    I want to differentiate between the torture of the meds and the home invasion torture. These are two different things but I do consider them both to be torture.

  • In 1966 I was run over in the driveway and brain-injured. My mom was there; and she was negligent.

    Later, she blamed me for getting run over. This was gas-lighting. She was the person who was negligent.
    She even made sure that I wrote it was my own fault in my fifth grade autobiography. I was so confused
    (and trying to finish my assignment) that I just wrote what she told me.

    That was GAS-LIGHTING and I wish I had said to her, “Mom, wasn’t that Your fault?” Because, of course it was. I was only 18 months old at that time.

    Her friend Mrs. Moore was backing out of the driveway. Mom mom should have been protecting me from the moving vehicle. I don’t know what she was doing but she was not protecting me.

    I still can feel the large indentations in my skull. I was a slow learner; and I was very gullible and naive throughout childhood.

    People who have been run over (and brain-injured) in the driveway should not be conspired against.

  • What is wrong with this situation? A person was/ is seeking help; and yet the counselor has information about the client that he is not willing to discuss.

    The client needs the counselor to confront him (that is why he is going to see the counselor); and yet the necessary confrontation doesn’t happen.

    The powers that be have told to the counselor not to confront the client. That is what is wrong.

    We need that confrontation to happen. We need restorative justice.

  • One negative side effect of counseling is when the counselor is not trying to help his client. This happened to me over and over. It involves gas-lighting and brain-washing. The client must stop going to see the counselor, which I did. I also questioned the first counselor I saw, asking “who do you work for?” when it became apparent that he wasn’t working for me.

    It was just the beginning of a 36 year Public Relations campaign against me. I was sixteen.

    Instead of restorative justice–which would have worked (and still can work)– I was subjected to all kinds of insults…yet no one was going to tell me why…it was because of bad behavior that I had forgotten about…no one was confronting me about it directly… as a brain-injury survivor, I needed to be confronted directly…but it was not happening.

  • My feeling is that people are still being shamed and harassed by the government, by their families, by their former friends. Unfortunately, even
    MIA will do the same thing to people who have been branded as “offensive” .
    This happens, despite the fact that the person in question has never had due process, restorative justice, or any opportunity to defend himself.

    I agree with Alex that this kind of status quo attitude seems to exist at MIA.

    This includes public shaming and punishment such as nightly home invasion and torture for 6 plus years. This should be condemned by MIA; but MIA knows that this kind of shaming and punishment is happening, and yet seems to be giving a wink and nod to allow it to continue.

    That is wrong and MIA should be ashamed of not standing up strongly for civil rights and due process. MIA has said very little about restorative justice, which could / should be a very good alternative to draconian punishment for nuisance crimes.

  • I was tricked into joining the NSA cult in 1988. It was very bad for my critical thinking. They were not my friends, but they pretended to be.

    It was soon after I was in the NSA that I went to a counselor for depression. I was on prozac for a while; and it was not a good experience.

    Likewise, a similar situation happened when I got my SMI psych label in 2012. The other inmates pretended to be my friends, but they were not. Similar power dynamics were in place, with the leaders and the followers depending on each other to play their roles. Otherwise, the whole charade will fall apart. There is brain-washing in both the religious cult and the cult of psychiatry; and isolated, lonely people are often vulnerable and do fall for the trap. I know I did.

    I began to question my SMI 2012 “diagnosis” almost immediately because it did not make sense to me. I also questioned it because the so-called “treatment” made me feel like crap. If this was so “scientific”, why didn’t I feel any better? The pills almost immediately made me feel worse.

  • I agree with Frank. Could we dismantle (or destroy) the current system of torture and oppression? Can we stop the lying and pretending? Let’s end the phony diagnoses and the very real drugging of unsuspecting, gullible scapegoats.

    Could we bring back due process and restorative justice? I think RJ works in a few select places where people are brave enough to try it, like Hawaii.