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  • Richard Lewis, I am not supposed to comment anymore but I want to mention something. My angels are often telling me non nosey facts about people. They are not allowed to intrude into anyone’s privacy but one or two friendly observations are okay. I got told, for months…

    “We like Richard”.

    But I laughed that off since angels like EVERYBODY of sincere and polite heart. But for the last month they kept saying to me…

    “He likes Bob Dylan”.

    I kept looking at the comments section and thinking “who likes Bob Dylan…don’t be so stupid…nobody here likes Bob Dylan”.

    But beautifully the mystery found a home just now as I checked out your brilliant melodious gorgeous song “Benzo Blue” (you tube).

    Very Dylanesque, if you don’t mind me saying. What great talent you have. I am from a musical family. Music is always a bridge builder.

    Anyway, if the angels got that mystery right then maybe the Hoover Dam explosion prophecy will come to pass. And also that the future does have good in it…so we mustn’t despair. We must keep dreaming our dreams with the hope of one day seeing them all take hold and bear fruit.

    I must away now. I only came back to add this to you Richard.

  • I am all for being nurturing, on balance, to help with emotional balance. A caring world is what we seek. I suppose I just feel on edge about preaching prescribed ways of caring rather than leaving the emotions themselves to be the caring, even uncomfortable emotions like anger. Toddlers do majestic breakdowns without any lessons from psychotherapy. The breakdowns are not feared or scolded or taught. They are organic modes of instant healing. Expressing feelings is healing. But a boundary exists where if a feeling becomes an outward behaviour that inflicts harm on someone else this is different. I do believe such bad behaviour does need limiting. It is possible to hold the huge feelings, and express them harmlessly. I am not for letting person A hurt another person, person B just because person A got angry. A feeling is not a behaviour. Feelings are harmless, even loud feelings. Behaviour may not be. There is no great need to “regulate feelings”. Feelings balance feelings by themselves, when fully felt. But there is a case for regulating destructive outward bad behaviour, when possible, when such behaviour wrecks someone else’s day, or year, or life. A community needs to place a boundary against devious cruel abusive bad behaviour or it cannot thrive as a peaceable cohesive community. Murder, rape, abuse, and other such torments meted out to innocent people cannot be molly coddled and so at some point children need to know this. I know you are not saying any of these facets in your lovely and well written article. I just worry when I hear of approaches to feelings that are either applying some form of expertise in emotions on the one hand OR are not curbing excessive violent behaviour on the other hand. A BALANCE is needed. Freedom to feel. Not necessarily freedom to tyrannize someone elses feelings via bad outward behaviour.

  • I cannot believe the brawling going on here. Implying that grown people are idiotic for cherishing the philosophies they freely choose to is bullying. Taunting, patronizing, belittling, schooling, arguing endlessly over minor differences, what is going on here? This place is not an inquiring venue where different views can be mulled over like various vintage wines, it has become a wrestling match or a street fight with opposing gangs. Comment rage is like road rage, we can all spectate the blood and tufts of hair rolling in the breeze, the shattered glass, the dented steel, and we can all get pedestrian satisfaction from witnessing the brawling of such captive tigers, OR

    We can realize we are responsible for recognizing that a wish to be a bully or bully a bully back into submission is from a herd impulse to get rid of our own mounting stress.

    I am more interested in the stress that lurks behind the bickering attempt to vent such rage.

    Where are all the therapists? Are they reading this shameful comment warzone with ticket holder’s glee? Do they have ringside seats pulled close to the action? It is not peaceable bonding or “solutions” that spectators and wrestlers want, it is sharply drawn battle lines. Why?

    Because we are ALL ILL..



    but rather than weep we pick up cudgels and cosh apparent enemies. Just because they got a phrase wrong.

    The Hoover Dam is going to be exploded. I prophecy it. But a gazillion incendiary computer conversations will lead up to it, it and all the other disasters.

  • I was reared by other children, as occurs in indigenous tribes.

    I think school is the worst place to put any child.

    There does need to be a notion of “wrong” behaviour but limited to when outward acts hurt and abuse another human. In future, because social media is now more dominant an influencer than school, many sexualized children are going to be making babies with other children. That level of bad behaviour cannot be nurtured. Social media and much of the internet ought to be destroyed. In future no parent will let anyone come within a few meters of their children.

    The nurtured heart notion is an honourable vision. But like any bright vision, the billious aspects of the internet are leap frogging into it.

    The problem is that psychotherapy has become such a religion that it is even preached in kindergarten, as “lessons” for children as if those children are grown ups in child bodies. Children do not want to be mini adults. Children want to run off and play in dangerous outdoorsy places with other children.

    I am not explaining myself well here but I feel deeply troubled by the way adults are concerning themselves with the private emotional space of the interior of children. It seems like giving therapy to two year olds.

    Children do not need lessons in being just children.

    Again I turn to animals. No mom cat will put up with the jumping antics of a bold kitten. A soft warning paw swipe draws a boundary between what is acceptable behaviour and what is unacceptable behaviour.

  • Abel, I appreciate your comment based on your experience. I also like some of Richard’s comments. And I like some of Barts comments. And I like some of Steve’s comments. And Vans comments. And I like Marie’s comments. And I like I like I like….it is a pity there is no “like” button. I may not fully know why I like people’s comments and I feel that this is okay. Not to know. I just pick up a general vibe or dimeanour.

    But I will say it vexes me when in the heat of the moment people grow volatile in a personally agravating way that I find unnecessary. Dictatorial.

    It puts me off visiting this website. I am sure many agree. That is a pity for the website since welcoming diverse views ought to be a main priority.

    But we live in bickering times where people fight and fight and fight with little provocation.

    As a dignified peace focussed New Ager I feel it is healthy to work out why the excess tendency to bicker is occurring right now. It reminds me of when a herd stampedes because a sheaf of grass fluttered in the breeze.

  • Birdsong, I would rather shame a child sex abuser and be called a bully than nonchalantly look away at what is going on in our communities.

    Birdsong, you have a way of saying “DW says” that I find just a bit gladiatorial. Perhaps I am over sensitive. That is possible given that I am emotional. Birdsong with calm politeness I must ask please refrain from replying to my comments if you dont mind. I ask graciously.

  • The way the world is so vast means that no political or religious establishment can entirely govern all nine billion people on it. No one way has THE TRUTH or has ALL THE ANSWERS. But each diverse way has a PART of the truth and has part of all the answers. The globe is so vast it can house such diversity of choice so that if a person loves lovely socialism they can find it and live that way, and if a person loves lovely capitalism they can find it and live that way. A problem occurs when some people in a political establishment or religion want to take over the whole globe and tell other people that they cannot be belonging to a political establishment or religion dear to their hearts.

    The way the world is means that in nature there are ideal continents for particular animals to find optimal nourishment and habitats for their choice of place or beliefs. A sad looking wombat in a zoo in a different landscape is a sorry looking sight.

    We are not all supposed to be the same. Difference is written into the vastness. So that no one way will ever become the dominant way for very long. There will always be detractors of capitalism and detractors of socialism. There will always be ice in some landscapes and desert sand in other landscapes. It is written into Gaia that multitudinous differences make up holostic Oneness. Ponder the rudimentary sponge. I was reading last night of it in Thomas Halliday’s beautiful book “Otherworlds”. He says that the sea sponge is an ancient colony made up of individual cells. A collective. He says that if you put a sponge in a food mixer and reduce it to a blended mush none of the individuals will perish, indeed they will reassemble into a collective formed from the individuals again. The individuals are all different yet they make up the entirety.

  • Shame is like a scalpel, it can be used for healing to get rid of cancer or it can be weaponized. A bully weaponized anything, even a tender kiss. But shame, when used appropriately, is healthy in a community when it acts as a boundary between acceptable outward behaviour and unacceptable outward behaviour. A community will not survive long if it allows behaviour such as villany, corruption, rape, cruelty, pedophilia, etc. These outward behaviours cannot be welcomed by the community so they must be shamed by it. That is not bullying, it is protecting the vulnerable FROM bullying.
    It is true that bullies may use the pain of shaming others to further there bullying agenda, but shaming in and of itself is often times healthily NEEDED and JUSTIFIED by a community. Here at MIA great efforts are made to build a boundary that shames the outward bad behaviour of psychiatry. The shaming is NEEDED to protect the vulnerable. But in the wrong hands shaming can be a ploy of a bullying group who seek to control not just unwelcome behaviour but the blameless FREE CHOICES of individuals who do no harm.

    What I said before is pointing at the HEALTHY ancient tribal use of shaming that draws a clear community boundary around freedom and restriction. There does have to be some restrictions in order to define a collective or community and what they find to be their version of acceptable behaviour or unacceptable behaviour. Some indigenous people use shaming in their coaching of young children, in alerting them to behaviour that is environmentally risky to them. Shaming is powerfully protective when used appropriately. And it is sometimes used to shame the desire to be a bully. As for self righteousness I do not see why you mention it. I have not spoken about it. But if I were to I would say that there is a sharp line between how we feel within our own psyche and how we outwardly behave. A person who feels or even thinks they are special is not harmful. A person who outwardly tries to impact other people via an imperious air of self righteousness is also not harmful. A bully who outwardly uses self righteousness to control other people is straying towards being coercive. But there is some responsibility on the part of the recipient to not be so easily led or pesuaded unless they are young or naive in some way.

    This whole comment section is wonderfully impassioned and lively and it is so healthy to see many alternative visions with no one dream dominating. A community that only outlaws rape, sexual abuse, gross bullying and cruelty, but accepts everything else is a very liberating space to be in.

  • Marie, my comments are to you. In 2015 there were 163,000 people who declined going to Bangladesh or Nicaragua or Guyana or Nepal or any other socialist state but instead those 163,000 migrants, some of them doctors, lawyers, dentists, scientists, school teachers, came to capitalist country Sweden. Were they dim to do so? In the pampered West we barely know what it is like to have no education, no rights, no food, no water, no ambitions, no dreams. Oh capitalism has its massive drawbacks. But so do the alternatives. I think, Marie, this is kind of what you were merely saying.

    25 percent of Sweden is now of foreign birth. If capitalism had nothing to offer them I suppose Swedes also would be lining up to migrate away from Swedish shores. Where capitalism has darkened our collective horizon is in environmental concerns. Climate Change is upon us all, no matter where we flee to. Humanity must come together to adapt. Humanity cannot adapt without careful experimentation. New ideas for communities and societies need time and space to flourish. The best new ideas may be time honoured ancient ideas, like permaculture and giving and so on. The West has been unbelievably greedy. That has to stop. It is hard to stop greed without some form of community shaming of it. Religions used to have that role, of ethical doorkeepers, but religions themselves become infiltrated with bullying and this tends to make them the greediest of the lot.

  • https://youtu.be/trCj4rVdaBQ

    Globally our species’ attempts to save the world becomes what destroys it.

    All political parties and all religions and all philosophies have beauty in them…but ALL of these can be taken over by bullying…which is a separate force entirely. Many people want socialism. Many people want capitalism. Can we bear the different? Our intolerance is ending peace. 40, 000 migrants risked their lives and their childrens lives to cross treacherous oceans this year to come to a country that is capitalist. Like it or not those are the numbers. Many of the migrants are educated and astute enough to make balanced choices for themselves. They prefer not to go to a socialist country. That being said, many do want to relocate to a socialist country. No one route leads to perfection. It is bullying we must find sane solutions to, not what vision houses the bullying.

  • Gosh, there are a lot of comments on schizophrenia by people who do not seem to have that diagnosis. I DO have a diagnosis of schizophrenia and so I feel qualified to say that it is a REAL disease that is affecting my brain by giving me daily, hourly hallucinations despite not being on cannabis or any other drug. When I was not on ANY drug for many years the hallucinations were still a huge problem for me. So I know without ANY shadow of a doubt that MY schizophrenia is a Real illness and is NOT caused by medication or drugs. People have a right to their own opinion and there have been many on this thread. This is MY own opinion and always shall be. As someone qualified to say what my illness is and is not, being as I actually suffer from it, I am not going to change my view.

  • Here is another reason why people are fighting so much.

    Theatre is a big dressing up box. It is a cabaret for make believe and play. Each life needs theatre in it. Each life needs play. But in theatre the audience get more enjoyment out of the roles on stage if they suspend disbelief and take them seriously, as if the play is real. So although play is fantastical it works by being taken quite seriously.

    Reality often demands being taken seriously also. If you are in a dim lit alley and you hear a noise that alarms you, your senses scan reality in order to protect you. You need play in life. You need reality in life. Both can be comforting. Both can be rivals. Both are needed within each individual unique human. But in a state of balance. The balance between these, play and reality, is often out of alignment.

    Humans in this era are finding life complicated because the media is smushing together “play”, and the way it needs to be taken seriously to work, and “reality”, and the way it too needs taken seriously in order to work. As free people we need our theatrical playful fantasy of who we feel we are taken seriously by others or we feel ridiculed. But this then asks people to cease listening to their sense of “reality”, a sense that is needed by them to protect them when out in the enviornment and which they are using to continuously keep scanning the dim lit alley.

    In short we need playfull, theatrical “make believe” to be taken seriously or such theatre won’t work…but we also need to renounce “make believe” in a dicey situation when striding through town at midnight.

    Many people groups are saying “please take my dream of me seriously”. But many other people groups are saying “please take my reality seriously since I need it sometimes more than I need play”.

    PLAY. REALITY. Both of these are causing many various groups to be warring with eachother. Yet both of these are necessary to each person to function. Play and reality are usually held in a healthy tension or balance. Play softens the edges of reality. Reality stops play from becoming so dreamy that it fails to make any sense at all.

    At present everyone is warring because they think there has to be a settled “consensus opinion” on what gets to be taken MORE SERIOUSLY. Play or reality. And so it is a global fight. Everyone who likes more play in their lives feels threatened by those who demand more reality in their lives, and visa versa.

    Fear on both sides gives a false idea that something needs controlled in people. Gone is the old adage of live and let live. But really there are ONLY three things that DO need controlled and banned and these are sexual abuse, bullying, and cruelty.

    If the person before you is not behaving in any of those three despicable ways then they are harmless. They are harmless whether they are in the theatrical group or the realist group. Thought policing of either group is not needed but the fear stoked up due to the inharmonious imbalance between play and reality, in each human, causes rising stress to seek an outlet. Othering is the unfortunate fruit.

  • Powerful!!! Encore. I whole heartedly agree. It always has to be part of the addicts conversation, recruiting you and constantly trying to up your education on its pharmacology. No shaman spouts chemistry. Shamans respect the inherent dangers of deluging the brain. Shamans are not into EXCESS. They retreat away from their potions with due deference. Indigenous people are not into sickness.

  • https://youtu.be/F8zi5Xej2sw


    These two videos by Mel point at what I am myself also resonating with in this time. I myself am getting fed up with wandering through storms and feel myself reprioritizing the “choice” to be of the lightworkers. To do so you must attend to inner life and how you feel in the here and now. Nurture of the whole being is what each being craves and yet all of the fighting, arguing, bickering, is not nurture, even though ranting can be healing when one is in the wounded state of being.

    I sense a tension or friction at the periphery of these two energies. They rub up against each other as if they are the same thing or same choice but more and more I feel they are quite different as a “choice”. You can spend an eternity hating the world for being imperfect. Or you can spend time instead realizing your own foibles and limitations. We are in this era definitely having to learn limitations, our own, and other peoples. But there can come a serenity in limitations, an acceptance of ours and other peoples feelings.

  • Sometimes it seems to me that few readers listen to anybody in the comment section. All these articles recently on how traumatic grief is and yet….when people come out with their real grief in the comments area its as if metaphorically many folks just stroll on by.

    I am not saying this is always how it seems to me….but once in a while…

    Maybe I expect more heart.

    I sense a gulf between people who are looking for solidarity of a community sort…and people seeking solidarity in putting the boot into communal systems that just do not work. They are like two completely different energies and more and more it is as though each human is having to “choose” which group to follow.

    The group that are searching for change or the group that “be” the change looked for.

  • I am sorry to hear of your dreadful tragedy, Louisa. And L.Hansen, I am sorry for your loss of contact with your boy.

    I do not think mothers should be blaming themselves so readily at all. I mean Marijuana is like the nursery rhyme of The Pied Piper. It leads all the village children into a hill where they cannot get back out again. I think we need to be blaming the drugs lords who sell such addictive substances.

    In the medieval epoch women were sometimes convinced that someone had swapped their baby for a changeling. A crying infant who looked like the real baby but was altered in some subtle way. Often the women would take their infants to holy wells and walk three times around such sacred places asking for the real baby to be returned to them. It may have been due to the puzzlement of congenital diseases taking form as the infant developed. But that was way back in history, or is it? These days perfectly ordinary youths who are adored by their parents are being “changed” by marijuana. Its as if The Pied Piper is stealing all of everyones children and for what?
    What people just do not get is how awful the psychotic hallucinating brain can be. It is not just a silly party game gone wrong. It is a genocide.

  • Today had me so suicidal because of my illness. It will not let up blitzing me with hallucinations. So in my soggy sandals I stormed around town trying to catch death. I squirrelled secret thoughts of how I could deliberately catch covid and then run a marathon in a fever, make it look incidental that I passed away.
    I trudged over puddles of rain in this bleak mood. There, up a side street, and seen out of the corner of my eye, was a newly unveiled, commemorative, bronze plaque. It was in honour of medical hospital staff who had died of covid whilst doing their dedicated vocation. Raindrops dripped off the lettering. Suddenly a woman stood nearby. Perhaps she was near to my mother’s age. I realised after a few moments that she was enveloped in her own anguish. I spoke to her. She told me that her partner had only recently died of covid. He had a heart attack from it two months ago. She went on to tell me, in heartbroken sniffles, that she missed him unutterably and that he had been a volunteer health care worker in the hospitals and many care homes. He was so impeccable in his role that he won an award, which he, like the broken woman herself, will now never hold.

    I jot this poem now for both of us “peers”.


    There is vastness like a wilderness we admire.

    There is vastness like deep space that we want to travel in.

    There is vastness like a feeling of love.

    But the vastness of someone being gone, even our own going to madness, is something we can do nothing with. And this leaves us helpless.

    But such vastness engulfs and encompasses us. It turns around to include us and the all of everything that is.

    And so we need not feel so lonely.

  • I am no thing if I am not singular.
    But how do I know I am a thing unless I step back from that thing enough to see that its totality is bound up with being a singular thing?
    Yet if I retreat from it is it still completely a singular thing, or now a less than singular thing…a singular thing with a chunk missing?
    Or has it become a twosome? Often in life, or consciousness, there is this singular thing becoming a duo and then singular again.

    Dear Nick Drury, I am always scribbling. I jotted that above here “note to self”, on a scrap of paper, two months ago. Perhaps it speaks of your notion of “ditention”.

    I have written stacks and screeds but I do so from my own wonderment. I steer well away from other peoples books. And so it was a pleasant surprise for me last week to discover for the first time Mr MacGilchrist and his two brain or bifurcated brain ideas. I think he has resonance with my idea of the difference between emotional being and rational being. I will not buy his book since I prefer my own ponderous seedlings to germinate without cross pollenation. I am greedy to be regarded as original.

  • If you click on my name you arrive at all my previous comments. The Zooba Juice ones are there.

    A bioweapon can be released like a gaseous smoke that can flop a whole village flat out onto the streets, or it can be like a foggy tear gas that has people stumbling about in a daze.

    Zooba Juice is my name for an ether or smoke or juice that is “Spiritual” in that it affects the spirit of a person without their being aware of it. Depression can be contageous and anxiety too. Zooba Juice causes fear of all kinds of things, fear or poverty, fear of cancer, fear of climate change, fear of being controlled, fear of the world not being safe or saved. All these fears cause “what if what if what if what if” as a shriek in the mind and this begets more fears. Fighting is caused by anger. Anger is caused by overwhelming fear of loss. And so this is contageous, this spirit of fighting. Until soon everyone is fighting just because everyone is fighting. A person does not even have awareness that they are fighting, they just make like a muttering cussing zombie. Everyone on this smoke or juice, Zooba Juice, is fighting without much care or thought as to why. There is just a visceral need to kick or ridicule or spark up a squabble. It is coming from mass global stress. It is as if everyone is drunk. Drunk on Zooba Juice. Even little ol me.

    Zooba Juice is a stimulant to zoo animals. Humans are animals in a globe sized zoo. The stimulant to fight potential in one sip of Zooba Juice gets addictive. Why?

    Because it covers over less magnificent responses such as boredom, despair, distress, unease. But healing is found in having contact with unease, enough to realise the zoo is not natural for the human animal. Too much fighting descends into catastrophe.

    Which is why I now drink Orange Juice.

  • https://youtu.be/xjDfT0nWPVo

    Woman is a form of therapy.

    In the future Earth’s humans will become crueler to ALL women. Damning ALL women as out of control and needing lessons will increase. There will come about a castigating of ALL women as being manipulative or wild or borderline or narcissistic. This dreadful witch hunt will increase by puppets on strings. It has begun already.

  • Richard, thankyou for this intriguing article. Bringing up children is the most important career/vocation/life choice and ought to be handsomely paid.

    I am for some kind of universal wage. Poverty should be erradicated.

    There is one curiosity I have that you, dear Richard, might base another article on. It is this…

    Often there is a view that says the West fares worse in mental health statistics than in other, perhaps less affluent, parts of the world.

    The importance of a happy family is highlighted here in your article. Extra cash seems to add to that happiness of course. So why do families in other parts of the world, with less happiness financially, produce children with less appalling mental health statistics specifically?

    It cannot be that less cash makes for better child rearing. Less cash means less children live beyond a certain age. It is urgent that poverty in all places on our globe be stopped.

    I am just puzzled as to why families in poor and possibly squalid city or rural places in these other countries do not have the same stats on suicide and eating disorders and anxiety and depression and psychosis and so on that the West’s familes have when they lack cash.

    My suspiscion is that larger communities in which these non Western families are nested are providing different kinds of “security” and different bench marks of “success” than what passes for opulence here.

    But in any case it seems that “the family”, whatever style of “family” it may be, and whether it is held in the bosom of a holistic community or nae, is essential to child wellbeing.

  • Sam, you often come accross to me as a paragon of ACCEPTANCE. That is one of the most powerful ways a person can be that can heal another person.

    These days it seems to me that everyone is fighting and snapping and lecturing and bickering and belittling and attacking rather than accepting the exciting potential in each of our many differences. You seem to me to be a fond welcomer of unique differences. I like how you are an emissary for your beloved. It is easy to be caring, it is much more spiritually advanced to be a carer, no matter what, especially an accepting one. Oh, I know you will feel bound to tell me that it is a pleasure to do what you do since you do it from honour and love but in the world at present it seems to be a pleasure for millions to just pointlessly rant at each other rather than value the uniqueness of each other.

    I think quite a few people would say they feel just a bit jealous that you have such a lovely arrangement with your wife. In your togetherness is a hope that all the lonely unloved people can find someone who cares for them as profoundly as you care for your dear one.

  • I also want to say that stigma over difference is much like discernment. Stigma is part of a community guarding the vulnerable against violation or rape or abuse. A community DOES need to stigmatize monstrous bad behaviour such as when someone is so mixed up they try to drown themselves and their children in a car in the incoming tide. All rural, indigenous, ancient tribes and communities use SHAME as a powerful deterent to child abuse and murder. Not all forms of shaming or stigmatizing are harmful to the community. I am not sure if this is a yarn but I once heard that the people of some icy climates apparently shame young children who veer too near to the edge of a frozen lake by getting the whole community to laugh at them. That is a recognition of the life saving, guarding, healthy application of shame. These days a young man in a community can have several thousand downloads of kiddy porn and feel no shame whatsoever. A community that shames all instances of shaming is destined for collective depravity.

    What stigma is is a reflex noticing of difference and then deciding that the difference means badness. Mostly it is not true that there ever is any badness. But sometimes a mixed up person does not realize that they are being bad. A very young child abuser who is also still a child may think they are doing their classmates a big favour by introducing them all to the joys of copulation. What do we as a community do then eh? Tell them all it is ok to make babies? A few weeks back a child became a proud father at the age of eleven.

    I say someone was a coward not to stigmatize his bad behaviour much much earlier. A poor little baby is going to have to live with the fact its parents were not old enough to skip school to make cup cakes let alone new human beings.

    I would rather live in a community that overly stigmatizes than does not stigmatize anything. But the BALANCE between these extremes will always cause bickering. That arguing over the dividing line between laxity and heavy handed convention or rules always does need to stay topical and open for discussion. But rape and murder and abuse cannot be permitted in a community without the undoing of that community. Crimes of that magnitude cannot be welcomed as if healthy.

    The overly stigmatized can be harmed of course, of course. But the lack of any prudence can cause equal harm, if not moreso.

    Many on this website feel injustice in the area of stigma and seek to stigmatize the stigmatizers or shame the shamers. In many instances in our picky modern ill society it is healthy to judge the overly judgemental since judgmentalism can also be a form of abuse.

    All of these strands are important considerations that cannot be summed up in a tidy comment. Summing up is for inflexible communities. A healthy community stays flexible enough to keep applying good balance. But what cannot be left to nonchalant flexible fashion is the rule against the three worst ways to behave. Bullying, sexual abuse, cruelty. These three must stay banned. They erode individuals and they erode communities. If a person is mixed up in that way then the stigma is what they themselves need, to begin to shun within themselves, their own worst behaviour. Their recovery depends upon them finding such behaviour in them odious and loathesome or they will never redeem themselves.

