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  • Marianne Williamson wrote the Politics of Love: A Handbook for A New American Revolution.

    She said: “Women are not just here to get power. Women are here to balance the world. A balanced world works differently from an unbalanced world. A balanced world does not stand for injustice. A balanced world does not stand for oppression.”

    That is partly why she was not taken seriously. People sensed that she was revolutionary
    and they could not take it. In other words, she is a truth teller who recognizes how much truth and justice are being trampled in the U.S.

    She was not going to be like Hillary Clinton who is a war hawk. She was not going to get power in order to behave just like the men who gained power.

    Marianne Williamson, in other words, was extremely brave and daring to even say what she said. To dare to talk about love on a stage of presidential hopefuls was almost unimaginable; and yet she did it. To talk about love in a revolutionary way was bold and
    smart and it revealed the patriarchy and the cluelessness of all of the other candidates.

    I do not know if Williamson admired bell hooks writing; but I know bell hooks admired Marianne Williamson. So when bell hooks died recently, there have been numerous accolades to her revolutionary writing about love and relationships with family. hooks wrote that the crises in American families has to do with patriarchy and misunderstandings about
    the differences between love and care. She drew parallels between the dysfunctional family and dysfunctional police brutality and dysfunctional foreign policy.

    But Williamson took it to another level by using similar knowledge to actually run for president. It was actually an act of braveness, because she knew that the patriarchy would
    probably clobber her…and they did.

  • Getting a Diagnosis Meant that my Sister Never had a Chance to Resolve Her Trauma.

    That is the problem with psychiatry, of course. It distracts from the main problem: the trauma
    and/or the cover up of the trauma.

    Again, it is very interesting to me that the very people who are responsible for the trauma
    (usually the parents) are the same people who are searching desperately for a “diagnosis” that will distract from the original trauma and/or cover up of trauma.

  • This article speaks to me; and I am sorry for your loss.

    I have lost my brother, although he is not dead and he is not being drugged by psychiatry.
    I am the person being scapegoated; and he will not speak to me.
    I am under threat of being drugged.
    I am being silenced for speaking out against my mom who was instrumental in my getting a SMI label.
    I am being silenced for recognizing that the person, my mom, who made sure I got a stigmatizing label was the person that was negligent when I was run over in the driveway in 1966, suffering a traumatic brain injury (although she made sure that it was never called that, because it would have implicated her).
    She later called me names, told me I was ambidextrous, etc. when I asked about throwing a ball right handed but writing left handed.

  • Of course ADHD is a made up diagnosis that is highly profitable for drug companies. It also lets parents off the hook for not spending quality time with their children. Just drug them and send them on their way.

    Notice that some of the protesters in Moscow, who are against Russian invasion in Ukraine, are being packed off to psych hospitals. Psychiatry has always been a political invention that is used to suppress free speech and self expression.

  • It is interesting (but wrong) how private companies like Straight used techniques like brainwashing and torture and were somehow able to get the government to approve and endorse them. What kind of democracy are we?

    Instead of open dialogue and restorative justice to deal with minor problems like drug experimentation by teenagers, the trust between parents and their children was severed by the intervening private company which clearly had a one sided agenda. So this actually makes the problem worse. There is no trust after torture and brainwashing.

  • The peers in Straight were mostly intimidating, tall, male and older teenagers. I think of them as the goon-squad because they did sit on people and find other ways to humiliate and wear people down.

    It was a combination of physical and psychological torture, and remember this was an organization that was endorsed by the First Lady of the United States.

  • For those who believe in peer programs, be aware that Straight relied on peers in order to make it seem legitimate and fair. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was abusive brainwashing. Children were locked up in warehouses, and the peers were just pawns who were used by the adults in charge. The agenda at Straight was fear, in order to get the children to obey. There was no thought of restorative justice.

  • The premise of the Nurtured Heart seems to be that all individuals are basically good, but of course we all need support. Everyone knows that this is true.

