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  • Dreams Ron. I want to talk about dreams. Not nocturnal sleep dreams but ambitions, sense of purpose, sense of being a gift bearer returning to the hostile tribe, sense of mission. We all need dreams. Over many centuries our little dreams have been local and unthreatening as proposals to “change”. Bystanders either like the little dream or walk away. But since the instituting of the global internet suddenly a person’s tidy local dream can be backed up by a massive online army, all braying for instant complience with the dream’s proposed changes. This turns the little dream into an instant nightmare for the many, many, many online who prefer their own little dream. So what used to be “a good idea” or “a healing dream” that a person wants to see prolifferate and prosper and become a force of goodness for anyone soon seems a coerced nightmare for everyone, since the internet artificially draws in that “army” crowd factor. Soon the dainty little dream of one person gets beaten down lest it “spread” like a “bad dream”. This huge global state of fright is occurring now to EVERYONE who gazes at social media and sees a million different competing dreams. The sense of being imperilled by nightmare “dream crushers” or armies of “dream mockers” is a fear related to the way the internet’s “reach” has turned people into tooled up “dream defending” militaristic generals with comments like ammo.

    It becomes impossible after a while to settle back down into the realization our forefathers had, that a little local dream is an essential thing that needs encouraged and is seldom harmful. To be human is to dream deeply of how to improve life. But due to the way hatred is amplified by the internet all of our different little dreams get deemed “threatening”.

    No dream is ever very threatening. Dreams are a medicinal soother. We are inclined to want to share our own unique little dream, since dreams make us happy and since happiness is shared. But because humanity now shares dreams all over the globe because of the internet, such that a dream can be in Moscow and Vanauatu and Trinidad in a click, this generates thousands of potential supporters or thousands of potential haters to our each little dream. In time we become defensive stompers on any one else’s dream, as if flattening specific weeds in a wild flower meadow.
    But none of that violent crack down on competing dreams is necessary. The world is vast. Over 24 thousand miles in circumference. You can have your wonderful dream and I can have my wonderful dream.

    What I am saying is that having a heartfelt dream every day is powerfully healing. Bullying is something quite different. People bully due to fear, fear of an army of haters on social media who will not tolerate their little local inspired dream. A dream is a vision. Bullying is a force that can swamp that vision. As a force it is not the dream. What I mean is that ALL dreams are mostly innocuous and healing, even politically extreme dreams. Dreams help us feel balanced. But bullying a dream onto others or foisting it or demanding that the dream be the only dream taken seriously is erosive of “free choice”. Without “free choice” a human cannot access a feeling of caring and compassion and love.
    The way the internet itself has become a montrous big bully of anyone’s tiny little bright spark heartfelt vision IS the problem and not the multifarious dreams themselves.

    The cripple always sees the extent to how indoctrinated an an army is becoming on the pinnacle moment of societal change, because the cripple cannot wave a flag nor follow the protests and marchers and so the cripple looks like the enemy, even though they have done nothing wrong. Attacked for having done nothing wrong, the cripple becomes a sudden mirror to the utopianites.

  • Ron, I think if I had sessions with you I would come home feeling greatly uplifted and at ease.

    However, you would not cure my illness with your fine words. I too have fine words and my schizophrenia spits on my go at curing myself.

    There is a problem in using words like depression or schizophrenia if we do not acknowledge that there are as many different kinds and severities of depressions and schitzophrenias as there are individuals who have them. My illness is SEVERE. People may not believe it since I am erudite. But that would be to credit intelligence as a cure for craziness whereas I think intelligence is more likely to cause madness, but clever people like to think that learning educative lessons innoculates them against becoming an fool, something the mad are deemed to be.

    Where was I? Oh yes, severity of conditions. I have schizophrenic pals who only have minimal delusions or hallucinations and these almost annihilate them, and I have schizophrenic chums with terrible onslaughts of delusions and hallucinations who fair okay. My severe hallucinations are a form of relentless all day torture. If it is me doing that to myself why on earth would I? And for twenty harrowing dreadful years? No! I am not at fault for what has become of me.

    I DO like your faith and skepticism model though. I think it is beautiful. But not “for” me. Someone else. Though do keep developing it.

    Imagine a hallucination of a second sun. You look up in the sky and there it is. Faith has not put that very very real hallucination there. A hallucination feels exactly like the reality of the solar disc. A person is not skeptical of the sun, or needing more faith in the sun. Some “realities” are unquestionable. So it is for me with my severe schizophrenia. I feel a tactile touch and it feels as real as the solar disc is real and the moon and the stars. I do not skittishly work on having faith in such phenomena, nor doubt, nor skepticism. The reality is given to me as a “given”. My torment is “given”, I do not use it as a coping strategy. It is not at all like the willed decision to stop eating as a strategy in anorexia. Some person hallucinating on LSD does not “use” the hallucination of a gigantic singing beach ball as a coping strategy.

    To be fair you might have inroads in the realm of delusions as coping strategies. For instance I am convinced that a “being” inflicts the hallucinations of tactile sense upon me. Perhaps my colouring in book coping mechanism unconsciously chose a “being” to be my nemesis, and chose it with rash certainty. I am trying to put more skeptism into my delusion but it feels to me like building another delusion out of bits of normal, a clunky unfamiliar narrative is what I try to superimpose over my habitual assumption. I believe agnosia is a real thing, just like an LSD tripper thinks they are normal, and the agnosia around psychosis often prevents a person with psychosis from knowing they are.

    I shall say no more, mostly because I like what you are offering. I like your way of keeping up with the mess that psychosis often leaves in its wake.

    Imagine two groups. One group has depression for vague reasons. The other group has depression and they are being beaten up by a domineering family member. My schizophrenia is like this second group. It is no good treating just the coping strategies in depression without attending to the tyranny that non stop hallucinations are. And because hallucinations are like LSD hallucinations but never endingly so, and because they feel as “real” as the solar disc beaming in the sky, they are impossible to fix. Alls you can do is apply comfort. It is like epilepsy or chronic pain. The wish is for euthanasia.

    I do not want to seem churlish. Your plan is genius. Do keep on with it. Will it help severe psychosis? I am not sure.

    I have a lovely nurse and he brings me medication. He sits for a while on my green chair and asks me innocuous homey questions. We pass the time like this and then he is gone. Take away the medication and JUST have him come round to chat to me while I am trying to do embroidery, medication free, which is something I shall be free of soon enough, and his simple ordinary companionship IS my medicine and IS my therapy. His inability to foist any cure on my incurable hallucinations is his more or less bravely saying…

    “I cannot help you”.

    How I love it when people just BE with me in my own lonely helplessness like that.

    It’s like being a solitary Martian on Mars and discovering….

    another Martian.

  • What if we got better at grief?

    What if we got better at dropping the collective compulsion to get “better” at anything collectively and instead leave defining better to the unique individual whose grief it happens to be?

    I was tempted to squirrel-in a comment on anorexia in the “excercise is better than antidepressants for depression” but I think there is a similarity here. In the haste to do away with prescriptions for “what’s wrong” there has grown an ease around proclaiming that there is a collective pressure to attend to what’s wrong, when really the individual ought to be front and centre in saying whether something is wrong, and what that might be, and how best to heal from it, if change is wanted at all. Some individuals may like new ways of regarding grief, some may prefer old traditional ways of regarding grief.

    I learned today that my uncle has just died. I recall my sister’s death with remembering something she said in the weeks before it. I was sitting in her livingroom trying to say words of comfort when she suddenly sat up imperiously and archly said…

    “This is MY DEATH and I will do it MY way”.

    This is MY grief and I will do it MY way.

  • Part of the problem is in seeing depression as a ONE thing. In my life I have had a variety of depressions. Like a variety of infectious colds. Some were severe enough to slow my body down but most were godsends. Mild depressions were like a bandage over my mounting feelings. A protective poultice that I wanted others to acknowledge. The depression was not “the wound” but rather the scab over the wound. Studies have shown that depressed people are often better at assessing reality than their grinning counterparts. Sometimes leaning in to a good depression promises a release of what lies under it…sadness. And so a person may trot off to their doctor for anti depressants but have an inner conflict about whether they realy want to be rid of their mild depression. A person feeling like this may not mind if the actual pills are little more than public pointers to the fact they are depressed. Clutching a prescription can validate a person’s sense that they have a right to be putting a depression poultice over a feeling of sadness. In a world where people are not allowed to feel sadness but must look perfectly sorted, the prescription becomes a ticket to freedom from guilt. In this way a person may not mind if the actual pills are next to useless. The placebo effect began before they boarded the bus to attend the doctor’s appointment. And since the mild depression poultice kind of IS the response to the true medicine that is the feeling of sadness the person may not want a “happy pill” to work a cure and cause them to be the sort of sorted people they get bullied by.

    This casual acceptance of the pills being a bit rubbish is held in a tension with the need to openly show how depressed the person is. And in our modern world the “way” you show you are depressed is by having a medical prescription exonerating you to your grinning fixed detractors. In this way the paper prescription IS much of the placebo comfort blanket.

    In other cultures there are perhaps various other ways to show to people how depressed you are. That is when it is mild depression and you still harbour a hope that merely by people “knowing” you are officially depressed this will make them more consoling. A deeper depression goes beyond wanting anything from anyone. There is only numbness covering that wound….what wound…who gives a shit?


    I felt very perplexed this morning. Even low. When quite by chance this song came on.

    I would add to my previous comment that in life it is more often the magic of the UNEXPECTED that sets a person back together again. This factor of unexpectedness is woven into the tapestry of nature so much that you cannot go for a walk in a wilderness without meeting the miraculous unexpectedly. These unexpected moments accumulate as treasures you can never replicate. The rareness of them, by the way they cannot be reproduced, enriches the spirit.

    This is often overlooked as an important medicine. Sometimes it proves lifesaving. And often arriving with sychronous humour.

    You cannot put it in a book or treatment model. Yet it is often only this that saves us.

  • Iva what a lovely article you wrote.

    I bought two trees this week. One looks to be in fine fettle with burgeoning leaves but the other looks like a public execution. I don’t know what I did wrong. Too much water? Are tree “types” really so different? Are individual trees fussy? What is it in a human that rushes to encapsulate a species as all the same? We humans, like trees, look similar but we are all so different.

    Here is a neat trick.

    If someone says this…

    “I feel THAT I am being punished”.

    They are not FEELING a FEELING. Instead, by using the telltale word “THAT”, they then go on to describe an outward act of behaviour, either their own act or other peoples acts towards them. A “punishment” is not a FEELING. An emotion immersed statement would look more like this…

    “I feel really furious and sad because someone has punished me by throwing a cup at me”.

    Fury and sadness ARE FEELINGS. The person with such emotions knows they are feeling those feelings…and why.

    Here is another non-emotional statement…

    “I feel THAT nobody gives a damn about me”.

    This statement arrives at a logical conclusion ABOUT other peoples behaviour without tapping into the FEELING of terrible sorrow about being rejected.

    People can dip in and out of psychotherapy for decades and seem to be expressing their difficult emotions but ALL they are doing is AVOIDING feeling the full impact of the feeling. Instead; often with the therapist’s logic looking assistance, the client merely “describes” the apparent judgement of the feeling, judgement by others.

    “I feel THAT they never liked me”.
    “I feel THAT no one would miss me”.
    “I feel THAT everyone wants to shun me”.

    None of these above statements have a flicker of emotion in them. Not one tear of “sadness” or “loss” or “rage” or “grief”. It is as if the THAT word is a lid keeping all the emotions out of sight. Only the actions are mentioned, the assumed judgements or descriptions of actions from others.

    It is quite possible to spend years thinking you are an emotionally expressive person who tells all and yet you never FEEL anything. It becomes a way of using analysis and rationalizing as means of the avoidance of feelings, habitually done to logically TIDY UP messy feelings. All too often a session is a way to do this tidy analytical stuff.

    I think your boy in the bedroom was given a number of “THATS” to explain/rationalize his emotional fog. He felt this way because of THAT or THAT or THAT.

    I am more for emotions themselves being the ONLY therapist we need. They do not have to make analytical or reasonable SENSE. Our feelings can be….

    “I feel deeply sad because I am in a sad moment”.

    Babies are the best at allowing their feelings to be their own experts. Babies never use the THAT word, nor rationally explain their ever changing states. They never feel they “have to” make any sense at all. And fully feeling a feeling quicky brings so much healing that there is nothing more needed.

    As such our feelings do not need to be ABOUT and action at all. Our feelings are schooled into “having to” be explanatory because LOGIC is a GREAT BIG BULLY systemically that says we must ALWAYS look like we make PERFECT rational sense…because if we do not then we are behaving like babies or mad women and that is NOT allowed in grown up employable populations. The myth of the perfectly fixed human is a religious salvation we all have to play along with. Look saved or salvagable by logic even when you are inexplicably, as the baby is, “sad” or feel “loss” or feel “grief” or feel “rage”.

    My understanding of boy one is he does not feel any feelings at all, he is numbly discontent and he just lives in a climate of explaining his feelings to avoid ever feeling them. But what he may explain most is the state of having no connection to his feelings. So he will be explaining numbness and alienation and disturbance and unrealness and all the many consequences of blocking the normal flow of emotionality.

    But I do not like the “idea” of “teaching” anyone “how to” have their own private feelings. All the talk about “emotional regulation” sounds to me like some external expert monitoring your babyish feeling of just sadness or just loss or just exuberance.

    The problem in the world is not one of what to do ABOUT feelings. Feelings fix feelings by being left alone to be felt. The problem in the world is one of allowing logic to mock feelings into numb blockage of feelings and that lidded numb sensation then being experienced as “numb deadness” or “explosiveness”. Neither of those are healthy or balanced.

    I must be away now. Things to do. I just flew in for a natter (chitchat).