    Psychotherapy has spawned an idea that love fixes everything. But sometimes loveless shaming is healthy in regard to loveless bad behaviour of a devastating sort.

    As society messes up all over the world quite soon humanity will be able to glaringly see all of this play out. When the whole world becomes a trafficked orgy the old adage of…

    “Have you no shame?”

    will sound appealing again.

    What is going on in the world now because of the wrong kind of shamelessness is a recipe for DISASTER.

  • I want to mother everybody.

    I see what you are building, like with wooden blocks, and I want to admire your fascination with what you are creating.

    The truth is people are endearing but also boring, and this is why therapists make up fabulously precise techniques, to brighten up the session. I equate it to shamanistic whirling capes and smokey guttural incantations. A magic. Humans like doing magic and having magic lift them free of despair. On and on the intimate session goes, from since the baths in Rome, to the woodlands of medieval Finland, to the confessional box in Ireland, to the student campus, the same lovely tete a tete. Someone wants to cry. Someone is there to tell them it is good to cry. Life is hard. Help is needed.

    In these jagged brittle times where it is becoming tricky to speak with ease everyone is feeling lack and loss. Loss of being held in the bosom of understanding.

    The computer is damning us all….BIG TIME.

    There fast approaches a day where we will all realize how bad the computer is to the vulnerable mortal man.

  • Sam, I do not know your wife so excuse me using my imagination here. I like how you are a sheild for your wife whom I accept in my imagination as perhaps just “shy”. Advocates in advocacy have sheilding the shy as their very point and purpose. The shy are often the most marginalized and stigmatized of all. You bear the secondary stigma that your possibly shy wife might get if she voiced her painful suffering of her debility and this, your bearing of undeserved stigma for being her advocate, is very noble of you.

    Your words are valuable as a resourse on DID.

  • I perhaps should change the term Gooba Juice into Zooba Juice or Zooba Potion because it is more in keeping with the way the human zoo have had their fears increased.

    Since this article is on grief I want to say that you can grieve for what you never yet had. So it is not just that you can grieve for what you lost. (I am using the word “you” as meaning anyone). You can also grieve for losing people to Zooba Juice. Prior friends may suddenly become your arch critic and start ranting at something innocuous that you said. You wonder “have they gone crazy or is it me?”. The argument becomes inflated in importance and the sting of a sharp rebuttal lasts weeks. Everyone on planet Earth seems to be feeling the same way about this, that “the other people” are saying outrageous vindictive critical things just for the sheer hell of it. It is a grown up’s version of…

    “You are just trying to mock me!”.

    When this occurs in the masses then all of the humans who feel mocked go to town on defending themselves by increasing overly logical arguements. But that gun fight by firing bullets of reason only causes the opponents to feel also outrageously mocked, and so then they go to town on defending themselves in increasing their overly logical arguements, back and forth it goes until the over use of logic is just trading insults and sustaining the mechanism of endless bickering. Soon one “side” agrees that the other “side”, all chanting their slogans, needs got rid of. This sense of menace is picked up as a threat that must be crushed, and so the threatened “side” then issues threats along with their argements. All of this escalates by both opposing “sides” into mountains of rage and resentment…against complete strangers.

    As a stranger you may then come out with a casual remark and suddenly find yourself menaced. As if by persons drunk on Zooba Juice. The fear you then feel then intensifies because the drunk seem to be using “any” excuse to ridicule you. They seem stark staring mad to you. You decide to feed them lots of logic about why you think they are mad. But this does not sit well with the strangers who only came out with a nonchalant reply. Why was their reply deemed nutty? They wonder. They then give lots of logical feedback about why they are not nutty but are holders of certificates of intelligence. They start quoting Socrates and Plato and all kinds of Great Thinkers, to prove their right to say what slogans they want to say, and to tear down opposing sloganeering. More logic is heaped on more logic with obscure big long words until remarks become incomprehensible to anyone but specialists or mathematicians. The argueing then becomes both threatening and impossible to follow…until people throw up their hands in despair and yell….

    “I don’t know what you want!”
    “I don’t think even you know what you want anymore”
    “Everyone is just full of Zooba Juice and fighting bogeymen on Zooba Juice, humans who keep wanting things but describing what they want in convoluted complicated ways”.

    If we all knew that some of what is driving all this is simply FEAR caused by the Zooba Juice giving all us zoo humans collective paranoia about one another then we could ATTEND to our grief at losing people who seem to have got lost in the crowd.

    Psychosis often grants a Spiritual way of understanding the bigger picture. As I said before in my previous comment, there is a purpose as to why all of the infighting is occurring on the world stage in our human zoo NOW and not say ten years ago. This is happening NOW to escalate the fighting to fever pitch in order for the fever to break and for BALANCE to be restored. A balanced way for humans to be is to live life placing equal merit on gut feelings as they do on dry reason.

    In the past there were saying like…
    “You be you and I will be me”.
    “You believe what you believe and I will believe what I believe”.

    These saying are necessary for neighbours to love neighbours. But these days, because of Zooba Juice everyone is chanting…

    “you cannot be you”

    “you cannot believe what you believe”.

    Humanity is parking itself in this zone, the zone of “Zooba Juice drunken battling” IN ORDER to one sunny day realize everyone is destroying each other over simple things that have nothing to do with vast overly logical scholarly frightful arguementation.

    Humanity needs to go through this examination of the pitfalls inherent in only ever fighting in order to exhaust itself into the kind of calm needed to build a BETTER world.

    It is like the old solution for quitting smoking that involved smoking a whole packet, in order to induce sickness at the sight of a cigarette. Humans are invited, by Zooba Juice imbibing, to fight and fight and fight as if each fight is a cigarette and humans won’t stop fighting until they make themselves truly SICK OF it.

    But there are those who can step back from the fighting and see glimpses of the insanity of bickering with strangers never met. One of the most beautiful expressions a human can tell another human is….

    “I don’t know you”.

    It is an antidote to the FEAR driven horrible paranoia brewing that seeks false certainty as a soother. Certainty that those people are all bad and these people are all good. Witch hunts and Inquisitions and apocalypses are built on pyres of hot cetrainty.

    Refraining from getting enmeshed in petty arguements is easy. You just have to understand that Zooba Juice has spilled into EVERYONE’s water supply and made them feel OUTRAGE from FEAR.

    Deep down behind the fear is WANT.

    It is the wanting of almost child-like simple things like caring, love, purpose, shelter, warmth, protection, comfort, food, all the things that assist in BALANCE. Wellbeing can only be found through BALANCE.

    It is obviously good to be vocal about wanting these but when the whole of humanity is intoxicated on Zooba Juice and ferociously fighting fighting fighting they lose track, because of the convolutions of over use of logic, of what it is that they want, each of them, as unique individuals. They get swept up in the OUTRAGE, often OUTRAGE about the OUTRAGEOUS. That and OUTRAGE about “saving the planet”. OUTRAGE enough to blow the darned globe off the cosmic map.

  • I reread this article and enjoyed it better for doing so. I stand by my prior comment but I am liking a lot of this article’s approach.

    I guess animals can be “spooked”. A horse can bolt off at seeing a wizen tree. A cat can be bristling at seeing a dog shaped log pile. A fish can flick off by seeing a dapple of light. These fears are taken as real beings and are warded off or fled from. So yeah I can see the parallel with animals and the way humans “spook” at being followed or inhebriated with the “being” that is alcohol.

    I must apologize if I barked. There must be a “spirit” of “comment section addiction” that I should like you to drum me free of.

  • I like your braving doing a very “feelings” comment. It is an emotionally befitting response to this article.

    Whilst here I want to mention Gooba Juice. It is my term for when someone or a collective of persons seem to have imbibed a juice that has them ALL voicing the same suite of notions. Almost as if they are at a soccer game and must only sing the particular slogan replete chanted out song. They seem hypnotized by some spiked drink or some liquid put through drinking water reservoirs. They almost seem zombified by their common lyrics. They become “a side” against another “side”, who also seem to have fallen under a different chant’s style. Both sides have knocked back a glass of Gooba Juice without being aware of it. Perhaps the Gooba Juice got given in their sleep and so that is why they are unaware of why they feel compelled to chant logic or chant logical religious beliefs or impassioned ideologies. Possibly angels or spirits or deities or guides gave them the Gooba Juice. But why?

    In order to polarize a society.


    Because a new civilization is waiting to be born from what does not work in the rubble of the old civilization. Gooba Juice speeds up that process by getting EVERYONE to quarrel and fight and war with each other….SO THAT….the new civilization will have had ENOUGH of disputes and battles and squabbles and nursery school wars AND choose NOT to fight anymore as fighting only begets yet more fighting.

    So even though Gooba Juice is a rather divine intervention by galactic overseers and even though it causes an intensification of narrowed polarized bickering or “side” picking, as if ALL are hypnotized and repeating the same slogans, humans need this time of battling in order to eventually understand the futility of forcing the “different” to be like themselves. Once humanity realizes that it must follow more the adage of “Live and let live” only then will love grow and the new civilization will be ready to be born.

    So if you are puzzled by all the logal fighting and “side” mustering points going all around you it is helpful sometimes to view it as from people having gone drunk on Gooba Juice. View the painful polarizing going on EVERYWHERE as being a bit like the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty where ALL the population of the palace ALSO FELL ASLEEP for a hundred years.

    Earth’s people are having to learn all about the positive uses of fighting AND the negative uses of fighting and learn this in an escalated fast frenetic way. Gooba Juice helps speed up that process by causing hypnotic infighting and arguing and clobbering opponents with logical righteous mockery. Behind every striving to argue about being “right” is often fear. Humans en masse are undergoing the chance to learn how to look after themselves better by not being so easily led by their mind based way of dealing with their fears but rather by sitting down with their feeling of fear and mothering that distress in a more immediate less warmongering way.

    This learning about “love” and learning about “lovelessness” is needed by humanity in order for humanity to not blow itself up in a whopping nuclear Armageddon.

    When I see some person rant in outrage at some very trivial minor matter I suspect they…

    “know not what they are doing”.

    They are sleep walking. They are dreaming. They are disgruntled about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE because they unwittingly have been on the invisible Gooba Juice.

  • In my land a six year old child has just gotten into serious trouble with the law for “hate speech”. A six year old! The legal system.

    I think there was a time just prior to the breakout of revolution where the Christain church went obsessive on logical analysis, to the point where scholars of that time debated for ages over how many angels can dance on the pinnacle of a pin. This is what an over emphasis on logic brings humans to, they get swept up into a vortex of logic that goes around in circular arguments and eats its own tail and from the perspective of a caveman begins to feel a bit unwise not wise.

    To have a healthy use of logic requires that logic be balanced by gut feelings, this combination arrives at common sense.

    Children are creatures who live in the “feelings accepting” here and now and seldom think five minutes ahead into the consequences of their speech. At my school other children were called smelly or poop or pissy pants or cry baby. Was that bullying? For some it was, for others it was jokey insolence or one up manship. If you watch a litter of kittens they are often pouncing on each other, practicing being grown up lions. Is that “phobia”?

    It says in the Declaration of Human Rights that we are all entitled to “hold our own opinion”. I think having an opinion can be fed by our own feelings, something we also have a right to feel, since opinions and feelings are not outward behaviour. So I think it is not the end of the world if someone feels phobic fear so long as they never come out with any bullying bad behaviour. You cannot force love. Not without being a bully. Lots of people have phobias. There are millions of ways people fear each other without such fear ever becoming outbursts of numb cruelty. Chasing people and telling them they must not feel fear probably escalates tension.

    I am not sure of what I am saying here but just that children have been doing “being children” for centuries without outside interference from logical legal systems.

    That said I do think no trans child should be bullied.

    NO child should be bullied.

    Logic always wants to do the job of love that love can do better.

    Any child is given to off the cuff moments of hissy fit hatred. Any child is a babbler of speech. Thus a child can come out with both of these combined in the moment of sticking out a tongue.

    I am against bullying.

    Which also means that you cannot bully someone to love you. To force love out of someone is the soonest way to destroy what little love there is.

    Bullying is outward bad behaviour. How a person feels within is really an interior free choice. Feelings are not hurtful unless thoughts turn the person to outward physical acts of violence or abuse.

    NO child should be treated with violence or abuse or intolerance.

  • https://youtu.be/GplXBlTNO4A

    Pete Goff, I like this Space themed video. Humanity likes the way that analytical scientific thinking can build breakthroughs. There is almost a romantic quality to the stiff application that science has, to qwell what is frightening to the caveman sense of worried doubt.

    Humanity adores science and makes a computery God out of scientific logical findings. Logic counteracts superstition. But superstition is closely linked to vibes and emotions, and these are of equal value in “choice making”.

    I like your mice comment for its sheer scientific dazzle. I am glad that Steve opted to publish it. One cannot have a healthy debate if there is only ever one “side”. So it is good to have a multiplicity of thoughts on such matters. I like some of what you say AND I like some of what Steve says.

    As for Iva’s lovely article I can only say that for me my own feelings want to keep my “label” or diagnosis. If the invisible ghost in my delusion tells me to do something I do not want to, I find it important to ME that I can call that ghost just my illness. I use the word illness because I FEEL ill all day and night, and it is not because a person in a suit tells me that this is what I am. For these reasons I am not for dropping my “label” as some might like me to do. A complication in all this for me is that the ghost in my delusion daily voices a command that I HAVE TO agree with him that I have schizophrenia or he will torment me more.

    All of these nuances considered, I do like what you say in all of your article and I do vote for every individual having “free choice” about how they feel about their own struggle. A very scientific way of understanding a problem is a free choice. A very organic shamanic emotion focused way of understanding a problem is also a free choice.

    Free choice affects inner balance. If you are ideologically robbed of your free choice to regard your own personal issue in the way you deem fit then imbalance can be the result of that robbery. I want to keep my label. You want to not keep yours. Each of our free choices adds to our own sense of our own normal for us. If a person proffessing armchair expertize takes anyone’s normal and tells them they should not have their own normal, that know-it-all pontificator likely adds to their imbalance.

    There are pontificators who do such things in the realm of psychiatry. There are pontificators who do such things in the realm of anti psychiatry.

    Balance happens when you get to define yourself in the way you believe yourself to be.

    That can be someone without a label.

    Or someone who wants to retain their label.

    Accepting your own feelings is balancing. Having some authority tell you not to accept your feelings and understandings can be imbalancing. Balance leads to wellbeing. Imbalance leads to breakdown.

    Accepting your own feelings is one achievement but you need at times for other people to be “feelings accepting” of you.

    Balance happens when you get to define yourself in the way you feel and believe yourself to be.

    Accepting that you wish to keep your label. Or accepting that you feel you do not want to keep your label.

    The label or item is not really the main bugaboo. The bone of contention lies in not having the birthright free choice to be in sync with your own feelings and free choice.

    What logic often does is it examines your feelings to see if there is any logic in your feelings. But logic is of the mind. Logic is not of feelings. Feelings are wonderfully messy, inexplicable, intuitive, nonsensical enough to love without limit.

    So when logic tries to tell a person that they ought to change their feeling of not wanting a label…or when logic tries to tell a person they should change their feeling of desiring to keep their label, it is an imposition by intrusive logical mind based thought on to some person’s contented “feelings acceptance”.

    Your “feelings acceptance” has you binning your label.

    My “feelings acceptance” has me keeping mine.

    Both are different ways for us to keep what brings us inner peace and balance and a sense of our own choice of normal for us as individuals. Balance brings wellbeing, even if you or I might disagree about each others free choices, to say have a label of chuck a label.

    It is not so much the objects or items or terminology or words in a free choice that poses the problem of bullying, but that people arguing against our own innate ongoing “feelings acceptance” of our unique free choices feels pressurizing and imbalancing.

  • I sometimes do not mind if people want to fear me. I know of one schizophrenic who shines their diagnosis like a torch light if they happen to be outside walking the city streets late at night. They yell that they are schizophrenic and get left in peace to enjoy their saunter.

    I have known persons who demand that I do not stigmatize or fear them but love them unconditionally. Bullies often demand you don’t stigmatize them for behaving badly. Such as the time I was assaulted.

    So it is a complex subject really. We need to be able, as a community, to stigmatize certain appalling bad behaviours like rape.

    So I am not for the sweeping notion that ALL stigma is like a phobia. People should be free to fear whomever they have a feeling of fear about. Indoctrinating people out of healthy fear is adding to the numbing down of normal emotions. But emotions are not outward behaviour. Outward behaviour can be atrocious, especially when that person behaving badly is disconnected from their feelings, particularly the feelings that form caring. Outward bad behaviour must be banned because it is bullying. But there is only an intensification of resentment if a person is told they are not allowed to feel their own phobic fear. A felt feeling moves swiftly on and becomes a new feeling. Supressing the inner feeling of fear is leads to more and more numbness, as a defence against feeling anything at all. It is the numb who act with outward bad behaviour and cruelty. The numb cannot care. The feeling can care, even if fear is mixed into the mishmash of emotions churned up.

    We stigmatize all the time in our inner chats with ourselves as we go shopping in a mall and encounter a vast variety of people who we like and people who we mistrust. That inner stigmatizing is harmless. Ill tempered two year olds and octogenarians do this inner snubbing of strangers. It is animal wariness. But when it becomes outward bullying behaviour “that” is when it can be an aggressive or oppressive action. But outward behaviour need leverage to spring out. That lever is not the feeling of fear but is “a thought”. A thinking decisively to act externally. The thought might be using the feeling of fear as a stepping stone by convincing the self that…

    “yes…that hat wearing odd individual really is a criminal”.

    A feeling of fear is an internal state that cannot hurt anyone. Once the mind includes a paranoid “thought” to that feeling of fear only THEN outward behaviour can leap into action.

    You may never get rid of the human propensity to occasionally fear others and even stigmatize them inwardly, not without making things worse, via numbing, which then escalates into supressed wishes to act cruelly. But you can BAN cruelty. You can BAN outward bad stigmatizing behaviour. But you cannot force someone to love you or force someone not to fear you. You cannot force feelings. You can only make someone ill by policing their inner emotions. Feelings happen too fast to checkpoint them. You can get someone to give their own feelings a row or get them to be embarrased by those feelings but this often either has them lidding their feelings in a toxic blockage or it brews resentment or it causes numb cruelty.

    I have been on an art retreat scenario where the other residents formed a whispering bubble of conniving contempt against me simply due to the fact that I introduced myself as schizophrenic. Their loss. Eejits! I found it quite funny. Wrote a ten page poem about their snooty pushy assumption that psychosis is an imbecilic condition. They were going from just fearing me to thinking up idiotic ideas about me and smirkingly telling me how to use a teaspoon properly.

    We will know more when The Hoover Dam gets exploded. The stigmatized always have the last laugh.

  • Another wonderful article, Peter.

    I agree that excercise does improve low spirits, however, I think excercise hides a yearning for “PLAY”. All creatures play within their environments. When their bodies are shuffled around parking lots or sidewalks this is not play. Parcour was all the rage a while back and although my catasrophic thinking made me nervous of other people jumping off tall buildings I did see the joy in their balletically engaging with street furniture. It seems a taboo, being an adult who would walk on walls and spin around and around street signs. Conformity can straight jacket the body. Bodies are meant to “move” and feel moved to tears and laughter by props in the local environment. We are apes. Conformity makes invisible barbed wire that bids us only walk in straight lines. We are stared at if we wander, whether on the page or in the pedestrian walkway.

    We are allowed to PLAY only if we dont call it that but instead say we are doing mechanistic sport. Sport is the grown up word for play. Sport is allowed because it has fussy little regulations to keep the straight jacket tight and snug.
    Play is often amorphous in the way it evolves more and more spontaneous chapters.

    I do think excercise on its own may not help severe depression. A person who has just lost the love of their life might not be impressed if told to go buy a pair of running shoes. But play often involves other people, and this other people factor can be healing for the lonesome ape within all of us.

  • Yes, I flagged this up myself a while ago. This is a really important and good article.

    Being born an addict with withdrawal cravings might set those children up for yearning for the back to womby bliss from street drugs. Then they get pregnant while on drugs and the cycle repeats. I do think some mom’s choose sophoriphics if they are weary from arguing all day with bickering partners. But those elixirs of calm should only be from safe herbalism specialists and only in a crisis. Your valerians and passifloras. Ancient respected remedies plucked by apothecaries from verdant hedges.

    In Prozac’s hey day even babies in the womb were probably imbibing Prozac and finding their developing brain’s serotonin peaks and troughs inconsolable.

    A crying baby can become a neglected baby if young parents have exhaustedly knocked on the doctor’s door and “tried everything” to soothe the baby. Mothers used to be blamed for being uptight. Told their “energy” or “worry” or “neuroticism” was to blame for a yelping pitiful bundle of joylessness. It would be slipped in their records that they were possibly not looking after their baby. Some babies may even have been taken away into foster care.

    But I do hope this understanding won’t lead to grown up kids blaming their duped mothers for generational iatrogenic harm. Like passive smoking was sometimes blamed for some non smoker growing a tumour. The pills thing is an international and intergenerational TRAGEDY. Mothers would not have taken such pharmaceuticals had they had better knowledge of the consequences. We must move away from reactions that are parent blaming and instead create ways to repair the unintended awful results.

  • I recall a time when the word “youth” and “drugs” never occured in the same sentence without shock. It was inconceivable that a child would imbibe ANY drugs. Oh for the good old days.

    I am all for the scrapping of prescibing of prescription drugs to children. I personally would call for a ban on giving antipsychotics to anyone under the age of twenty five, but I am not the “chooser” of other peoples free choices. I would have no child on anti depressants or anti psychotics…but I would also ban canabis for kiddies, heroin for teens, crack for youth, cigarettes and alcohol and anabolic steroids for juveniles. Perhaps society needs to reinvisage what it wants to mean when it says the word “child”, and “youth”. It is as if society negated bothering to envisage healthy children. You need to dream of health before you tackle its rampant loss.

  • Animals are individuals.

    No animal has to read a textbook on how it “should” conduct itself.

    Humans are extremly mixed up creatures who think they are not animals. They think they must fatten their minds with lofty logic to pass as this century’s notion of “a good person”. This is because they are taught that not having intelligence means they are “a dumb animal”.

    Animals do not give a flying fluck about “the universe”, in academic terms. Animals JUST BE. That is how they BECOME the universe.

    Animals stay academically stupid and eschew all “lessons lessons lessons” of any cerebral sort. They accept “no lessons” and they preach “no lessons”. They need no teachings about Oneness. They BE it. By intellectually knowing nothing much about it or about anything.

    Animals cannot tie their shoelaces and yet….

    No animals cause wars.

    Much of the clarion call to bow to a Oneness God, especially over the internet, is a clarion call to bow to the God that Supreme Logic has become to billions.

    When logic is underfed emotions…then logic is like a rifle.

  • In addition to my earlier comment I have more to say.

    “In Praise of Irrelevance” is a book title I should like to see on a shelf since we are living in an era where everyone is frightened to be bored and so are searching for relevance, relevance, relevance in everything, even, so it seems, in cabaret spandex panty elastic. When everyone is seeking relevance it is easy for “desecration for its own sake” to become excitingly relevant. Desecration stops the tedium of stultifying predictability. But there are more healthy ways to thwart predictability than going around in a spree of mindless desecration.

  • Recovery can be anchored in symbols of wellness such as a nice home, steady job, trophy husband, trophy wife. In rural parts of Africa it may be measured by other things like having abundant livestock, and being physically able. The symbols of one groups understanding of “getting better” may differ dramatically from another groups idea of normal. Indeed, if one groups recovery is being thwarted by another groups oppressing style of recovery there can be a wish to invert or mock or smash up the symbols of the recovery of that group or culture.

    A culture can have bounty or spoils that are symbols taken from another culture. Or it can have trashed those symbols and be triumphantly parading them and ridiculing those symbols, or a culture can build its own symbols from scratch, lovely symbols untainted by war.

    A symbol of culture may be just originally “a reaction against” another culture? And if it is a reaction, like a finger gesture or mooning, can it be called a symbol?

    A Christain has the cross as a symbol. People who disagree with Christainity take the symbol and desecrate it.

    There is a lot of toppling of symbols these days. As cultures crack apart and want nothing to do with bowing to old symbols.

    Is desecration now a factory production line of insults traded against any culture? Is desecration of a prior symbol now superceding as the new symbol?
    When desecration, which can be a liberating factor, becomes deemed a helpful new suite of symbols, people can start to worship desecration for its own sake. This then brings cultures to war with each other. Until a baby gets broken for being a symbol requiring desecration.

  • https://youtu.be/RGGP525IiCI

    Where I live we used to have “the belt”. It was a long piece of thick unyeilding leather with two tongs on the end. Often it was only used as a threat of its use. But one day it was given to my poor palm….THWACKKK!!!!
    Apparently I had flung an eraser. I would sooner fling a dull school book if I were to fling anything. I want the world to know “it was not me!”.

    Was I deeply emotionally stunted? No. I was outraged. I was hurt. I was full of hatred. For weeks. But…I got over it. It was just the school being the midnight forest.

    Years later there came news that “the belt” was to be banned. Most of the school room did not want it banned. Most of the school room knew that as soon as it was then the other kids who were remorseless bullies would rule the roost and noise up in study times and make learning anything impossible. The bullies became violent, not just to us sensitives but violent towards the teachers. The teachers had to shout above the racket which meant the women teachers with lighter voices had to shriek. Meanwhile I was routinely stabbed with school kit and my male friend was threatened with a bread knife for doing nothing. I became so despondent I did not go to school eventually and so my classes were in subjects like lonely carpark or lonely back yard or lonely scenic spot for a suicide. I am these days sure that NO child should be going to school AT ALL. Even the fee paying schools are DANGEROUS. More so than any pristine gibbon forest can be dangerous. All schools are awash with drugs and porn and mayhem that nobody needs when they are but a child. But that is only my understanding.