    Compare that to the DSM whose premise seems to be the opposite. It is incredibly damaging to society to have a book of insults as Jim Gottstein calls it that has been approved by the powers that be. People with labels know that their MH labels amount to slander, and that they are scapegoats.

  • The Nurtured Heart approach seems like Truth and Reconciliation to me. Instead of quick judgement against misbehavior, Glasser is seeking out why it happens recognizes that these are human mistakes and human beings. He seems to recognize that children have become political scapegoats, and that parents will abandon their children if the misbehavior becomes too politicized. In other words, their children may become pariahs in the community.

  • The nurtured heart approach is a good idea, and yet it seems so removed from the real world of the juvenile “justice” system.

    Compare this article to the MIA article about young people in the 1980s who were put in Straight, Inc. warehouses, fed peanut butter sandwiches, and brainwashed for months into believing that their minor misbehavior experimenting with drugs was a major character flaw.

    In other words, do you want to try to understand your child or do you want to turn them into a scapegoat? Maybe if you just talk to them and be willing to listen to them, parents can and should be forgiving.

    Silence is violence. Not talking to the child, not wanting to hear their thoughts and feelings is a failing by the adults.

  • Ok, I didn’t mean that there is no social justice at all, but when you are being tortured it is difficult to see beyond your own situation.

    I was glad to read that there has been tremendous pushback by psych survivors to Kamala Harris’s disappointing mental health ideas.

    Also, I think there are small victories that don’t often get noticed, because there does seem to be worldwide awareness that government corruption is rampant and that said governments use psychiatry to punish people. So, I am not totally disappointed but I will try to limit my comments.

  • Note to self: stop commenting on MIA. Nothing beneficial has occurred despite hours of trying to explain my situation. There is no restorative justice here. When there is, I may be back.

    Human beings are social beings, and that is why this trap is so easy to fall into. Also, misery loves company, but there is no justice here.

  • Bringing this back full circle, the media is complicit with whatever psychiatry wants to do. If psychiatry wants to feed people pills like Risperdol that will cause men to grow breasts, then the media will mostly ignore that “side effect.”

    If psychiatry wants to torture people in other ways with their drugs, then the media will turn a blind eye until the shrinks tell them it is ok to look again. The media is extremely cooperative in their complicity.

    If a citizen wants to know the truth and asks questions to the media about a fishy story, then the media will duck and weave and avoid the truth at all costs. That is exactly what has happened in the Scott Noel death WCPO Cincinnati story that ran on January 30, 2020.

  • The Belarus protesters are showing the world their bloody bruises to prove that they are dealing with a dictator/ fascist government.

    I have a sore throat almost every day because my torturers are jamming tubes down it every night so that I won’t wake up. They are sexually torturing me every night as well as manipulating my muscles in ways to make me feel lousy.

    So my torturers are very careful not to do so in a way that I can easily explain or show people. But the same object of intimidation and humiliation is the goal of police state governments.

    Humiliation, intimidation, and silencing people seems to be the goal in my situation. What I am experiencing is so degrading that my inclination is to keep it all to myself, which I have mostly…..but that won’t change anything so I am speaking out.

    I should add that the torture has been going on to various degrees since 2012, that this can happen in either political party led government, as it has. So yes it is worrisome to wonder if anything will change under a new administration,
    And yet that must occur somehow.

  • I think that it is quite possible that the sister and the reporter are withholding information in order to frame the storyline to their point of view.

    The fact that no one questioned the “mental illness” narrative seems like a big clue…so if you believe that narrative, then maybe you’ll believe that there was a light switch that that changed Scott Noel completely…

    No, I don’t believe it. It was the people around him who changed.
    He needed restorative justice.

  • What is so infuriating about this story is that everyone is acting so bewildered as to why Scott died so young, when the answer is His Diagnosis of BiPolar and Schizophrenia—these are labels that no one wants and they can be devastating.

    Why didn’t the reporter investigate the labels and the way people with those labels are “treated “.

  • If you watch/ read the Jan. 30 WCPO story, it becomes obvious that WCPO is shedding crocodile tears for the scapegoat, Scott Noel.