    Ps. My closing song.

    And as I leave I want to say this…

    I have scattered my writing like pollen all over the world. I have secreted it away in the libraries and top pockets and notebooks of hundreds all over the globe. I am not talking about the writing in response to mental states. I mean my expanded prophetic philosophical writing. I invite the reader of integrity to click on my name and in that way summon up all my past comments and borrow inspiration from me by duplicating most of my eight hundred comments made here into a book for puzzled amusement. When the Hoover Dam goes some will realize I am a seer. My writing is not “lessons”. I abhore “lessons” and “teachings” of a “logical” or “righteous” mindset. My writing is just my whimsy. My song. As the sparrow sings in an obscure shrub.

    Like Diaphanous Laughing.

  • I question when people who are authors who have NO personal experience of living with schizophrenia or voices seem to want to write chapter after chapter of what that experience apparently is.

    I have no distress or depression or anxiety in my life. I am sunny and witty and happy. I am like someone with a noisy neighbour who plays at top volume a shrieking electric guitar all day and all night for two decades. THAT would get to ANYONE regardless of whether they are depressed or anxious or happy in their life.

    The Hearing Voices movement DOES NOT “champion” ANYTHING but exactly what each unique individual voice hearer WANTS to champion for THEMSELVES. Many schizophrenics are very conservative and prudishly keen on regarding their illness as being a brain condition. Seeing it that way does not instantly mean they sign up for any particular treatment.

    I knew someone who was of the views of this article. They thought relaxation and meditation would “fix” the metaphorical noisy neighbour torment. Just like in history priests thought that confession would “fix” epilepy.

    Trying to imply to a voice hearer that their distress is amplifying the voices or causing the voices and not the other way around is landing the blame for their noisy neighbour misery on them. To me that is NOT LISTENING to the voice hearer’s perspective.

    Anyway, have fun.

    (Ps….I know that The Hoover Dam will be exploded, click on my name…but I really must leave the comments section…as I keep meaning to….so long dear friends….so long).

  • Michael Scott, I apologize if my wit was taken to heart. I am a court jester. I think CBT suffers from its title. Cognitive then behavioural then therapy. Really I see it more as a Buddhist focus on the chattering monkey and a focus on how to reign in destructive thinking. As such it is like a mystical discipline that a monk might try to teach in an ashram or commune of enlightenment-seeking people. But the mechanistic title is kind of boring.

    Gestalt therapy as a title sounds delightfully chaotic.

    Jungian therapy sounds visionary.

    Humanistic therapy sounds sci-fi.

    Rogerian therapy sounds like a bounding dog called Roger leaping across a muddy puddle to befriend anyone.

    The overly logical title that CBT has seems to eschew feelings in favour of yet more dull excersizes in thoughts or mind control. Which is a pity. It is a shame because I know that pesky runaway catastrophic inner preoccupied thinking is at the centre of so many human discontents. Maybe invent a version of CBT that uses a brand new name. Caring Best Therapy. Centering Being Therapy.

    I must go now.

  • Back in the day youth were told NEVER EVER to take street drugs or alcohol or cigarettes. It is perhaps regarded as a tangent but when society “gives up” the battle to keep the brains of children free from those noxious substances it probably makes polypharmacy look more acceptable. Children in any altered state is child neglect. The majority of kids being on drugs, any drugs, in the nineteen forties was unheared of. We have lost the respect parents once had that curtailed some youth from indulging in exuberant drug excesses. Possibly modern era rock stars and celebrities added to the acceptability of the anti-hero romance of being a drug addict. Death won the Oscar awards. Life purpose became meaningless unless your brain was given imported “meaning making” in the form of mind altering substances.

    I think there ought to be a new name for polypharmacy. It sounds too Polyanna playful. Maybe toxic overload or toxic obesity or pollutionpharmacy. Anyway, since antibiotics are now in our drinking water along with forever chemicals all the wild animals are sponging up the rainy residue of polypharmacy. Rain precipitation sooks up ground water peed into by a thousand pill poppers. There may be particles of medication glitterfalling from our clouds. Landing like dandruff on our lapels.

    It is so sad what has become of the sacred time of childhood.

  • Prozac gave me huge dilated pupils, but so does Belladonna. A poison.

    I am curious as to why so many people have gone on to these drugs given all the reports of how awful they are. Are people that stupid or is something else going on. I would suggest that there has been a cultural change in the way people are no longer quite so afraid to admit that they are depressed. It could be similar to social contageon. Maybe looking bright and breezy is the new stigma. I remember my pill popping pals were always feeling their depression was validated “if” they came home with new special blister packs. At that time I thought their motive ran along the lines of….

    “I am only worthy of care IF I am seen to be suffering from the deepest depression, far worse than any depression that ever went before it”.

    I thought that was appalling. All beings are worthy of care even for being healthy. Dogs and cats get cuddled for being healthy.

  • Most hospitals that are not psychiatric ones DO rely on observation and self reporting of physical pain though. And since the experience of physical pain is made worse by abject misery of a psychological sort, such as an impoverished mom having painful contractions in labor, so even in an ordinary hospital it becomes important to factor in psychological states into the way physical pain is experienced and gets soothed. Psychiatry did not invent the use of self reporting. Holistic herbalists are often turned to in desperation because they LOVE our self reporting of our aches and pains and emotional turmoils.

    Perhaps what you mean us that psychiatry “does” peculiar and unnecessarily pompous chicanary or wizardry with “what” we self report. But the placebo upliftment never leaves the ground if a doctor does not convey that he or she has ALL the answers, and products. The hubris from this has inadvertantly allowed bullying to infiltrate the logical paradigm of psychiatry and profess that the self reporting patient is too emotional to “know” themselves “logically”.

    But THIS pompous know-it-all “certainty about everyone” is destined to be a hubris from a mission creep that steals into ANY PARADIGM in our bullying logical society. It could even steal into antipsychiatry if it loses its emotional “heart” to too much defensive posturing with trading insults across the parapet with the same rational bickering reason.

    Antipsychiatry does not need to answer logic with anything but the trobbing beating broken heart of LOVE.
















    BEEN SO.


    BE SO,















    DO NOT









  • I am going to snarl at my own comment like a kid jumps on their own cardboard box collage. I say a wise therapist does not “fix” the “lost”, since being lost is often our manifesting our captive inner child and as such this freeing lostness is our “finding” our “emotional” depths…but I do feel that therapy does “fix” the primate need for cossetting and consolation and comfort “whilst” we are getting used to being illogical and frighteningly but beautufully “emotional”. It is not that being logical is wrong. It is one half of human balance. But society uses regulations cooked up by its over emphasis on logic to dismiss and even reject more emotional responses that appear not to make logical “sense”. Anyways, I do think that therapy does “fix” a great deal, as any human relationship can be the life saving salvation for a lonely person and loneliness is the most virulent pandemics of our modern species.

    I suppose what I meant is that “theories” overly emphasised in that therapeutic bond can reintroduce critical over emphasis on mind monitoring, as is the trait of the overly analytical and overly logical society. So that kind of therapy can replace the warmth of the human huddling relationship that is so good at “fixing” existential loneliness, with a bored barren excercise in complex logical thinking. Though this can be soothing to the nervously “lost” who do not like the overwhelm of emotions from the inner child, and are at pains to push down a numbing depressive lid on such noise and sit in a silent session checking a watch and wondering at the financial cost.

    That’s okay too, logical sessions are just the ticket for some. Free choice is what matters. Not everyone wants to “emote” or have a boogie bear hug with a therapist. Some humans are solemn by nature. Solemn is not a problem to be “fixed”. Solemn may neither mean “lost” nor “lonely”.

  • My late husband was a heroin addict when I first met him. A rich boy addict. Super kind. But very much an addict.

    So, Mr Matte, please think again when saying that heroin is less of a problem than cigarettes. Heroin withdrawal makes a person want to rip the doors off a truck to get a fix. Having at one time in my youth been a cigarette smoker I can say I never incurred that sort of withdrawal urgency. How irresponsible of you to be giving that snippet of knowledge to young people. You might as well have said that antipsychotics cost nothing either. Let’s sprinkle some on our coco pops. Oh wait! I am on them. Yeah! I can say I am not impressed with them and shall endure withdrawal as soon as can reasonably be doing so. Lets glorify a pure body and brain, free of all extraneous substances.

  • More of the return of the refrigerator parents trope. The mom is usually the one depicted as frozen and unloving and traumatizing enough to cause psychosis and schizophrenia. So a generation of normal moms got heckled for causing their kids to be insane, rather than look at other reasons why the offspring were going mad with iatrogenic akathesia and other glaring side effects…no no…the jitteriness was trauma from a shit mother or absent father. Blame the parents. Here we go again.

    The problem is this…

    Child neglect and abuse are real and are on the increase and do need stopped.

    Being a happy child makes a happy adult.

    But here is a mix up.

    A good relationship with your own inner child is essential when you are an adult.

    What can get in the way of that good relationship with your own inner child is the way society sets up an over emphasis on “mind based” living and not on “heart felt” emotional living. Emotions come from the inner child. If that inner child is routinely mocked by the “logical” society, who only accept rationalist ways of being, then that inner child never gets out to play. Feelings never get out to play.

    It is not that there need be bad parents or a traumatic abuse but just that society idealizes “logic” as legitimate and “feelings” as ridiculous.

    But one way to allow “feelings” out to play…is drugs. Drugs blast the “logical” over-analytical mind away. It is a jail break out of the confines of the way “logic” monitors every move of the captive inner child. Using drugs to smash through that inner barbed wire frees the inner child. But it comes at a cost. Often there is a mopping up by blaming external people for causing the “feelings” to escape and do embarrassingly “childish” antics. The blaming comes from the restoration of the sober “logical” mind. Back behaving with rigid aherence to societal regulations. “Logical” society then looks for a rational reason why so many are drug addicted and from there it is easy to shelve any collective responsibility and instead beat up nice parents who have done nothing wrong.

  • Can we conceive of microimprovements? Like water can ultimately carve a beautiful polished bowl in rough stone… drip by drip by drip?

    And I would also say that many who duck under the awning of therapy’s marquee arrive “lost”. They do not know what success they want, they just want to escape the way their mind inflicts painful criticisms on them. But often when we are “lost” we are our better selves. The ego cannot go to town on “lost”. I have never had more friends than when I have been “lost”. A “lost” person cannot give smart Alec answers. A “lost” person cannot judge your failure. A “lost” person is sweet in the way children can be. All in all my “lost” times has me successful. A wise therapist will recognize that “improvement” and not try to “fix” it all to the point where you look successfully petrified by perfection.

  • I spent some of my life becoming an artist. I drew portraits. Still do occasionally, but mostly the portraits of animals. There is a well known phenomenon in art. Artists consistently draw their own features into the likeness of the person sitting for a sketch. All of Leonardo da Vinci’s portraits have an ethereal similarity to his own portrait, the aquiline nose, the dreamy eyes, pronounced cheek bones. Every artists does this subconsciously, as if searching in the mirror of the canvas for familiar features. Imagine if you woke up tomorrow with someone else’s face. Even if it was beautiful you would be shocked and want your own features back.

    When we are babies we favour the face of our mother or father. These saviour faces are subject to our infantile adoration. And so we grow up with a bias towards our mother or fathers features, as profound examples of what a lovely face means to us, and as we grow to examining our own dear face we have a bias to our inherited features also. All of this means that for much of adult life we pursue prospective partners who have one or two features that match either our mother’s face or father’s face, or our own face. To us these examples are normal and pleasing and friendly and known. But when we ecounter quite different faces we can be astonished at the sheer variety. Artists learn to counteract the tendency to superimpose their features onto a human sitter. Some artists even put a similar facial expression onto a pet’s portrait. A grumpy old hound will be drawn as if dewy eyed and ecstatic. And we have all heard of a date being snubbed not because the person was dull but because they had a double chin or a lack of cheekbones or not enough of a beaming smile. Humans are so fussy. But you cannot force love. To force love destroys love. Love must be free to be moving in and out of love at any moment, to alighn with free choice, that vital route to wellbeing and calm and caring and compassion. But what nobody should allow is a level of bullying lovelessness. Racism is bullying. It goes from observing and celebrating difference to punishing difference. Punishments come from anger. Anger comes from fear. The fear is about fear of loss. It seems like fear of loss of control but on a deeper level it is fear of mortality and all the vulnerability that goes with mortality. The lovelessly bullying fear mortal weakness in themselves and even the weakness towards emotionality they see in others. Others who like the way they look and feel celebratory of their exciting difference.

    I am not human. I have an association with off planet beings. Some people wonder why aliens have not made contact with the billions of Earth inhabitants. But aliens, much like the world’s lovely variety of six hundred species of animals, look different, and would be met with a startle from humankind, or human not so kind at all. It is important to cherish the difference. Not least because extra terrestial beings won’t want to say “good evening” until we do.

  • In the Northern Hemisphere of our planet an Ice Age is coming soon, after the flood. First the heat then suddenly the Ice Age. I predicted the pandemic a whole fourteen years before it arrived. I am rather sure we will be making abundant snowmen in the North despite the rest of the world going bone dry from global warming. Being as I am on antipsychotics at the moment I may keep cosy and reduce my extortionate utility bills. But I would prefer to be glacial and pill free. When the time feels right to withdraw from antipsychotics again I will do so.

  • I am waiting for my laundry to dry so am not focussed but I have always found any therapy rather magical.

    The flip side of all things “magical” seems fussily fetishistic. Like when those street clowns tie sausage balloons into never endingly contorted farm creatures or dragons. The never endingly finicky procedure takes forever and pops the illusion of the magic trick…voilla! Or conversely the magic stroke is a stroke of good fortune all over in a nanosecond yet you do not feel healed at all. The procedure was too fast to do anything but reduce the balloon to a shrivelled goodbye. No cure was found.