    The video link I listened to podcast style as I painted a wall. At first I yawned at the plodding narrator but soon I became enthralled by his true account. As an amusement I put it here because it is about parenthood and how it can be done by an advanced civilization. I happen to believe that the extra terrestial visitors are simply “us”. They are us humans from the future, returning to pick a few berries and buy fashion wear and do sight seeing for the advanced children. Interestingly the parents ultimately PROTECT their children by not letting ANYONE come near them. As if they already know how our era is panning out and how far more psychologically balanced it needs to get to look after the most precious things we create.
    But that “balance” is not found in academic sophistication. It is found in nature, where animals might not look like they care for their offspring but just some perverse onlooker try to walk off with any!

    The parents in our far flung future let NO ONE interfere with childcare.

    I wonder why that is……..

  • https://youtu.be/d1sI27JZPYc

    Thank you Miranda for such a comprehensive and balanced article.

    This video clip is of a Gibbon mom and infant. I found it yesterday by chance.

    The mom looks ambivallent at moments. This or mystified. Then pleased. Then uncomfortable. Then irked. Then fascinated. Then contemptuous. Then doting.

    The ambivallence is enthralling to see. A tree is ambivallent. This new infant is going to drown in an ocean of tree canopies if it does not stay shocked enough to cling. A tree is not going to save it. The baby is expected to literally “get a grip”.

    If this video were of a human parent and their human newborn the human parent would be arrested for negligence.

    But humans are animals. One’s who are not so far removed from gibbons. Resilience is an important skill that feeds a lot of needs that come under the awning of self-confidence and courage. This gibbon baby is being taught self-confidence not by a batch of “lessons” in a school but by going with the flow of literal and emotional “balance”. The gibbon baby may seem to thrive on neglect. A forest is a neglectful environment that just doesn’t give a damn about cute baby anything. A forest can be a heaven or a hell. This is why nature makes parents who play the part of ambivallent forest trees so that the infants grasp that life is not always going to be a bed of roses.

    Ah but now human parents have been taught that to not show their kids undying devotion 24/7 is almost as toxic as murdering the little ones. Their offspring then grow up with no resilient coping strategies where it becomes quite clear that the world does not give a damn if they fall from grace or just fall from a bridge or tall building.

    Psychotherapy is great when it is needed. I love psychotherapy. But it has entered the water supply and as such has become inappropriately served to those who do not want nor need it. Now anyone who imbibes psychotherapy can call themselves one. Until psychotherapy has become an ideology. Psychotherapy has become a zoo keeper, checking that all the stock are breeding properly. Telling gibbon moms how to nurse gibbon babies with more of a tender look in their eyes, make brimming eyes. The reality in good old nature is a bit of a refrigerator parent. In nature is a gibbon parent who wears their offspring like an irksome encumberance, as if the wriggling accoutrement were an off the shoulder satchel someone flung and said was all going down a riot in Paris.

    We may well need “lessons” in how not to rear offspring but I rather think our propensity to keep giving “lessons” at all is the humany controlling and neurotic part that needs curbed.

    The whole human species up until now has survived milennia of gibbonesque…terse moments of ambivallence.

  • It will be good when we dispense with the myth of the perfect fixed person. We ought to be aware that this powerful myth can sweep into modern medicine AND in more indigenous places also. The myth is a romanticisation of healing. Animals do not make a complicated ritual out of their healing. Animals just recognise they are in pain and they take themselves off to a quiet den and doze and rest until they get their balance back. Humans are animals. The mind always wants to make a fancy complex ideology out of “healing”, one that requires courses and books and slide shows and indoctrinations and certificates of perfectly fixed logical education, all with plenty of “lessons”. Until the healers become “experts in you”.

    An animal is its own expert…by staying stupid enough to respond to the sick body immediately.

    The human mind loathes the vulnerable sick body.

  • p.s.

    ….not that angels pontificate over comments and demand everyone be love. To make no demands is often the loveliest thing. Angels are undemanding, and even the “free choice” to be loving is regarded as a “choice” that can be politely declined according to the angels.

    Some people cannot rustle up any love, many for understandable valid reasons.

    For the angels anything goes except these three things…child abuse, bullying, cruelty.

  • Thankyou Ron for your response.

    Can you feel you are being watched? I say you cannot.

    You can feel a feeling like scared.

    Then the analytical thinking mind scans around in the environment for a logical reason, such as an assumption of being watched. Being watched is a behaviour.

    To say…

    “I feel THAT I am being watched”

    is not a feeling but a thought. Feelings are close to thinking but they are not quite the same thing. Our feelings are interior states like fear or sadness or joy. To use a feeling to begin an outward action requires executive thinking. Decision about how to act and why. You may feel scared and then your thought tells you a valid or preposterous reason why. And sometimes the mind reverses over your feeling by telling you that you should not feel scared, but that mind instruction is not the raw feeling either.
    Feeling an authentic feeling like “scared” is always reliable and true. The logic or thought or reason that your mind comes up with by way of an explanation, like being watched, may be bananas and quite crazy. It may have no basis in reality. There is an “isness” to feeling a raw feeling that is like the reflex upon touching a hot stove or a block of ice. Your feeling is nobody elses and ought not to be judged by a critic, even an internal mind critic. Feeling a feeling is an inward state and not an outward behaviour. Thinking prompts the outward acts of behaviour, based on the mind’s assumption about being watched.

    Well, that is how I have come to regard this topic. My way of seeing is not to everyone’s taste. Though maybe we ought to celebrate having a mix of many philosophies. I could prattle on but my intellect is slumped in slovenly torpidity from being lazy at this point in time. And I am more interested in befriending than arm wrestling. The angels often humorously say to me…
    “What do you want? You can be right…
    or you can be love”.

  • Dreams Ron. I want to talk about dreams. Not nocturnal sleep dreams but ambitions, sense of purpose, sense of being a gift bearer returning to the hostile tribe, sense of mission. We all need dreams. Over many centuries our little dreams have been local and unthreatening as proposals to “change”. Bystanders either like the little dream or walk away. But since the instituting of the global internet suddenly a person’s tidy local dream can be backed up by a massive online army, all braying for instant complience with the dream’s proposed changes. This turns the little dream into an instant nightmare for the many, many, many online who prefer their own little dream. So what used to be “a good idea” or “a healing dream” that a person wants to see prolifferate and prosper and become a force of goodness for anyone soon seems a coerced nightmare for everyone, since the internet artificially draws in that “army” crowd factor. Soon the dainty little dream of one person gets beaten down lest it “spread” like a “bad dream”. This huge global state of fright is occurring now to EVERYONE who gazes at social media and sees a million different competing dreams. The sense of being imperilled by nightmare “dream crushers” or armies of “dream mockers” is a fear related to the way the internet’s “reach” has turned people into tooled up “dream defending” militaristic generals with comments like ammo.

    It becomes impossible after a while to settle back down into the realization our forefathers had, that a little local dream is an essential thing that needs encouraged and is seldom harmful. To be human is to dream deeply of how to improve life. But due to the way hatred is amplified by the internet all of our different little dreams get deemed “threatening”.

    No dream is ever very threatening. Dreams are a medicinal soother. We are inclined to want to share our own unique little dream, since dreams make us happy and since happiness is shared. But because humanity now shares dreams all over the globe because of the internet, such that a dream can be in Moscow and Vanauatu and Trinidad in a click, this generates thousands of potential supporters or thousands of potential haters to our each little dream. In time we become defensive stompers on any one else’s dream, as if flattening specific weeds in a wild flower meadow.
    But none of that violent crack down on competing dreams is necessary. The world is vast. Over 24 thousand miles in circumference. You can have your wonderful dream and I can have my wonderful dream.

    What I am saying is that having a heartfelt dream every day is powerfully healing. Bullying is something quite different. People bully due to fear, fear of an army of haters on social media who will not tolerate their little local inspired dream. A dream is a vision. Bullying is a force that can swamp that vision. As a force it is not the dream. What I mean is that ALL dreams are mostly innocuous and healing, even politically extreme dreams. Dreams help us feel balanced. But bullying a dream onto others or foisting it or demanding that the dream be the only dream taken seriously is erosive of “free choice”. Without “free choice” a human cannot access a feeling of caring and compassion and love.
    The way the internet itself has become a montrous big bully of anyone’s tiny little bright spark heartfelt vision IS the problem and not the multifarious dreams themselves.

    The cripple always sees the extent to how indoctrinated an an army is becoming on the pinnacle moment of societal change, because the cripple cannot wave a flag nor follow the protests and marchers and so the cripple looks like the enemy, even though they have done nothing wrong. Attacked for having done nothing wrong, the cripple becomes a sudden mirror to the utopianites.

  • Ron, I think if I had sessions with you I would come home feeling greatly uplifted and at ease.

    However, you would not cure my illness with your fine words. I too have fine words and my schizophrenia spits on my go at curing myself.

    There is a problem in using words like depression or schizophrenia if we do not acknowledge that there are as many different kinds and severities of depressions and schitzophrenias as there are individuals who have them. My illness is SEVERE. People may not believe it since I am erudite. But that would be to credit intelligence as a cure for craziness whereas I think intelligence is more likely to cause madness, but clever people like to think that learning educative lessons innoculates them against becoming an fool, something the mad are deemed to be.

    Where was I? Oh yes, severity of conditions. I have schizophrenic pals who only have minimal delusions or hallucinations and these almost annihilate them, and I have schizophrenic chums with terrible onslaughts of delusions and hallucinations who fair okay. My severe hallucinations are a form of relentless all day torture. If it is me doing that to myself why on earth would I? And for twenty harrowing dreadful years? No! I am not at fault for what has become of me.

    I DO like your faith and skepticism model though. I think it is beautiful. But not “for” me. Someone else. Though do keep developing it.

    Imagine a hallucination of a second sun. You look up in the sky and there it is. Faith has not put that very very real hallucination there. A hallucination feels exactly like the reality of the solar disc. A person is not skeptical of the sun, or needing more faith in the sun. Some “realities” are unquestionable. So it is for me with my severe schizophrenia. I feel a tactile touch and it feels as real as the solar disc is real and the moon and the stars. I do not skittishly work on having faith in such phenomena, nor doubt, nor skepticism. The reality is given to me as a “given”. My torment is “given”, I do not use it as a coping strategy. It is not at all like the willed decision to stop eating as a strategy in anorexia. Some person hallucinating on LSD does not “use” the hallucination of a gigantic singing beach ball as a coping strategy.

    To be fair you might have inroads in the realm of delusions as coping strategies. For instance I am convinced that a “being” inflicts the hallucinations of tactile sense upon me. Perhaps my colouring in book coping mechanism unconsciously chose a “being” to be my nemesis, and chose it with rash certainty. I am trying to put more skeptism into my delusion but it feels to me like building another delusion out of bits of normal, a clunky unfamiliar narrative is what I try to superimpose over my habitual assumption. I believe agnosia is a real thing, just like an LSD tripper thinks they are normal, and the agnosia around psychosis often prevents a person with psychosis from knowing they are.

    I shall say no more, mostly because I like what you are offering. I like your way of keeping up with the mess that psychosis often leaves in its wake.

    Imagine two groups. One group has depression for vague reasons. The other group has depression and they are being beaten up by a domineering family member. My schizophrenia is like this second group. It is no good treating just the coping strategies in depression without attending to the tyranny that non stop hallucinations are. And because hallucinations are like LSD hallucinations but never endingly so, and because they feel as “real” as the solar disc beaming in the sky, they are impossible to fix. Alls you can do is apply comfort. It is like epilepsy or chronic pain. The wish is for euthanasia.

    I do not want to seem churlish. Your plan is genius. Do keep on with it. Will it help severe psychosis? I am not sure.

    I have a lovely nurse and he brings me medication. He sits for a while on my green chair and asks me innocuous homey questions. We pass the time like this and then he is gone. Take away the medication and JUST have him come round to chat to me while I am trying to do embroidery, medication free, which is something I shall be free of soon enough, and his simple ordinary companionship IS my medicine and IS my therapy. His inability to foist any cure on my incurable hallucinations is his more or less bravely saying…

    “I cannot help you”.

    How I love it when people just BE with me in my own lonely helplessness like that.

    It’s like being a solitary Martian on Mars and discovering….

    another Martian.

  • What if we got better at grief?

    What if we got better at dropping the collective compulsion to get “better” at anything collectively and instead leave defining better to the unique individual whose grief it happens to be?

    I was tempted to squirrel-in a comment on anorexia in the “excercise is better than antidepressants for depression” but I think there is a similarity here. In the haste to do away with prescriptions for “what’s wrong” there has grown an ease around proclaiming that there is a collective pressure to attend to what’s wrong, when really the individual ought to be front and centre in saying whether something is wrong, and what that might be, and how best to heal from it, if change is wanted at all. Some individuals may like new ways of regarding grief, some may prefer old traditional ways of regarding grief.

    I learned today that my uncle has just died. I recall my sister’s death with remembering something she said in the weeks before it. I was sitting in her livingroom trying to say words of comfort when she suddenly sat up imperiously and archly said…

    “This is MY DEATH and I will do it MY way”.

    This is MY grief and I will do it MY way.

  • Part of the problem is in seeing depression as a ONE thing. In my life I have had a variety of depressions. Like a variety of infectious colds. Some were severe enough to slow my body down but most were godsends. Mild depressions were like a bandage over my mounting feelings. A protective poultice that I wanted others to acknowledge. The depression was not “the wound” but rather the scab over the wound. Studies have shown that depressed people are often better at assessing reality than their grinning counterparts. Sometimes leaning in to a good depression promises a release of what lies under it…sadness. And so a person may trot off to their doctor for anti depressants but have an inner conflict about whether they realy want to be rid of their mild depression. A person feeling like this may not mind if the actual pills are little more than public pointers to the fact they are depressed. Clutching a prescription can validate a person’s sense that they have a right to be putting a depression poultice over a feeling of sadness. In a world where people are not allowed to feel sadness but must look perfectly sorted, the prescription becomes a ticket to freedom from guilt. In this way a person may not mind if the actual pills are next to useless. The placebo effect began before they boarded the bus to attend the doctor’s appointment. And since the mild depression poultice kind of IS the response to the true medicine that is the feeling of sadness the person may not want a “happy pill” to work a cure and cause them to be the sort of sorted people they get bullied by.

    This casual acceptance of the pills being a bit rubbish is held in a tension with the need to openly show how depressed the person is. And in our modern world the “way” you show you are depressed is by having a medical prescription exonerating you to your grinning fixed detractors. In this way the paper prescription IS much of the placebo comfort blanket.

    In other cultures there are perhaps various other ways to show to people how depressed you are. That is when it is mild depression and you still harbour a hope that merely by people “knowing” you are officially depressed this will make them more consoling. A deeper depression goes beyond wanting anything from anyone. There is only numbness covering that wound….what wound…who gives a shit?

  • https://youtu.be/Ol-6c-Ob04E

    I felt very perplexed this morning. Even low. When quite by chance this song came on.

    I would add to my previous comment that in life it is more often the magic of the UNEXPECTED that sets a person back together again. This factor of unexpectedness is woven into the tapestry of nature so much that you cannot go for a walk in a wilderness without meeting the miraculous unexpectedly. These unexpected moments accumulate as treasures you can never replicate. The rareness of them, by the way they cannot be reproduced, enriches the spirit.

    This is often overlooked as an important medicine. Sometimes it proves lifesaving. And often arriving with sychronous humour.

    You cannot put it in a book or treatment model. Yet it is often only this that saves us.

  • Iva what a lovely article you wrote.

    I bought two trees this week. One looks to be in fine fettle with burgeoning leaves but the other looks like a public execution. I don’t know what I did wrong. Too much water? Are tree “types” really so different? Are individual trees fussy? What is it in a human that rushes to encapsulate a species as all the same? We humans, like trees, look similar but we are all so different.

    Here is a neat trick.

    If someone says this…

    “I feel THAT I am being punished”.

    They are not FEELING a FEELING. Instead, by using the telltale word “THAT”, they then go on to describe an outward act of behaviour, either their own act or other peoples acts towards them. A “punishment” is not a FEELING. An emotion immersed statement would look more like this…

    “I feel really furious and sad because someone has punished me by throwing a cup at me”.

    Fury and sadness ARE FEELINGS. The person with such emotions knows they are feeling those feelings…and why.

    Here is another non-emotional statement…

    “I feel THAT nobody gives a damn about me”.

    This statement arrives at a logical conclusion ABOUT other peoples behaviour without tapping into the FEELING of terrible sorrow about being rejected.

    People can dip in and out of psychotherapy for decades and seem to be expressing their difficult emotions but ALL they are doing is AVOIDING feeling the full impact of the feeling. Instead; often with the therapist’s logic looking assistance, the client merely “describes” the apparent judgement of the feeling, judgement by others.

    “I feel THAT they never liked me”.
    “I feel THAT no one would miss me”.
    “I feel THAT everyone wants to shun me”.

    None of these above statements have a flicker of emotion in them. Not one tear of “sadness” or “loss” or “rage” or “grief”. It is as if the THAT word is a lid keeping all the emotions out of sight. Only the actions are mentioned, the assumed judgements or descriptions of actions from others.

    It is quite possible to spend years thinking you are an emotionally expressive person who tells all and yet you never FEEL anything. It becomes a way of using analysis and rationalizing as means of the avoidance of feelings, habitually done to logically TIDY UP messy feelings. All too often a session is a way to do this tidy analytical stuff.

    I think your boy in the bedroom was given a number of “THATS” to explain/rationalize his emotional fog. He felt this way because of THAT or THAT or THAT.

    I am more for emotions themselves being the ONLY therapist we need. They do not have to make analytical or reasonable SENSE. Our feelings can be….

    “I feel deeply sad because I am in a sad moment”.

    Babies are the best at allowing their feelings to be their own experts. Babies never use the THAT word, nor rationally explain their ever changing states. They never feel they “have to” make any sense at all. And fully feeling a feeling quicky brings so much healing that there is nothing more needed.

    As such our feelings do not need to be ABOUT and action at all. Our feelings are schooled into “having to” be explanatory because LOGIC is a GREAT BIG BULLY systemically that says we must ALWAYS look like we make PERFECT rational sense…because if we do not then we are behaving like babies or mad women and that is NOT allowed in grown up employable populations. The myth of the perfectly fixed human is a religious salvation we all have to play along with. Look saved or salvagable by logic even when you are inexplicably, as the baby is, “sad” or feel “loss” or feel “grief” or feel “rage”.

    My understanding of boy one is he does not feel any feelings at all, he is numbly discontent and he just lives in a climate of explaining his feelings to avoid ever feeling them. But what he may explain most is the state of having no connection to his feelings. So he will be explaining numbness and alienation and disturbance and unrealness and all the many consequences of blocking the normal flow of emotionality.

    But I do not like the “idea” of “teaching” anyone “how to” have their own private feelings. All the talk about “emotional regulation” sounds to me like some external expert monitoring your babyish feeling of just sadness or just loss or just exuberance.

    The problem in the world is not one of what to do ABOUT feelings. Feelings fix feelings by being left alone to be felt. The problem in the world is one of allowing logic to mock feelings into numb blockage of feelings and that lidded numb sensation then being experienced as “numb deadness” or “explosiveness”. Neither of those are healthy or balanced.

    I must be away now. Things to do. I just flew in for a natter (chitchat).

  • https://youtu.be/0E3qomiCuxw

    Ps. My closing song.

    And as I leave I want to say this…

    I have scattered my writing like pollen all over the world. I have secreted it away in the libraries and top pockets and notebooks of hundreds all over the globe. I am not talking about the writing in response to mental states. I mean my expanded prophetic philosophical writing. I invite the reader of integrity to click on my name and in that way summon up all my past comments and borrow inspiration from me by duplicating most of my eight hundred comments made here into a book for puzzled amusement. When the Hoover Dam goes some will realize I am a seer. My writing is not “lessons”. I abhore “lessons” and “teachings” of a “logical” or “righteous” mindset. My writing is just my whimsy. My song. As the sparrow sings in an obscure shrub.

    Like Diaphanous Laughing.

  • I question when people who are authors who have NO personal experience of living with schizophrenia or voices seem to want to write chapter after chapter of what that experience apparently is.

    I have no distress or depression or anxiety in my life. I am sunny and witty and happy. I am like someone with a noisy neighbour who plays at top volume a shrieking electric guitar all day and all night for two decades. THAT would get to ANYONE regardless of whether they are depressed or anxious or happy in their life.

    The Hearing Voices movement DOES NOT “champion” ANYTHING but exactly what each unique individual voice hearer WANTS to champion for THEMSELVES. Many schizophrenics are very conservative and prudishly keen on regarding their illness as being a brain condition. Seeing it that way does not instantly mean they sign up for any particular treatment.

    I knew someone who was of the views of this article. They thought relaxation and meditation would “fix” the metaphorical noisy neighbour torment. Just like in history priests thought that confession would “fix” epilepy.

    Trying to imply to a voice hearer that their distress is amplifying the voices or causing the voices and not the other way around is landing the blame for their noisy neighbour misery on them. To me that is NOT LISTENING to the voice hearer’s perspective.

    Anyway, have fun.

    (Ps….I know that The Hoover Dam will be exploded, click on my name…but I really must leave the comments section…as I keep meaning to….so long dear friends….so long).

  • Michael Scott, I apologize if my wit was taken to heart. I am a court jester. I think CBT suffers from its title. Cognitive then behavioural then therapy. Really I see it more as a Buddhist focus on the chattering monkey and a focus on how to reign in destructive thinking. As such it is like a mystical discipline that a monk might try to teach in an ashram or commune of enlightenment-seeking people. But the mechanistic title is kind of boring.

    Gestalt therapy as a title sounds delightfully chaotic.

    Jungian therapy sounds visionary.

    Humanistic therapy sounds sci-fi.

    Rogerian therapy sounds like a bounding dog called Roger leaping across a muddy puddle to befriend anyone.

    The overly logical title that CBT has seems to eschew feelings in favour of yet more dull excersizes in thoughts or mind control. Which is a pity. It is a shame because I know that pesky runaway catastrophic inner preoccupied thinking is at the centre of so many human discontents. Maybe invent a version of CBT that uses a brand new name. Caring Best Therapy. Centering Being Therapy.

    I must go now.

  • Back in the day youth were told NEVER EVER to take street drugs or alcohol or cigarettes. It is perhaps regarded as a tangent but when society “gives up” the battle to keep the brains of children free from those noxious substances it probably makes polypharmacy look more acceptable. Children in any altered state is child neglect. The majority of kids being on drugs, any drugs, in the nineteen forties was unheared of. We have lost the respect parents once had that curtailed some youth from indulging in exuberant drug excesses. Possibly modern era rock stars and celebrities added to the acceptability of the anti-hero romance of being a drug addict. Death won the Oscar awards. Life purpose became meaningless unless your brain was given imported “meaning making” in the form of mind altering substances.

    I think there ought to be a new name for polypharmacy. It sounds too Polyanna playful. Maybe toxic overload or toxic obesity or pollutionpharmacy. Anyway, since antibiotics are now in our drinking water along with forever chemicals all the wild animals are sponging up the rainy residue of polypharmacy. Rain precipitation sooks up ground water peed into by a thousand pill poppers. There may be particles of medication glitterfalling from our clouds. Landing like dandruff on our lapels.

    It is so sad what has become of the sacred time of childhood.

  • Prozac gave me huge dilated pupils, but so does Belladonna. A poison.

    I am curious as to why so many people have gone on to these drugs given all the reports of how awful they are. Are people that stupid or is something else going on. I would suggest that there has been a cultural change in the way people are no longer quite so afraid to admit that they are depressed. It could be similar to social contageon. Maybe looking bright and breezy is the new stigma. I remember my pill popping pals were always feeling their depression was validated “if” they came home with new special blister packs. At that time I thought their motive ran along the lines of….

    “I am only worthy of care IF I am seen to be suffering from the deepest depression, far worse than any depression that ever went before it”.

    I thought that was appalling. All beings are worthy of care even for being healthy. Dogs and cats get cuddled for being healthy.

  • Most hospitals that are not psychiatric ones DO rely on observation and self reporting of physical pain though. And since the experience of physical pain is made worse by abject misery of a psychological sort, such as an impoverished mom having painful contractions in labor, so even in an ordinary hospital it becomes important to factor in psychological states into the way physical pain is experienced and gets soothed. Psychiatry did not invent the use of self reporting. Holistic herbalists are often turned to in desperation because they LOVE our self reporting of our aches and pains and emotional turmoils.

    Perhaps what you mean us that psychiatry “does” peculiar and unnecessarily pompous chicanary or wizardry with “what” we self report. But the placebo upliftment never leaves the ground if a doctor does not convey that he or she has ALL the answers, and products. The hubris from this has inadvertantly allowed bullying to infiltrate the logical paradigm of psychiatry and profess that the self reporting patient is too emotional to “know” themselves “logically”.

    But THIS pompous know-it-all “certainty about everyone” is destined to be a hubris from a mission creep that steals into ANY PARADIGM in our bullying logical society. It could even steal into antipsychiatry if it loses its emotional “heart” to too much defensive posturing with trading insults across the parapet with the same rational bickering reason.

    Antipsychiatry does not need to answer logic with anything but the trobbing beating broken heart of LOVE.
