    The story was not written for him. No one was arguing for him when he was alive, but now that he has died his sister wants to rehabilitate his image, supposedly.

    Well, it is not convincing, especially because the reporter and the sister seem to have conspired against him by endorsing his mh label.

    If the sister and the reporter were serious about rehabilitating Scott Noel’S reputation, then they would have questioned his mh label—and that doesn’t happen in this story, unfortunately.

    Also, it would have been interesting to have someone from his high school say something good about him about the times when he was accepted and doing well.

    The story about Scott Noel’s “mental illness” is not credible and the sister barely even tries to explain it. The light switch analogy seems to imply the idea that Scott got on the wrong side of the powers that be… Scott did not flip that switch—he deserved restorative justice.

    Otherwise, we are left to believe that Because WCPO Says So, Scott Noel Had “Mental Illness”.
    It is just not credible from the information that is given (and because there is no such thing).

    The reason the story is so fishy is that the whole focus is about the humiliating way in which he died.
    That should be a clue that something happened to him and that A Lot of Scott Noel’s story is being left out. What happened? We may never know.

  • I have to read up on the responsibilities of a school superintendent, but I am pretty sure that intimidation, brainwashing, torture, isolation, and beatings are not the normal expectations.

    Congratulations Dr. Robert Boston. You failed miserably.

    I actually spoke on the phone once with Dr. Boston when I was writing an article for the Chieftain, the high school newspaper, probably in 1982 or 1983. He apparently had been given a copy of an article I had written ( I don’t know how he got it, and I should have asked) but he made me make significant changes in the article—so much that I don’t think it made much sense in the end, that was as he intended…he was not kind, he was a dictator in my experience.

    I think the article was comparing the school attendance of Indian Hill High and Taft High school. Of course, Indian Hill high had much better attendance and Taft High, which is in the inner city, had poor attendance in comparison. I was trying to get at the reasons for this disparity, and it felt like Dr. Boston was distracting me from the obvious differences in income and budgets between the two schools.

  • When the superintendent of a public school system seeks out and brings to town a “drug rehab” organization that relies on brainwashing and torture, then you know that something is terribly wrong with the social dynamics of a community.

  • Again, it seems important to emphasize that conservatives saw the youth movement as a political threat. Why? Because the youth movement in the 1970s was strong and effective in winding down the war in Vietnam.

    Again, the backlash that occurred in the 1980s was a response to the youth movement of the 1970s.
    The conservatives had lost control of the narrative and they were angry and vengeful. Yes, they were control freaks. I believe that torture centers like Straight were legitimized legally and politically because of this cultural backlash—and that backlash still exists today.

    The backlash to the youth moment of the 1970s can be seen today in our draconian systems of punishments such as the drug laws and the prison systems and the brutality of the police.

  • Nancy wanted the youth in America to Just Say No to Political Power, that was the secret translation.

    She was never about helping young people—she was always about supporting programs like Straight that disempowered them, that ridiculed them, that made them tear each other apart, almost literally…this was a conservative fantasy come true.

  • The 1970s American youth drug culture was seen by conservatives as a Political Threat—not some kind of public health emergency as Straight would have you believe.

    That is why the “cure” for this “problem” was modeled after North Korean political brainwashing.
    In other words it was all about punishment, shaming, and humiliation.

    When Nancy Reagan said Just Say No (to drugs), I think the real message was Just Say No to Political Activism because the conservatives just wanted to intimidate and beat those ideas out of young people.

  • All of the teenagers brought to Straight were scapegoats. They were examples for others, to be tortured psychologically, to be broken down. This was all very intentional—Miller Newton knew it, Dr. Robert Boston knew it, and I am pretty sure that some, if not all of the Board of Education members knew it.

  • I honestly don’t know what the board knew and when they knew it, regarding Dr. Robert Boston bringing the “drug rehab” group Straight to Cincinnati. However, I am pretty sure that he must have been making reports about his involvement with Straight. Someone should have been paying more attention, because it became clear eventually that Straight was abusive and never had the student’s well being as a priority—the priority was making money off of these students and their families.