    So at times I have enjoyed a magical session with a therapist and at other times have stood back as their magical placebo offering high hopes delves into puzzles like methods and theories and games, all quite reminiscent of a pecadillo or a kink. I never minded when the magical veil lifted on the performance and I could see back stage the manouevers, the levers and dials and knots and fixtures that appeared like fixations of the therapist, fondly held beliefs that their new healing method would not only heal me but them also, by transforming them from average healer to magestic healer…what a buzz!

    I do not find that outrageous. Most healing is relational. It is not about the snake oil but the confident greeting handshake at the door. That is where the “placebo lift” rises aloft like a let go party balloon.

    I have always loved Gestalt therapy because self honesty is one of its foundational principles. Its therapists have to tell you when they are being a crook. I find Gestalt therapists are mostly the hippies or even at moments the gangsters of party balloon meddling. They do not hide their contradictions but have them as teasers glaringly out in the open. This can be useful in a role play form of healing, in my opinion that is one of the best and most ancient forms of healing. Tribal shamans don masks to “be” the spirit of the person who brings friction to your contented existence. To make you react healthily. It is done in the spirit of play or theatre, again in powerful healing transformative rites of passage. But Gestalt therapy is not for those of a polite or delicate constitution. It can be challenging.

    CBT may be just perfect as a healing for others. Choice matters. We are all different.

    I’m bored now. I am bored with my own comment. It has fizzled out.

  • I, WOLF.

    My nose might all himself diminish,

    high hoisted, horribly finished howls of woundedness.

    I am joined and keeping low,

    I growl in wolfish lurchings.

    I follow huntsmen who running go,
    quickening for speed.

    Their five horses gingerly harp horse fearing withers

    as they look for quivers of hoisted wind.

    Glowing through marble eyes, lightning flashes and holds glimpses,

    hurls slip jawed fistfuls into leaps.


    is how I give nightmares to little children going back to milky sleeps,

    those who know that fugitive siting’s,

    elongated in my nocturnal eyes,

    I might have to eat.


    (Julia have a poem from the channelled pen of a late poet Laureate called Crow. I wrote this his poem with his help. I am a scribe for the famous unseen. Why a poem here? Two reasons. One is that someone should do a book of grim fairy stories about the spell casting antics of old psychiatry, of which involuntary captivity is one beckonning tale. But the other reason is because I read this poem again today and spotted the number “five”. When I jotted it down many years ago I gave no thought to it. Surely four horses would be more traditional, as in four horses of the apocalypse. But since forgetting I had scrawlled this poem I later went on to receive prophecies of pandemics, a change in gender ideology, climate change predictions and all manner of epic landmarks and abrupt scene changes. One prophecy is of “five” meteors. They are going to blitz Earth in such an impactful way that for a long time people will become depressed about even going out for a loaf of bread, lest another meteor smacks the loaf into instant toast. The wreckage from those meteors will cause an enormous global flood, a tsunami. Some countries will not be much affected but other places will be, even though the “five” meteors are not big enough to cause total devastation. The far future is good but humans have messy times to go through yet. As a consequence of the meteors a doomy depressed state will make people become puppets on strings to any loudspeakered idea of utopia. A regime is coming to give people a sense of cushioning but it comes at a cost. Many will be persecuted if they do not fall in line with the regime’s dictates. At its worst some kinds of people will be involunarily held captive in their own home, never mind a hospital.

    I digress. My schizophrenia is diverting me. But I just want to add that there are ONLY those “five” meteors and no more than those. That is why I received the message. After the “five” humanity can breathe a sigh of relief. In the meantime favour inland hilly dwellings.

    When the Hoover Dam becomes broken by explosion, something I was mentioning nine years ago was going to be significant as a turning point, get ready for the biblical flood that shall occur years or so after it.

    A series of natural disasters changes the current human drama into a new epic, with quite different priorities. Simplified priorities.

    The incessant arguing and bickering over free choices bedevilling this era will swill and drain from the barrel like catastrophe took an axe to split the wood.

    What is left behind at the bottom of the barrel is what matters most. Our collective “caring”.

  • To be a placebo effect needs a person to almost hypnotically have faith that what they are drinking or nibbling or glugging or quaffing or sipping IS miraculously going to be effective very quickly. Most placebo “cures” require that fudging of the ordinary truth. The ordinary truth seldom inspires a desperate person with the high hopes needed to keep existing if suicidal, a high hope needed by the placebo healing to work. Perhaps this innate understanding of how placebo upliftment is borne aloft on wings of almost shamanistic fantasy is why for so many years ordinary doctors sold antidepressants as more effective than they later turned out to be.

    A new breed of pill is coming that is more in alighnment with psychaedelic medicine. Will it also be pushed with placebo faith fervour?

    Inspiring hope in the hopeless person is a form of nectar in itself that healing types of people can become addicted to. Not necessarily doctors fall into this performance of a magician trick with a pill, but all of us do! It is innately human to want to clump together like chimps and caress the frightened chimp into feeling much better again.

    I blame nobody for having the human trait of yearning to heal the distressed with a goovy bright idea. It is instinctual. The problem arises when the addictive nectar filled idea of healing becomes so important to a healer that there grows a silencing of the wounded of that idea.

  • My whole remit is about how excessive thinking, in over emphasizing “logical” ways of dealing with life, is imbalancing to the human animal. An animal who needs to live in a state of acceptance of the emotional flow, to discover balance and optimal wellbeing.

    Depression is not an emotion. Depression is a lid pushed over emotions to stop an overwhelming build up of feelings from exploding in a fountain of joyous cathartic release. This lidding occurs in communities that shun the mess of emotionality. Shun, belittle, patronize, mock, ridicule, censor, laugh at, conspire against, ignore, condescend, reject, scapegoat, ostracise. All of these powerful punishments get meted out to the glaringly emotional in society. Logic and reason are but as bolts locking the depressive lid into situ, stopping you from being you.

    I wrote at length on it in earlier comments to articles, around a year ago. You could click on my name to find those kinds of comments I did or bring forth old articles and then find my name.

    I like your searching quality. I like the integrity of searchers. A searcher without being a “mind made up” accuser is so very refreshing in life.

  • Is it racist to not want the psychology underpinning the female genital mutilation of wee girls?

    And Is it racist to not want the harsh psychology that interweaves with certain judgemental non-western religious fundamentalist legal systems?

    Interesting article though.

  • I’m sorry but having so recently been in suicidal cliff dropping desperation I know for me that had I not imbibed something I would have been a goner. There is a valid argument about what ought not to be imbibed but often at such a doomy crossroads time is of the essence and so convenient “fixes” are the miracle choice people do seem eager to opt for. Suicidal states are not just a low mood, they can have multiple unfixable reasons behind them, such as a cancer diagnosis. My late husband killed himself after that diagnosis. People who are suicidal do not get better all of a sudden with a popsicle and a cheek pinch. They crave a profound release from suffering RIGHT NOW.

    I only say this, and it is not to disagree with other things you say, but just to highlight that one can see HOW doctors and family got to the exhausted point of agreeing to the suicidal person’s high hope in the flimsy dream of curative potions. Take the potions away, such as they are, but they could have bought placebo “time”, which is not to be smirked at, when not even love will make a dying person revive.

    Time flies when you are dragged underneath time and you cannot even slow time enough to escape it.

  • What we are all learning of is the vital connection between personal free choice and wellbeing. We are learing this by every individual on the planet who bind to any “side” getting their own personal choice villified unendingly by opposition who want to impose control over free choice and lecture those choices to be different…and lecture menacingly. This menacing of each other turns each person into a mini nuke. On a planet bristling with springloaded nukes. So the other learning, aside from how precious each individual’s own free choice to see life the way they uniquely see it is, is the learning of how few choices are worth Armagedon for.

    That tension requires a keen understanding of the importance of flexible, yin yang, give and take, easy natured BALANCE. Yes, your wellbeing matters hugely. Yes, your choice to have strawberry ice cream is essential to who you feel you are. No choice like strawberry ice cream is worth incinerating the globe over.

    Humans are having to get to grips with how to have their hearts desires and choices fullfilled but “constructively” not “destructively”.

    Humans must cooperate with nature “constructively” not “destructively”.

  • What can possibly go wrong eh? A backlash may be coming. It may be against what it perceives as “whining demanding entitled people” who use their “mental illness” as “excuses” to drop out of social responsibility by pressuring people to regard themselves as long suffering victims. It will be an attempt to erase the term mental illness. But along with it will be an attempt to dismiss the extent and phenomena of “trauma”, as if “mental illness” and “trauma” and “victim mentality” are all part of the same thing, as though that cluster denotes self indulgent, self pitying attitudes worn like medals of weakness. After that no one may be “allowed” to say they feel particularly upset about anything, not even child abuse. Alternatively a different backlash may be about saying that people who say they are traumatized are liars who need sent to metaphorical or actual hospital to get their diagnosis of mental illness writ large. So a return of merciless authoritarianism. Neither of these respect the basic human right of the individual to freely choose to hold differences of opinion.

    So one backlash says “mental illness” and “trauma” and “victim declaring” are all abdecations of social responsibilty and resilience and are avoidance of putting others first. And the other backlash is the clamping down of “the social contageon” of “trauma” by calling outbreaks of that “social contageon” so bad for society that it is like a mental illness left untreated.

    I am “for” each dear individual having their OWN CHOICE.

    It is just that my own choice for “me” alone is not especially popular. But neither was Christianity at certain times in history.

  • Imagine a bath half full of water. Then take a marker pen and scibble around the sides of it names like heart and spleen and gametes and liver and bowel and bladder and womb and even consciousness if you wish. And lastly scribble at the top the word “brain”. The water or fluid that affects the heart and spleen and liver and so on and so forth is the same fluid that one way or another affects the brain. It is not as if the brain is in a separate partitioned off splendid isolation position within the body of water within the bath tub. The fluid of LIFE goes EVERYWHERE and affects all organs and systems. So I believe that when a person feels “heartbroken” it will increase their chance of a heart attack and it will also affect the brain that is in the same fluid one way or another.

    I think the prevailing view here that says nothing can go wrong with the brain is naive.

    I think the alarm over the idea that things can go wobbly within our entire bodies and bodily systems is because these bodily areas have been treated so atrociously by psychiatry.

    But I shall not let past history taint the way the brain belongs to the whole body and the whole body belongs to the brain.

    Many a young woman madly in love knows that having her “heart” so radient on this fluid of love causes her brain to become befevered with rapture such that she can barely utter a word of sense.

    People should not be for the decoupling of the brain from the beautiful body. THAT is what psychiatry of old kept doing and THAT is why there is a knee jerk animosity to mere mention of the brain, as if saying…
    “Hands off our brains”. As if the brain has gone into hiding and its whereabouts cannot even be spoken of in a comment lest it become the property of bad medicine again.

    I think it is a shame to let the way the brain has been mistreated stop it from sharing the company of the rest of the body, where it belongs. Sharing company of the rest of the body, holistically, for the orphaned brain, is a homecoming basic human right.

    I say all of this because at times it seems like people want to partition off the top section of the bath and declare that the water that envelopes the human brain is utterly divorced from the systems that reside in the rest of the whole body. Excitingly, for new paradigms of care, a more holistic vision is being born, but to leave out the brain for fear that mentioning it might generate lucrative bad treatment of it, leaves it aside like an amonite fossil. It is similar to the way pregnant mothers get jittery at anyone even mentioning foetuses. The delicate promise of life must be veiled in secrecy lest it be dragged out into the harsh light of a soulless laboritory and chipped away at like a hard fossil.

    These are the nuances I hear in all the arguments. But I must cease my nuance super sleuthing as it gets me no respect.

  • I do love your article though, it is very soul searching and flexible and exploratory. You open door after door and leave them open without coming up with neat resolutions to your pondering. You show an interest, not a conclusion, and that trait is very brave and valuable.

    I would say more but my schizophrenia is playing up, or my angels are, repeatedly interrupting me by excitedly whispering…

    “Mr Whitaker is Catholic”.

    So I am away to eat some berries.

    Care for a sweet berry anyone?

  • The boundary between complexity and simplicity is how we arrive at either the grotesque or the beautiful. An orchid would be grotesque if it had any more gaudy fuss adorning its simplicity of form. That boundary is important. Tilt too far over it and you end up with a created density.

    I am apt to ponder why it is that the human game of logic lures them to make textbooks to be more and more complex, chapter after chapter of logic arguing with other logic, until it is an impenetrable fortress none can enter without a university degree? It even needs summaries to provide hand holds and pathways for those in a hurry and needing a simple conclusion. Humans do this dance between the complex and the subtly simple all the time yet often fail to get the balance between them just so, a botanical balance that arrives at a beautiful literary orchid, a choice mysterious blend of simplicity and intricacy.

    In my life I am trying to dispense with logic as much as I can and only achieve simplicity, but what any writer fears most is not being understood. However, the human has many ways of understanding. There is mind based rational understanding, but there is a more ancient animalistic intuitive emotional understanding, and a common sense understanding, and a mystical psychic bewildered understanding. I prefer rotten writing to excellent writing. Its roots give better mulchy mushroomy compost for my own innate understanding.

  • It is too easy to say every clever person got brainwashed by a prozac advert. I see adverts for cars everywhere that promise bliss yet I do not want a car and have never learned to drive.

    When people are brainwashed it is not merely “towards” something attractive, covetable, desired. People are brainwashed “away” from something unattractive, undesireable. What is so unattractive about modern expressions of depression? Perhaps a more ancient form of the expression of depression was more vitalizing, wild, weepy and wonderful. Think poets like Keats and Shelley.

    Depression is hard for friends to endure day after day, month after month. To deny that reality is leaving aside an important zeitgheist bit of the jigsaw puzzle, as to why the acceptability of antidepressants spread so fast.