    BEEN SO.


    BE SO,















    DO NOT









  • I am going to snarl at my own comment like a kid jumps on their own cardboard box collage. I say a wise therapist does not “fix” the “lost”, since being lost is often our manifesting our captive inner child and as such this freeing lostness is our “finding” our “emotional” depths…but I do feel that therapy does “fix” the primate need for cossetting and consolation and comfort “whilst” we are getting used to being illogical and frighteningly but beautufully “emotional”. It is not that being logical is wrong. It is one half of human balance. But society uses regulations cooked up by its over emphasis on logic to dismiss and even reject more emotional responses that appear not to make logical “sense”. Anyways, I do think that therapy does “fix” a great deal, as any human relationship can be the life saving salvation for a lonely person and loneliness is the most virulent pandemics of our modern species.

    I suppose what I meant is that “theories” overly emphasised in that therapeutic bond can reintroduce critical over emphasis on mind monitoring, as is the trait of the overly analytical and overly logical society. So that kind of therapy can replace the warmth of the human huddling relationship that is so good at “fixing” existential loneliness, with a bored barren excercise in complex logical thinking. Though this can be soothing to the nervously “lost” who do not like the overwhelm of emotions from the inner child, and are at pains to push down a numbing depressive lid on such noise and sit in a silent session checking a watch and wondering at the financial cost.

    That’s okay too, logical sessions are just the ticket for some. Free choice is what matters. Not everyone wants to “emote” or have a boogie bear hug with a therapist. Some humans are solemn by nature. Solemn is not a problem to be “fixed”. Solemn may neither mean “lost” nor “lonely”.

  • My late husband was a heroin addict when I first met him. A rich boy addict. Super kind. But very much an addict.

    So, Mr Matte, please think again when saying that heroin is less of a problem than cigarettes. Heroin withdrawal makes a person want to rip the doors off a truck to get a fix. Having at one time in my youth been a cigarette smoker I can say I never incurred that sort of withdrawal urgency. How irresponsible of you to be giving that snippet of knowledge to young people. You might as well have said that antipsychotics cost nothing either. Let’s sprinkle some on our coco pops. Oh wait! I am on them. Yeah! I can say I am not impressed with them and shall endure withdrawal as soon as can reasonably be doing so. Lets glorify a pure body and brain, free of all extraneous substances.

  • More of the return of the refrigerator parents trope. The mom is usually the one depicted as frozen and unloving and traumatizing enough to cause psychosis and schizophrenia. So a generation of normal moms got heckled for causing their kids to be insane, rather than look at other reasons why the offspring were going mad with iatrogenic akathesia and other glaring side effects…no no…the jitteriness was trauma from a shit mother or absent father. Blame the parents. Here we go again.

    The problem is this…

    Child neglect and abuse are real and are on the increase and do need stopped.

    Being a happy child makes a happy adult.

    But here is a mix up.

    A good relationship with your own inner child is essential when you are an adult.

    What can get in the way of that good relationship with your own inner child is the way society sets up an over emphasis on “mind based” living and not on “heart felt” emotional living. Emotions come from the inner child. If that inner child is routinely mocked by the “logical” society, who only accept rationalist ways of being, then that inner child never gets out to play. Feelings never get out to play.

    It is not that there need be bad parents or a traumatic abuse but just that society idealizes “logic” as legitimate and “feelings” as ridiculous.

    But one way to allow “feelings” out to play…is drugs. Drugs blast the “logical” over-analytical mind away. It is a jail break out of the confines of the way “logic” monitors every move of the captive inner child. Using drugs to smash through that inner barbed wire frees the inner child. But it comes at a cost. Often there is a mopping up by blaming external people for causing the “feelings” to escape and do embarrassingly “childish” antics. The blaming comes from the restoration of the sober “logical” mind. Back behaving with rigid aherence to societal regulations. “Logical” society then looks for a rational reason why so many are drug addicted and from there it is easy to shelve any collective responsibility and instead beat up nice parents who have done nothing wrong.

  • Can we conceive of microimprovements? Like water can ultimately carve a beautiful polished bowl in rough stone… drip by drip by drip?

    And I would also say that many who duck under the awning of therapy’s marquee arrive “lost”. They do not know what success they want, they just want to escape the way their mind inflicts painful criticisms on them. But often when we are “lost” we are our better selves. The ego cannot go to town on “lost”. I have never had more friends than when I have been “lost”. A “lost” person cannot give smart Alec answers. A “lost” person cannot judge your failure. A “lost” person is sweet in the way children can be. All in all my “lost” times has me successful. A wise therapist will recognize that “improvement” and not try to “fix” it all to the point where you look successfully petrified by perfection.

  • I spent some of my life becoming an artist. I drew portraits. Still do occasionally, but mostly the portraits of animals. There is a well known phenomenon in art. Artists consistently draw their own features into the likeness of the person sitting for a sketch. All of Leonardo da Vinci’s portraits have an ethereal similarity to his own portrait, the aquiline nose, the dreamy eyes, pronounced cheek bones. Every artists does this subconsciously, as if searching in the mirror of the canvas for familiar features. Imagine if you woke up tomorrow with someone else’s face. Even if it was beautiful you would be shocked and want your own features back.

    When we are babies we favour the face of our mother or father. These saviour faces are subject to our infantile adoration. And so we grow up with a bias towards our mother or fathers features, as profound examples of what a lovely face means to us, and as we grow to examining our own dear face we have a bias to our inherited features also. All of this means that for much of adult life we pursue prospective partners who have one or two features that match either our mother’s face or father’s face, or our own face. To us these examples are normal and pleasing and friendly and known. But when we ecounter quite different faces we can be astonished at the sheer variety. Artists learn to counteract the tendency to superimpose their features onto a human sitter. Some artists even put a similar facial expression onto a pet’s portrait. A grumpy old hound will be drawn as if dewy eyed and ecstatic. And we have all heard of a date being snubbed not because the person was dull but because they had a double chin or a lack of cheekbones or not enough of a beaming smile. Humans are so fussy. But you cannot force love. To force love destroys love. Love must be free to be moving in and out of love at any moment, to alighn with free choice, that vital route to wellbeing and calm and caring and compassion. But what nobody should allow is a level of bullying lovelessness. Racism is bullying. It goes from observing and celebrating difference to punishing difference. Punishments come from anger. Anger comes from fear. The fear is about fear of loss. It seems like fear of loss of control but on a deeper level it is fear of mortality and all the vulnerability that goes with mortality. The lovelessly bullying fear mortal weakness in themselves and even the weakness towards emotionality they see in others. Others who like the way they look and feel celebratory of their exciting difference.

    I am not human. I have an association with off planet beings. Some people wonder why aliens have not made contact with the billions of Earth inhabitants. But aliens, much like the world’s lovely variety of six hundred species of animals, look different, and would be met with a startle from humankind, or human not so kind at all. It is important to cherish the difference. Not least because extra terrestial beings won’t want to say “good evening” until we do.

  • In the Northern Hemisphere of our planet an Ice Age is coming soon, after the flood. First the heat then suddenly the Ice Age. I predicted the pandemic a whole fourteen years before it arrived. I am rather sure we will be making abundant snowmen in the North despite the rest of the world going bone dry from global warming. Being as I am on antipsychotics at the moment I may keep cosy and reduce my extortionate utility bills. But I would prefer to be glacial and pill free. When the time feels right to withdraw from antipsychotics again I will do so.

  • I am waiting for my laundry to dry so am not focussed but I have always found any therapy rather magical.

    The flip side of all things “magical” seems fussily fetishistic. Like when those street clowns tie sausage balloons into never endingly contorted farm creatures or dragons. The never endingly finicky procedure takes forever and pops the illusion of the magic trick…voilla! Or conversely the magic stroke is a stroke of good fortune all over in a nanosecond yet you do not feel healed at all. The procedure was too fast to do anything but reduce the balloon to a shrivelled goodbye. No cure was found.

    So at times I have enjoyed a magical session with a therapist and at other times have stood back as their magical placebo offering high hopes delves into puzzles like methods and theories and games, all quite reminiscent of a pecadillo or a kink. I never minded when the magical veil lifted on the performance and I could see back stage the manouevers, the levers and dials and knots and fixtures that appeared like fixations of the therapist, fondly held beliefs that their new healing method would not only heal me but them also, by transforming them from average healer to magestic healer…what a buzz!

    I do not find that outrageous. Most healing is relational. It is not about the snake oil but the confident greeting handshake at the door. That is where the “placebo lift” rises aloft like a let go party balloon.

    I have always loved Gestalt therapy because self honesty is one of its foundational principles. Its therapists have to tell you when they are being a crook. I find Gestalt therapists are mostly the hippies or even at moments the gangsters of party balloon meddling. They do not hide their contradictions but have them as teasers glaringly out in the open. This can be useful in a role play form of healing, in my opinion that is one of the best and most ancient forms of healing. Tribal shamans don masks to “be” the spirit of the person who brings friction to your contented existence. To make you react healthily. It is done in the spirit of play or theatre, again in powerful healing transformative rites of passage. But Gestalt therapy is not for those of a polite or delicate constitution. It can be challenging.

    CBT may be just perfect as a healing for others. Choice matters. We are all different.

    I’m bored now. I am bored with my own comment. It has fizzled out.

  • I, WOLF.

    My nose might all himself diminish,

    high hoisted, horribly finished howls of woundedness.

    I am joined and keeping low,

    I growl in wolfish lurchings.

    I follow huntsmen who running go,
    quickening for speed.

    Their five horses gingerly harp horse fearing withers

    as they look for quivers of hoisted wind.

    Glowing through marble eyes, lightning flashes and holds glimpses,

    hurls slip jawed fistfuls into leaps.


    is how I give nightmares to little children going back to milky sleeps,

    those who know that fugitive siting’s,

    elongated in my nocturnal eyes,

    I might have to eat.


    (Julia have a poem from the channelled pen of a late poet Laureate called Crow. I wrote this his poem with his help. I am a scribe for the famous unseen. Why a poem here? Two reasons. One is that someone should do a book of grim fairy stories about the spell casting antics of old psychiatry, of which involuntary captivity is one beckonning tale. But the other reason is because I read this poem again today and spotted the number “five”. When I jotted it down many years ago I gave no thought to it. Surely four horses would be more traditional, as in four horses of the apocalypse. But since forgetting I had scrawlled this poem I later went on to receive prophecies of pandemics, a change in gender ideology, climate change predictions and all manner of epic landmarks and abrupt scene changes. One prophecy is of “five” meteors. They are going to blitz Earth in such an impactful way that for a long time people will become depressed about even going out for a loaf of bread, lest another meteor smacks the loaf into instant toast. The wreckage from those meteors will cause an enormous global flood, a tsunami. Some countries will not be much affected but other places will be, even though the “five” meteors are not big enough to cause total devastation. The far future is good but humans have messy times to go through yet. As a consequence of the meteors a doomy depressed state will make people become puppets on strings to any loudspeakered idea of utopia. A regime is coming to give people a sense of cushioning but it comes at a cost. Many will be persecuted if they do not fall in line with the regime’s dictates. At its worst some kinds of people will be involunarily held captive in their own home, never mind a hospital.

    I digress. My schizophrenia is diverting me. But I just want to add that there are ONLY those “five” meteors and no more than those. That is why I received the message. After the “five” humanity can breathe a sigh of relief. In the meantime favour inland hilly dwellings.

    When the Hoover Dam becomes broken by explosion, something I was mentioning nine years ago was going to be significant as a turning point, get ready for the biblical flood that shall occur years or so after it.

    A series of natural disasters changes the current human drama into a new epic, with quite different priorities. Simplified priorities.

    The incessant arguing and bickering over free choices bedevilling this era will swill and drain from the barrel like catastrophe took an axe to split the wood.

    What is left behind at the bottom of the barrel is what matters most. Our collective “caring”.

  • To be a placebo effect needs a person to almost hypnotically have faith that what they are drinking or nibbling or glugging or quaffing or sipping IS miraculously going to be effective very quickly. Most placebo “cures” require that fudging of the ordinary truth. The ordinary truth seldom inspires a desperate person with the high hopes needed to keep existing if suicidal, a high hope needed by the placebo healing to work. Perhaps this innate understanding of how placebo upliftment is borne aloft on wings of almost shamanistic fantasy is why for so many years ordinary doctors sold antidepressants as more effective than they later turned out to be.

    A new breed of pill is coming that is more in alighnment with psychaedelic medicine. Will it also be pushed with placebo faith fervour?

    Inspiring hope in the hopeless person is a form of nectar in itself that healing types of people can become addicted to. Not necessarily doctors fall into this performance of a magician trick with a pill, but all of us do! It is innately human to want to clump together like chimps and caress the frightened chimp into feeling much better again.

    I blame nobody for having the human trait of yearning to heal the distressed with a goovy bright idea. It is instinctual. The problem arises when the addictive nectar filled idea of healing becomes so important to a healer that there grows a silencing of the wounded of that idea.

  • My whole remit is about how excessive thinking, in over emphasizing “logical” ways of dealing with life, is imbalancing to the human animal. An animal who needs to live in a state of acceptance of the emotional flow, to discover balance and optimal wellbeing.

    Depression is not an emotion. Depression is a lid pushed over emotions to stop an overwhelming build up of feelings from exploding in a fountain of joyous cathartic release. This lidding occurs in communities that shun the mess of emotionality. Shun, belittle, patronize, mock, ridicule, censor, laugh at, conspire against, ignore, condescend, reject, scapegoat, ostracise. All of these powerful punishments get meted out to the glaringly emotional in society. Logic and reason are but as bolts locking the depressive lid into situ, stopping you from being you.

    I wrote at length on it in earlier comments to articles, around a year ago. You could click on my name to find those kinds of comments I did or bring forth old articles and then find my name.

    I like your searching quality. I like the integrity of searchers. A searcher without being a “mind made up” accuser is so very refreshing in life.

  • Is it racist to not want the psychology underpinning the female genital mutilation of wee girls?

    And Is it racist to not want the harsh psychology that interweaves with certain judgemental non-western religious fundamentalist legal systems?

    Interesting article though.

  • I’m sorry but having so recently been in suicidal cliff dropping desperation I know for me that had I not imbibed something I would have been a goner. There is a valid argument about what ought not to be imbibed but often at such a doomy crossroads time is of the essence and so convenient “fixes” are the miracle choice people do seem eager to opt for. Suicidal states are not just a low mood, they can have multiple unfixable reasons behind them, such as a cancer diagnosis. My late husband killed himself after that diagnosis. People who are suicidal do not get better all of a sudden with a popsicle and a cheek pinch. They crave a profound release from suffering RIGHT NOW.

    I only say this, and it is not to disagree with other things you say, but just to highlight that one can see HOW doctors and family got to the exhausted point of agreeing to the suicidal person’s high hope in the flimsy dream of curative potions. Take the potions away, such as they are, but they could have bought placebo “time”, which is not to be smirked at, when not even love will make a dying person revive.

    Time flies when you are dragged underneath time and you cannot even slow time enough to escape it.

  • What we are all learning of is the vital connection between personal free choice and wellbeing. We are learing this by every individual on the planet who bind to any “side” getting their own personal choice villified unendingly by opposition who want to impose control over free choice and lecture those choices to be different…and lecture menacingly. This menacing of each other turns each person into a mini nuke. On a planet bristling with springloaded nukes. So the other learning, aside from how precious each individual’s own free choice to see life the way they uniquely see it is, is the learning of how few choices are worth Armagedon for.

    That tension requires a keen understanding of the importance of flexible, yin yang, give and take, easy natured BALANCE. Yes, your wellbeing matters hugely. Yes, your choice to have strawberry ice cream is essential to who you feel you are. No choice like strawberry ice cream is worth incinerating the globe over.

    Humans are having to get to grips with how to have their hearts desires and choices fullfilled but “constructively” not “destructively”.

    Humans must cooperate with nature “constructively” not “destructively”.

  • What can possibly go wrong eh? A backlash may be coming. It may be against what it perceives as “whining demanding entitled people” who use their “mental illness” as “excuses” to drop out of social responsibility by pressuring people to regard themselves as long suffering victims. It will be an attempt to erase the term mental illness. But along with it will be an attempt to dismiss the extent and phenomena of “trauma”, as if “mental illness” and “trauma” and “victim mentality” are all part of the same thing, as though that cluster denotes self indulgent, self pitying attitudes worn like medals of weakness. After that no one may be “allowed” to say they feel particularly upset about anything, not even child abuse. Alternatively a different backlash may be about saying that people who say they are traumatized are liars who need sent to metaphorical or actual hospital to get their diagnosis of mental illness writ large. So a return of merciless authoritarianism. Neither of these respect the basic human right of the individual to freely choose to hold differences of opinion.

    So one backlash says “mental illness” and “trauma” and “victim declaring” are all abdecations of social responsibilty and resilience and are avoidance of putting others first. And the other backlash is the clamping down of “the social contageon” of “trauma” by calling outbreaks of that “social contageon” so bad for society that it is like a mental illness left untreated.

    I am “for” each dear individual having their OWN CHOICE.

    It is just that my own choice for “me” alone is not especially popular. But neither was Christianity at certain times in history.

  • Imagine a bath half full of water. Then take a marker pen and scibble around the sides of it names like heart and spleen and gametes and liver and bowel and bladder and womb and even consciousness if you wish. And lastly scribble at the top the word “brain”. The water or fluid that affects the heart and spleen and liver and so on and so forth is the same fluid that one way or another affects the brain. It is not as if the brain is in a separate partitioned off splendid isolation position within the body of water within the bath tub. The fluid of LIFE goes EVERYWHERE and affects all organs and systems. So I believe that when a person feels “heartbroken” it will increase their chance of a heart attack and it will also affect the brain that is in the same fluid one way or another.

    I think the prevailing view here that says nothing can go wrong with the brain is naive.

    I think the alarm over the idea that things can go wobbly within our entire bodies and bodily systems is because these bodily areas have been treated so atrociously by psychiatry.

    But I shall not let past history taint the way the brain belongs to the whole body and the whole body belongs to the brain.

    Many a young woman madly in love knows that having her “heart” so radient on this fluid of love causes her brain to become befevered with rapture such that she can barely utter a word of sense.

    People should not be for the decoupling of the brain from the beautiful body. THAT is what psychiatry of old kept doing and THAT is why there is a knee jerk animosity to mere mention of the brain, as if saying…
    “Hands off our brains”. As if the brain has gone into hiding and its whereabouts cannot even be spoken of in a comment lest it become the property of bad medicine again.

    I think it is a shame to let the way the brain has been mistreated stop it from sharing the company of the rest of the body, where it belongs. Sharing company of the rest of the body, holistically, for the orphaned brain, is a homecoming basic human right.

    I say all of this because at times it seems like people want to partition off the top section of the bath and declare that the water that envelopes the human brain is utterly divorced from the systems that reside in the rest of the whole body. Excitingly, for new paradigms of care, a more holistic vision is being born, but to leave out the brain for fear that mentioning it might generate lucrative bad treatment of it, leaves it aside like an amonite fossil. It is similar to the way pregnant mothers get jittery at anyone even mentioning foetuses. The delicate promise of life must be veiled in secrecy lest it be dragged out into the harsh light of a soulless laboritory and chipped away at like a hard fossil.

    These are the nuances I hear in all the arguments. But I must cease my nuance super sleuthing as it gets me no respect.

  • I do love your article though, it is very soul searching and flexible and exploratory. You open door after door and leave them open without coming up with neat resolutions to your pondering. You show an interest, not a conclusion, and that trait is very brave and valuable.

    I would say more but my schizophrenia is playing up, or my angels are, repeatedly interrupting me by excitedly whispering…

    “Mr Whitaker is Catholic”.

    So I am away to eat some berries.

    Care for a sweet berry anyone?

  • The boundary between complexity and simplicity is how we arrive at either the grotesque or the beautiful. An orchid would be grotesque if it had any more gaudy fuss adorning its simplicity of form. That boundary is important. Tilt too far over it and you end up with a created density.

    I am apt to ponder why it is that the human game of logic lures them to make textbooks to be more and more complex, chapter after chapter of logic arguing with other logic, until it is an impenetrable fortress none can enter without a university degree? It even needs summaries to provide hand holds and pathways for those in a hurry and needing a simple conclusion. Humans do this dance between the complex and the subtly simple all the time yet often fail to get the balance between them just so, a botanical balance that arrives at a beautiful literary orchid, a choice mysterious blend of simplicity and intricacy.

    In my life I am trying to dispense with logic as much as I can and only achieve simplicity, but what any writer fears most is not being understood. However, the human has many ways of understanding. There is mind based rational understanding, but there is a more ancient animalistic intuitive emotional understanding, and a common sense understanding, and a mystical psychic bewildered understanding. I prefer rotten writing to excellent writing. Its roots give better mulchy mushroomy compost for my own innate understanding.

  • It is too easy to say every clever person got brainwashed by a prozac advert. I see adverts for cars everywhere that promise bliss yet I do not want a car and have never learned to drive.

    When people are brainwashed it is not merely “towards” something attractive, covetable, desired. People are brainwashed “away” from something unattractive, undesireable. What is so unattractive about modern expressions of depression? Perhaps a more ancient form of the expression of depression was more vitalizing, wild, weepy and wonderful. Think poets like Keats and Shelley.

    Depression is hard for friends to endure day after day, month after month. To deny that reality is leaving aside an important zeitgheist bit of the jigsaw puzzle, as to why the acceptability of antidepressants spread so fast.

  • At the height of antidepressant popularity I knew no one who had not advised friends and family to get themselves treated by antidepressants. I know all of my friends routinely told friends to get a course of antidepressants quick as possible. I want to know if anyone on MIA also advised their friends to go and get dosed up. It became as if no random conversation did not have the pills chat nested within it. It got like offering a round of drinks or cigarettes. People were told that they were rude not to spare some leftovers of antidepressants to pals. Why was it so easy for billions of people to offer these drugs to friends and family with zero push from anyone in any profession? There is much touting of blame ascribed to one profession but doing so fails to understand why grown up people in every community routinely became drug pushers. These people were not idiots but clever people of strident independant thinking. Nobody is asking the question “why” ordinary folk in every society become millions of medical mules with no cash incentive. It is an important question. We need to look at our own complicity and accountability to understand our motives. People were despairing of bearing the burden of other peoples bad depression, as soon as depression became something more socially acceptable to express. During the nineteen nineties nobody wanted a moping melancholic best friend. Nobody is looking at how burdensome it became to have to be a pal well versed in psychotherapeutic nuggets of wisdom. It got that you could not have a relationship with anyone without having to mop up their messy baggage from the disaster of a previous relationship. Having to be therapist to a romantic date became tiresome and bewildering for many, and so the thought of passing around a pill bottle became like an act of caring, in an exhausting relationship full of wounds. In the nineteen nineties, with the nulification of marriages, soon “the relationship” was God. If you did not have one, an intense psychodynamic plate hurling relationship, then you were consigned to a social vacuum. You would feel depressed out there and come hurtling back into society determined to get “a relationship” and use it to mend your depression, but often the other partner would have had better ideas, like scribbling down the name of an even better version of prozac. The pusher was more often a partner or pal than a family doctor. We miss important knowledge when we do not broaden our inquiry.

  • I think antidepressant pills have been given not so much to treat low mood but to safeguard against skyrocketting stats on suicide. So often antidepressants have been asked for and given as a lucky talisman against death. This is how ordinary depression has become synonymous with death. There is much in life to cause despair enough to want to suicide. And suicide has become linked to rock star nihilism as if its a form of brave heroism to die young. But we have to factor in that iatrogenic effects while on pills long term may in some people make suicide all the more attractive. Hard to know what to do if one is a family doctor and a depressed person comes along with say trauma enough to want to end it that afternoon. Not easy to just say “no”. Which is why I have a huge compassion for doctors and psychiatrists caught in the tectonic expectations to provide an immediate miracle solution.

  • Anger is from fear….fear of loss.

    Fear of loss can be traced back to fear of being mortal.

    The fear is from overthinking all day “what if” thoughts about impending mortality.

    Only humans engage in overthinking.

    Animals barely bother thinking. Animals vastly prefer feeling. Feeling feelings leads to the disolving of feelings and then comes blissful calm. A calm creature who never fusses or fears mortality is more likely to feel calmly CARING. A caring creature is more likely to be compassionate.

    What the world needs is more feeling…not fearful anger then action.

    A calm caring compassionate creature will inevitably “act” to be healing in its environment but the action will be one of love not vengeance and rage. The love comes easy to a cat or dog because they live only in the now where worries are reduced right down to simple basics. They do not perplex themselves by living in their “what if what if what if” overthinking mind. So they do not fear mortality and loss and they do not get angry or active because of human-style thoughts. Altogether animals accept all of their emotions, the good ones and not so good ones but their acceptance of that full spectrum of feelings allows the result of flowing wellbeing. A creature full of wellbeing is better able to respond healthily to a disaster than a stressed human. Anger is a feeling of course but it can often be a sign of poor balance if it is not nested in other diverse feelings like joy and love and excitement.

    I am not sure of the term “eco-anger” or “eco-emotions”. There is a risk that some pontificating leader somewhere could start commanding creatures and humans to only have the “right” sort of emotions in response to climate change. This could set climate change up as a kind of God who must be appeased with a show of eco-anger.

    What happens if like the hippo or the giraffe or the water vole or prairie dog you are feeling a blend of joy and calm and lust and love and peace on that day?