  • Straight filled a vacuum in America’s search for moral clarity in the 1980s.

    Parents viewed their children as either moral assets or moral liabilities.

    It was a disaster, and I would bet that Miller Newton and the other Straight leaders were surprised how willing parents were to hand over their children to his torture centers. They were deceiving themselves and anyone else who would buy into the idea that Straight was a legitimate organization that actually cared about teenager well being. It was a scandalous fraud and people interested in the truth know it.

  • I should apologize to Elana for that comment. The only evidence I have for her rebellious behavior is my memory of her very thorough pounding of the piñata at one of my early birthday parties, even when it was on the ground. That must have been around 1970-72. She was actually a sweet friend.

  • From my 1981 Legend yearbook, here is who was on the Indian Hill Board of Education: Mrs. Jean Papas, president; Mrs. Liz Croskey, Vice President; Mr. David Bell, Mr. Philip Casper, Mr. Buddy Mack.

    I am pretty sure that Buddy Mack was the grandfather of my classmate Elena Mack, who was made a scapegoat and was sent to Straight in Florida, before the Cincinnati torture center was set up. Elena definitely fit the bill as rebellious at times but she was very human, trying to figure out the world like all of us.

    Straight was so disruptive to people’s lives that Elana Mack was forced to be held back a grade. This was the granddaughter of one of the board of education members. Wow, and shame on the Board of Education. Shame on Jean Papas, shame on Liz Croskey, shame on David Bell, shame on Philip Casper, and finally shame on grandfather Buddy Mack.

  • Unfortunately, lawyers like John Schiff were in the minority. Schiff fought for the dignity and human rights of the individual students who were being abused by Straight.

    I think it is fair to say that Straight had the overall support of most of the legal community in Cincinnati, including some judges who ordered some students who escaped to be returned to the torture center.

    That was the problem then and it is still a problem: when there is public support for torture over the human rights and dignity of individuals. There has to be restorative justice. Those torture victims had a voice but they were silenced because of the political mood in the country—and rebellious teenagers were under attack.

  • The people who should be held responsible have been insulated and protected by lawyers and tradition. The mistakes made by the board of education are not held up to scrutiny, because how in the world could they foresee the possibility that a punishing cult such as Straight would do damage?
    After all, Miller Newton seemed like a respectable person who was teaching children to respect their elders, right? How could that go wrong?

  • Probably not, because Bobby Boston had the full support of a vindictive and deluded Board of Education. So how about those people who were propping up Bobby Boston, did any of them acknowledge or even go so far as apologizing to the families of children who had been tortured by Straight? Probably not.

  • Have the leaders of Straight ever expressed remorse for the damage that was done to hundreds and probably thousands of teenagers? Has Miller Newton, Ruth Ann Newton, or Mel Sembler ever made a public statement to acknowledge the damage that was done by subjecting children to months of brain washing that has been compared with North Korean re-education camps?

    Did the superintendent of schools for Indian Hill High School, Robert Boston, ever express regret for his monumental screw up in recruiting a brain washing cult to punish normal teenage behavior?

  • Straight was state sanctioned torture, and yet it had the seal of approval from Nancy Reagan and others in position of power.

    It was the most humiliating, degrading use of peer pressure—it was peer torture.

  • Straight was so obviously rotten, and yet it existed in various names for far too many years.

    And it was endorsed by the superintendent of the Board of Education at IHHS. Sheesh.

    I guess I should send kudos to the Cincinnati lawyers like John Schiff who called out Straight from the very beginning as the fraud that it was. That was commendable and brilliant because so many people were fooled by the hype—and parents did seem to be panicking and over reacting—and that is an understatement.

  • Hello, the superintendent of a prestigious public high school in Cincinnati actively recruited an abusive, brainwashing cult to set up shop locally in order to terrorize his students. That happened around 1979-1980. That happened…people should be outraged.