  • At the height of antidepressant popularity I knew no one who had not advised friends and family to get themselves treated by antidepressants. I know all of my friends routinely told friends to get a course of antidepressants quick as possible. I want to know if anyone on MIA also advised their friends to go and get dosed up. It became as if no random conversation did not have the pills chat nested within it. It got like offering a round of drinks or cigarettes. People were told that they were rude not to spare some leftovers of antidepressants to pals. Why was it so easy for billions of people to offer these drugs to friends and family with zero push from anyone in any profession? There is much touting of blame ascribed to one profession but doing so fails to understand why grown up people in every community routinely became drug pushers. These people were not idiots but clever people of strident independant thinking. Nobody is asking the question “why” ordinary folk in every society become millions of medical mules with no cash incentive. It is an important question. We need to look at our own complicity and accountability to understand our motives. People were despairing of bearing the burden of other peoples bad depression, as soon as depression became something more socially acceptable to express. During the nineteen nineties nobody wanted a moping melancholic best friend. Nobody is looking at how burdensome it became to have to be a pal well versed in psychotherapeutic nuggets of wisdom. It got that you could not have a relationship with anyone without having to mop up their messy baggage from the disaster of a previous relationship. Having to be therapist to a romantic date became tiresome and bewildering for many, and so the thought of passing around a pill bottle became like an act of caring, in an exhausting relationship full of wounds. In the nineteen nineties, with the nulification of marriages, soon “the relationship” was God. If you did not have one, an intense psychodynamic plate hurling relationship, then you were consigned to a social vacuum. You would feel depressed out there and come hurtling back into society determined to get “a relationship” and use it to mend your depression, but often the other partner would have had better ideas, like scribbling down the name of an even better version of prozac. The pusher was more often a partner or pal than a family doctor. We miss important knowledge when we do not broaden our inquiry.

  • I think antidepressant pills have been given not so much to treat low mood but to safeguard against skyrocketting stats on suicide. So often antidepressants have been asked for and given as a lucky talisman against death. This is how ordinary depression has become synonymous with death. There is much in life to cause despair enough to want to suicide. And suicide has become linked to rock star nihilism as if its a form of brave heroism to die young. But we have to factor in that iatrogenic effects while on pills long term may in some people make suicide all the more attractive. Hard to know what to do if one is a family doctor and a depressed person comes along with say trauma enough to want to end it that afternoon. Not easy to just say “no”. Which is why I have a huge compassion for doctors and psychiatrists caught in the tectonic expectations to provide an immediate miracle solution.

  • Anger is from fear….fear of loss.

    Fear of loss can be traced back to fear of being mortal.

    The fear is from overthinking all day “what if” thoughts about impending mortality.

    Only humans engage in overthinking.

    Animals barely bother thinking. Animals vastly prefer feeling. Feeling feelings leads to the disolving of feelings and then comes blissful calm. A calm creature who never fusses or fears mortality is more likely to feel calmly CARING. A caring creature is more likely to be compassionate.

    What the world needs is more feeling…not fearful anger then action.

    A calm caring compassionate creature will inevitably “act” to be healing in its environment but the action will be one of love not vengeance and rage. The love comes easy to a cat or dog because they live only in the now where worries are reduced right down to simple basics. They do not perplex themselves by living in their “what if what if what if” overthinking mind. So they do not fear mortality and loss and they do not get angry or active because of human-style thoughts. Altogether animals accept all of their emotions, the good ones and not so good ones but their acceptance of that full spectrum of feelings allows the result of flowing wellbeing. A creature full of wellbeing is better able to respond healthily to a disaster than a stressed human. Anger is a feeling of course but it can often be a sign of poor balance if it is not nested in other diverse feelings like joy and love and excitement.

    I am not sure of the term “eco-anger” or “eco-emotions”. There is a risk that some pontificating leader somewhere could start commanding creatures and humans to only have the “right” sort of emotions in response to climate change. This could set climate change up as a kind of God who must be appeased with a show of eco-anger.

    What happens if like the hippo or the giraffe or the water vole or prairie dog you are feeling a blend of joy and calm and lust and love and peace on that day?

    Will the God of climate change tell those creatures they cannot get to feel those feelings because they are the logically “wrong” feelings, according to the minds humans live in perpetually?

    Climate change only needs humans to stop thinking they are not animals.

  • READ IT AND WEEP…oh you psychiatrists who think your way is correct.

    READ IT AND WEEP…oh you critics of psychiatry who think your way is correct.

    The TWO WEEPINGS need to come together in discussion. Accusation furthers no discussion. Why talk at all? If it be nothing but bickering acrimony?

    Why not you psychiatrists contentedly believe what you believe? Why not you critics of psychiatry contentedly believe what you believe?

    And leave each voice alone to be beautifully different?

    The whole world is incinerating in acrimony. For the sake of justice…

    Leave the world alone.

  • I am glad of everyone’s cheer Grace but I reserve the human right to call my illness schizophrenia if I want to. And if anyone tells me not to then I feel they are victimizing me by superimposing their prefered descriptor or pronoun or diagnosis or anti diagnosis over me. This is what the exterminators of any regime will do, they begin with the prefered language you yourself are most comfortable using. Jew. Gypsy. Gay. Mad. All these years later and I am chastised at times in my social sphere for using MY words for ME. I will never give up regarding myself as schizophrenic.
    And I will not have anyone policing my private interior opinions of myself and of anyone I have to make a first impression of. I have a right to have any impression or opinion I like. If I ever openly and outwardly and irritatingly directly impose it on others that then becomes an issue of sorts. But people are like children in having to quickly assume who they meet are and whether they have anything in common or not. It is normal to be inquisitive. It is not normal to be an inquisitor.

    If what we believe does not directly impinge on another in a serious one to one way then there is no harm in having ANY opinion you like.

    The alternative is a world full of thought police. And then the backlash thought police against the thought police. Both are nae natural.

    No animal is the thought police of another animal.

    All animals are entirely free to think and feel and opinion hold in whatever way they choose to. All animals ACCEPT DIFFERENCE.


    I watched this with trepidation today. Why? Because a backlash against the woke ideology is building. Whilst I do not like much in the rough and tumble going on in woke arenas I do not like much now starting to come out of the opposition. To me BALANCE means valuing difference whilst not letting any one difference be dominant. I see IMBALANCE in some woke presentations and I see IMBALANCE in more conservative presentations. Both seem to have one half of the balance the other needs.

    I could not watch the entire video because it seemed JP was hissing and snarling at the viewers. His own activism seems rather devoid of humour and love. It is like watching a kindergarten row. How dare anyone “row” like that with free adult human beings. Much of what JP uses is overthinking and rationalist unemotional data. Why? Why not just not like whomever he does not like and leave it at that. But no. The “others” HAVE TO change. They have to analyse themselves rigid and change into moral upright citizens with no inner child aspect whatsoever. Grim. Some religions chastise the emotional inner child in the human. But that child is close to the animal way of being. An intuitive common sense way of being BALANCED that does not need to read a library to get there.

    I fear that JP does not realize that he is being lured into supplying “an answer” to human misery. That is the soonest way to cause yet more human misery as people get their “rows” and factions multiply and each “side” pontificates like master psychotherapists over each other. If JP was talking about surgery he would not be telling people how to be surgically aware. A surgeon takes a decade to learn that skill and keeps private how it is done. But psychotherapy, with its analytical cutting remarks is sold to any you tube viewer who will not spend a decade learning how to be skillful at “rowing”. What JP is unwittingly doing is putting incisive tools of logic in the shaky dumb hands of passing idiots who have a hatred of their infantile next door neighbour. This is not going well. But I knew so. I see the future. It looks nightmarish but that bit won’t last long. A good future is on the far horizon. Just gotta bide our time and be patient and not devour the breaking news. Just chill out and imagine it is all a mirage.

    The Hoover Dam will topple and when it does you will know that what I say has some sparkles of intuitive animal wisdom.

    Take care everyone, take care.

    (I do like JP rather alot. Just I think he is, like millions are, getting swept up into ye old activist….


    If you are fixing someone you are changing them and not accepting them. Fixing is not love.

    So long as a person is not behaving with abuse or bullying or cruelty then there is no need to keep changing people. Most people just want to be more like themselves not less.

    Toodloo. Going now. Shalnt be back. Things to do. Embroidery.

  • Micah what a lovely article. A peach. I thought I was a lone voice in the wilderness until I glimpsed it en route to my door of forgetting. It is a magical door that wipes my memory of why I was going to look for something. Your article though brought up one tangent I always groan at. The word “activist” is the worst word ever to happen to the globe, according to my opinion. Activists think they must constantly strive to save, save, save something but this narrows their focus on lynching whomever is deemed to be the wrecker who is not saving something. After a decade of hard slog climbing up to a podium to maximize the speech about what they, the activist, wants to save, they become so determined to establish their utopian salvific fix, and go down in the annals of mighty global history, that they do not care one whit about knocking anyone who gets in their way. The activist professes to be caring and full of idealist intentions but really these often turn out to be the sweetners in skullduggery. They would rather perish on their path of activism than give up or loose or quit or fail. These things are so very painful, especially the underlying sense of a life that fails to achieve Nobel glory. Failing makes an activist that ghastly thing nobody with an ego wants to be…obscure. Insignificance is a massive problem for humans just now. That is why a billion pumped up activists are constantly fighting. The fighting looks on the surface to be all about a good cause but the deficit of love, or the lack of going about saving in a loving way is the telltale sign that the activist is moved to anger at the prospect of being obscure and insignificant. A failure.

    But the true activism is all about allowing personal obscurity, insignificance and failure, in order to stop fuelling the bonfires of hatred sparking up all over the world.

    To “not” be saving or dying for a cause IS how humanity will eventually save the world from human rage.

    I was an activist for many years. I now smirk at that word. It encapsulates a bullying know-all attitude of having better opinions than anyone else.

    I am not saying do not cherish and celebrate having wonderfully healing bright opinions. I am saying do not make a war out of opinions because the dying planet does not need more human wars. No opinon, whether activist or not, is worth igniting a nuclear catastrophe over.

    Activism is the next generation of antidepressant but it is not needed any more than antidepressants were. Activism is full of craving for success and triumph and utopia. But this means it is not an “acceptor” of people of “difference”. Love is.

    If your activism is not full of love but rather is full of arguing and sabre rattling and intimidation and threats and righteous destructiveness it is a sign of IMBALANCE. What the world does not need is more imbalanced humans getting on their high horse. Animals do not do activism. They chill out and graze a prairie and humans flock to be photographing animals, such ambassadors of gentleness and peace.

    I’m away for a coffee.

  • From inside a psychiatric hospital let me say that I do not think any community will cook me three nutritious meals per day, nor launder my sheets and towels, nor offer art therapy and music therapy, nor give me a clean single room with en suite and a door I can lock. Show me what community will give me these things I NEED. These things come with a large group of nurses who are caring, who is going to employ these in the alternative? The one thing I notice on MIA is not many articles are on the psychiatric nurses. It seems ok to denigrate the Father Figure of a psychiatrist. Perhaps Freud would figure out the symbolism there. In my hospital stay I hardly met my psychiatrist, pleasant fellow that he is. No, my care was abundantly serviced by the nurses. They did all the labor. In any utopia of having care founded in the community where do we get all the nurses from? A few patients on my ward are chair hurlers, biting scratching shouting paranoid wrestlers. They do not respond to cupboard love or caring or attentive tenderness. They are no picnic to nurse or other patients. In the romantic idyll of the community who is going to look after the least loveable? Is it you? Is it me? Everyone in the community is already burdened, traumatized, broke, living in basic housing with only one bedroom or bathroom, stressed to smithereens.

    Not every schizophrenic likes “the community”. It barely exists anymore, but even when it does it never caters to the odd or eccentric but the “average” biddable puppet on a string, a “yes” populace who like falling into rank, in group hug “consensus opinion”.

    There are sixty known brain neurochemicals. Sixty. They do a dance of balance and imbalance adjusting every minute of the day, just like hormones are always veering from imbalance to balance then imbalance again and again. So I am just not going to join the merry party that says there can be no such thing as body brain imbalances. I rather think that there can be. When a person stops eating then the body and brain goes into all kinds of imbalance. Just recognizing this truth DOES NOT means that I am in favour of treating the imbalances. Mostly the imbalance is like a pedulum swing that will keel over and right itself quite naturally, like how a fainting episode rights low blood pressure by causing the heart to be level with the brain. You are not going to convince me ever that the brain cannot have chemical imbalances. Even homeopathists will be for including the brain in their what can go wrong with imbalance theories. And iatrogenic cock ups do muck up the balance of chemicals in the brain, sometimes lastingly. Any belief will tend to want to keep its message simple. I understand why nuance and variables and heretics and outliers are seldom included in the ecstacy of belonging that is found in solidifying romantic “consensus opinion”. But to not leave room for oddities of opinion tightens the tendecy of “us and them” bonding extremly. And it is this excluding that can seem fierce. Enemies are made of grandmas and individuals who feel they do have noteable disabilities and cannot easily join the “consensus opinion” that says everything will be sorted for them in the non existent “community”.

    But I am not going to piss on anyone’s dream. A dream is really important for ushering in welcome changes.

    There is a tustle to be had over whether psychosis is the same as schizophrenia. Perhaps some in the pro-psychosis camp would call schizophrenia “long psychosis”, but my idea is that we ought to be CELEBRATING each other’s DIFFERENT BELIEFS. Celebrating does not mean “championing” or “logically conceding to” or believing is “better than”. Celebrating another belief being here is not about “joining” that belief.