    Will the God of climate change tell those creatures they cannot get to feel those feelings because they are the logically “wrong” feelings, according to the minds humans live in perpetually?

    Climate change only needs humans to stop thinking they are not animals.

  • READ IT AND WEEP…oh you psychiatrists who think your way is correct.

    READ IT AND WEEP…oh you critics of psychiatry who think your way is correct.

    The TWO WEEPINGS need to come together in discussion. Accusation furthers no discussion. Why talk at all? If it be nothing but bickering acrimony?

    Why not you psychiatrists contentedly believe what you believe? Why not you critics of psychiatry contentedly believe what you believe?

    And leave each voice alone to be beautifully different?

    The whole world is incinerating in acrimony. For the sake of justice…

    Leave the world alone.

  • I am glad of everyone’s cheer Grace but I reserve the human right to call my illness schizophrenia if I want to. And if anyone tells me not to then I feel they are victimizing me by superimposing their prefered descriptor or pronoun or diagnosis or anti diagnosis over me. This is what the exterminators of any regime will do, they begin with the prefered language you yourself are most comfortable using. Jew. Gypsy. Gay. Mad. All these years later and I am chastised at times in my social sphere for using MY words for ME. I will never give up regarding myself as schizophrenic.
    And I will not have anyone policing my private interior opinions of myself and of anyone I have to make a first impression of. I have a right to have any impression or opinion I like. If I ever openly and outwardly and irritatingly directly impose it on others that then becomes an issue of sorts. But people are like children in having to quickly assume who they meet are and whether they have anything in common or not. It is normal to be inquisitive. It is not normal to be an inquisitor.

    If what we believe does not directly impinge on another in a serious one to one way then there is no harm in having ANY opinion you like.

    The alternative is a world full of thought police. And then the backlash thought police against the thought police. Both are nae natural.

    No animal is the thought police of another animal.

    All animals are entirely free to think and feel and opinion hold in whatever way they choose to. All animals ACCEPT DIFFERENCE.

  • https://youtu.be/Z9SD2TgiZTU

    I watched this with trepidation today. Why? Because a backlash against the woke ideology is building. Whilst I do not like much in the rough and tumble going on in woke arenas I do not like much now starting to come out of the opposition. To me BALANCE means valuing difference whilst not letting any one difference be dominant. I see IMBALANCE in some woke presentations and I see IMBALANCE in more conservative presentations. Both seem to have one half of the balance the other needs.

    I could not watch the entire video because it seemed JP was hissing and snarling at the viewers. His own activism seems rather devoid of humour and love. It is like watching a kindergarten row. How dare anyone “row” like that with free adult human beings. Much of what JP uses is overthinking and rationalist unemotional data. Why? Why not just not like whomever he does not like and leave it at that. But no. The “others” HAVE TO change. They have to analyse themselves rigid and change into moral upright citizens with no inner child aspect whatsoever. Grim. Some religions chastise the emotional inner child in the human. But that child is close to the animal way of being. An intuitive common sense way of being BALANCED that does not need to read a library to get there.

    I fear that JP does not realize that he is being lured into supplying “an answer” to human misery. That is the soonest way to cause yet more human misery as people get their “rows” and factions multiply and each “side” pontificates like master psychotherapists over each other. If JP was talking about surgery he would not be telling people how to be surgically aware. A surgeon takes a decade to learn that skill and keeps private how it is done. But psychotherapy, with its analytical cutting remarks is sold to any you tube viewer who will not spend a decade learning how to be skillful at “rowing”. What JP is unwittingly doing is putting incisive tools of logic in the shaky dumb hands of passing idiots who have a hatred of their infantile next door neighbour. This is not going well. But I knew so. I see the future. It looks nightmarish but that bit won’t last long. A good future is on the far horizon. Just gotta bide our time and be patient and not devour the breaking news. Just chill out and imagine it is all a mirage.

    The Hoover Dam will topple and when it does you will know that what I say has some sparkles of intuitive animal wisdom.

    Take care everyone, take care.

    (I do like JP rather alot. Just I think he is, like millions are, getting swept up into ye old activist….


    If you are fixing someone you are changing them and not accepting them. Fixing is not love.

    So long as a person is not behaving with abuse or bullying or cruelty then there is no need to keep changing people. Most people just want to be more like themselves not less.

    Toodloo. Going now. Shalnt be back. Things to do. Embroidery.

  • Micah what a lovely article. A peach. I thought I was a lone voice in the wilderness until I glimpsed it en route to my door of forgetting. It is a magical door that wipes my memory of why I was going to look for something. Your article though brought up one tangent I always groan at. The word “activist” is the worst word ever to happen to the globe, according to my opinion. Activists think they must constantly strive to save, save, save something but this narrows their focus on lynching whomever is deemed to be the wrecker who is not saving something. After a decade of hard slog climbing up to a podium to maximize the speech about what they, the activist, wants to save, they become so determined to establish their utopian salvific fix, and go down in the annals of mighty global history, that they do not care one whit about knocking anyone who gets in their way. The activist professes to be caring and full of idealist intentions but really these often turn out to be the sweetners in skullduggery. They would rather perish on their path of activism than give up or loose or quit or fail. These things are so very painful, especially the underlying sense of a life that fails to achieve Nobel glory. Failing makes an activist that ghastly thing nobody with an ego wants to be…obscure. Insignificance is a massive problem for humans just now. That is why a billion pumped up activists are constantly fighting. The fighting looks on the surface to be all about a good cause but the deficit of love, or the lack of going about saving in a loving way is the telltale sign that the activist is moved to anger at the prospect of being obscure and insignificant. A failure.

    But the true activism is all about allowing personal obscurity, insignificance and failure, in order to stop fuelling the bonfires of hatred sparking up all over the world.

    To “not” be saving or dying for a cause IS how humanity will eventually save the world from human rage.

    I was an activist for many years. I now smirk at that word. It encapsulates a bullying know-all attitude of having better opinions than anyone else.

    I am not saying do not cherish and celebrate having wonderfully healing bright opinions. I am saying do not make a war out of opinions because the dying planet does not need more human wars. No opinon, whether activist or not, is worth igniting a nuclear catastrophe over.

    Activism is the next generation of antidepressant but it is not needed any more than antidepressants were. Activism is full of craving for success and triumph and utopia. But this means it is not an “acceptor” of people of “difference”. Love is.

    If your activism is not full of love but rather is full of arguing and sabre rattling and intimidation and threats and righteous destructiveness it is a sign of IMBALANCE. What the world does not need is more imbalanced humans getting on their high horse. Animals do not do activism. They chill out and graze a prairie and humans flock to be photographing animals, such ambassadors of gentleness and peace.

    I’m away for a coffee.

  • From inside a psychiatric hospital let me say that I do not think any community will cook me three nutritious meals per day, nor launder my sheets and towels, nor offer art therapy and music therapy, nor give me a clean single room with en suite and a door I can lock. Show me what community will give me these things I NEED. These things come with a large group of nurses who are caring, who is going to employ these in the alternative? The one thing I notice on MIA is not many articles are on the psychiatric nurses. It seems ok to denigrate the Father Figure of a psychiatrist. Perhaps Freud would figure out the symbolism there. In my hospital stay I hardly met my psychiatrist, pleasant fellow that he is. No, my care was abundantly serviced by the nurses. They did all the labor. In any utopia of having care founded in the community where do we get all the nurses from? A few patients on my ward are chair hurlers, biting scratching shouting paranoid wrestlers. They do not respond to cupboard love or caring or attentive tenderness. They are no picnic to nurse or other patients. In the romantic idyll of the community who is going to look after the least loveable? Is it you? Is it me? Everyone in the community is already burdened, traumatized, broke, living in basic housing with only one bedroom or bathroom, stressed to smithereens.

    Not every schizophrenic likes “the community”. It barely exists anymore, but even when it does it never caters to the odd or eccentric but the “average” biddable puppet on a string, a “yes” populace who like falling into rank, in group hug “consensus opinion”.

    There are sixty known brain neurochemicals. Sixty. They do a dance of balance and imbalance adjusting every minute of the day, just like hormones are always veering from imbalance to balance then imbalance again and again. So I am just not going to join the merry party that says there can be no such thing as body brain imbalances. I rather think that there can be. When a person stops eating then the body and brain goes into all kinds of imbalance. Just recognizing this truth DOES NOT means that I am in favour of treating the imbalances. Mostly the imbalance is like a pedulum swing that will keel over and right itself quite naturally, like how a fainting episode rights low blood pressure by causing the heart to be level with the brain. You are not going to convince me ever that the brain cannot have chemical imbalances. Even homeopathists will be for including the brain in their what can go wrong with imbalance theories. And iatrogenic cock ups do muck up the balance of chemicals in the brain, sometimes lastingly. Any belief will tend to want to keep its message simple. I understand why nuance and variables and heretics and outliers are seldom included in the ecstacy of belonging that is found in solidifying romantic “consensus opinion”. But to not leave room for oddities of opinion tightens the tendecy of “us and them” bonding extremly. And it is this excluding that can seem fierce. Enemies are made of grandmas and individuals who feel they do have noteable disabilities and cannot easily join the “consensus opinion” that says everything will be sorted for them in the non existent “community”.

    But I am not going to piss on anyone’s dream. A dream is really important for ushering in welcome changes.

    There is a tustle to be had over whether psychosis is the same as schizophrenia. Perhaps some in the pro-psychosis camp would call schizophrenia “long psychosis”, but my idea is that we ought to be CELEBRATING each other’s DIFFERENT BELIEFS. Celebrating does not mean “championing” or “logically conceding to” or believing is “better than”. Celebrating another belief being here is not about “joining” that belief.

    So psychiatry could do more “celebrating” of antipsychiatry, just like Judaism can celebrate Mormonism, without becoming Mormon. And antipsychiatry could do more celebrating of the belief that is psychiatry, things like the usefulness of the symbol of nurses. Not everything “good” is dreamt up by antipsychiatry, sometimes there are good ideas found in psychiatry that could be celebrated.

    What celebration is, if we use the Judaism/Mormonism diversity, is ninety percent “healthy acceptance or tolerance of a the different who are merely offering to an individual other sorts of free choices. It is great in life to have the choice to partake of one belief or another belief. Some will be relieved to have their malaise called psychosis by the new belief in antipsychiatry but other’s will prefer what they have been familiar with for decades, in calling their illness schizophrenia.

    What happens when one belief attacks another belief is not only that the one belief tries to do “forced conversion therapy” on the other belief adherents, but eventually BOTH beliefs become arch enemies trying to give “forced conversion therapy” to one another. This would be like Judasim constantly poking fun at Mormonism, and not letting Mormons be Mormons merely celebrating being who they feel they now are. This is bad behaviour. Not enticing education or gentle persuasion. What often then occurs in the row is that the offended groups both insist that each other MUST show signs of being a True Believer. Gone is the lightness of touch found in merely CELEBRATING DIFFERENCE. Suddenly to celebrate the other’s difference is you celebrating their BAD BEHAVIOUR towards your kind. So you lambast them rather than celebrating their right to “hold their own opinion”.

    I use the word “you” generically.

    Not all communities will take in very wild schizophrenia sufferers who want to smash windows because they think space aliens are peeping at them. Invariably these suffering ones are left to poor moms and dads to mop up the mess and chaos of. Tired old moms and dads, who are increasingly demonized by some as being accomplices to the belief in psychiatry (or metaphorical Judaism not Mormonism or however it is put). Those moms and dads may derive comfort from the way sixty brain neurochemicals or iatrogenic damage is NOT their FAULT. Not every mother or father is a child abuser. To think that they all are is a “consensus opinion” of alarming “us and them” destructive potential. In the future the one person standing between a child rapist and the child may well be the honourable caring mother or father.

    I need a coffee….bye.

  • I love being interviewed. It is so preposterous and yet intimate, my favourite combination, like when primates pick out fleas from each others pelts. But in humans it inevitably leads to heirarchical nonsense, when one persons asks…

    “When was the last time you picked your nose?”

    If you answer an hour ago that may mean you are reprehensible.

    All diagnoses are made by interview, even diagnosing someone as a cabbage.

    They are all whimsical and not much to do with science.

    I cannot see any difference between the diagnosis of psychosis and schizophrenia really. Both require an interview and so both require vague sentiments and self-disclosures from the “individual” who feels those hallucinatory symptoms, it is just that schizophrenia is such an extended chronic state of psychotic episodes that it feels to me after twenty years like a disease.

    Nobody likes the disease word, perhaps finding it negative, repellant, stigmatizing. But I find most diseases quite fascinating. Many do. In a homeless hostel I lived in once all the residents were most miffed by a fire alarm that went off during a television show titled something like extraordinary bodies. At is root the word disease just means “dis-ease”.

    They keep talking about the Hoover Dam but only show Lake Mead turning into a puddle. Today I wondered would the concrete shift without that pressure, then maybe the dam walls would crumble?

    I feel sure in my prophecies that it will be carpet bombed.

  • With all due respect Sir,

    “Nobody knows what Serious Mental Illness Means” is an inaccurate title in my opinion because I definitely have a serious mental illness and mine is called schizophrenia. Sadly it is not a label. I cannot snip it off like a designer label. It is in my genes, not my jeans.

    But just because I have a serious mental illness does not mean everyone else has it. Just because I like classical music does not mean anyone else has to.

  • And anyway what is the darned difference? If you say schizophrenia is a “label” and is not real when it has everything and more that psychosis has then how can you say psychosis which is almost identical is not a “label” and is real? I mean what you want to ascribe realness to is within schizophrenia and I would say the term “psycho” got movies made of it based on that “label”, so if the idea is to dim stigma from occuring why not go the whole way and say that there is no such thing as psychosis and there is only trauma and “it” causes remarkable symptoms?

    What bothers me is that a new myth will build up around schizophrenic people that says they are living in denial of trauma. This level of preaching against supposed denial is no different from old psychiatry’s coercion that put it that patients were in denial of their madness. The lecture on denial is the shadow side of conversion therapy.

    But don’t rush to reply, I should not have blurted out my appraisal. I am away to be an enchantress soothsayer.

  • Roll up! roll up! Grab someone’s miserable schizophrenia diagnosis, debunk its genetic heritability, call it a label, redesign that serious diagnosis by calling it just psychosis, then say everyone can have psychosis, especially anyone with a difficult life experience, and then tell everyone to get angry at those who are reputed to cause the psychosis, which means telling everyone to get furious at, here is a list…
    …a billion moms and dads, …university professors,
    …this government,
    …that government,
    …eccentric intellectuals,
    …free thinking radicals,
    …book readers,
    indeed get mad as hell at anyone who causes upset enough to spark the newly perceived definition of psychosis.

    It is no longer that your mom told you off for some row it is now that she caused your “psychosis”. Is this going back to the myth of refrigerator parents…that humans have the superpower to “cause” psychosis in each other…and so we all better tread on egg shells least we say the wrong words…the trauma causing…now psychosis causing words? We better buy ear plugs incase wrong words from wrong logic causes us to lose our mind…oh wait…if we lose our mind that might be freeing…that way we can be forgiven for being just a bit on edge and snarly…

    Really, I could go on but I am not supposed to have looked at the latest, since I am retired from MIA, flown the nest in my natty vintage aeroplane. But really, one can take any research paper and muddy the data, so I am not going to believe this article for one minute. I am schizophrenic and it is genetic and my grandmother had schizophrenia. It is an illness so severe that very rapidly your only way of surviving a week of constant hallucinations that are deeply traumatizing in themselves is to minimize the fact you feel traumatized by such trauma as is coming from the illness. This will have some effect on how the researchers measure whether someone feels traumatized or not. A schizophrenic may be profoundly traumatized BY THE HALLUCINATIONS and sit with a smile on their face. They have no choice. Not if they want to get through month ten or year two or three or four of unending relentless moment by moment torment. To miss that part out in these assessments is a problem.

    I like the SCHEMA study into schizophrenia, for bringing in a bit of BALANCE.

    Climate change is much worse than people realize and by the time they do humans may think the worst BUT the far future will be good. It is worth staying for that. Trust me.

  • I took another look at your lovely article and I greatly appreciate all that you do, Peter. Articles are like delicacies served up in a restaurant. We diners and guzzlers and wolfers demolish the lot with satisfaction and then quibble the need for a sprig of rosemary. I leave a trail of dithering breadcrumbs to airy pinacles whilst I diminish who I am when I do that picky nervous undermining tic.

  • When I say “they” I do not mean psychiatry. My message keeps getting jumbled in the mix. Click on my name here to get what I say.

    In my sojourn in a psychiatric hospital at one stage three women arrived as patients. The peaceful healing ward suddenly became like a scene reminicent of Berlin before the war, with physical aggression and hostile roaring from those separate women. They demanded everything all day long, no hour had peace in it, they ranted and exploded and caused scene after scene. This was NOT because they were forced to do anything or even forced to be in the hospital. They were free to go home. But they just wanted to bellow at the poor exhausted nurses. At one point it got to so extreme that the staff had no choice but to baracade themselves away. The rest of the patients; also there by free choice, were left to fend for themselves. Some of those patients were confused or suicidally depressed. The sense of trauma at not having safety anywhere almost drove some over the edge. Violence rides on the stallion of revolution and more often than not makes the beast charge at all the quiet people. When being quiet becomes a crime we enter a world of war crimes.

    “Only love will set you free”.

  • Before I depart from doing comments on MIA, and I really must leave, I found a copy of a comment I made once or wished to but held back from doing so. Here it is….

    Dear Activist, what makes you think your way of saving the world is the “only” way? Such that there are no other ways? Or a beautiful combination of ways?

    And what makes you think your concept of “the world” bears any relation to another person’s experience of “their world”?

    And what makes you think the world needs “saving” anyway? What do you mean by “saving”? Does the sparrow save the sun? Does the minnow save the river?

    It can feel thrilling to be trying to “save”. And as an added understandable perk of that job, it grants a sense of importance to the saviour who perhaps ordinarily feels like a nobody. Activism can be a saviour antidepressant to those who buy the notion they are nobody if they are not needed. The modern decline in communities and tribes leaves a vast multitude feeling they are not needed. And combining this sense of rejection with bullying coming at them through the world, there seems an urgent need for an uprising against such intolerable hurts. But one person’s saviour is another person’s bully. As more and more saviour activists tumble centre stage, more and more people feel bullied by them, enough to become saviour activists who go on to bully. Until the world is drowning in persecution.

    Everyone has a completely different notion of “the world”. Their own way of fixing it will be guided by their “free choices”, just as your way of mending “the world” will be based on your “free choices”. Provided that you are not a bully, nor cruel, nor determined to impose “your way” or “your activism” or “your knowledge” on unwilling receivers, there is no direct harm caused by you enjoying your “free choices”. And when you liberate yourself to love all your “free choices”, free from condemnation, nitpicking, criticism, you become happy. The happy feel no need to save “the world”, because they have made themselves “the world”, a world of love. And when everyone feels that degree of inner wellbeing the world truly does become a heaven on Earth.

    But bleeding ears don’t hear. As Vincent Van Gogh discovered. Those in pain cannot hear love. There is no getting through any message of healing until the ears of eight billion have been sponged clean of other peoples horrible choices made “for them”, inflicted upon them through surreptitious coaxing, schooling, mantra-reciting bullying.

    On the internet are millions of mosaics of videos of peoples fleshy, haggard, exhausted faces, hurriedly rattling off reels of rhetoric for activism. Most of the voices are tirades. Most of the faces hate you. And those that cherish you only do so because you can add your hate to their hate and build a thousand “likes” of hatred. And all the emerging generations can see how hateful the world is getting, since a million activists say it is so, pointing to different activists who say other activists are to blame.

    Dear Activist, the real world, of lush grass and family singsongs and sparrows and minnows and rivers and the steady glowing moon disc is not hateful. It is teeming with abundant love. And one way to actually save it, if that is your “free choice”, is to realize it does not need saving by your hatred. Activism won’t save it, pacifism will. On a globe bristling with nuclear warheads it is not activism the world needs but, after a millennia, for humans to finally, finally, finally “be” as the animals “be”….and

    “Do nothing global”.

    No butterfly flaps its wings over the whole globe. But by doing so locally instead, it affects everything…eventually.

  • https://youtu.be/olVg_8q5CSo

    I forseen this from afar. Many, many years ago. All the doors that should stay closed to humanity are opening, the over emphasis on twisted logic is providing the keys, picking old emotional trusty locks.

    They will get their foot through the gap in agreeing that grief is natural, sadness is natural, joy is natural, but they won’t stop at that. They will say impatience is only natural, entitlement is only natural, rage is only natural, justice is only natural, vengance is only natural, crime is only natural, incest is only natural.

    A door is for protection. Too much liberty takes all doors off their ancient hinges.

    Beware. Bolt the doors against depravity. Humans are not well. So when you add liberty to unwellness a mass sickness begins to spread everywhere. Then the too devout, the too strict, clench a pious fist against any healthy extent of liberty that is normal and grown up. This backlash is also a manifestation of human unwellness.

  • https://youtu.be/N8cQFdFezXc

    T’was a general happy philosophical exploration and not a snip at book writers. I have a love of all books. So I was not being glib. I merely observe this…

    We are all attractive yet nobody loves us and so we all do books books books.

    Life is short. Barely enough time to chew strawberries, learn a favourite song and cuddle a book writer. You are born. You die. There are more books now in human history than there has ever been and so I am curious on an anthropological level as to what we would be doing with each other if we never did books.

    The DSM is only one such book among trillions.

    Time spent researching loses our hours. Each book is a missed face we could kiss.

    Humans are animals….but with a heck of a lot of books. Nobody thinks that this is strange behaviour of the human animal. Probably because all the books describe human behaviour.

    Describing is seldom really living…in the lashing wind and rain. We are estranged from the nature that would whip us open and undone and dishevelled in her riot of elements. We write books in our lonely turrets when we yearn to become them.

  • I sent my animal ideas to Hait way back over a decade ago. I fertilize, as does the wind and rain. Nobody thanks the wind and rain. Everyone thinks they grew the crop out of logical arguements themselves. They then make more and more barren certainty out of the gifts of wind and rain. I am Scottish. We listen to the beloved wind and the sacred rain.

    Alas, something is wrong with the MAGNETOSPHERE. The Earth’s cosy quilt of magnetizm is compromized in some way. I keep hearing this word. So along with my prophecy of the HOOVER DAM going to be carpet bombed I feel we will hear more about changes in the magnetosphere. It is not a bad change as such and the future will have good in it. We must be patient while we as individual people in humanity deal individually with humanity’s lure to entice everyone en masse into collective destructive nonsense. By this I mean each of us is learning how powerful we each are at breathing in love and exhaling out peace.

  • Could it be because they are books?

    By definition textbooks have to be orderly, neat, linear, structured, logical, clarifying. When an emotional person reads such a book they are confronted with lengthy assaults to their emotional senses. The dry text, the respectable font, the use of undecipherable hyperbole, the pursuit of rock solid human certainty, or it won’t make a well completed finished book, all of these pose a restriction to the emotional searcher. I see it in social media comments when someone has lost six months of their life to digesting such worthy tomes, they pen a scholarly comment. I look at it and scowel at how I will ever absorb such intellectual industry. I stare like a deer in darkness suddenly lit up in front of headlights, what am I supposed to make of such competetive weaving? The pursuit of certainty has to be competetive or it will lose its position and fall icarus quick and melty into unthinkable doubt.
    Emotions are not so certain most of the time.

    Some unfortunate persons may need to use a device in their throat to help them speak. I see books can run the risk of being a communication device in the absence of the ability to speak emotionally. People hold up their books as if sheilds against the unruly emotions of others bombarding them. Books may be used to push emotion away at the flick turn of a fresh page. Maybe in communities that are not so bookish they rely more on nature’s actual pages, leaves and branches to guide their knowing.

    I could say more, Peter, but I am sleepy from being woken up by a street fight last night so I am not at my erudite best, so this poor excuse for a response will have to do.

  • https://youtu.be/lVc2tnqF7IE

    I ask Steve to remove my previous comment that I put above and timed at 11.49pm. This is because I wrote it in a fit of pique and had poor grasp of what I wanted to say as a bigger picture. I sometimes wrestle with understanding the ethos of MIA and my own free choice. Or rather I get bogged down in finicky logic and word selections that at the end of the day are not what matters most. What matters is that people choose their own healing that feels good and balanced for them. I coĂčld give ripostes to the slating of the chemical imbalance in-joke but it I see now that it is a bit like sitting in a Catholic church and smirking at a parishoner’s vague pious hostility to divorce or kneeling in a Buddhist temple and joshing about a monk’s idealizing of Zen. I enjoy being reverent about the need to be irreverent because when beliefs take themselves too seriously they can become as moody and splintery as the paradigms they try to replace. But I think there is a need to be serious about definite dangers and there are these in the over prescribing of unecessary cure-alls. That said, many people love their pills. So that too can be like a belief, like Catholisicm or Buddhism, and so who am I to say “no”. I feel we ought to step back from telling anyone what they should or should not believe. But if a nine year old is quaffing quarts of neat vodka that is a belief we might collectively have an opinon against. Antidepressants and antipsychotics are powerful and in my opinion should only be used short term when all else has utterly failed. I could say more but…

    I’m away to spend time listening to soothing, gentle Lee Harris…

    (link provided.)

  • https://youtu.be/elf61L2BkD8

    Medicine is so logical that it divorces the emotional person who inhabits the physical body as if these two phenomena are like two different people, one welcome, the physical one, and the other unwelcome, the emotional ineffable illogical one. Until things done to the physical one are like attempts to make orderly and neat and logical the messy emotional one.