    Then, freakishly, the First Lady of the United States endorsed the program and the “war on drugs”.
    She even brought Lady Dianna, a real princess to tour the place where teenagers were abused at a Straight center outside of Washington DC. Nancy was endorsing brainwashing and abuse. She was endorsing torture.

    This was definitely a backlash against the young, smart, and organized youth who had helped to end the war in Vietnam…because the old guard was still furious and looking for revenge…

    This weird dynamic is partly why The Reagan’s were so polarizing. It still feels a little risky to speak poorly of them, even though they are long gone…I don’t even understand exactly how my own parents felt about them…except that they seemed mesmerized by them, like everyone else. It was as if the Reagans turned everyone into happy zombies—and if you weren’t happy, then people noticed and you were persecuted.

  • The Straight goon squad relied on recruiting students. So this kind of dynamic has always existed—
    People who understood that experimenting with drugs is natural and human—but then punishing and humiliating their friends for doing exactly that.

    Also, joining the Straight goon squad was an act of self preservation/ promotion. In other words, it was far better in their eyes to be the punisher than to be on the receiving end of the punishment. It was far better to be the brain washer than the brain washed…

    Again, it is unbelievable but true that Straight, Inc., a brain washing cult was sought out by the superintendent of one of the most prestigious public high schools in the country, Indian Hill High School, home of “the Braves” when I was there from 1979-1983.

  • Sorry for the sloppy editing. From what I read, Superintendent Robert Boston invited Scared Straight to open another re-education center in the Cincinnati area around 1979-80. I believe that there were about five or six Straight centers running at various locations during their hay days, the eighties.

    There must have been some awareness at the board of education that what Straight was doing was abusive. Why then did they feel it was necessary to bring in a goon squad like Straight.?

    As I wrote before, I believe Straight evolved from the backlash to the strong youth movement that helped to end the war in Vietnam in 1974. I think it could be argued that the youth movement that ended the war had been more united and organized than the board of education of the recent past, and the new board of Ed did not want to see that happen again.

    In other words, it was a generational divide and a fight for control and power. So the Straight goon squad was outsourced in order to intimidate students to obey. In my opinion, this was never really about drugs at all, just as the War on Drugs was never really about drugs-it was about power and control of various people’s freedom and self determination.

  • By the way, I am quite certain that there was no consideration of open dialogue or restorative justice at Straight, Inc.

    It has taken me decades and a fairly recent story on this website about Straight, to learn the truth about what went on there. Because it was always shrouded in secrecy— but the name alone sounded ominous and we all understood that much.

  • If you research Straight, Inc. (I think the Scared part of the name was implied—not the official name, but it gives you a clue as to what the organization was all about—terrorizing children to obey).

    Yes that Straight, Inc. which has been compared to North Korean brainwashing centers. So that should tell you a little about the culture of my old school, that our superintendent would recruit this brainwashing cult in order to remind the students who was in charge.

  • If I could go back in time and rewrite that autobiography, I would gladly trade the A that I received for a C, by bringing up the questions of verifiable sources. If I had thought more carefully about what my mom had been telling me, I would have begun to ask more questions.

    I might have started to discover that she was hiding something through her self preserving bias, what I now know was her own negligence in 1966.

    This all reminds me of the immunity for killer cops that is just beginning to show signs of cracking.
    Negligence is different, of course, but legally it seems similar.

    The police unions are so strong and have protected negligent officers for many decades;
    And the network of my mom’s family and community friends are very similar in their protective strength, and these allies include the schools, the parents, the students, and the Board of Education, and the Superintendent.

    The superintendent at Indian Hill High School in the 1980s was Robert Boston, who was responsible for requesting that the cultish Scared Straight, Inc. a “helping” organization to scare students away from experimenting with drugs like marijuana, that used tactics that have been compared to would call paranoid overreaction is what I am getting in this conspiracy/ persecution.

  • People should not be proud to be persecuting a TBI / Gaslighting survivor who was run over in the driveway in 1966. Everyone in this conspiracy is complicit in a cover up for Treon McGuire Christine, my mom, who was negligent.

    Of course, I am angry; because this situation demands restorative justice—not scapegoating a brain injury survivor.