    So psychiatry could do more “celebrating” of antipsychiatry, just like Judaism can celebrate Mormonism, without becoming Mormon. And antipsychiatry could do more celebrating of the belief that is psychiatry, things like the usefulness of the symbol of nurses. Not everything “good” is dreamt up by antipsychiatry, sometimes there are good ideas found in psychiatry that could be celebrated.

    What celebration is, if we use the Judaism/Mormonism diversity, is ninety percent “healthy acceptance or tolerance of a the different who are merely offering to an individual other sorts of free choices. It is great in life to have the choice to partake of one belief or another belief. Some will be relieved to have their malaise called psychosis by the new belief in antipsychiatry but other’s will prefer what they have been familiar with for decades, in calling their illness schizophrenia.

    What happens when one belief attacks another belief is not only that the one belief tries to do “forced conversion therapy” on the other belief adherents, but eventually BOTH beliefs become arch enemies trying to give “forced conversion therapy” to one another. This would be like Judasim constantly poking fun at Mormonism, and not letting Mormons be Mormons merely celebrating being who they feel they now are. This is bad behaviour. Not enticing education or gentle persuasion. What often then occurs in the row is that the offended groups both insist that each other MUST show signs of being a True Believer. Gone is the lightness of touch found in merely CELEBRATING DIFFERENCE. Suddenly to celebrate the other’s difference is you celebrating their BAD BEHAVIOUR towards your kind. So you lambast them rather than celebrating their right to “hold their own opinion”.

    I use the word “you” generically.

    Not all communities will take in very wild schizophrenia sufferers who want to smash windows because they think space aliens are peeping at them. Invariably these suffering ones are left to poor moms and dads to mop up the mess and chaos of. Tired old moms and dads, who are increasingly demonized by some as being accomplices to the belief in psychiatry (or metaphorical Judaism not Mormonism or however it is put). Those moms and dads may derive comfort from the way sixty brain neurochemicals or iatrogenic damage is NOT their FAULT. Not every mother or father is a child abuser. To think that they all are is a “consensus opinion” of alarming “us and them” destructive potential. In the future the one person standing between a child rapist and the child may well be the honourable caring mother or father.

    I need a coffee….bye.

  • I love being interviewed. It is so preposterous and yet intimate, my favourite combination, like when primates pick out fleas from each others pelts. But in humans it inevitably leads to heirarchical nonsense, when one persons asks…

    “When was the last time you picked your nose?”

    If you answer an hour ago that may mean you are reprehensible.

    All diagnoses are made by interview, even diagnosing someone as a cabbage.

    They are all whimsical and not much to do with science.

    I cannot see any difference between the diagnosis of psychosis and schizophrenia really. Both require an interview and so both require vague sentiments and self-disclosures from the “individual” who feels those hallucinatory symptoms, it is just that schizophrenia is such an extended chronic state of psychotic episodes that it feels to me after twenty years like a disease.

    Nobody likes the disease word, perhaps finding it negative, repellant, stigmatizing. But I find most diseases quite fascinating. Many do. In a homeless hostel I lived in once all the residents were most miffed by a fire alarm that went off during a television show titled something like extraordinary bodies. At is root the word disease just means “dis-ease”.

    They keep talking about the Hoover Dam but only show Lake Mead turning into a puddle. Today I wondered would the concrete shift without that pressure, then maybe the dam walls would crumble?

    I feel sure in my prophecies that it will be carpet bombed.

  • With all due respect Sir,

    “Nobody knows what Serious Mental Illness Means” is an inaccurate title in my opinion because I definitely have a serious mental illness and mine is called schizophrenia. Sadly it is not a label. I cannot snip it off like a designer label. It is in my genes, not my jeans.

    But just because I have a serious mental illness does not mean everyone else has it. Just because I like classical music does not mean anyone else has to.

  • And anyway what is the darned difference? If you say schizophrenia is a “label” and is not real when it has everything and more that psychosis has then how can you say psychosis which is almost identical is not a “label” and is real? I mean what you want to ascribe realness to is within schizophrenia and I would say the term “psycho” got movies made of it based on that “label”, so if the idea is to dim stigma from occuring why not go the whole way and say that there is no such thing as psychosis and there is only trauma and “it” causes remarkable symptoms?

    What bothers me is that a new myth will build up around schizophrenic people that says they are living in denial of trauma. This level of preaching against supposed denial is no different from old psychiatry’s coercion that put it that patients were in denial of their madness. The lecture on denial is the shadow side of conversion therapy.

    But don’t rush to reply, I should not have blurted out my appraisal. I am away to be an enchantress soothsayer.

  • Roll up! roll up! Grab someone’s miserable schizophrenia diagnosis, debunk its genetic heritability, call it a label, redesign that serious diagnosis by calling it just psychosis, then say everyone can have psychosis, especially anyone with a difficult life experience, and then tell everyone to get angry at those who are reputed to cause the psychosis, which means telling everyone to get furious at, here is a list…
    …a billion moms and dads, …university professors,
    …this government,
    …that government,
    …eccentric intellectuals,
    …free thinking radicals,
    …book readers,
    indeed get mad as hell at anyone who causes upset enough to spark the newly perceived definition of psychosis.

    It is no longer that your mom told you off for some row it is now that she caused your “psychosis”. Is this going back to the myth of refrigerator parents…that humans have the superpower to “cause” psychosis in each other…and so we all better tread on egg shells least we say the wrong words…the trauma causing…now psychosis causing words? We better buy ear plugs incase wrong words from wrong logic causes us to lose our mind…oh wait…if we lose our mind that might be freeing…that way we can be forgiven for being just a bit on edge and snarly…

    Really, I could go on but I am not supposed to have looked at the latest, since I am retired from MIA, flown the nest in my natty vintage aeroplane. But really, one can take any research paper and muddy the data, so I am not going to believe this article for one minute. I am schizophrenic and it is genetic and my grandmother had schizophrenia. It is an illness so severe that very rapidly your only way of surviving a week of constant hallucinations that are deeply traumatizing in themselves is to minimize the fact you feel traumatized by such trauma as is coming from the illness. This will have some effect on how the researchers measure whether someone feels traumatized or not. A schizophrenic may be profoundly traumatized BY THE HALLUCINATIONS and sit with a smile on their face. They have no choice. Not if they want to get through month ten or year two or three or four of unending relentless moment by moment torment. To miss that part out in these assessments is a problem.

    I like the SCHEMA study into schizophrenia, for bringing in a bit of BALANCE.

    Climate change is much worse than people realize and by the time they do humans may think the worst BUT the far future will be good. It is worth staying for that. Trust me.

  • I took another look at your lovely article and I greatly appreciate all that you do, Peter. Articles are like delicacies served up in a restaurant. We diners and guzzlers and wolfers demolish the lot with satisfaction and then quibble the need for a sprig of rosemary. I leave a trail of dithering breadcrumbs to airy pinacles whilst I diminish who I am when I do that picky nervous undermining tic.

  • When I say “they” I do not mean psychiatry. My message keeps getting jumbled in the mix. Click on my name here to get what I say.

    In my sojourn in a psychiatric hospital at one stage three women arrived as patients. The peaceful healing ward suddenly became like a scene reminicent of Berlin before the war, with physical aggression and hostile roaring from those separate women. They demanded everything all day long, no hour had peace in it, they ranted and exploded and caused scene after scene. This was NOT because they were forced to do anything or even forced to be in the hospital. They were free to go home. But they just wanted to bellow at the poor exhausted nurses. At one point it got to so extreme that the staff had no choice but to baracade themselves away. The rest of the patients; also there by free choice, were left to fend for themselves. Some of those patients were confused or suicidally depressed. The sense of trauma at not having safety anywhere almost drove some over the edge. Violence rides on the stallion of revolution and more often than not makes the beast charge at all the quiet people. When being quiet becomes a crime we enter a world of war crimes.

    “Only love will set you free”.

  • Before I depart from doing comments on MIA, and I really must leave, I found a copy of a comment I made once or wished to but held back from doing so. Here it is….

    Dear Activist, what makes you think your way of saving the world is the “only” way? Such that there are no other ways? Or a beautiful combination of ways?

    And what makes you think your concept of “the world” bears any relation to another person’s experience of “their world”?

    And what makes you think the world needs “saving” anyway? What do you mean by “saving”? Does the sparrow save the sun? Does the minnow save the river?

    It can feel thrilling to be trying to “save”. And as an added understandable perk of that job, it grants a sense of importance to the saviour who perhaps ordinarily feels like a nobody. Activism can be a saviour antidepressant to those who buy the notion they are nobody if they are not needed. The modern decline in communities and tribes leaves a vast multitude feeling they are not needed. And combining this sense of rejection with bullying coming at them through the world, there seems an urgent need for an uprising against such intolerable hurts. But one person’s saviour is another person’s bully. As more and more saviour activists tumble centre stage, more and more people feel bullied by them, enough to become saviour activists who go on to bully. Until the world is drowning in persecution.

    Everyone has a completely different notion of “the world”. Their own way of fixing it will be guided by their “free choices”, just as your way of mending “the world” will be based on your “free choices”. Provided that you are not a bully, nor cruel, nor determined to impose “your way” or “your activism” or “your knowledge” on unwilling receivers, there is no direct harm caused by you enjoying your “free choices”. And when you liberate yourself to love all your “free choices”, free from condemnation, nitpicking, criticism, you become happy. The happy feel no need to save “the world”, because they have made themselves “the world”, a world of love. And when everyone feels that degree of inner wellbeing the world truly does become a heaven on Earth.

    But bleeding ears don’t hear. As Vincent Van Gogh discovered. Those in pain cannot hear love. There is no getting through any message of healing until the ears of eight billion have been sponged clean of other peoples horrible choices made “for them”, inflicted upon them through surreptitious coaxing, schooling, mantra-reciting bullying.

    On the internet are millions of mosaics of videos of peoples fleshy, haggard, exhausted faces, hurriedly rattling off reels of rhetoric for activism. Most of the voices are tirades. Most of the faces hate you. And those that cherish you only do so because you can add your hate to their hate and build a thousand “likes” of hatred. And all the emerging generations can see how hateful the world is getting, since a million activists say it is so, pointing to different activists who say other activists are to blame.

    Dear Activist, the real world, of lush grass and family singsongs and sparrows and minnows and rivers and the steady glowing moon disc is not hateful. It is teeming with abundant love. And one way to actually save it, if that is your “free choice”, is to realize it does not need saving by your hatred. Activism won’t save it, pacifism will. On a globe bristling with nuclear warheads it is not activism the world needs but, after a millennia, for humans to finally, finally, finally “be” as the animals “be”….and

    “Do nothing global”.

    No butterfly flaps its wings over the whole globe. But by doing so locally instead, it affects everything…eventually.


    I forseen this from afar. Many, many years ago. All the doors that should stay closed to humanity are opening, the over emphasis on twisted logic is providing the keys, picking old emotional trusty locks.

    They will get their foot through the gap in agreeing that grief is natural, sadness is natural, joy is natural, but they won’t stop at that. They will say impatience is only natural, entitlement is only natural, rage is only natural, justice is only natural, vengance is only natural, crime is only natural, incest is only natural.

    A door is for protection. Too much liberty takes all doors off their ancient hinges.

    Beware. Bolt the doors against depravity. Humans are not well. So when you add liberty to unwellness a mass sickness begins to spread everywhere. Then the too devout, the too strict, clench a pious fist against any healthy extent of liberty that is normal and grown up. This backlash is also a manifestation of human unwellness.


    T’was a general happy philosophical exploration and not a snip at book writers. I have a love of all books. So I was not being glib. I merely observe this…

    We are all attractive yet nobody loves us and so we all do books books books.

    Life is short. Barely enough time to chew strawberries, learn a favourite song and cuddle a book writer. You are born. You die. There are more books now in human history than there has ever been and so I am curious on an anthropological level as to what we would be doing with each other if we never did books.

    The DSM is only one such book among trillions.

    Time spent researching loses our hours. Each book is a missed face we could kiss.

    Humans are animals….but with a heck of a lot of books. Nobody thinks that this is strange behaviour of the human animal. Probably because all the books describe human behaviour.

    Describing is seldom really living…in the lashing wind and rain. We are estranged from the nature that would whip us open and undone and dishevelled in her riot of elements. We write books in our lonely turrets when we yearn to become them.

  • I sent my animal ideas to Hait way back over a decade ago. I fertilize, as does the wind and rain. Nobody thanks the wind and rain. Everyone thinks they grew the crop out of logical arguements themselves. They then make more and more barren certainty out of the gifts of wind and rain. I am Scottish. We listen to the beloved wind and the sacred rain.

    Alas, something is wrong with the MAGNETOSPHERE. The Earth’s cosy quilt of magnetizm is compromized in some way. I keep hearing this word. So along with my prophecy of the HOOVER DAM going to be carpet bombed I feel we will hear more about changes in the magnetosphere. It is not a bad change as such and the future will have good in it. We must be patient while we as individual people in humanity deal individually with humanity’s lure to entice everyone en masse into collective destructive nonsense. By this I mean each of us is learning how powerful we each are at breathing in love and exhaling out peace.

  • Could it be because they are books?

    By definition textbooks have to be orderly, neat, linear, structured, logical, clarifying. When an emotional person reads such a book they are confronted with lengthy assaults to their emotional senses. The dry text, the respectable font, the use of undecipherable hyperbole, the pursuit of rock solid human certainty, or it won’t make a well completed finished book, all of these pose a restriction to the emotional searcher. I see it in social media comments when someone has lost six months of their life to digesting such worthy tomes, they pen a scholarly comment. I look at it and scowel at how I will ever absorb such intellectual industry. I stare like a deer in darkness suddenly lit up in front of headlights, what am I supposed to make of such competetive weaving? The pursuit of certainty has to be competetive or it will lose its position and fall icarus quick and melty into unthinkable doubt.
    Emotions are not so certain most of the time.