    BOTH are needed for BALANCE.

    Medicine as a field is understanding its past errors but it is struggling to attend to the emotional inhabitant of the human body without reducing some of its glorification of logic.

    It is not that logic is “wrong” as a free choice. All of any individual’s free choices are beautiful if harmless. Most choices are harmless. So I never have said that logic is bad. The over emphasis on only logic can leave no room for spirit or emotion. All of these are good when combined in Balance.

  • Maybe a mass action is possible if you become a new religion. Some faiths can insist that followers do not eat certain things. Some faiths insist on purity and the abstaining from drugs. Some faiths do not even permit the sharing of blood transfusions. Evangelical revivals fill soccer stadiums and make tent cities in a week. I said it before, MIA could easily become a faith if it stopped thinking that “logic” had to always be its God. There is a level of impudence that religions get away with that cuts corners in “logical” debates but people who fight “logic” with “logic” wait to “win” the right to freedom via “logic” when that right does not need “logic” at all, nor muscle, nor facts, but just love, self love enough to end being lured into “logic’s” never ending looping back in on itself.

    It is a stroke of genius when a toddler in a “logical” debate about rain suddenly says…

    “Well I dont care what reason says the rain is doing…I KNOW it is wraiynin”.

    “Well I dont care what medicine says these drugs are for I know the drugs are too toxic”.

    In other words “logic” can become a merry-go-round of unwinable argumentativemess that wastes valuable TIME and the best way to stop it is to choose to be “ILLOGICAL” in jumping free of the bickering and calling yourself a faith. A faith that believes drugs are sinful.

    You are obviously at liberty to be championing “logic” though I never meant to cast aspertions on the lovely use of logic nor enjoyable facts. Rather I mean that when overthinking and logic becomes adrift of emotion that is when logic can sometimes become clinical and petty and devoid of anchorage in heartfelt compassion. Or put another way what is needed is COMMON SENSE. What is that? It is when logic dovetails with practicality and emotions. My belief is that logic runs away with yet more logic until nobody has clue what they emotionally want anymore…it just becomes point scoring…even nuclear point scoring.

  • Update…

    A few weeks later and whilst I still stand by my impression earlier of imbalance amist staff, at the ward I am in, I do have this to say even louder….

    A number of patients treat the nurses like dog dirt. They shout at them. They curse at them. They yell at nurses to fetch this fetch that. They barge into one to one conversations. They hurl dishes across the communal spaces. They kick the nurses. They do this sort of thing ALL DAY long. These are patients who came here of their own choice. Nobody is forcing them to take medication. Such patients are free to leave. They enjoy treating the nurses like scum. The nurses are NEVER raising their voices. The nurses are not given a minute’s peace. The nurses are demanded of to “fix everything” every minute of the day. The nurses ARE short staffed. Several times I have seen some on the verge of tears. The nurses are blamed for everything. The nurses are treated like vermin. I do not think it is good for the environment anywhere for human dignity and compassion to be denied anyone and everyone. It disgusts me when people give themselves permission to bully people.


  • Off the fifth floor of a car park building a friend leaped because of her hallucinations. She had no medication to tuck her up in bed but I am disgusted with the way your daughter was treated. Much of what passes for listening is really a human dread of hearing raw feelings. People regard feeling too much as a problem to be medicated away. As if indulging in feelings makes hallucinations worse. But feelings have little to do with the cause of hallucinations. Feelings have little to do with the cause of epilepsy or multiple sclerosis. And yet these conditions which are so irritating to live with “result” in anguished feelings because of those intrusions. And so those feelings get overmedicated when those feelings should not be muffled in medication. The medications are like chemo. They should never be tossed out like coins from a fruit machine.

    I am sending sympathy through the ethers for your incalculable loss.

  • I also would be wondering if the research into a link between autism and maternal psychiatric medication might miss the link if there was no concept of withdrawals lasting months to a year or two.

    If the research was done by asking dim questions like…

    “Have you taken any antidepressants in the last two weeks before giving birth to your baby?”

    that would look like the mother and the baby were not affected by antidepressants and so no link to autism or ADHD would be arrived at.

    But I know not much about all this so I must leave this as is. But I thank you Mark for making it welcome for me to voice my ponderings.

    When there are only “sides” there is blame. I am bored with blame. It gets in the way of moving forward with much needed practical solutions. There were nightingale hospitals got up in a week when the pandemic began. A mass drive to attend to the pandemic was speedily created. Humans can galvanize a war in a week. So why can’t a mass detox from antidepressants be started?

  • Lovely balanced article. If I had the conch I would say that nobody under the age of twenty five should be given ANY psychiatric drug. And even after that age better counselling of the risks of dependency and the yoyo of withrawals should be stated. And as Mark says only staying on the drugs short term should be considered. Each drug is like a bottle of whiskey. At some stage it becomes a bigger problem than the one it tries to mend.

    What I have always been concerned about is the effects on young mothers. In the years prior to questioning withdrawal impacts those young mothers may have thought it was their kids driving them up the wall when really it may have been adrenalin panic from withdrawals. Mothering has to be one of the most important jobs. Having the equivallent of dilirum tremens at the breakfast table is a form of neglect to the baby left to make sense of a howling mother. And what of the foetus having SSRI’s daily tipped into shared blood supply of the placenta? I imagine that the newborn will go through sudden untapered withdrawals after birth. But maybe the drugs can cross over into breast milk, but maybe at sporadic doses. I have always felt that the paediatricians should be looking into this more. We already take specific care of neonatal babies of heroin addict mothers and alcoholic mothers. There may need to be a better monitoring of SSRI babies whose brains are forming by the very hour. There once was a question mark over the cause of autism in children. Is it possible that the numbing of feelings from SSRI’s becomes a brain damage issue with some children of mothers who were given such medication?

    On a broader theme the world as it is, is no friend to new mothers. It is no wonder they turn to psychiatric medicatons when the people support is non existent.

    Often a screamy baby will be regarded as colicky rather than screaming from withdrawals. If a grown up Mark Horowitz cannot stomach sudden withdrawal anxiety/adrenalin surges then what do we expect a poor little baby to do?

    A baby is supposed to be patterning a feeling of calm upon seeing its mother up close, but if all the baby feels is adrenalin then they will feel threat, anxiety, fight or flight, danger, for months, since withdrawal takes months. It takes months for the adult brain to return to its default setting of natural normal but a neonatal brain doew not know what a natural normal brain is since they havent grown the brain yet, so is it even possible that they ever can return to normal?

    Never let it be said that I am on the “side” of psychiatry, or the “side” of antipsychiatry. I see positive and negative in both. I do know that some babies might not make it at all were it not for some mothers getting respite in a short course of calming medicine. But this ought to be time honoured gentle herbal or alternative care.

    I am not going to lambast doctors for doing what they are given mistaken faith in. We do not heckle pub owners that serve bottles of whiskey to the pregnant, or shout slurs at corner store purveyors of cigarrettes. What needs to occur is mass education about all of these risks. Studies need done on the SSRI withdrawal experiences of neonatals. A panic stricken newborn is not going to give mom any sleep. A panic stricken newborn is not going to bond in quite the same way. The newborn’s experience of emerging into the world may be the experience of wanting to die. If the mother was on SSRIs plus cigarettes, plus alcohol, that is a lot of detox landing in the baby’s bonnet.

  • This is my hand held scoop of water from a river.

    I tend to agree with your sentiment about absolute power. I think nothing should have absolute power but the individual when they wish to make their own harmless free choices. That may be a choice to utilize traditional medical care or alternative care. The choice must be their own.

    But whilst here, with respect, I must say I get worried at the word “enlightened”.
    It is like the word “unite”. It is a word that is often misused in being used to define the opposite, possibly an illogical unenlightened idiot who did not get the memo. It is a word all too easily coopted by “consensus opinion” groups to judge those deemed unenlightened, those who are usually just individuals with their own right to hold their own unique or different opinion. I know the article writer is using the word in its airy genuine intention and that is all to the good but in other writers it can be a word that is borrowed to mock those of difference. In a previous epoch the word preferred might have been “saved” or “intelligent” or “scientific” or “modern” or “sinless”. These sorts of ennobling words tend to point an accusatorial finger at who is “not” that way inclined. Noble words tend to spur on colonialist appetites for infiltrating and converting, in their questing.

    I say this…


    then none are “enlightened”.

    All the animals are EQUAL.

    No animal is enlightened.

    No animal causes wars.

    All animals squabble but animals forgive each other soon enough because they prefer to conserve energy for surviving the demands of the ever changing elements.

    Humans are animals who have been taught and lectured to, to think they are not animals. This is why they treat each other with cold intellectual barbaric slaughter.

    Far better to become a docile illogical gentle cave woman or cave man. Creatures of feeling.

    It may be tempting to fight icy logic in psychiatry with icy logic…but this can shore up the revering of the very pontificating you might want to abolish.

    So, tis better to leave the icy logic where it is and just focus on building something alternative that is so much better that people will flock to it in droves.

  • https://youtu.be/deToiILxGgM

    The passing away of old traditions often involves the removal of what later generations hope to find.This elder man in the song is the keeper of an era where you could leave your door open all day without fear of being robbed by your neighbour. In the rush to quit what was unwholesome about the past humans chuck everything of the past, even its emotional integrity or bright ideas or common sense. Humans think these are easy to establish in a new paradigm. But these qualities come from individual’s who are full of wellbeing. Wellbeing comes from the freedom to be who you are and from accepting your feelings and enjoying your free choices.There is no wellness without these essentials. A new paradigm should take into heart these essentials. Humans feel the lack of them and then look to the past to time travel back to that bliss. For some they time travel back to mannerly Victorian mores. For others they time travel back to a revolution. For yet others they time travel back to wistful cave painting tribal eras. Nostalgia hold the key to wellbeing sometimes. Yet humans think wellness is only found in the future, in progress.

    I myself yearn for the ease of the nineteen seventies. It seems we are marching into a future that forgets romantic love.

    The global calander is going to be made radically different in the future we are jourrneying towards.

    That future will make the nineteen seventies look like the treasure we lost. The BALANCE we lost.

    But worry not…for one day BALANCE will come back.

  • Fair comment. However the WHO trying to have a vast “consensus opinion” on such matters may go against “the individual’s own opinion”, which I feel is more important.

    What is occurring now has always been occurring. A civilization in order to be what it is uses “consensus opinion” in pursuit of equality, inclusion and fairness, but by the very fact that each individual has to put their own harmless free choice through the mangle of “consensus opinion” first, to get their desire ratified, makes “consensus opinion” seem like a big bully. Soon revolutionaries form an opposing “consensus opinion”, one that calls the civilization manipulative and stultifying against individual free thought and free feeling. Soon these two groups with their separate “consensus opinion creeds” lock horns in a bloody battle over dominance. Each group, in the separate “consensus opinion” needs muscle and so a call is put out to get stray individuals to “side with” the “consensus opinion” group. But to side with that conglomerate means jettisoning being a lovely free spirit or recluse or eccentric. One must become a puppet on a string instead. Choose your puppet master becomes the frightening only choice to the individual. To be safe means getting rid of your own ideas. Some of your ideas may be ones of tolerance or forgiveness. But whilst one “consensus opinion” group is wanting to crush the opposing “consensus opinion” group your individual tolerance and forgiveness looks to them like betrayal, treachery, high treason. It then becomes risky to be just an individual. The old civilization as depository of “consensus opinion”, manifesting in its very architecture, rules of conduct, regulations and so on is to be errased in order for a new paradigm or new civilization to prosper, one that cares about liberty. The penny never drops that a civilization by its very nature is probably never going to put your individual wishes front and centre. This is due to how ALL civilizations run on “consensus opinion” and that is problematic for an individual quirky change of opinion.

    What happens when a civilization is bulldozed to make room for a new civilization is that the architecture is preserved more than the people. The gilded palaces are not reduced to rubble and dust even as the homes and dwellings of the little people are gutted and charred. Why is this? It is because there rolls in to town an unnatural haste to build an imposing counter civilization. It has the need to impose imperious laws against the individual’s freedom of choice to quash any lingering loyal factions of the old civilization. So the individual is unwelcome in the old civilization and unwelcome in the new civilization. The individual eeks out a bit of private emancipation behind closed doors. The more that any civilization champions privacy for its citizens the better.

    What often happens when an old civilization gets booted into history is later people “romanticise” aspects of it. This is because certain things in that civilization actually did work really rather well. Fripparies like the good idea of roman baths or form fitting roman togas rather than pin stripe suits or Egyptian chariots rather than cars, or owning a plot of acreage to grow your own veg on rather than monoculture or genetically modified crops, and what of music and science of that old civilzation? Maybe their science was better? The science of applying maggots and leeches to clean wounds. Their notions of herbal poultices. What I mean is that when one civilization overthrows another civilization out goes very fine aspects pertaining to individual freedom of choice. We can see this when scanning distant history and old swaps from one civilization to the next, but we cannot recognize this going on in the civilization passing away before our very eyes. We cannot see what we are losing as we pack up the crates and boxes and board up the shops and switch off the music players and burn the art and rend the novels of that passing away civilization. Our individual choice that might balk at “having to” get rid of things that are innocuous that we like becomes a bone of contention to the replacement “consensus opinion” or new civilization. Suddenly a whole library of scrolls needs hidden in a desert cave while libraries are torched. Being an individual is an empowerment that seems threatening to any “consensus”.
    ….unless it is a “consensus opinion” that loves everyone having the right to be an individual.

    Humanity is mothballing the civiluzation that is of the end of the nineteen nineties. But for all its flaws there were also some important visions in that civilization. The sense of romantic love, as heard in its pop music has now become a mocked form of masculinity and femininity. Hook up culture and pornhub are the new versions of liberty. I am not sure that such “liberty” is not actually the death of freedom. The freedom to walk through town unmolested. Some things in an old civilization will be abandonned that perhaps should not be. We may look back to the old civilization and see the baths and togas and chariots as good ideas from free thinking individuals that got replaced by less fine “consensus opinion” choices.

    We are about to turn the civilization we are currently in into wrack and ruin in order to build something better, but as will all such initiatives, the “consensus opinion” may not warm to retaining what each individual likes. We will know the measure of such passing away details when we have lost them to history. Loss is how we recognize the ideas that were harmless artistic treasure. The loss is part of how we rebuild civilizations. If we do not acknowledge the loss and the importance of time honoured human values then the civilzation we will build will meet with the same destiny as the one being kicked out of the way.

    I am barely aware of what I am writing. I just feel that not everything disposed of in pursuit of utopia ought to be disposed of. Not all progress is heaven sent.


    Progress can often be irritataion at having to cater to individual free choices. That progress is not progress.

    True progress follows BALANCE. A balance between individual freedom of choice and consensus opinion.

    In a biodiverse Cosmic Garden….


  • https://youtu.be/yaM9J2VHLf8
    I refuse to stop calling what I greatly suffer from. What I suffer from is schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is my simple definition of me that is non negotiable. My schizophrenia is as harmless to me as the word gypsy or the word Jew or the word guru or the word gay. My schizophrenia is my difference. It is my free choice to keep my word for what ails me. My schizophrenia is my way of saying…

    “it’s wraynin!”.
    The world is huge enough for every twenty people on it to have their own words for things without it becoming anything but beautiful diversity of free choices.

  • I think nobody should be given antidepressant pills. But I am only one person with an opinion that many may not want to hear. I do not like people choosing to smoke or drink either, if these are imbibed addictively, but I would never influence them in their choice. I have been unmedicated for years through choice and recently I felt desperate enough to go back on pills for short term respite. They have helped to calm me. But I shall not stay on them longer than needed. Six months maybe. People go on morphine patches for six months and know “it” is not easy to withdraw. Ideally, being pill free is best for the body and brain.

    While here kicking a net ball against a rattling fence, can someone clever explain to me how numbing emotions is an effect of medicine? Oh I know that medicine does have that risk, for sure. But as far as I can understand it science does not yet know exactly what “emotions” are made of.

    Where are they even located?

    Are emotions fuzzy Valentine feelings that emerge from the four chambers of the heart? Are emotions effusive infusions drip fed into people from outside, from eventful stimuli, easy to intake like sooking up strands of spaghetti? Are emotions god-given? Or are emotions electrical fizzles that spark when synapses are tickled? Are emotions therefore chemicals? Neurochemicals?

    I am just spotting our collective avoidance of studying emotions on a metaphysical or quantum or mechanism level. We do not seem to want our emotions to be reduced to levers or buttons or drivers within the oafish blob of the ugly brain. And yet on closer inspection the brain is running the whole show night and day for almost a century.

    So we have this saying that medication, used to treat chemical imbalance, is numbing emotions, but is it possible that emotions are chemical too and at some stage can feel imbalanced? I am thinking of women with post natal depression. Their emotions are numb towards their babies. Some may say it is “trauma” that causes those women to become emotionally numb but the blood samples do point out massive surges or slumps in hormones after birth.

    Dear Joanna and Dear Mark, I am not being nasty in tweezering stray sentences. I am on “the side” of reducing medical intervention these days because it has become an over prescribing nightmare, but I have a disappointment in a concept given to me to read as “truth” when it can only joyfully be intuition. If traditional psychiatry had done the same teasing of its own confident offerings, from the deity of pharma, then we would not be where we are. We lose our double checking lack of confidence at our peril. For it is doubt that really “listens” to each individual, not “certainty”.

    A pill is a symbol of human certitude much like a nuclear missile is a symbol of human certitude.

    Since we do not know what consciousness is yet I believe we cannot confidently say what emotions are. We can only guess. I am fine with my guessing about my emotions. I do not need science to go looking at what makes a feeling of sadness or euphoria. Life is too short to analyse life away to a last award winning paper.

    But I would say for myself that my own feelings in my schizophrenia are interwoven with sublime ineffable chemicals of emotions. I do not like the word chemical. It is so harsh and reductive sounding but the periodic table of elements shows how diamonds and stars can be the chemicals of the skeleton and blood iron and breath. We ought to revere our Earthly chemicals without that being turned into gross treatment of those.

    Chemical is now a devil of a word to be set opposite the grace word “natural”, and so we dislike its artficial clinical evocation. But the human kiss has umpteen biological natural chemicals in it.

    I like Dr Susan Greenfield’s book on the brain. It is called “A Day In the Life of The Brain”. It is an homage to that vital organ, but half way through she goes into depth on her own research into trying to locate emotions and where they are coming from. She was surprised that a feeling like sadness can come from ANYWHERE in the brain. The notion of a blobby bit for anger or a blobby bit for sadness is from science’s old assumptions, instead Dr Greenfield became interested in brain scans that revealled subtle “waves” that ripple all over the brain upon heightened emotion. I am not explaining it well so maybe see the book for yourself, if interested in it.

    The HOOVER DAM is going to explode and when it does so I will prove that the consciousness of an ordinary person like me can see the future. It is all about Waves.

    Learning to swim does wonders for the emotions, whatever they are. That’s all that matters.

  • My genes are mine. Not anyone else’s. I own my genetic inheritance. Some of which is gypsy, and some of which is Jewish, and some of which is Scottish, and some of which is the beautiful mysterious Schizophrenia quirk.

    The Gypsies did not hide the word “Gypsy” under a tree after the holocaust, not that there ever has been an “after”, and the Jews did not bury the word “Jew” because of what nazism made of that innocuous genetic word, rather they sang out that word all the louder. Are we for telling Anne Frank she should have editted out her word for her beautiful physical heritage, rip pages out of her diary lest someone read those “J” words and suddenly become a brute, a bully? Bullies do not need “a word” to justify to themselves why they bully, it is not in the words, or clinical logical theories, a bully will bully regardless!

    It seems to me that what each of us are fighting to protect are virtually the very same human rights. The right to call ourselves whatever we please. We are squabbling over the same moral patch of territory. We are sisters and brothers who do not recognize each other as love expressing itself in a cry for freedom.

    It gets like the squabble most siblings have over whether to replace the lid on the toothpaste tube or leave it undone. It is such a simple consideration, put on the lid, leave off the lid, that what eventually occurs is that just because the request is SO easy to do and yet the lid is still not on or off a WAR occurs because the other sibling said “no” to such an easy adaptation. How could they refuse to be the love needed? How could they refuse to go along with seeing their illness in alignment with the other sibling’s idea about illness? It is the refusal of the simplest request that unleashes a row. But it is also the agreeing to make space for the different way of replacing the toothpaste tube lid that arrives at a negotiated forgiving tolerant HEAVEN.

    The toothpaste tube lid is seeming to need a “consensus opinion” about it since there is only one shared toothpaste tube. But the choice to call yourself schizophrenic or a trauma sufferer is not needing a tight “consensus opinion” because the WORLD is MUCH bigger than a toothpaste tube to be bickered endlessly over. What begins as arguing over terms in a book starts to lose just being about the lids or terms and start to be a WAR kindled by the very thought that one’s opponent will not budge from their held opinion even though it would be simple for them to do so. This then makes their freedom chant look measly and mean spirited and excluding and coercive simply because the whole thing could be sorted out agreeably. The frustration is in how simple a request it would be for a schizophrenic to say they got their hallucinations from being traumatized. Their own story only needs that sibling adjustment to be editted in so that they can join the consensus
    story by tearing up their very different insollent uppity teenage Anne Frank diary.

  • Great article. I hope it ushers in an even better paradigm of care, that of allowing every unique individual to have the FREE CHOICE to dream up their OWN paradigm of care for their own self. Wouldn’t that be far better, given that EVERYONE is DIFFERENT?

    Eugenics is a bit of a buzz word these days what with feminists claiming their word for woman is being nullified and what with trans people claiming their wish to have medical help is being refused by eugenical doctors. It is a word that is slung at everyone so I think the path of tolerance lies not with that word but with the word forgiveness.

  • Why it is important to many schizophrenics to regard their condition as schizophrenia is because if you were given an LSD tab every morning in your breakfast bowl without your knowing it you would, after a decade of hourly hellish bad trips want to call it something more than just depression or stress or trauma. You might prefer to think that if you kept hallucinating nazis that those were only due to a silly brain mix up of perceptions, like epilepsy. Something that is NOT your fault but is just a silly medical illness. This does NOT mean that you want pharmacological treatments. You may prefer to use alternative treatments like herbal infusions or acupuncture or God. Having any illness DOES NOT mean that you say yes to appalling treatments. Since most treatments for schizophrenia give more illness in the form of iatrogenic problems, rather like whiskey or cocaine or chemo, you may want your schizophrenia not ever treated. You may just want to have a bunch of natural ways of enduring its most tormenting symptoms. But some people have such a terrible menu of hallucinations hourly for a decade that it is helpful to them to have people tell them that they are just medically unwell and so they should rest and recuperate, like those with epilepsy do. Not every schizophrenic has hellish hallucinations and so they may prefer to not regard their symptoms as an illness. They may prefer to think in trauma terms or political terms. And some may want to say they have no schizophrenia and they were always just being themselves. I am a bit different in that I hallucinate a being who insists I think of him as schizophenia. But THAT is my schizophrenia. But even if I was suffering the effects of trauma, you might say my trauma is ending up causing hallucination of a being who insists I regard him as schizophrenia. What then are you going to say? Are you going to insist I go get therapy? I have had over a decade of therapy. You may say I have trauma so bad that I cannot see it. I just need coaxed and coerced to look deeper for it. Since every life has trauma in it then you may feel confident that this is the case of a cause for my schizophrenia and so you might drum trauma into me as an answer. I had lovely parents and my childhood had nothing remarkable in it. I am never going to believe my dear parents traumatized me. Not in any outstanding way. But my upbringing is my own private knowledge. I owe no trauma confession to anyone. For all these reasons I prefer to regard my illness as a mental illness caused by my lovely eccentric genetics. My genes are evolving into super human schizophrenic talents. My schizophrenia is a culture for one. It is my culture and my ethnicity and I am not ashamed to own it. It is my “difference” to be tolerated. Because if it is not then I prefer to stay in the land of my hallucinations than live in a world of nannying, nitpicking, bickering intolerance.

  • https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-022-04556-w

    I have my own views on all of this. Being a schizophrenic means nobody wants to consider my views because Ì have a mental illness. My grandmother had schizophrenia and now I have it. The research in the linked study above proves FOR ME that there IS a connection between quirks of genes and the risk of developing schizophrenia. I am happy with the Schema study. It consoles me.

    I think there is no person on the planet who has not been traumatized by someone sometime in their years. It is easy to pin the trauma diagnosis on everyone. I do not buy that trauma is behind schizophrenia in each and every instance. I do not buy that trauma is always catastrophic. Some people recycle traumatic events into resilience and courage even heroism and greatness. Think of people who fall off mountains and need helicoptered to hospital. They seldom let such trauma cheat them of their dreams and the riches that come from overcoming challenges. I can see that there is good in the proposal that many distressed people have been wrongly fobbed off with a diagnosis that is not useful to them but this is not true for everyone. I read an MIA article recently that showed that forcing sometime to accept the trauma package of care when they prefer to keep their own diagnosis is like a trauma in itself.

    We must be balanced in our suggestions and realize that our own advice is not going to be right for everyone. Rather having many options on offer is the best way forward, in my opinion.

    For my “expert” view of MY OWN SCHIZOPHRENIA there has been an attempt by people who do not have my illness to tell me all about it. That is as rude as telling people with trauma that they do not have trauma. I think it is a ungracious way to be acting towards ANYONE.
    It is all about the authoritative showy pontificating that comes out of the human wish to control the beliefs of strangers via “consensus opinion” and calling them liars rather than ASKING INDIVIDUALS what THEY feel they have.