    I am not proud of my mistakes and have tried to apologize for them. But Treon’s 1966 negligence must also be factored into all of the judgement for which I am persecuted.

    When your parent coaxes you to write in your fifth grade autobiography that the 1966 accident was your own fault, then that should raise questions. I was so stunned by what she told me that I just wrote it down and tried to forget it. That was a mistake.

  • Free Grace.

    Save face (justice system, because what is happening is a mockery of justice).

    “Saving face” was a popular expression at my old school. I like it, and of course it makes me think of open dialogue and restorative justice—not draconian punishment.

  • Free Grace from juvenile detention in Pontiac, MIchigan.

    Save grace in the juvenile justice system ( because right now it is obviously racist and disgraceful).

    Restorative justice can and should be used to bring back grace and the potential for harmony.

  • There must be empathy for teenage misbehavior.

    Let’s face it, the reason there has not been any open dialogue about the 1981 misbehavior is that the people in power chose to interpret it from their own narrow political viewpoint.

    There is no open dialogue because of course I do not subscribe to that viewpoint, and I would object. The way this works is Because We Say So—this is not justice or anything close to democracy.

  • The public needs to know how a forty year conspiracy against a TBI survivor leads to a false “mental health” narrative.

    The truth is that a nuisance crime in 1981 has been blown up into a political vendetta. This is about families, schools, and communities scapegoating a TBI /gaslighting survivor.

    There must be restorative justice. There must be open dialogue. I have been actively trying to start that conversation but no one so far is willing to start restorative justice so far.

  • Again, the power vacuum between juveniles and adults is overwhelming for children. Then, add to that the alienation of juvenile detention and the problem has been multiplied— the juvenile will feel MORE alienated in the systems that are operating today.

    What is difficult about restorative justice is also what makes it work: recognizing that the whole community shares some responsibility.

  • I think that restorative justice is needed in this situation and in most juvenile justice cases.
    In other words, open dialogue. If you read Grace’s letter that she wrote to her mother from juvenile detention, then you can see that she WANTS Restorative Justice. She wants reconciliation.

  • It is not even about shrinks. It is about punishment meted out by judges who don’t really care about the individual person. There is an obvious disconnect between the fifteen year old juvenile and the judge—and the power differential is far too great.

  • Free Grace. It is the latest outrageous, draconian punishment aimed at a 15 year old in Pontiac, Michigan. She has been put into juvenile detention for not keeping up with her online homework,
    which was something like the third strike for her young record of minor offenses.

    . Stop punishing children for being children.

  • She is an imperfect leader who is doing a pretty good job in calling out the enormous inequalities of income between huge billion dollar corporations and their workers. It is probably true that she has become a scapegoat by drawing intense feelings from all sides of the issue. For the bravery of standing up to that intense criticism, I think she is a hero.

  • I know that Abigail Disney has her detractors and that she has been insulated by her wealth and privilege. However, I do think that she has been trying to break out of her bubble, and of course everyone can do more.

  • Being called crazy in a world that is crazy is the problem. The extreme inequality of wealth does take a toll on everyone. I admire people like Abigail Disney who call out the social injustice of income inequality, and is willing to alienate herself from her family in order to express the truth.

    When CEOs are making millions and the average worker is living paycheck to paycheck (or laid off in the time of Covid 19), then something is not right. When Disney employees can not afford to pay the rent and are living out of there cars, then something is wrong.

    What is most frustrating is that it doesn’t have to be this way. There can be and there should be social justice and workers can be paid a living wage with benefits and paid leave. Abigail Disney recognized the Disney worker as the people who create the magic for children at the parks, and of course it is so.

  • If we are all in this together, why won’t the author reply to comments? (Because she was joking).

    We have never been in this altogether and that is the reason that psychiatry exists—to separate and divide people.

    If you flip the meaning of the expression, to mean This Is a Conspiracy against a Scapegoat, then it does make sense—finding and punishing scapegoats is psychiatry’s bread and butter.