    Some unfortunate persons may need to use a device in their throat to help them speak. I see books can run the risk of being a communication device in the absence of the ability to speak emotionally. People hold up their books as if sheilds against the unruly emotions of others bombarding them. Books may be used to push emotion away at the flick turn of a fresh page. Maybe in communities that are not so bookish they rely more on nature’s actual pages, leaves and branches to guide their knowing.

    I could say more, Peter, but I am sleepy from being woken up by a street fight last night so I am not at my erudite best, so this poor excuse for a response will have to do.


    I ask Steve to remove my previous comment that I put above and timed at 11.49pm. This is because I wrote it in a fit of pique and had poor grasp of what I wanted to say as a bigger picture. I sometimes wrestle with understanding the ethos of MIA and my own free choice. Or rather I get bogged down in finicky logic and word selections that at the end of the day are not what matters most. What matters is that people choose their own healing that feels good and balanced for them. I coĂąld give ripostes to the slating of the chemical imbalance in-joke but it I see now that it is a bit like sitting in a Catholic church and smirking at a parishoner’s vague pious hostility to divorce or kneeling in a Buddhist temple and joshing about a monk’s idealizing of Zen. I enjoy being reverent about the need to be irreverent because when beliefs take themselves too seriously they can become as moody and splintery as the paradigms they try to replace. But I think there is a need to be serious about definite dangers and there are these in the over prescribing of unecessary cure-alls. That said, many people love their pills. So that too can be like a belief, like Catholisicm or Buddhism, and so who am I to say “no”. I feel we ought to step back from telling anyone what they should or should not believe. But if a nine year old is quaffing quarts of neat vodka that is a belief we might collectively have an opinon against. Antidepressants and antipsychotics are powerful and in my opinion should only be used short term when all else has utterly failed. I could say more but…

    I’m away to spend time listening to soothing, gentle Lee Harris…

    (link provided.)


    Medicine is so logical that it divorces the emotional person who inhabits the physical body as if these two phenomena are like two different people, one welcome, the physical one, and the other unwelcome, the emotional ineffable illogical one. Until things done to the physical one are like attempts to make orderly and neat and logical the messy emotional one.

    BOTH are needed for BALANCE.

    Medicine as a field is understanding its past errors but it is struggling to attend to the emotional inhabitant of the human body without reducing some of its glorification of logic.

    It is not that logic is “wrong” as a free choice. All of any individual’s free choices are beautiful if harmless. Most choices are harmless. So I never have said that logic is bad. The over emphasis on only logic can leave no room for spirit or emotion. All of these are good when combined in Balance.

  • Maybe a mass action is possible if you become a new religion. Some faiths can insist that followers do not eat certain things. Some faiths insist on purity and the abstaining from drugs. Some faiths do not even permit the sharing of blood transfusions. Evangelical revivals fill soccer stadiums and make tent cities in a week. I said it before, MIA could easily become a faith if it stopped thinking that “logic” had to always be its God. There is a level of impudence that religions get away with that cuts corners in “logical” debates but people who fight “logic” with “logic” wait to “win” the right to freedom via “logic” when that right does not need “logic” at all, nor muscle, nor facts, but just love, self love enough to end being lured into “logic’s” never ending looping back in on itself.

    It is a stroke of genius when a toddler in a “logical” debate about rain suddenly says…

    “Well I dont care what reason says the rain is doing…I KNOW it is wraiynin”.

    “Well I dont care what medicine says these drugs are for I know the drugs are too toxic”.

    In other words “logic” can become a merry-go-round of unwinable argumentativemess that wastes valuable TIME and the best way to stop it is to choose to be “ILLOGICAL” in jumping free of the bickering and calling yourself a faith. A faith that believes drugs are sinful.

    You are obviously at liberty to be championing “logic” though I never meant to cast aspertions on the lovely use of logic nor enjoyable facts. Rather I mean that when overthinking and logic becomes adrift of emotion that is when logic can sometimes become clinical and petty and devoid of anchorage in heartfelt compassion. Or put another way what is needed is COMMON SENSE. What is that? It is when logic dovetails with practicality and emotions. My belief is that logic runs away with yet more logic until nobody has clue what they emotionally want anymore…it just becomes point scoring…even nuclear point scoring.

  • Update…

    A few weeks later and whilst I still stand by my impression earlier of imbalance amist staff, at the ward I am in, I do have this to say even louder….

    A number of patients treat the nurses like dog dirt. They shout at them. They curse at them. They yell at nurses to fetch this fetch that. They barge into one to one conversations. They hurl dishes across the communal spaces. They kick the nurses. They do this sort of thing ALL DAY long. These are patients who came here of their own choice. Nobody is forcing them to take medication. Such patients are free to leave. They enjoy treating the nurses like scum. The nurses are NEVER raising their voices. The nurses are not given a minute’s peace. The nurses are demanded of to “fix everything” every minute of the day. The nurses ARE short staffed. Several times I have seen some on the verge of tears. The nurses are blamed for everything. The nurses are treated like vermin. I do not think it is good for the environment anywhere for human dignity and compassion to be denied anyone and everyone. It disgusts me when people give themselves permission to bully people.


  • Off the fifth floor of a car park building a friend leaped because of her hallucinations. She had no medication to tuck her up in bed but I am disgusted with the way your daughter was treated. Much of what passes for listening is really a human dread of hearing raw feelings. People regard feeling too much as a problem to be medicated away. As if indulging in feelings makes hallucinations worse. But feelings have little to do with the cause of hallucinations. Feelings have little to do with the cause of epilepsy or multiple sclerosis. And yet these conditions which are so irritating to live with “result” in anguished feelings because of those intrusions. And so those feelings get overmedicated when those feelings should not be muffled in medication. The medications are like chemo. They should never be tossed out like coins from a fruit machine.

    I am sending sympathy through the ethers for your incalculable loss.

  • I also would be wondering if the research into a link between autism and maternal psychiatric medication might miss the link if there was no concept of withdrawals lasting months to a year or two.

    If the research was done by asking dim questions like…

    “Have you taken any antidepressants in the last two weeks before giving birth to your baby?”

    that would look like the mother and the baby were not affected by antidepressants and so no link to autism or ADHD would be arrived at.

    But I know not much about all this so I must leave this as is. But I thank you Mark for making it welcome for me to voice my ponderings.

    When there are only “sides” there is blame. I am bored with blame. It gets in the way of moving forward with much needed practical solutions. There were nightingale hospitals got up in a week when the pandemic began. A mass drive to attend to the pandemic was speedily created. Humans can galvanize a war in a week. So why can’t a mass detox from antidepressants be started?

  • Lovely balanced article. If I had the conch I would say that nobody under the age of twenty five should be given ANY psychiatric drug. And even after that age better counselling of the risks of dependency and the yoyo of withrawals should be stated. And as Mark says only staying on the drugs short term should be considered. Each drug is like a bottle of whiskey. At some stage it becomes a bigger problem than the one it tries to mend.

    What I have always been concerned about is the effects on young mothers. In the years prior to questioning withdrawal impacts those young mothers may have thought it was their kids driving them up the wall when really it may have been adrenalin panic from withdrawals. Mothering has to be one of the most important jobs. Having the equivallent of dilirum tremens at the breakfast table is a form of neglect to the baby left to make sense of a howling mother. And what of the foetus having SSRI’s daily tipped into shared blood supply of the placenta? I imagine that the newborn will go through sudden untapered withdrawals after birth. But maybe the drugs can cross over into breast milk, but maybe at sporadic doses. I have always felt that the paediatricians should be looking into this more. We already take specific care of neonatal babies of heroin addict mothers and alcoholic mothers. There may need to be a better monitoring of SSRI babies whose brains are forming by the very hour. There once was a question mark over the cause of autism in children. Is it possible that the numbing of feelings from SSRI’s becomes a brain damage issue with some children of mothers who were given such medication?

    On a broader theme the world as it is, is no friend to new mothers. It is no wonder they turn to psychiatric medicatons when the people support is non existent.

    Often a screamy baby will be regarded as colicky rather than screaming from withdrawals. If a grown up Mark Horowitz cannot stomach sudden withdrawal anxiety/adrenalin surges then what do we expect a poor little baby to do?

    A baby is supposed to be patterning a feeling of calm upon seeing its mother up close, but if all the baby feels is adrenalin then they will feel threat, anxiety, fight or flight, danger, for months, since withdrawal takes months. It takes months for the adult brain to return to its default setting of natural normal but a neonatal brain doew not know what a natural normal brain is since they havent grown the brain yet, so is it even possible that they ever can return to normal?

    Never let it be said that I am on the “side” of psychiatry, or the “side” of antipsychiatry. I see positive and negative in both. I do know that some babies might not make it at all were it not for some mothers getting respite in a short course of calming medicine. But this ought to be time honoured gentle herbal or alternative care.

    I am not going to lambast doctors for doing what they are given mistaken faith in. We do not heckle pub owners that serve bottles of whiskey to the pregnant, or shout slurs at corner store purveyors of cigarrettes. What needs to occur is mass education about all of these risks. Studies need done on the SSRI withdrawal experiences of neonatals. A panic stricken newborn is not going to give mom any sleep. A panic stricken newborn is not going to bond in quite the same way. The newborn’s experience of emerging into the world may be the experience of wanting to die. If the mother was on SSRIs plus cigarettes, plus alcohol, that is a lot of detox landing in the baby’s bonnet.

  • This is my hand held scoop of water from a river.

    I tend to agree with your sentiment about absolute power. I think nothing should have absolute power but the individual when they wish to make their own harmless free choices. That may be a choice to utilize traditional medical care or alternative care. The choice must be their own.

    But whilst here, with respect, I must say I get worried at the word “enlightened”.
    It is like the word “unite”. It is a word that is often misused in being used to define the opposite, possibly an illogical unenlightened idiot who did not get the memo. It is a word all too easily coopted by “consensus opinion” groups to judge those deemed unenlightened, those who are usually just individuals with their own right to hold their own unique or different opinion. I know the article writer is using the word in its airy genuine intention and that is all to the good but in other writers it can be a word that is borrowed to mock those of difference. In a previous epoch the word preferred might have been “saved” or “intelligent” or “scientific” or “modern” or “sinless”. These sorts of ennobling words tend to point an accusatorial finger at who is “not” that way inclined. Noble words tend to spur on colonialist appetites for infiltrating and converting, in their questing.

    I say this…


    then none are “enlightened”.

    All the animals are EQUAL.

    No animal is enlightened.

    No animal causes wars.

    All animals squabble but animals forgive each other soon enough because they prefer to conserve energy for surviving the demands of the ever changing elements.

    Humans are animals who have been taught and lectured to, to think they are not animals. This is why they treat each other with cold intellectual barbaric slaughter.

    Far better to become a docile illogical gentle cave woman or cave man. Creatures of feeling.

    It may be tempting to fight icy logic in psychiatry with icy logic…but this can shore up the revering of the very pontificating you might want to abolish.

    So, tis better to leave the icy logic where it is and just focus on building something alternative that is so much better that people will flock to it in droves.


    The passing away of old traditions often involves the removal of what later generations hope to find.This elder man in the song is the keeper of an era where you could leave your door open all day without fear of being robbed by your neighbour. In the rush to quit what was unwholesome about the past humans chuck everything of the past, even its emotional integrity or bright ideas or common sense. Humans think these are easy to establish in a new paradigm. But these qualities come from individual’s who are full of wellbeing. Wellbeing comes from the freedom to be who you are and from accepting your feelings and enjoying your free choices.There is no wellness without these essentials. A new paradigm should take into heart these essentials. Humans feel the lack of them and then look to the past to time travel back to that bliss. For some they time travel back to mannerly Victorian mores. For others they time travel back to a revolution. For yet others they time travel back to wistful cave painting tribal eras. Nostalgia hold the key to wellbeing sometimes. Yet humans think wellness is only found in the future, in progress.

    I myself yearn for the ease of the nineteen seventies. It seems we are marching into a future that forgets romantic love.

    The global calander is going to be made radically different in the future we are jourrneying towards.

    That future will make the nineteen seventies look like the treasure we lost. The BALANCE we lost.

    But worry not…for one day BALANCE will come back.

  • Fair comment. However the WHO trying to have a vast “consensus opinion” on such matters may go against “the individual’s own opinion”, which I feel is more important.

    What is occurring now has always been occurring. A civilization in order to be what it is uses “consensus opinion” in pursuit of equality, inclusion and fairness, but by the very fact that each individual has to put their own harmless free choice through the mangle of “consensus opinion” first, to get their desire ratified, makes “consensus opinion” seem like a big bully. Soon revolutionaries form an opposing “consensus opinion”, one that calls the civilization manipulative and stultifying against individual free thought and free feeling. Soon these two groups with their separate “consensus opinion creeds” lock horns in a bloody battle over dominance. Each group, in the separate “consensus opinion” needs muscle and so a call is put out to get stray individuals to “side with” the “consensus opinion” group. But to side with that conglomerate means jettisoning being a lovely free spirit or recluse or eccentric. One must become a puppet on a string instead. Choose your puppet master becomes the frightening only choice to the individual. To be safe means getting rid of your own ideas. Some of your ideas may be ones of tolerance or forgiveness. But whilst one “consensus opinion” group is wanting to crush the opposing “consensus opinion” group your individual tolerance and forgiveness looks to them like betrayal, treachery, high treason. It then becomes risky to be just an individual. The old civilization as depository of “consensus opinion”, manifesting in its very architecture, rules of conduct, regulations and so on is to be errased in order for a new paradigm or new civilization to prosper, one that cares about liberty. The penny never drops that a civilization by its very nature is probably never going to put your individual wishes front and centre. This is due to how ALL civilizations run on “consensus opinion” and that is problematic for an individual quirky change of opinion.

