Sunday, October 24, 2021

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  • Despite the severity of my condition having also caused me to loose 27 pounds in just 2 1/2 weeks, my psychiatrist would do nothing but prescribe drugs, and so ridiculously so that the maximum session I could obtain was still less than just five minutes. Yet other of his patients, who he seemed to regard of as being friends, obtained sessions lasting up to an hour, and were often given their session prior to me receiving mine, even though the appointment schedule placed them after me, not before. So I would have to sit there in the office waiting an extra bloody hour.

    My condition, was drug induced. The drug given to me was given to me by a previous psychiatrist. This psychiatrist then dumped me on the streets by saying that he no longer saw people of my age bracket. In truth, he knew that I could sue him. Thus he removed all data from my file that related to the drug induced condition, and then he basically told me to get lost. This psychiatrist also relayed this info about the “drug induced condition” to my GP.

    So I then went on the hunt and found another psychiatrist and he said that he was familiar with my condition and that there were plenty of drugs available, old and new, to apply to this condition. He said that once he received my file from my GP, that an appointment date would be set. It never was ! Due to the info passed on to him from my GP, he knew that if he put the name of my condition on paper, that once again I had a chance of suing the previous psychiatrist. But weeks later I managed to get into his office and he instantly said that he had no experience dealing with my particular condition, even though he had said the exact opposite before hand, and he had also previously said that he had many other patients with the same condition.

    So I found a new new psychiatrist, and the same results occurred.
    So I found a new new new psychiatrist, and the same results occurred.

    So, now that I was getting closer and closer to heading toward death, therefore my hair was falling out, and I was getting very little sleep( After several years had passed by, I had lost a total of 1 years worth of nights sleep.), and my pants were occasionally falling down due to me now having been reduced to a very skinny body, etc., I went back to my GP. He then set me up with another psychiatrist who would proscribe the appropriate drugs, but do so only if I agreed that I was not suffering from the “drug induced condition”. In other words, as long as the “drug induced condition” was not confirmed and put on paper, thus I could not sue the original psychiatrist.

    Due to all of this I was surviving on only $4,500 per year, being unemployed now and such. But it could be bumped up to $9,000 if I got onto a disability program, but that required my psychiatrist to put the “drug induced condition” on paper, along with his signature. It was a tough battle, but my social worker managed to get it done.

    So, thanks to the lovely people known as GP doctors and psychiatrists, the last 20 years of my life have been a living hell with me being confined within my apartment 24/7, and only going outside when needing to purchase clothes and/or food. Plus, with no sunlight over the many many years, I ended up with vitamin “d” deficiency problems as well.

  • Schizophrenia is still not being fully understood by a long shot.

    The first problem at hand is the fact that over 99% of the global population is not in touch with reality. However, due to all such folk being detached from reality in the very same manner, to them, they actually think that they truly are in touch with reality.

    At this time, most folk often still choose to be no more intelligent than an eyeball. Thus in turn they accept whatever the eye tells them, even though they have heard the expression “Seeing is believing.”. After all, one only need practice a belief or disbelief, if one is located at a distance from the truth in the first place, and thus in turn is located within the zone of less than truth.

    But still, such folk stick to their beliefs and disbeliefs and thus stick to being located at a distance from the truth. By maintaining this behavior of limited reach, they are always only willing to accept less than truth.

    For example, they believe that a car can speed up or slow down, yet those who see the truth, via choosing to be smarter than an eyeball, can see that this is absolutely impossible. Following this up with a simple and logical analysis of motion, one soon figures out what’s really going on. In doing so has independently understood Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity and has also independently created all of the SR equations. No education in the field of physics is required to accomplish such a task.

    One need only be in touch with reality. See for proof of such an accomplishment.

    Meanwhile, if a person has what I humorously refer to as a monkey brain, this type of brain absorbs knowledge without questioning such knowledge. It becomes a game of monkey see, monkey believe. Meaning, by accepting without questioning, it is extremely gullible and thus sucks up knowledge just like a dry desert would suck up a massive amount of water. In turn, the person with this kind of a brain quickly moves to the top of the class and soon exits university with several PhD’s in hand. Thus the person has plenty of knowledge, but has limited intelligence.

    Others however, are not gullible, and thus do not simply accept without question. This makes learning a very slow process. In turn, they are soon recognized within the schools as slow backward children that clearly have no academic future to be looking forward too, and it is assumed that such students will most likely drop out of high school. Such words were also spoken to Albert Einstein’s parents by a school teacher during one of his annual student reviews. It was assumed that Albert was mentally challenged. Thus being different, such as being advanced, had been immediately labeled as a form of backward mindedness. Thus the intelligent are seen as quite the opposite of their true being. Einstein, on the other hand, stuck to his guns and proved them wrong. The rest meanwhile, have not been so lucky.

    Meanwhile, if you are an expert in a specific field of one of today’s interests, such as psychiatry, then you are also confined or imprisoned within that zone of expertise. But at the same time, despite your extreme imprisonment, society regards you as being extremely intelligent.

    However, if you focus upon lateral non-conformitive thinking, thus focus upon understanding rather then upon knowing, one can extend ones mind far enough horizontally at base level, to understand the entirety of all reality. But since you have no mountain of knowledge extending upward within some particular field of expertise, society sees you at best, in an insulting manner, as a jack of all trades, and no more.

    Thus the limited but knowledgeable, are regarded as being the intelligent, and the intelligent but not so knowledgeable, are regarded as being the mentally challenged.

    Is schizophrenia simply a mental illness ?