  • When I have confronted my brother, a neurologist, about the home invasion and torture that has been happening since January, 2012, he wanted me to believe that it was mental health issue. The truth is that it is a torture issue. The truth is that this is a forensic psychiatry / police brutality issue.

  • I grew up in a house that hung up a portrait painting of a confederate general in the living room above the fireplace. It was always confusing for me to look at this painting, because I always thought the south had lost the war for good reason, because slavery is wrong. And therefore, we should not be proud of confederate generals who believed it was right.

    The portrait may be still on display at my brother Chadwick Wilson Christine, III’s house in San Francisco. Please let me know, Chad, if you have taken down that painting yet. To me it is a symbol of the lost cause of white supremacy.

  • Yes, Breonna Taylor was shot by police for no reason back in March. The Louisville police have still not been held accountable, and so people continue to protest in the streets.

    This is probably the most egregious police shooting that I have ever heard of, and so of course people should be angry. Truth matters and the people know that there has been a cover up of police brutality.

  • The BLM movement has proved that we are not all in this together. Economic inequality is strongly related to health and wellness and that is why the African American community has been dying disproportionately from the Coronavirus.

    Of course, the other issue of doing anything while black in America—including sleeping in your home in the case of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, KY— is dangerous also proves that we are not all in this together.

  • Once again, I am calling for healing, for open dialogue. If the wounds are buried and reconciliation never occurs, then the hurt will fester indefinitely.

    The Black Lives Matter movement is a movement for open dialogue and reconciliation. It is a movement for truth.

    Of course, police brutality is a very graphic reminder of the history of slavery. The truth is that there is still no justice for most black and brown people.

  • I think I should spell it out: Black Lives Matter.

    Also, Take Back Cheapside.
    . That was the movement that led to the Breckinridge statue being removed from the main square in Lexington about two years ago.

    I invite my cousins to heal with the nation and to make a statement about General Breckinridge
    and how they feel about him today. I know that other descendants of civil war generals have advocated for the removal of the statues in Richmond, VA.

  • I think it should be noted that institutional racism and white supremacy may be at the heart of the reason that certain powerful families go after scapegoats with so much venom.

    I am speaking of the Breckinridge and Tyler families who have organized a political scapegoating campaign against me since 1981. (My mom’s sisters married into these families in the late 1950s and early 1960s).

    The Breckinridge statue was recently taken down in Lexington, Kentucky (not far from Mayesville where my dad was born). The statue was at the site of the Cheapside slave market, one of the largest slave markets in the country. Of course, that is right for the statue to be taken down because Breckinridge was a proponent of the expansion of slavery. Also, of course the statue was an insult to people of color who live in Lexington who were reminded on a daily basis that they were regarded as property and less than human — much like people with mental health labels.

    I believe that the reason families with a history of leading and arguing for white supremacy are the real people with mental health issues. They are the families with the most metaphorical skeletons in the closet. Because of this, I think they feel tremendous guilt and shame about the history of white supremacy and slavery and so they are extremely relieved when a scapegoat is available to let off some of that steam.

    John Cabell Breckinridge was Vice President from 1857-61. He joined the confederacy and became a general in1861 fighting in several major battles including Shiloh and Chickamauga. After the war he lived in Canada briefly before being accepted back into society in Kentucky, which had been a slave holding state but was officially “neutral” in the civil war.

    John Tyler was the tenth president of the US. He was a slave owner born in Charles City County, Virginia.

    I don’t really believe in mental illness; but I do believe that families hide their own histories. I do believe that others are complicit in allowing that history to be buried. When the current BLM situation occurs, it is an opportunity to understand the tremendous guilt and shame that powerful families carry.

  • Torture is a fascist political strategy to make the condemned man say things he probably would not otherwise say—especially if he had legal counsel. Another part of the torture is the extreme social isolation that I have been enduring, long before the Coronavirus arrived.

    I have taken a great risk in telling my thoughts, especially in these turbulent times. My reasoning has been that I must take the chance that people will realize that truth matters.