    What happens when a civilization is bulldozed to make room for a new civilization is that the architecture is preserved more than the people. The gilded palaces are not reduced to rubble and dust even as the homes and dwellings of the little people are gutted and charred. Why is this? It is because there rolls in to town an unnatural haste to build an imposing counter civilization. It has the need to impose imperious laws against the individual’s freedom of choice to quash any lingering loyal factions of the old civilization. So the individual is unwelcome in the old civilization and unwelcome in the new civilization. The individual eeks out a bit of private emancipation behind closed doors. The more that any civilization champions privacy for its citizens the better.

    What often happens when an old civilization gets booted into history is later people “romanticise” aspects of it. This is because certain things in that civilization actually did work really rather well. Fripparies like the good idea of roman baths or form fitting roman togas rather than pin stripe suits or Egyptian chariots rather than cars, or owning a plot of acreage to grow your own veg on rather than monoculture or genetically modified crops, and what of music and science of that old civilzation? Maybe their science was better? The science of applying maggots and leeches to clean wounds. Their notions of herbal poultices. What I mean is that when one civilization overthrows another civilization out goes very fine aspects pertaining to individual freedom of choice. We can see this when scanning distant history and old swaps from one civilization to the next, but we cannot recognize this going on in the civilization passing away before our very eyes. We cannot see what we are losing as we pack up the crates and boxes and board up the shops and switch off the music players and burn the art and rend the novels of that passing away civilization. Our individual choice that might balk at “having to” get rid of things that are innocuous that we like becomes a bone of contention to the replacement “consensus opinion” or new civilization. Suddenly a whole library of scrolls needs hidden in a desert cave while libraries are torched. Being an individual is an empowerment that seems threatening to any “consensus”.
    ….unless it is a “consensus opinion” that loves everyone having the right to be an individual.

    Humanity is mothballing the civiluzation that is of the end of the nineteen nineties. But for all its flaws there were also some important visions in that civilization. The sense of romantic love, as heard in its pop music has now become a mocked form of masculinity and femininity. Hook up culture and pornhub are the new versions of liberty. I am not sure that such “liberty” is not actually the death of freedom. The freedom to walk through town unmolested. Some things in an old civilization will be abandonned that perhaps should not be. We may look back to the old civilization and see the baths and togas and chariots as good ideas from free thinking individuals that got replaced by less fine “consensus opinion” choices.

    We are about to turn the civilization we are currently in into wrack and ruin in order to build something better, but as will all such initiatives, the “consensus opinion” may not warm to retaining what each individual likes. We will know the measure of such passing away details when we have lost them to history. Loss is how we recognize the ideas that were harmless artistic treasure. The loss is part of how we rebuild civilizations. If we do not acknowledge the loss and the importance of time honoured human values then the civilzation we will build will meet with the same destiny as the one being kicked out of the way.

    I am barely aware of what I am writing. I just feel that not everything disposed of in pursuit of utopia ought to be disposed of. Not all progress is heaven sent.


    Progress can often be irritataion at having to cater to individual free choices. That progress is not progress.

    True progress follows BALANCE. A balance between individual freedom of choice and consensus opinion.

    In a biodiverse Cosmic Garden….


    I refuse to stop calling what I greatly suffer from. What I suffer from is schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is my simple definition of me that is non negotiable. My schizophrenia is as harmless to me as the word gypsy or the word Jew or the word guru or the word gay. My schizophrenia is my difference. It is my free choice to keep my word for what ails me. My schizophrenia is my way of saying…

    “it’s wraynin!”.
    The world is huge enough for every twenty people on it to have their own words for things without it becoming anything but beautiful diversity of free choices.

  • I think nobody should be given antidepressant pills. But I am only one person with an opinion that many may not want to hear. I do not like people choosing to smoke or drink either, if these are imbibed addictively, but I would never influence them in their choice. I have been unmedicated for years through choice and recently I felt desperate enough to go back on pills for short term respite. They have helped to calm me. But I shall not stay on them longer than needed. Six months maybe. People go on morphine patches for six months and know “it” is not easy to withdraw. Ideally, being pill free is best for the body and brain.

    While here kicking a net ball against a rattling fence, can someone clever explain to me how numbing emotions is an effect of medicine? Oh I know that medicine does have that risk, for sure. But as far as I can understand it science does not yet know exactly what “emotions” are made of.

    Where are they even located?

    Are emotions fuzzy Valentine feelings that emerge from the four chambers of the heart? Are emotions effusive infusions drip fed into people from outside, from eventful stimuli, easy to intake like sooking up strands of spaghetti? Are emotions god-given? Or are emotions electrical fizzles that spark when synapses are tickled? Are emotions therefore chemicals? Neurochemicals?

    I am just spotting our collective avoidance of studying emotions on a metaphysical or quantum or mechanism level. We do not seem to want our emotions to be reduced to levers or buttons or drivers within the oafish blob of the ugly brain. And yet on closer inspection the brain is running the whole show night and day for almost a century.

    So we have this saying that medication, used to treat chemical imbalance, is numbing emotions, but is it possible that emotions are chemical too and at some stage can feel imbalanced? I am thinking of women with post natal depression. Their emotions are numb towards their babies. Some may say it is “trauma” that causes those women to become emotionally numb but the blood samples do point out massive surges or slumps in hormones after birth.

    Dear Joanna and Dear Mark, I am not being nasty in tweezering stray sentences. I am on “the side” of reducing medical intervention these days because it has become an over prescribing nightmare, but I have a disappointment in a concept given to me to read as “truth” when it can only joyfully be intuition. If traditional psychiatry had done the same teasing of its own confident offerings, from the deity of pharma, then we would not be where we are. We lose our double checking lack of confidence at our peril. For it is doubt that really “listens” to each individual, not “certainty”.

    A pill is a symbol of human certitude much like a nuclear missile is a symbol of human certitude.

    Since we do not know what consciousness is yet I believe we cannot confidently say what emotions are. We can only guess. I am fine with my guessing about my emotions. I do not need science to go looking at what makes a feeling of sadness or euphoria. Life is too short to analyse life away to a last award winning paper.

    But I would say for myself that my own feelings in my schizophrenia are interwoven with sublime ineffable chemicals of emotions. I do not like the word chemical. It is so harsh and reductive sounding but the periodic table of elements shows how diamonds and stars can be the chemicals of the skeleton and blood iron and breath. We ought to revere our Earthly chemicals without that being turned into gross treatment of those.

    Chemical is now a devil of a word to be set opposite the grace word “natural”, and so we dislike its artficial clinical evocation. But the human kiss has umpteen biological natural chemicals in it.

    I like Dr Susan Greenfield’s book on the brain. It is called “A Day In the Life of The Brain”. It is an homage to that vital organ, but half way through she goes into depth on her own research into trying to locate emotions and where they are coming from. She was surprised that a feeling like sadness can come from ANYWHERE in the brain. The notion of a blobby bit for anger or a blobby bit for sadness is from science’s old assumptions, instead Dr Greenfield became interested in brain scans that revealled subtle “waves” that ripple all over the brain upon heightened emotion. I am not explaining it well so maybe see the book for yourself, if interested in it.

    The HOOVER DAM is going to explode and when it does so I will prove that the consciousness of an ordinary person like me can see the future. It is all about Waves.

    Learning to swim does wonders for the emotions, whatever they are. That’s all that matters.

  • My genes are mine. Not anyone else’s. I own my genetic inheritance. Some of which is gypsy, and some of which is Jewish, and some of which is Scottish, and some of which is the beautiful mysterious Schizophrenia quirk.

    The Gypsies did not hide the word “Gypsy” under a tree after the holocaust, not that there ever has been an “after”, and the Jews did not bury the word “Jew” because of what nazism made of that innocuous genetic word, rather they sang out that word all the louder. Are we for telling Anne Frank she should have editted out her word for her beautiful physical heritage, rip pages out of her diary lest someone read those “J” words and suddenly become a brute, a bully? Bullies do not need “a word” to justify to themselves why they bully, it is not in the words, or clinical logical theories, a bully will bully regardless!

    It seems to me that what each of us are fighting to protect are virtually the very same human rights. The right to call ourselves whatever we please. We are squabbling over the same moral patch of territory. We are sisters and brothers who do not recognize each other as love expressing itself in a cry for freedom.

    It gets like the squabble most siblings have over whether to replace the lid on the toothpaste tube or leave it undone. It is such a simple consideration, put on the lid, leave off the lid, that what eventually occurs is that just because the request is SO easy to do and yet the lid is still not on or off a WAR occurs because the other sibling said “no” to such an easy adaptation. How could they refuse to be the love needed? How could they refuse to go along with seeing their illness in alignment with the other sibling’s idea about illness? It is the refusal of the simplest request that unleashes a row. But it is also the agreeing to make space for the different way of replacing the toothpaste tube lid that arrives at a negotiated forgiving tolerant HEAVEN.

    The toothpaste tube lid is seeming to need a “consensus opinion” about it since there is only one shared toothpaste tube. But the choice to call yourself schizophrenic or a trauma sufferer is not needing a tight “consensus opinion” because the WORLD is MUCH bigger than a toothpaste tube to be bickered endlessly over. What begins as arguing over terms in a book starts to lose just being about the lids or terms and start to be a WAR kindled by the very thought that one’s opponent will not budge from their held opinion even though it would be simple for them to do so. This then makes their freedom chant look measly and mean spirited and excluding and coercive simply because the whole thing could be sorted out agreeably. The frustration is in how simple a request it would be for a schizophrenic to say they got their hallucinations from being traumatized. Their own story only needs that sibling adjustment to be editted in so that they can join the consensus
    story by tearing up their very different insollent uppity teenage Anne Frank diary.

  • Great article. I hope it ushers in an even better paradigm of care, that of allowing every unique individual to have the FREE CHOICE to dream up their OWN paradigm of care for their own self. Wouldn’t that be far better, given that EVERYONE is DIFFERENT?

    Eugenics is a bit of a buzz word these days what with feminists claiming their word for woman is being nullified and what with trans people claiming their wish to have medical help is being refused by eugenical doctors. It is a word that is slung at everyone so I think the path of tolerance lies not with that word but with the word forgiveness.

  • Why it is important to many schizophrenics to regard their condition as schizophrenia is because if you were given an LSD tab every morning in your breakfast bowl without your knowing it you would, after a decade of hourly hellish bad trips want to call it something more than just depression or stress or trauma. You might prefer to think that if you kept hallucinating nazis that those were only due to a silly brain mix up of perceptions, like epilepsy. Something that is NOT your fault but is just a silly medical illness. This does NOT mean that you want pharmacological treatments. You may prefer to use alternative treatments like herbal infusions or acupuncture or God. Having any illness DOES NOT mean that you say yes to appalling treatments. Since most treatments for schizophrenia give more illness in the form of iatrogenic problems, rather like whiskey or cocaine or chemo, you may want your schizophrenia not ever treated. You may just want to have a bunch of natural ways of enduring its most tormenting symptoms. But some people have such a terrible menu of hallucinations hourly for a decade that it is helpful to them to have people tell them that they are just medically unwell and so they should rest and recuperate, like those with epilepsy do. Not every schizophrenic has hellish hallucinations and so they may prefer to not regard their symptoms as an illness. They may prefer to think in trauma terms or political terms. And some may want to say they have no schizophrenia and they were always just being themselves. I am a bit different in that I hallucinate a being who insists I think of him as schizophenia. But THAT is my schizophrenia. But even if I was suffering the effects of trauma, you might say my trauma is ending up causing hallucination of a being who insists I regard him as schizophrenia. What then are you going to say? Are you going to insist I go get therapy? I have had over a decade of therapy. You may say I have trauma so bad that I cannot see it. I just need coaxed and coerced to look deeper for it. Since every life has trauma in it then you may feel confident that this is the case of a cause for my schizophrenia and so you might drum trauma into me as an answer. I had lovely parents and my childhood had nothing remarkable in it. I am never going to believe my dear parents traumatized me. Not in any outstanding way. But my upbringing is my own private knowledge. I owe no trauma confession to anyone. For all these reasons I prefer to regard my illness as a mental illness caused by my lovely eccentric genetics. My genes are evolving into super human schizophrenic talents. My schizophrenia is a culture for one. It is my culture and my ethnicity and I am not ashamed to own it. It is my “difference” to be tolerated. Because if it is not then I prefer to stay in the land of my hallucinations than live in a world of nannying, nitpicking, bickering intolerance.


    I have my own views on all of this. Being a schizophrenic means nobody wants to consider my views because ĂŚ have a mental illness. My grandmother had schizophrenia and now I have it. The research in the linked study above proves FOR ME that there IS a connection between quirks of genes and the risk of developing schizophrenia. I am happy with the Schema study. It consoles me.

    I think there is no person on the planet who has not been traumatized by someone sometime in their years. It is easy to pin the trauma diagnosis on everyone. I do not buy that trauma is behind schizophrenia in each and every instance. I do not buy that trauma is always catastrophic. Some people recycle traumatic events into resilience and courage even heroism and greatness. Think of people who fall off mountains and need helicoptered to hospital. They seldom let such trauma cheat them of their dreams and the riches that come from overcoming challenges. I can see that there is good in the proposal that many distressed people have been wrongly fobbed off with a diagnosis that is not useful to them but this is not true for everyone. I read an MIA article recently that showed that forcing sometime to accept the trauma package of care when they prefer to keep their own diagnosis is like a trauma in itself.

    We must be balanced in our suggestions and realize that our own advice is not going to be right for everyone. Rather having many options on offer is the best way forward, in my opinion.

    For my “expert” view of MY OWN SCHIZOPHRENIA there has been an attempt by people who do not have my illness to tell me all about it. That is as rude as telling people with trauma that they do not have trauma. I think it is a ungracious way to be acting towards ANYONE.
    It is all about the authoritative showy pontificating that comes out of the human wish to control the beliefs of strangers via “consensus opinion” and calling them liars rather than ASKING INDIVIDUALS what THEY feel they have.