    I will say no more on these matters. People can just click on my name Diaphanous Weeping to read my valuable angle on FREE CHOICE for ALL.

    I am not against ANY way. I am not against diagnosis. I am not against binning diagnosis. I am ALWAYS FOR what YOU like.

    This stance is set to get rarer and rarer as people in the future start fighting and telling everyone how they are supposed to feel, think, do, be, know, believe. It is an ugly near future. All I can say though is that there is a good future beyond it.

    Well, that is what I believe, but do feel free to hold your own opinion that sees me as mad. I will agree with that one.

    I am leaving MIA despite the tempting card game of articles. I will not be drawn into this global debate any more.

  • Imagine landing on a planet where….as the angels say to me…


    It used to be so on our planet. Before “consensus opinion” took off and disputed those who were not equal enough and were too “different” as opposed to the “consensus opinion” group’s particular way of being all united and “the same”.

    Most bullying relies on a crowd of yes-people puppets being all “the same” and doing the leader’s bidding. Bullying uses the crowd’s muscle to intimidate. Bullying uses “consensus power” to belittle and negate. So when this occurs there is a victor with that power and victims of that abuse of power.

    It is tempting to think that to bring balance back there has to be a backwash return of “power” and so this requires yet another “consensus opinion” group. An opposing one. But the problem with “consensus opinion” is it “is” focused on power rather than love of each individual whoever they are.

    The near future is gearing up to welcoming a nazi-like regime that will tell ALL women that they must dress the same. There will be no centering of anyone who should be centered, Jenny, like we yearn for too see. There will be no centering of anyone female. There will be no centering of anyone but….

    the Cruel Dictator.

    He is already using the fine rhetoric of peace restoration to inveigle his way into popular fond regard.

    When the Hoover Dam falls like a curtain call on act one, know that act two and three and four and five are coming. And whilst everyone is eager to see change arrive it will go horribly wrong in the way the Arab Spring was a romantic new start gone horribly wrong.

  • I am confident this is probably true, Richard Sears although given the prevalence of hundreds of other prescription medications like beta blockers and statins and steroids for rheumatism and not forgeting weed and booze it is a wonder anyone drives a car sober. I refuse to learn to drive. I always believe in the horse.

    I also believe the Hoover Dam will explode, and many other things will come to the fore also. And because of that I say humans ought to lead themselves individually, but there may be times when no one is permitted to follow their own star of choice. When that is going on humans are best being mute about having their own honest opinions, since in times of upheaval and regime change the independent thinker is the first to be shunned.

    It is not easy being mute. This is because you want to do good and save the world. But when everyone is trying to do the same saving but in their own radically different way or politically different way they excuse the use of aggressive ways of saving the world, but this then looks like angry collectives destroying the world to those who would save it differently. With so many who are saving the world looking like they are destroying the world it makes all the rest heavy handed and serious and mean and violent and thought policing….about people simply living and breathing in our SHARED world.

    This then looks like we have a massive problem in the guise of other humans seeming to be dangerously different yet not allowing you or I to be our different. This then evolves into a war against difference itself. This then brings a regime who forces everyone to be THE SAME. Suddenly everyone “has to” listen to the same preachy lessons about why their own harmless choice or innocuous opinion is damaging for the world. With climate change about to give humanity an alarm call this will add to the sense that the world has to be saved from out of control difference in different people immediately. Until anyone who dares have an opinion that seems refreshingly different will be accused of destroying the world. That’s a big crime. That will be given a big punishment. Do fear stampeding like a herd into the vortex of “world saving”. It is humanity’s worst tragedy. It is tragic because if you accept that the world will sort itself out organically without too much push and shove, and if you relax about how you are saving the world then you won’t narrow your focus into hating and blaming the different who you think are causing the world to need saving. This easing will result in peace through tolerance. The alternative is a saved world with everyone having to kneel in prayer whilst feeling abject misery.

  • Some time later…

    Never say I am dishonest. Let me give you reason to smirk at me. After writing the first comment I went for a wander in the ward. Along comes a male nurse to give me my pills. I study the four pills and ask not to take pill number three….

    “You have to obey the doctor’s decision for you to have the four pills but if you want changes ask him later”.

    Now I happen to be a voluntary patient. I came here willingly. I went back on pills willingly. So what part of the word “obey” is necessary?

    This farcical comedy sketch will not change my mind about how I believe being here is needed by me. There are no wistful Soteria houses near me. And I know not the friend who would cook three meals a day for me without them having to neglect their own troubles. But I am HONESTLY startled by how oafish can be the way some nurses regard all the various different patients as one generic rowdy patient, a factory made “patient A” needing muscled in on in the decision making skill. However, not ALL nurses are the same either and I have met many with fondness and consideration bordering on masochism. Those good nurses are tirlessly helpful and affectionate. I have never been called so many versions of darling in all my life.

    I just want to be clear and HONEST that there are good people and imbalanced people everywhere.

    It matters to the future to be HONEST to oneself at least. Your own knowingness is what is right for you. I am for you having the choices that you want, not the choices that I want.

    If you want no pills or professionals or room and board in your wellness plan then do not have those. If you do want those then have those. NO ONE should be forced. I bid a goodbye for now as I need to be away, to take a long holiday psychologically.

    Love from Diaphanous Weeping.

  • I am not convinced by black and white thinking, or right and wrong thinking. Post natal depression has a hormonal aspect and depression has a vegetative effect on sleep and other bodily aspects. Stress affects the body in subtle and profound ways. I feel that consciousness, body, brain, spirit, brain waves, aura, hereditary and many other factors of material and cosmic existence ARE ALL INTERWOVEN. The biomedical model has worked for so long because it includes “comforts” like a warm bed, fresh sheets, a dozen nurses and doctors; three hot meals, concerned inquiry, family visits, and these fripperies are very soothing to those who see no point in carrying on living. These things affect the conciousness, body, brain, aura and so on. A placebo lift for downing beer or a magic pill for two months has saved lives. I have experienced that myself. In monastic eras the body was treated as though the four humours affected the whole kit and caboodle of the person who felt sick. But, I am with anyone who says that THE WAY the body and brain has been treated has been, in modern times, blithly stupid, due to the human love affair with the religion of scientism. But one stupid is not made better by another stupid. To say that the brain, which has umpteen things going wrong with it daily is okay always is daft. The brain does have seizures via its many thousands of reactions and hormones and chemicals. The brain is is pristine and fine much of the time is something I agree with mostly, and so we should leave the brain alone and only treat it with balanced herbal monastic smoothies. However, I am not one hundred percent, black and white or right and wrong about viewing the brain as NEVER having anything go awry with it. It does! Even severe premenstral tension is a nightmare for some women.

    I hope that a form of medicine will develop that returns to the holsitic appreciation of our monastic herbalist humourous forebears. The conciousness needs the body and brain whilst gadding about in Earthly splendor. The term “Lex Talionis” means being proportionate and balanced in seeking justice, but it is also good, going forth, in how we may soften and mend the medical path to align more holistically with other ways of caring for the sick.

    The angels want me to come away from being provocative and I am not sure why. I feel that the individual must be their OWN doctor, lawyer, priest, going forward. None can have trust in anything but your own free choice to believe what you believe is true whilst society is being shaken up. I believe I do have a problem in my physical brain. I feel my hallucinations are like phantom limb pain. My brain is misreading reality. I cannot stop it or help it or control it. It is not distress. It is not trauma. Although these make matters worse for sure. I have real schizophrenia and I am master of my own free choice of knowledge. But..

    I DO believe the world is soaked in psychiatric poisons and children should never be medicated in any way while their brains are growing. I am mostly not for medical drug treatment UNLESS someone is completely desperate to try a pill in a hospital emergency setting and only short term. I am in hospital as I write this and I feel well looked after. I am totally against forcing any pill on anyone. I am totally against flimsy informed consent. My fear is that these will be enforced on people in the future. A regime is coming and it will be forcing everyone to agree to all sorts of things that go against holistic care. For that reason I am going to applaud this article Joanna. The dismantling of the pill for every ill is a good campaign. Drugs should never be forced on people. And never on children. And drugs should be only used with great care.

    I have to stop going on about this though as I have other interests in life. I will simply say whether I personally agree or disagree as I dont want to stand in the way of the bigger picture.

  • As a schizophrenic I have never had a label slapped on me. I diagnosed myself and later a friendly psychiatrist agreed with my assessment. An article this week on MIA (“trauma informed care left me more traumatized than ever”) about trauma informed care shows that not everyone wants to get rid of their useful diagnosis. I am not aware of ever being stigmatized because of my diagnosis, I quite like stigma, as an artist it helps me know I am not a puppet. It is a little known truth that people grow more reverential when you mention the schizophrenic diagnosis, either because they fear your ability to stigmatize them as wearing the wrong coat, or they fear causing a worsening of your miserable hallucinations.

    But what is this vogue for saying other countries with other governments “cause” schizophrenia-lite whereas the capitalist West “causes” schizophrenia-heavy with violent voices? For a start, in other countries the deranged and floridly psychoic are often left to go wander into a welcoming crocodile smooth river. Ooops!

    That leaves the biddable, gently crazy to pirhoutte around the village announcing fond quasi biblical sentiments. What’s not to love about those biblical voices. There is a fine line between being spellbinding and sounding demonic. I am not convinced of the hype around how people can influence schizophrenia. It is like when a cancer suffer says their tumour was “caused” by years of people being too assertive in their family. A “look what you did to me!” is often just a way to abdicate personal responsibility. What’s not to like about personal responsibilty. It used to be an ingredient in being a local hero.

    All these gripes said, I have to like your article Meghan, because it is “baby caring” towards the suffering and that is the main thing, that we offer as many ways of regarding schizophrenia as there are people with many different kinds of it. I like the biomedical model and I like the word schizophrenia immensely, because it annoys people. Always utter the words society says not to.

    But I must get off my hobby horse and go and get better. I have been ill for a long time and so am in the asylum getting that mended. You are right about how pharma ought to be mentioned more. But the hospital I am in is wonderful actually. And the nurses are genuinely saintly, the majority of them. This week a few very violently manic people came into the ward and needed several nurses to guard them from their impulse to jump out a window and hurt themselves or hurt the rest of us patients. Later in the day one of those manic patients, after thumping and kicking innocent patients and nurses was wandering and howling and a nurse dropped everything to give that sobber a welcome warm embrace that went on and on and on and on. The kind of genuine hugging scene as might be seen in Soteria. It would be nice if hospitals could be made more Soteria. It would not take much. Dream big.

    I must leave MIA now.

  • Have they made a Disney Noah’s Ark cartoon?

    The Hoover Dam explosion comes first and after that I keep hearing of “The walls of Jerico”. So I believe that a city will crumple from strategic noise weapons or just shouting.

    After that debacle at some stage comes an enormous sea flood.

    I predict a sudden global huge flood and I tell everyone to go live on higher land, where feasible. If this really does come true then it won’t be a surprise and therefore it will buy everyone enough time to react with instant cleverness. When such floods occur it is the commotion of other dithering sight seers that slows reaction. A wave is not going to be crystal blue surf water but is more like a mountain boulder landslide because of the maelstrom of debris and cars and street furniture, all churning like a giant foodmixer. Find tall trees to bind to if needed. I dont feel it will be any time soon. It may take a decade. It will be meteors that cause it. But we will survive it, we just have to know what to do if say at the time of it we are sitting in a dentist’s chair, or singing lunchbreak karaoke in a birthday treat, or trying on prussian blue boots in a shoe store cubicle. A wave sucks out then bashes back in. Neither will be slow enough for planning what to do in that surreal moment. Keeping phones dry and charger dry is an idea. A backpack with sources of water and food and a heatstroke scarf, that sort of thing. People find salvation in pocket fluff. Enough fluff to kindle a fire. A regime is rising and they will want to say the flood is a punishment from a wrathful God. It will be tricky in that crisis to tell the millions of bereft that it was not a meteoric thump delivered by a punitive God but just a random natural disaster from space. Like Jupiter had, five impacts. The people who will lose loved ones will blame whoever seems most sinful for angering their God. Being blamed by the grief stricken makes the blamed into second class citizens. This division is useful to the regime.

    I could say more but I have to rest now. Take time out. But do click on my name to reach prior comments in a similar light, if you want to.

  • I am not sure Christine if you were talking to me?

    I see madness in a few ways.

    1. It is an emancipation.
    2. It a driven crazy by factors, like chemical muddles in the body that is teeming with hormones and other magical chemicals, or chemicals that are artificial and live in our water or first aid cabinets, like lead and mercury and forever plastics, or it is from trauma, or it is from other humans being horrible to other humans, or it is from bullying, or abuse or cruelty.

    Since the Mad Pride article seemed to focus on the celebratory angle I only spoke to the emancipating aspect of madness here.

    I agree on the need to end suffering. Although I would be honest here and say thay a little non harmful transient suffering in the form of challenges, like sky diving or cliff climbing, are more like positive vital excitements. I am not for a life of no discomfort. Being kept like a cosseted, vet pandered, shampooed poodle is bad for the inner animal.

  • That means a lot to me. Thankyou.

    I know you do not have much interest in angels but it is a model I am using as a convenience to do this comment.

    I think I may have said that I once nearly fell off my chair when my angels told me they love the arch atheist Dawkins. He, the very same, who derides angels and heaven and deities and Father Christmas. When I asked the angels why they love someone who doesn’t want to believe angels exist, the angels told me that free choice is the best. Even the choice to call angels absurdities. The angels cheer when someone chooses to be atheist or devoutly religious. And the angels cheer when someone chooses to be capitalist or socialist.

  • Richard D Lewis,

    I like your zeal to make the world sympathetic in the way you want it to be.

    You say…

    “BTW, “politics” does not necessarily mean “running for office,” but can involve ANY TYPE of effort we make to influence how people think and act in the world around us, especially as it pertains to certain established institutions in society.”

    I am looking at the word “influence”.

    Everyone is trying to “influence” everyone. Nobody seems eager to be influenced. It is as if everyone thinks they have the winning formula for a better world. Their world. But it is also my world and your world and we are hopelessly different in myriad ways. The difference is delightful. And so long as the difference is not directly harming another person then it is good to allow for it. But this word “influence” gets in the way of “acceptance”.

    A person ought not accept violence or cruelty or abuse. Those are not differences but more like sicknesses that spread all over the world. But confusingly some people may encompass justifying cruelty AS an influence added to an influence. This is perhaps what makes me reluctant to want influences that may be fine on paper. I see nothing wrong with your vision of a better world. I feel you hide a deeply loving heart in it.

    All kinds of different influences run simultaneously in the world and seldom is there any one that wins over all the rest. Rather the tension between them all forms a kind of spider’s web. A silk of socialism begin separately, anchored in a particular part of a shrub but ultimately it merges with other approaches as it gets nearer the centre. All strands do this. Any influence has to play footsie with difference sooner or later, to be a “balanced” influence and not an extremist influence. It is a source of sorrow to have a vision infiltrated by those who only partly like it and see its merit, but the choice is either go it alone or yeild to the preferences of the different.

    I see the intricate spider’s web needs all the influences to come together in a harmonious balance or its just a tight rope.

    But I am interested in why humans want to influence each other at all.

    Animals don’t.

    Animals are compassionate and do not cause wars. Animals have no interest in influencing anyone, beyond the odd dog fetching a leash or a soggy slipper.

    Animals leave each other alone.

    It is not animals who cause climate change.

    Much of the things that wreck the environment are due to the human urge to influence other humans. A city of tower blocks towers over all else in an attempt to influence. But what can occur is bullying can seep into the attempt to influence. Bullying is caused by fear of being overwhelmed by emotion. Bullying protects against breakdown by numbing away emotionality and swapping it for mind and analytical thinking. Politics can be a place such bullying gains cover in. Religion can be that safe house for bullying also.

    I think influence is wonderful when it is, as Rebel says, more “pro” than “anti”.

    One does not have to hate to do the art of being love. When influence sweeps up a noise that seems to be about hate I tend to shut down my listening. I just don’t want hate’s diatribe to be in my life. I believe a human does not have to hate to effect the same visionary change or build their version of a better world that they want to. When bullying infiltrates a vision of a better world it can cause that vision to seem tolerant of a necessity to bully. And this makes the beautiful vision look like an unwelcome of difference.

    But Richard, I like how you are free to be different and passionate and rousing and clear talking and suffering no fools gladly.

  • The HOOVER DAM did explode yesterday but I believe that was just a test run. I am not sure when a bigger toppling will occur. My predictions can take a decade or five minutes to season. I did get a sense the explosion proper will occur around a solstice time but I may be mistaken over that specific. The main thing is to be vigilant if you work there, on any day. And hope that I am just full of my usual crazy speak.

    If and when the dam goes it means the bigger sea flood I often mention is also a possibility. If so then think of what a flood leaves in its wake. Power grid down. Scarce food. No medicines. It is good to be savvy and know that nature does not listen much to politics.

  • https://youtu.be/EGzlNPPkW0M

    This channel is like Lee Haris’s channel. It is not for everyone. But for some these ways of seeing the increase in intolerance going on it world today is useful.

    When wounded there is a necessary relex outrage that is healthy. It is good to accept a feeling of anger because by accepting it the feeling soon disipates or disolves. Like a boxer biffing a punch bag. The angry energy weakens. But what can occur instead is the person does not experience a feeling of anger, because feelings are chronically blocked instead of healthily flowing. When humans accept blends of their many feelings they calm down and cease ranting. A person who is out of contact with their feelings experiences unsatisfying levels of agitation and stress. They live in their critical mind and overthinking and outward behaviour rather than leaning back comfortingly into their many felt feelings. Because they never allow themselves to actually feel the emotion of anger they only allow themselves to be outraged at not getting to feel. As if some external person has forbidden them to feel. The upset one could simply choose to allow themselves to feel all their backlog of feelings in one brilliantly liberating moment but what deters them is the way they have become frightened of that backlog of feeling erupting uncontrollably. So instead of finding calm in allowing all feelings to become befriended and flowing again, as children are skilled at, the upset one keeps a lid on such feelings and retreats ever higher into the mind, not the heart. It is THIS cramped discomfort and being bereft of feelings that THEN gets BLAMED on outward people. As if those people insisted the upset person stay only perfectly logical and live only in their mind. It is as if the other person has stolen the upset one’s whole exuberant medley of fine feelings.

    No human can steal another person’s feelings. A human chooses to put that divorce from feelings on themselves. Another person may logically teach them not to be so emotional but ultimately nobody can control the interior life of the human. Nobody can get inside the human’s psyche and manage it or order it all neat and tidy. Try as they might, with drink or drugs or propaganda or skewed false man made religious tennets.

    If a human is uncomfortable through never feeling and never arriving at the calm from that flow, which is like the calm from crying, then the become a bottled up powder keg of explosive backlog of emotions, emotions that are from the past and have nothing to do with whom ever the human has on their list, their blame card.

    What I am saying is that if a human feels wounded it is healthy to let that anger flow. But there should come a point where calm follows and from calm often comes a moving on kind of forgiveness. However, if the anger is blocked, then a different sort of anger manifests, as an anger at not being allowed to FEEL the anger that is there. Or the different anger is from ever having dangerously pesky feelings at all in the first place. As if a psychiatrist either “stole” the feelings that are hidden under the lid, or that the psychiatrist is to blame for “giving” the feelings. The mind is often at war with the messiness of feelings and likes to call feelings TRAUMA that somehow should not be there. As if calm and happiness are emotions that come from the non-feeling safety of the mind and its manufacturing of cold “reason”.

    Every imbalanced stressed out human likes to get rid of feelings and when they cannot they often blame outside people for giving them the feelings, normal every day feelings like sadness and anger.

    That then makes going from accepting anger and letting it flow harmlessly away as an inner holding become impossible, and that is why calm is not reached, and without calm there can be no possibility of forgiveness.

    The anger needs to flow within for the next stage of forgiveness to come. BUT in a world with leaders all itching to make people into puppets on strings, propaganda gets done to tell people to stay enraged at the way others have either “caused” feelings…or disallowed “feelings”. Both of these are discomforts. Discomfort then gets marshalled en masse into “consensus opinion” as to who caused the problem of feelings. Who is to blame.

    Psychiatrists are caught in the cross hairs of such human difficulty over just letting feelings be. But the main thing to realise is we are captains of our own ship. If we want to allow a feeling like sadness or anger to well up….no one can stop us. The idea that other people have the power to do so is almost wishful thinking. Our feelings are our own responsibility. That said….none should tolerate actual abuse or bullying or cruel. But those are actions not feelings. Feelinga are not outward behaviour. Feelings are harmless to just feel. Not feeling causes bullying to erupt.

    I must go..
    Heh….the HOOVER DAM exploded today. There may be more to come. Like the Twin towers had a van explosion before the finale.

  • For over two decades I have loved the Gestalt therapy notion of split off parts or personalities. It has become a dolls house model I use often. The most impressive parts get to live upstairs and receive guests. The most shunned parts get relegated to the dungeon. Down there they become a bit rogue and do jailbreaks from time to time, in the middle of elegant conversations. But mostly they become such unwanted strangers occupying the house of our psyche that we project their qualities as coming from outwith us, as coming from an external “them”.

    To heal means reloving the parts of us we think are shun-worthy. But this may mean reloving qualities we see in other people who remind us of those parts we do not allow in ourselves. When we allow our split off parts to come upstairs they settle in and stop being out of control or strange.

    But this may mean reloving the sorts of facets that we have been taught to loathe…

    such as pompousness, arrogance, know all priestliness, smugness, monsterousness, diffidence, nonchalance, servility, cocksure imperiousness, bossiness….

    the traits of a psychiatrist.

    We are loathing the psychiatrist for openly allowing traits in themselves that we puritans and decent morallizers disallow in ourselves. But when we do not allow certain aspects of ourselves they can take on a life of their own and leak out in escapes until we explosively become the epitome of pompousness, arrogance, know all piety in response to others, laughably even as we declare traits of pompousness and arrogance wicked.

    Actually to be pompous is great fun. Children are often dressing up as pompous superheroes.

    It is not how you feel that is the problem. It is your external behaviour borne of never being in touch with emotions. The unemotional are cruel externally through feeling nothing. Their splits are all in the basement. Unloved.

  • I feel blessed to have your approval. Your comments take the raw feelings and refine and distil them into crystal clarity. I always enjoy reading what you make of a topic. It is always an unexpected soulsearching authentic response.

    I will maybe say more in a while. The breakfast trolley is coming to the ward and my phone needs recharging. But know I love your comment to me. Life is too short for us all to make being “right” the top priority. Being love seems unrewarding but often people heal themselves better via love, and that is the reward we all want. For a well person spreads wellbeing. And you know this compassionate stance. And I admire you greatly for it.

  • I am puzzled as to why people here zone in on psychiatrists. In the mental hospital I am in just now you can seldom ever find one. The hospital is full of other employees, such as nurses and student nurses and caterers and chefs and porters and mail room employees and occupational therapists and art therapists and cleaning technitians and laboritory microsope gazers and gardeners and carpenters and plumbers and occupational health surveyors and receptionists. Any one of this cast of thousands can be having a bad day enough to unleash bullying. It may not be overt bullying but slipshod indifference to your plaintive call for a tylenol. Magnify that indifference and you start to take the uncaring ambience personally.
    On the other hand many of these workers are diamonds who double as doctors when there is no one answering your room buzzer. These honest workers need the psychiatric hospital to pay their wages so that they do not lose their homes and end up in one as a patient.

    I am curious as to why psychiatrists get singled out as if symbolic monsters in a Grim’s fairytale. I suspect that whilst some of them may well be deliberately hateful, most are just UNABLE to care in any other way they may WANT to care, given the pressure to cure people so fast that they are subjected to. Patients add up to beds and beds need cleared fast for the next onrush of psychotic emergencies. Patients are just a number and yet I know from my short stint in nurse training that you DO go home crying about your helplessness to help a patient whom you can see has simple needs but who is way at the back of an impossibly long long long long long queue. People want to think their psychiatrist is a pill giving thug who does not care but sometimes, not always, I believe this is a darksome fantasy needed to put the fantasist in a pure light. I have seen on the ward I am on people being actually violent towards nurses. Actually violent towards doctors. These workers are doing a job and there is no excuse for violence, from them or to them.

  • Thank you Steve,
    I honour your faith, hope and charity style. I makes my mood warm.

    One angel keeps saying…

    “I will build a bridge…”

    I want to see a book on bridges. They are all over the planet. Mostly scary but rather fetching.

    I am drunk.

    Jaded on antipsychotics. Maybe I will make like the Elephant Man and build a bridge out of dotty dainty wooden matches. And dance around like a manniquin spun on a clockwork mechanism.

    Meet DW on medication. I am an altogether more subdued responder. Periodically check my pupils for signs of fixedness. The myth of the perpetually fixed person.

    I wrote poetry when on antipsychotics before. The poetical works were tenth rate. I could not rustle up any feelings for a starter. So the poems lacked former maelstroms of emotion. But sometimes a cliff drop does no favours to poetic winning lines either.