  • I will try to understand the political conspiracy against me. I will try to know why everyone was willing to ignore the fact that their scapegoat—me —had been run over and brain injured as a toddler in 1966.

    First of all, I really doubt that many of the conspirators against me were even aware of my 1966 TBI.
    So, that will explain some of the draconian nature of the plot against me that started in 1981.

    I will try to understand why there was zero attempt at open dialogue in 1981; and if I myself missed numerous chances to open dialogue myself, I apologize (because I do realize now that the time to apologize for a nuisance crime is ASAP).

    As I mentioned earlier, I sincerely believe that TBI survivors may need prompting to apologize for nuisance crimes. And this is particularly true for TBI survivors who are also survivors of parental gas lighting. Once the process is started, I believe that those who offend and those who are offended can restore community and even improve communication.

    I also believe that it is still not too late, although it has been almost forty years, and I have hope for restorative justice. If restorative justice can happen then we will be All in this together.

  • Please read the article in the New Republic, “No Vaccine in Sight” by Alexander Zaitchik. The subtitle is “The US Was Once At The Cutting Edge of Pandemic Prevention. Then Big Pharma Took Over.”

    The article puts a lot of blame on the patent process and greed. It compares the profit driven system of today with the more public health priorities of the 1930s, 40s, 50s…
    The system started to change dramatically in the 1980s, prioritizing profit over people.

    Do we really think that we are All in this Together after reading this article? No, but there is reason for optimism, because we can go back to systems that were successful taking on polio, tuberculosis,

  • I want to say a little about juvenile alienation. Of course it is known that juveniles who act out and behave badly do not feel like they are in this together.

    So when a person is alienated for their whole adult life, is that feeling going to change? Probably not unless he gets restorative justice.

    Part of the healing process should be asking the person what made him feel alienated. If the community is motivated to understand the individual, then restorative justice can be done.

    Then, it will be true that we are all in this together.

    Getting a little deeper we have to ask our selves what holds communities together? Unfortunately, fear seems like the most obvious answer—and it isn’t a good one. Juveniles are easily alienated when the overwhelming reason for community is a sense of fear.

    I have the Straight, Inc. brain washing organization in mind that was the threat that was always present for kids who were too experimental or rebellious. It was very much based on fear, beatings, and indoctrination.

  • Fear and grief are not mental illnesses. That’s good to know.

    I would add that fear of being attacked in your own bed since 2012 is not a mental illness either.
    It is a political conspiracy that is using psychiatry as a weapon against a scapegoat.

    There must be restorative justice for TBI / Gaslighting victims.

  • Some of us have been caught in a political storm for almost Four decades without realizing the severity of the situation until recently.

    I do empathize with the millions of people who are suffering and I know their suffering is intense.

    The thing that bothers me the most are the media who ignore the fact that millions of people were already suffering before corona virus even started. This includes people with scapegoat labels and poor people in general.

  • If we really believe that we are all in this together, then we should be embracing ideas like restorative justice.

    If we really believe we are all in this together, then we should be helping people who have made mistakes to stand back up.

    If we really want to walk the walk—not just talk the talk, then embrace social justice for marginalized people.

  • Inmate Lives Matter.

    Taking down the Therapeutic State will require taking down the prison system as it exists today.

    The Corona Virus highlights the inhumanity of putting people in cages, and how it does not make things better at all.

    The people caught up in the system must have a pathway back into society, but psychiatry is too happy to block those people. There is massive corruption and torture of people who can contribute again.

    The DSM labels must stop somehow. In the future, the labels will be remembered as the slanders that they are.

    Is it just a fantasy that we could actually all be in this together some day? We obviously have a long way to go but it seems possible.

  • From page 32, “Psychiatric diagnoses are based on social not medical judgements…

    They are making a series of judgments about how people ought to think, feel and behave.”

    Ok, so there you go: psychiatry is about social conditioning—not science or real medicine.

    Why not be transparent about all of it? Because there is massive corruption and torture that psychiatry doesn’t want everyone to know about. If the general public did understand the amount of torture and corruption, it might get shut down, as it should be.