    I will say no more on these matters. People can just click on my name Diaphanous Weeping to read my valuable angle on FREE CHOICE for ALL.

    I am not against ANY way. I am not against diagnosis. I am not against binning diagnosis. I am ALWAYS FOR what YOU like.

    This stance is set to get rarer and rarer as people in the future start fighting and telling everyone how they are supposed to feel, think, do, be, know, believe. It is an ugly near future. All I can say though is that there is a good future beyond it.

    Well, that is what I believe, but do feel free to hold your own opinion that sees me as mad. I will agree with that one.

    I am leaving MIA despite the tempting card game of articles. I will not be drawn into this global debate any more.

  • Imagine landing on a planet where….as the angels say to me…


    It used to be so on our planet. Before “consensus opinion” took off and disputed those who were not equal enough and were too “different” as opposed to the “consensus opinion” group’s particular way of being all united and “the same”.

    Most bullying relies on a crowd of yes-people puppets being all “the same” and doing the leader’s bidding. Bullying uses the crowd’s muscle to intimidate. Bullying uses “consensus power” to belittle and negate. So when this occurs there is a victor with that power and victims of that abuse of power.

    It is tempting to think that to bring balance back there has to be a backwash return of “power” and so this requires yet another “consensus opinion” group. An opposing one. But the problem with “consensus opinion” is it “is” focused on power rather than love of each individual whoever they are.

    The near future is gearing up to welcoming a nazi-like regime that will tell ALL women that they must dress the same. There will be no centering of anyone who should be centered, Jenny, like we yearn for too see. There will be no centering of anyone female. There will be no centering of anyone but….

    the Cruel Dictator.

    He is already using the fine rhetoric of peace restoration to inveigle his way into popular fond regard.

    When the Hoover Dam falls like a curtain call on act one, know that act two and three and four and five are coming. And whilst everyone is eager to see change arrive it will go horribly wrong in the way the Arab Spring was a romantic new start gone horribly wrong.

  • I am confident this is probably true, Richard Sears although given the prevalence of hundreds of other prescription medications like beta blockers and statins and steroids for rheumatism and not forgeting weed and booze it is a wonder anyone drives a car sober. I refuse to learn to drive. I always believe in the horse.

    I also believe the Hoover Dam will explode, and many other things will come to the fore also. And because of that I say humans ought to lead themselves individually, but there may be times when no one is permitted to follow their own star of choice. When that is going on humans are best being mute about having their own honest opinions, since in times of upheaval and regime change the independent thinker is the first to be shunned.

    It is not easy being mute. This is because you want to do good and save the world. But when everyone is trying to do the same saving but in their own radically different way or politically different way they excuse the use of aggressive ways of saving the world, but this then looks like angry collectives destroying the world to those who would save it differently. With so many who are saving the world looking like they are destroying the world it makes all the rest heavy handed and serious and mean and violent and thought policing….about people simply living and breathing in our SHARED world.

    This then looks like we have a massive problem in the guise of other humans seeming to be dangerously different yet not allowing you or I to be our different. This then evolves into a war against difference itself. This then brings a regime who forces everyone to be THE SAME. Suddenly everyone “has to” listen to the same preachy lessons about why their own harmless choice or innocuous opinion is damaging for the world. With climate change about to give humanity an alarm call this will add to the sense that the world has to be saved from out of control difference in different people immediately. Until anyone who dares have an opinion that seems refreshingly different will be accused of destroying the world. That’s a big crime. That will be given a big punishment. Do fear stampeding like a herd into the vortex of “world saving”. It is humanity’s worst tragedy. It is tragic because if you accept that the world will sort itself out organically without too much push and shove, and if you relax about how you are saving the world then you won’t narrow your focus into hating and blaming the different who you think are causing the world to need saving. This easing will result in peace through tolerance. The alternative is a saved world with everyone having to kneel in prayer whilst feeling abject misery.

  • Some time later…

    Never say I am dishonest. Let me give you reason to smirk at me. After writing the first comment I went for a wander in the ward. Along comes a male nurse to give me my pills. I study the four pills and ask not to take pill number three….

    “You have to obey the doctor’s decision for you to have the four pills but if you want changes ask him later”.

    Now I happen to be a voluntary patient. I came here willingly. I went back on pills willingly. So what part of the word “obey” is necessary?

    This farcical comedy sketch will not change my mind about how I believe being here is needed by me. There are no wistful Soteria houses near me. And I know not the friend who would cook three meals a day for me without them having to neglect their own troubles. But I am HONESTLY startled by how oafish can be the way some nurses regard all the various different patients as one generic rowdy patient, a factory made “patient A” needing muscled in on in the decision making skill. However, not ALL nurses are the same either and I have met many with fondness and consideration bordering on masochism. Those good nurses are tirlessly helpful and affectionate. I have never been called so many versions of darling in all my life.

    I just want to be clear and HONEST that there are good people and imbalanced people everywhere.

    It matters to the future to be HONEST to oneself at least. Your own knowingness is what is right for you. I am for you having the choices that you want, not the choices that I want.

    If you want no pills or professionals or room and board in your wellness plan then do not have those. If you do want those then have those. NO ONE should be forced. I bid a goodbye for now as I need to be away, to take a long holiday psychologically.

    Love from Diaphanous Weeping.

  • I am not convinced by black and white thinking, or right and wrong thinking. Post natal depression has a hormonal aspect and depression has a vegetative effect on sleep and other bodily aspects. Stress affects the body in subtle and profound ways. I feel that consciousness, body, brain, spirit, brain waves, aura, hereditary and many other factors of material and cosmic existence ARE ALL INTERWOVEN. The biomedical model has worked for so long because it includes “comforts” like a warm bed, fresh sheets, a dozen nurses and doctors; three hot meals, concerned inquiry, family visits, and these fripperies are very soothing to those who see no point in carrying on living. These things affect the conciousness, body, brain, aura and so on. A placebo lift for downing beer or a magic pill for two months has saved lives. I have experienced that myself. In monastic eras the body was treated as though the four humours affected the whole kit and caboodle of the person who felt sick. But, I am with anyone who says that THE WAY the body and brain has been treated has been, in modern times, blithly stupid, due to the human love affair with the religion of scientism. But one stupid is not made better by another stupid. To say that the brain, which has umpteen things going wrong with it daily is okay always is daft. The brain does have seizures via its many thousands of reactions and hormones and chemicals. The brain is is pristine and fine much of the time is something I agree with mostly, and so we should leave the brain alone and only treat it with balanced herbal monastic smoothies. However, I am not one hundred percent, black and white or right and wrong about viewing the brain as NEVER having anything go awry with it. It does! Even severe premenstral tension is a nightmare for some women.

    I hope that a form of medicine will develop that returns to the holsitic appreciation of our monastic herbalist humourous forebears. The conciousness needs the body and brain whilst gadding about in Earthly splendor. The term “Lex Talionis” means being proportionate and balanced in seeking justice, but it is also good, going forth, in how we may soften and mend the medical path to align more holistically with other ways of caring for the sick.

    The angels want me to come away from being provocative and I am not sure why. I feel that the individual must be their OWN doctor, lawyer, priest, going forward. None can have trust in anything but your own free choice to believe what you believe is true whilst society is being shaken up. I believe I do have a problem in my physical brain. I feel my hallucinations are like phantom limb pain. My brain is misreading reality. I cannot stop it or help it or control it. It is not distress. It is not trauma. Although these make matters worse for sure. I have real schizophrenia and I am master of my own free choice of knowledge. But..

    I DO believe the world is soaked in psychiatric poisons and children should never be medicated in any way while their brains are growing. I am mostly not for medical drug treatment UNLESS someone is completely desperate to try a pill in a hospital emergency setting and only short term. I am in hospital as I write this and I feel well looked after. I am totally against forcing any pill on anyone. I am totally against flimsy informed consent. My fear is that these will be enforced on people in the future. A regime is coming and it will be forcing everyone to agree to all sorts of things that go against holistic care. For that reason I am going to applaud this article Joanna. The dismantling of the pill for every ill is a good campaign. Drugs should never be forced on people. And never on children. And drugs should be only used with great care.

    I have to stop going on about this though as I have other interests in life. I will simply say whether I personally agree or disagree as I dont want to stand in the way of the bigger picture.

  • As a schizophrenic I have never had a label slapped on me. I diagnosed myself and later a friendly psychiatrist agreed with my assessment. An article this week on MIA (“trauma informed care left me more traumatized than ever”) about trauma informed care shows that not everyone wants to get rid of their useful diagnosis. I am not aware of ever being stigmatized because of my diagnosis, I quite like stigma, as an artist it helps me know I am not a puppet. It is a little known truth that people grow more reverential when you mention the schizophrenic diagnosis, either because they fear your ability to stigmatize them as wearing the wrong coat, or they fear causing a worsening of your miserable hallucinations.

    But what is this vogue for saying other countries with other governments “cause” schizophrenia-lite whereas the capitalist West “causes” schizophrenia-heavy with violent voices? For a start, in other countries the deranged and floridly psychoic are often left to go wander into a welcoming crocodile smooth river. Ooops!

    That leaves the biddable, gently crazy to pirhoutte around the village announcing fond quasi biblical sentiments. What’s not to love about those biblical voices. There is a fine line between being spellbinding and sounding demonic. I am not convinced of the hype around how people can influence schizophrenia. It is like when a cancer suffer says their tumour was “caused” by years of people being too assertive in their family. A “look what you did to me!” is often just a way to abdicate personal responsibility. What’s not to like about personal responsibilty. It used to be an ingredient in being a local hero.

    All these gripes said, I have to like your article Meghan, because it is “baby caring” towards the suffering and that is the main thing, that we offer as many ways of regarding schizophrenia as there are people with many different kinds of it. I like the biomedical model and I like the word schizophrenia immensely, because it annoys people. Always utter the words society says not to.

    But I must get off my hobby horse and go and get better. I have been ill for a long time and so am in the asylum getting that mended. You are right about how pharma ought to be mentioned more. But the hospital I am in is wonderful actually. And the nurses are genuinely saintly, the majority of them. This week a few very violently manic people came into the ward and needed several nurses to guard them from their impulse to jump out a window and hurt themselves or hurt the rest of us patients. Later in the day one of those manic patients, after thumping and kicking innocent patients and nurses was wandering and howling and a nurse dropped everything to give that sobber a welcome warm embrace that went on and on and on and on. The kind of genuine hugging scene as might be seen in Soteria. It would be nice if hospitals could be made more Soteria. It would not take much. Dream big.

    I must leave MIA now.

  • Have they made a Disney Noah’s Ark cartoon?

    The Hoover Dam explosion comes first and after that I keep hearing of “The walls of Jerico”. So I believe that a city will crumple from strategic noise weapons or just shouting.

    After that debacle at some stage comes an enormous sea flood.

    I predict a sudden global huge flood and I tell everyone to go live on higher land, where feasible. If this really does come true then it won’t be a surprise and therefore it will buy everyone enough time to react with instant cleverness. When such floods occur it is the commotion of other dithering sight seers that slows reaction. A wave is not going to be crystal blue surf water but is more like a mountain boulder landslide because of the maelstrom of debris and cars and street furniture, all churning like a giant foodmixer. Find tall trees to bind to if needed. I dont feel it will be any time soon. It may take a decade. It will be meteors that cause it. But we will survive it, we just have to know what to do if say at the time of it we are sitting in a dentist’s chair, or singing lunchbreak karaoke in a birthday treat, or trying on prussian blue boots in a shoe store cubicle. A wave sucks out then bashes back in. Neither will be slow enough for planning what to do in that surreal moment. Keeping phones dry and charger dry is an idea. A backpack with sources of water and food and a heatstroke scarf, that sort of thing. People find salvation in pocket fluff. Enough fluff to kindle a fire. A regime is rising and they will want to say the flood is a punishment from a wrathful God. It will be tricky in that crisis to tell the millions of bereft that it was not a meteoric thump delivered by a punitive God but just a random natural disaster from space. Like Jupiter had, five impacts. The people who will lose loved ones will blame whoever seems most sinful for angering their God. Being blamed by the grief stricken makes the blamed into second class citizens. This division is useful to the regime.

    I could say more but I have to rest now. Take time out. But do click on my name to reach prior comments in a similar light, if you want to.

  • I am not sure Christine if you were talking to me?

    I see madness in a few ways.

    1. It is an emancipation.
    2. It a driven crazy by factors, like chemical muddles in the body that is teeming with hormones and other magical chemicals, or chemicals that are artificial and live in our water or first aid cabinets, like lead and mercury and forever plastics, or it is from trauma, or it is from other humans being horrible to other humans, or it is from bullying, or abuse or cruelty.

    Since the Mad Pride article seemed to focus on the celebratory angle I only spoke to the emancipating aspect of madness here.

    I agree on the need to end suffering. Although I would be honest here and say thay a little non harmful transient suffering in the form of challenges, like sky diving or cliff climbing, are more like positive vital excitements. I am not for a life of no discomfort. Being kept like a cosseted, vet pandered, shampooed poodle is bad for the inner animal.

  • That means a lot to me. Thankyou.

    I know you do not have much interest in angels but it is a model I am using as a convenience to do this comment.

    I think I may have said that I once nearly fell off my chair when my angels told me they love the arch atheist Dawkins. He, the very same, who derides angels and heaven and deities and Father Christmas. When I asked the angels why they love someone who doesn’t want to believe angels exist, the angels told me that free choice is the best. Even the choice to call angels absurdities. The angels cheer when someone chooses to be atheist or devoutly religious. And the angels cheer when someone chooses to be capitalist or socialist.