    On a separate topic I find myself wanting to go back in time to thank people who unknowingly set my life veering in a new direction. One young woman taught me a method of using diviining rods to locate water. It was a fun game but I took it home and built upon it and studied it and it got me pleasantly esoteric. Many years later and she does not know how significant her parlour party trick was to my life. I never thanked her. Partly that was because she and I ceased being friends. I found her irksomely whiney at a time when I was learning to be brave. But all these years hence I feel I should thank her. It makes you wonder if you can thank your enemies. We learn a lot more about ourselves through engaging with the “them”, than we do in engaging with the “us”. Often it is not a great thing that sets our life on a different deer track of destiny. Often it is as insignificant as the raising of a dessert spoon, the daub of yellow paint a friend suggests as a finale to our abstract painting. Small casual incidentals are almost embarrassingly profound in their lasting legacy. The unfortunate thing is that when we succeed through those nudges and gain an applause for our divining rod achievement, or our shiny spoon cutlery emporium achievement, or our decadent poetry collection achievement, or our philosophy achievement we seldom give a backward glance at “the other” who made that possible. We want it all to have come only from ourselves. An arn’t I the best. But no life does not have material and interwoven connectivity to other lives and weavings of inspiration. For some reason it feels easy to declare that the inspiration came from a woozy fussy dimension of inspiration or a cruise liner pick and mix buffet of inspiration than to be honest and say it came from the destitute girl with long dark hair or it came from the tall man with no home. It is easy to rip off the disposessed. Perhaps in Eastern cultures there is more of a sense that you owe gratitude to elders or anyone inspiring. It becomes a collective celebration. If a Nobel Prize is won, it gets celebrated as if everyone has won it.

  • Coersion is joyous. Coersion is enchanting. Coersion is decent. Coersion said to me that its early days but we must get on top of the symptoms and no side effects are without other side effects and no side effects are like the symptoms you describe and its a well known medication and usually what we do with usual bodies that are factory bodies with indentical factory brains is we give it time lots of time your time their time everyone’s time and things settle down because that is the way of things oh sorry to hear it but try to see it is like that for you only because you think like you do but we can talk more about it in a week when the things the things you think are things are revealled to be either cleared up with the increased dose or are seen to be only your way of looking at the things yes uhuh hmm yes well we could maybe perhaps in a week see but….

    Ok just give me the increased pills.

  • Madness is my cloak of invisibility. Madness is my boots of invincibility. Madness is my liberation. Madness sets me free.

    I do not want to be proud of things I should have had all along. I am not proud of my fair hair. I am not proud of my elegant hands. I am not proud of my beating heart. I am not ashamed of any of those so why should I be the opposite in pridefullness, given that I do not buy into society’s shame. Pride often seems reactionary against stigma.

    Stigma reassures me I am going the right way. The HONEST way. The uncomfortable middle path way in a world where everyone want you to “side” with them.

    But David, I love the notion of CELEBRATION, especially of madness.

    I do feel schizophrenia is a sort of ethnicity. A culture. And because it is and because it is ripe for CELEBRATING, even as maverick freedom fighters, every “side” wants to shun what it is. This is because everyone has their own notion of freedom and what it SHOULD look like.

    If everyone simply attended to their own individual freedom needs and stopped insisting on “consensus rules” about what freedom should be for complete strangers then we would all feel free as the birds.

    I like what you are doing dear David. I like it a lot. I do not agree that all Pride movements should band together. What is that for? Power? I loathe power. Humans like power because they think it means freedom. But power is just the denying of frĂšedom to others. No animal bothers with power. Yet all animals as individuals know freedom.

    The banding of Pride movements all together is an attempt at forming a mass “consensus opinion”….one that will become another mass wave of bullying.

    Security is not found in “consensus opinion” unless that consensus agrees that your individual freedom of choice to be innocuously whoever you are COMES FIRST.

    If your free choice to be YOU is harmless and does not put a spot or bruise or pain of abuse on another person then you are free to be free and free to CELEBRATE how your freedom makes you feel.

    I would prefer Mad Pride to rename itself as Mad Celebration. But that is all I would change. Keep up the good work, David.

    And I like Imrit’s comment too. Very honest and true.

  • Dear All,
    I am not here to be “right”. I am here to BE HONEST.

    In my excruciating HONESTY I have to please you if my honest report backs up your view and I have to displease you if my honest report runs contrary to your view. I became an HONEST individual after leaving all obligations to “consensus opinion” to the masses.

    So now I want to be HONEST and as well as reporting that I have NEVER met an abusive psychiatrist or for that matter an abusive psychiatric nurse, if we mean abuse to mean deliberate exploitation or harm of an intentional sort, I DO want to call the system of psychiatry imperfect, flawed, and out of control by virtue of it being to vast and unweildy and too porous by infiltrations of bullies.

    I am not going to sugar coat psychiatry. I DO think mass drugging is appalling. MASS EVERYTHING is a bully’s gift. Bullies love a good mass instruction.

    I am writing this in a psychiatric hospital. I am moved and heartened by all the positive changes I see. Having a single room with en suite shower and having very nice food and a comfy matress and and and and. I am sure I would NOT be writing at all if I had not sought respite from my death wish of recent. Having proudly come off antipsychotics I was in no rush to ever ever ever go back on them. So the fact that I did so shows how gruelling my schizophrenia is. It is just about unliveable with. I had a choice between ending my life or trying antipsychotic nightmare drugs. I know they are next to useless. So is a bottle of whiskey. But when you are deciding on songs for your own funeral reception trying something useless for a while buys time to not quite quit living. I am aware of the power of placebo. I chose to allow myself to use antipsychotics in a bottle of rum placebo kind of a way. I fully intend to come off the bottle of antipsychotics as soon as I feel able to. Not that withdrawal is a dawdle.

    I have no regrets so far about coming into hospital. But in my HONESTY I have to be even handed and report that I have had my medication increased and increased again rather surreptitiously without MY AUTHORITY. It is as if I left my agency at the threshhold in this marriage between myself and medicine. I asked one of the nurses what dose I am on and she surprised me with the digits. I never agreed to that hike up of dose. What bothered me was the nurse’s flippant irritation at my pesky question. As if I was getting ideas above my station. I do have a legal document somewhere that asks all medical staff not to put me on ANY antipsychotics but try everything else first. Therapy. Buddhist chanting. Joss sticks. Holy water. A bottle of Scotch. Kind sentiments. But it as if the moment I said yes to antipsychotics I had said yes to the whole pharmaological cupboard. The blinkered view that antipsychotics are the only treatment simply HAS TO CHANGE. I am all for that change. I can hourly feel my poor brain trying to cope with turning into a chemical blancmange once again. I feel my sense of humour haemorraging out of my mind like I am bleeding out. I am becoming a drugged bore. I feel swimmy and swoony and giddy. The rapid rate of increase in medication is part of the problem. The unholy haste to turn around hospital beds means I have to be “treated” fast. Like these record breaking challenges in beach clubs where you gulp as many whiskeys as your drowning can down. I can feel a hissy fit coming on where I am going to be reprimanded as I ask to slow down the incremental jumps in doses. Woe betide anyone who thinks I am not Individual enough to spar with experts in “me”.

    But I say all of this, that does not have me looking “right”, because HONESTY is next to HOLINESS.

    All the animals are full of HONESTY.

    All the animals are full of HOLINESS.

  • I trained in nursing back in the day. I know the sarcasm that runs rampant through a system that expect its human beings never put their feet up. It is a servile scandal to treat people like machines and then not expect them to see their patients in the same mechanical light.

    On the other side though If I was in some hot inhospitable desert in Namibia and had just come down with malaria I would not give a dam how my hundreds of miles away doctor would look imperiously at me or so. I think in the west we expect medical doctors to be giant cuddly toys.

  • Nothing about the infiltration of bullying surprises me. Bullying infiltrated nunnaries and the priesthood and teaching and sports coaching and the movie industry and hairdressing and government and burger flippers and ballet and eco activism and atheism and and and and and…..

    So what can one do to remedy it. I feel the first thing to do is ban any person whose bullying is wrecking the lives of clients and colleagues. Bullying is not just in overt acts of pushiness or intimidaton but also in neglect, letting someone know they are unwelcome because of their difference. Bullying occurs because of a clamp down of feelings. Bullying is the numb absence of feeling looking for an excuse to outwardly erupt, to break the blockage of feelings that has formed into a boulder of tension. So it does not surprise me that a proffession that expects its workers to work a sixty hour week, for little gratitude, is spawning student bullies who are taught not to look weak yet look sympathetic.

    It is impossible to look hard and tough and impervious to emotion and actually feel a feeling of sympathy. And the servitude expected of doctors would burger flip into a grab at entitled demanding, both of these extremes give no space for a middle path of healthy balance.

  • This does not explain the children being taught by a regime like Pol Pot to turn against their ordinary simple rural earthy families.

    This does not explain why the children who became Hitler youth were taught to turn against their families if those were against that regime.

    This does not explain the escalation in boy soldiers being taught to turn against their pastoral farming families.

    Hatred of the family was stoked up almost as a religious fervour, cults can do it to foster the leftovers from the havoc that such undermining of natural authority, the mother and father, does with impunity.

    There is an interesting account of a man who communicated on Earth with visiting humanoid aliens. The aliens may have been us in the future. One of the most relevant themes was how those future parents would destroy ANY person who came near their children. If they were parents from the future, I bet I know the answer why……..

    In my own life I have seen the mass media groom all children to find mass shootings a cartoon pleasure. Toddlers are like little sponges. They absord all sorts of nightmares from the television, I pad, phones. Those are the new hard plastic zoom lens parents. Those gadgets of propaganda.


  • A concern I have is this.

    Schizophrenics have been easy to malign by society.
    Schizophrenics are where society hurls its trash, its fear and embarrassment, its inferiority and terror of going mad.
    So schizophrenics are easy to harass and intimidate and school by society.
    Things have improved gradually. Although I am not in favour of medication unless vital and short term, I think the medicalizing of schizophrenia has held off the superstitious braying mobs. Calling schizophrenia an illness is less of an ordeal than screaming at them for being posessed with a devil and hounding that poor person out of the parlour.

    Nowadays we do not talk about posession but it is still there. The new form of posession is illuminated by psychotherapy. Schizophrenics are the way they are because of being “posessed” by dimmly recalled “trauma”. That trauma has caused the schizophrenic to look raving. All that “has to” occur is that the schizophrenic is made clean again or purged. This is done by purging them of their half forgotten yet still possessing “devil of a trauma”. Enough therapy should expunge that devil and cure the schizophrenic back to being a pillar of the establishment. It will prove how horrid “trauma” is, ÄŁiven that it can cause the terrible affliction of schizophrenia. But thereafter “trauma therapy” must be seen to be working at getting rid of schizophrenia or that becomes a disappointment to “utopians”.

    Utopians get disgruntled at “utopia resistant” schizophrenics, as if their dogged decision to stay ill is an insolent selfish prioritizing of who they are.

    But this disgruntlement by society then looks no different to how schizophenics used to be viewed as “treatment resistant”. When madness declines the offer to be sane, all the sane “fixed” people regard the ill one as a traitor.

    Society will always loathe the traitor.

    A regime is coming in future. It will make Hitler look fond. This new regime will stop EVERYONE from choosing their own choices.
    The choice to read a book.
    The choice to choose a doctor.
    The choice to go for a walk.
    The choice to call the police.
    The choice to cry about such a regime.
    The choice to retaliate.
    The choice to take pills.
    The choice to refuse to take pills.
    The choice to enjoy learning new things of individual interest.
    The choice to say you are sick.
    The choice to say you are not sick.
    The choice to love the wrong person.
    The choice to love the right person.
    The choice to not want to know how brutal the regime is.
    The choice to turn to another faith.
    The choice to regard women as good people.
    The choice to set up your own kiosk or marquee.
    The choice to paint portraits.
    The choice to live in your own home.

    The regime is global and is going to make EVERYONE feel like they HAVE TO ask PERMISSION to choose ANY choice AT ALL.

    I am in a psychiatric hospital out of my free choice. But it deals with the topic of walks by giving what it calls tickets of time. Thus I can go for a thirty minute stroll if I get from staff a ticket of time. We could argue about how infantilizing that permission to take a wander is, but in future EVERYONE will want to be in a psychiatric hospital because in the outside world EVERYONE sane will be on tickets of time for doing shopping and salt mining and visiting and praying.

    All of my comments have been about getting people ready to discern what are their own heartfelt free choices as opposed to indoctrinated “consensus opinion”. You can still have the same opinion as the “consensus opinion”, an opinon is harmless enough. The “consensus” bit though is what the regime will be busy enculturating their beliefs into.

    Regimes can make fathers sell their daughters. Regimes can make shopkeepers betray their neighbour shopkeepers. Regimes can blast a hole in a city with no thought for the babies or the elderly.

    The disabled, the schizophrenics who still hallucinate after trauma therapy and who are no longer called ill or are called nothing but ill will be the first to get called “lazy”.

    I am not sure if the mentally ill will get marched off for forced medicating or whether they will be scapegoated or whether they will be beautifully left in peace.

    But I do know that because the mad seldom bother with “logic” they will be immune from the way the regime infiltrates universities with twisted logic of its own.

    Emotional intelligence is more far reaching. It is better to grab onto this sort of knowing via gut intution whilst forced to agree to logic and nod like a puppet on a string.

  • You say…
    “An interesting fact you might want to know…”

    I say…
    In polite regard I have to say this is seeming a bit condescending of my knowledge. Few who have been reading MIA articles for over a year will not know that much.

    (I suspect you know that on balance I am not interested in apparent logical facts, logic eats its own tale)

    You say…
    “is that studies of voice-hearing people in cultures where hearing voices is accepted or viewed as a gift have their voices say a lot more positive things”.

    I say…
    The above quote does seem to suggest that you imply that treatment by society is all good. I will accept that you never said that all tribal cultures were winners at curing schizophrenia, but I respond to what you say not what you have also not yet said. I am able to some telepathy but not to the degree whre I can read what people have not thought or said. As for my being criticizing I say to all people it is easy to call an individual’s right to hold their own opinion an offence or criticism if you cannot tolerate their difference.

    You say….

    “There is excellent evidence from the WHO studies that people in developing countries have MUCH better long term outcomes, despite (or because of) using a lot less psychiatric drugs in the process.”

    I say….

    Is that the same slapstick carnival called the WHO, who took weeks and weeks to stuff the covid bon bons back in the torn paper bag? Nobody is happyclappy about how the WHO handled the global pandemic but do please pick through what they say and find a sweet “fact” or two. While there maybe tell them to get on with ending female genital mutilation and the amputation of albino children all in rural idylls.

    You say….

    “Culture and expectations apparently DO have a very significant impact on how “schizophrenia” is experienced.”

    No they dont.

    The studies miss out many key features.

    You say you like these studies because it will help you “approach someone who hears voices to get a better idea of what might be helpful”

    I have a much better idea….

    Why not leave the schizophrenic people to tell you what they find helpful? Probably they do not want “help” but “love”.

    You do not have schizophrenia so why are you busy at trying to help that which you cannot possibly fully experience?

    Doing so is not unlike cerrtain airs of psychiatry’s old approach. Their old idea of telling schizophrenic culture that they would look more well after being washed in an ice bath and made spick amd span was a similar way of NEVER ASKING the real schizophenic what THEY might find helpful. If indeed ANY help was wanted by them by them at all.

    The studies I have seen all seem to want to imply that environment impacts the illness. Woopeee!
    Environment affects everything and everyone. So What!

    It did not cure Keats of his tuberculosis. And many in diffrent countries are too scared to reveal what really goes on in their hallucinations and delusions lest they get sent packing in an environment where there are no community nurses of a neutral outlook there to do hand holding sympathy.

    I am in a psychiatric hospital being very well looked after.

    What the idea that schizophrenia CAN be helped does is it allows old and future bullies to say to schizophrenics who CANNOT CHANGE the miserable content of their disease that their continued suffering is ALL THEIR FAULT.

    It opens the door to calling schizophrenics cripples who can walk. It opens the door to stigmatizing schizophrenics who are “utopia-resistant”, as if they are “treatment resistant”.


    See the SCHEMA STUDY into how many thousands of schizophrenics have nine or so genetic specifics. I am not for drug treatment unless it is to prevent suicide and drugs should only be used short term.. My ethos runs in tandem wih most in MIA. I am against bullying.

    I let the matter rest now. Do not reply. I am not needing a reply. Your position is clear. My positon is clear.

    Here comes the hospital dinner trolley. Hospital food is tastey these days. And I slept like a princess. Without this hospital place I would not be alive.

  • Ps. I just looked at the Thomas Insel article. It has hundreds of comments.

    Lo, most are by dear Birdsong. Sometimes that happens on MIA, people repeat the same stance over and over again. But regards your book this ploy seems to be the opposite of having different parts or different personalities. What you see must be what you get. But for myself I prefer people to have hidden personalities within them, the restrained one, the ruminating one, the excitedly curious one, the open one. When they all contribute to creating but one comment it comes out like a colourful free fresco.

    Not so repetitious a tone.

    When THE HOOVER DAM explodes you will need lots of extra personalities to have Open Dialogue with the bereaved.

    Back biting in the comments section loses the opportunity to prepare elegantly for a number of natural disasters.

  • Dear Steve,
    In a comment further down you express dismay at my use of the word “denigrating”. What you long comment seems to want me to do is bicker and bicker and bicker about which one of us is “right” and which one of us is “wrong”. I am not up for spending any more time on this exhausting argument. The world is full of “thought police” and it gets more “policey” by the day. I am curious that you keep going on about an illness you do not have. If I were to count the last fifty comments you have made I expect the schizophrenia commentary would show up a lot in your scrutiny. You have a schizophrenic affiliate in me, someone who does have the condition and does have hallucinatons from it and someone who IS IN A PSCHIATRIC HOSPITAL because of real schizophrenia. So why not ask me more about it? Why not ask me whst my hallucinations feel like? My voices? My delusions?

    You do not seem to want to even know that my schizophenia exists and yet here I am IN A HOSPITAL.

    If antipsychiatry cannot speak to people who are in hospital, possibly lest they persuade antipsychiatry that utopia is not that easy to manifest in a week or year or decade, then the utopia becomes excluding of fence sitters. Original thinkers make good fence sitters. Any future paradigm needs fence sitters to call out the potential that new leaders invariably grow, of bullying people into “having to” accept a new utopia or a new orthodoxy.

    But often what is going on is not to do with making a utopia. It is to do with voicing a howl of exasperation at the complexity of living an overthinking analytical existence. On every youtube channel pay attention to the musical cadence in the narrators voice. Listen not to the words nor the activism but just tune into the opera. You soon hear that all speakers are yelling out the same exasperated shrill questions that are basically saying….

    1. Why is everyone fighting in the world?
    2. Who do those people think they are?
    3. They cannot be alllowed to get away with it anymore.
    4. People are crying, suffering, dying all because of the “them” who refuse to “change”.
    5. The “them” are always gaslighting the “us”.
    6. To stop the gaslighting we need to stop their holding any opinions.
    7. They are everywhere now and they are going to force us all to be “them”.
    8. We must stand against anything they stand for.
    9. Be vigilant because they want to take over the loudspeaker and pretend to be “us”.
    10. Let them say some things but not other things.

    Steve, this music of “exasperation” is in EVERY activism now. What exasperation does is it leads to a hostile panicky wish to CONTROL any activism that is vaguely different. So the real exasperation is over “difference”. It is not so much over difference as it is over the impunging or intruding by the different. The different threaten to weaken the safe bond that tight “consensus opinion” instils. So the different are deemed the enemy of the cosy bond. This makes the different seem greedy and demanding. When all they are doing is existing as a beautiful harmless difference.

    Mass graves will be filled with the different before humanity realizes that “reason” and being “right” as coming from “consensus group opinion of a shared vision” can never be LOVE.

  • People don’t talk about the liberating gift that going mad can bring. Being a feral woman is as free as being a feral cat. I would rather be a feral schizophrenic woman than be an indoctrinated, controlled conformist. Whilst being mad I turn to my own inner authority and expertise. I become sort of bullyproof. So my madness has a long suffering curse but also a blessing in liberating me from any outside coercion.

    But now a terrible idea has been given by architects of the latest utopia that accepting schizophrenic liberty, or manic liberty, is somehow being a new version of “conformist”. It means being mad is being oppressed. But at the same time oppression is touted as coming from political inequality. And so what I must have to do is relinquish my mad feral freedom and call that freedom inferior to some puppet masters grander idea of freedom that is political and “for my own good”.

    In my estimation the liberty found in madness makes oppression less possible, since a bully cannot lecture the mad while the mad are discounting rules by singing love songs like a troubador at the conformist lecturer.
    I am using the “you” word generically here..

    Madness is a dreaful suffering. You may believe yours comes from epileptic seizures or brain waves affected by 5G phone masts or genetic quirks or a chemical imbalance or a trauma or polluted rivers or refrigerator parents. Whatever you believe is a likely cause of what bothers you right now is to be respected as your choice to know you in the way you know you. Madness is a dreadful malady BUT as I say, it comes with astonishing gifts and blessings, especially in terms of not having to listen to other people if they come out with logic that has no relevance to you.

    Madness is a bit like a gigantic tantrum. Or at least the mad woman is freer than her sober sisters to express such emotion.

    Stepping into madness is like stepping onto a Hollywood hall of fame flag stone that says the words…
    “I do not care anymore what you all think of me”.

    It is a counterpoint to the opposite calling, that of…..

    “Consensus opinion”.

    But to belong to consensus opinion usually means giving up ferallness. The influence comes from the consensus group and its choice for you. Often “for your own good”. You are not allowed to be your own influencer.

    Alice Miller’s book was against people doing fussy controlling things to you “for your own good”.

    But now even clear spoken Alice Miller’s works are used by “consensus groups” to lecture you that you MUST read them, and turn each page and absorb each truth “for your own good”.

    I never want to be “for my own good”.

    I want to mess up my life in any way I please because even my choosing to make neurotic or schizophrenic choices bears my freedom of choice. And what IS for my own good is my freedom to do my life MY WAY.

  • A nice balanced review, Rebel.

    I find it slightly suspect when an appeal to the past (misdemeanours) is put forth as if that past is here and now. Lobotomies are no longer done. And before anyone says that chemical compounds do a version of lobotomy, i say read ANY side effects and warning list that comes with ANY prescription and you will struggle to find even a vitamin pill that does not damage neurology if taken at top doses. People on menopause patches and people on contraception and people reaffirming their gender by having hormones are ALL affecting the brain, it is inevitable as the chemicals whirl through brain circulation. In one country over the pond there was a furore about salmonella in hens eggs. Adverts showed up on television that zoomed in on a million eggs being confiscated as if the robotics in factory farming had decided to make a mass omelette. Nobody dared enter a store selling an egg lest they need a medic. Every frozen or ready meal got sent to the bin because egg was therein. But the moral panic evaporated a few weeks later and nowadays we enjoy eggs with salad and so on. The public blaze of fear around ingestibles probably goes back to the cave times. But the public’s pendulum swing back to nonchalance is just as interesting and less studied. What or how or why do humans get over moral panic with, and relax into “balance”?

    I know the answer.

    But the angels want me to leave.

  • I have a schizophrenic illness that orders me to have a schizophrenic part. I do not joke about this. Tis true…so what am I supposed to say to both of these aspects of me?

    Look Sir article writer,

    I knew about ego splits decades ago. I celebratĂš it as one of the best ways we can find to heal so many an adverse experiences….BUT…..

    thinking about schizophrenia does NOT cure my schizophrenia.

    Thinking about malaria does NOT cure a dose of malaria.

    What I do know and have written extensively on, is that torture forces a person into being a fractured being just to survive. Like smashing up a jigsaw makes it easier to hide in a pocket or a crevasse of a wall.

    1.My schizophrenia comes first.
    2. My being bullied by a hallucinated figure comes next.
    3. My coping with that tyrannt causes me to delay gratifying the needs of some aspects of me, so th

    (My angels just told me you are tired of listening to my schizo memo)

    (I shall hush up then and go…. and leave… and… go….and go…..

    …. and leave… and go very far….


    I’m gone now.

  • Does this mean that because certain people on MIA who consistently appear to denigrate my schizophrenia that my voices are worse and really rowdy?

    Im sorry but I do not believe “people” have ANY ANY ANY effect on my schizophrenia. People do not have the ego superpower to heal epilepsy just by infusing the seizured person with positive vibes.

    We are not wild horses. Stallions who just need a caress to stop us rearing up in a panic.

    Schizophrenia is not BIG panic. A person may panic at the sense of a fit coming on but the panic does not cause the grand mal. Having had two grand mals I know.

    But because the schizophrenic person CANNOT much be helped by “the church of people power” this is all the more reason to have a bit of sympathy for the schizophrenic suffering one, or just leave them alone.

    I would want to see a lot more recent research into the notion that schizophrenia fairs better in other cultures.

    For one thing, in certain places in Africa for instance, people are being cruelly treated for being “possessed” by Jin. Such people are murdered for consorting with the devil. This then allows their property and patch of ancestral farmland to be redistributed to the bullies. Don’t forget that there is no way of knowing how many floridly psychotic schizophrenics are conveniently allowed to wander off into jungles never to be seen again. As for places like Afghanistan I would fancy that if women are not allowed to sing and dance with passionate feverish abandon then the odd female bipolar disorder sufferer or schizophrenic would not be smiled upon for doing such immodest acts either. My last psychiatrist told me that in rural countries they have no alternative but to shackle the frenzied runaway schizophrenic to a hut.
    In war zones people with learning difficulties are routinely given vests of semtex explosives to wear into crowded markets. I do think some people are better off being in a nice western hospital. I am in one now. I get three meals a day. Coffees. Clean towels. My bed in my spacious lockable single room is made over with clean sheets and pillow cases. I am given shampoo and conditioner. I am warm. The chair in my room is comfortable. I have shelves for books and the en suite shower room is large enough to fit a king sized bed in. I have my own private toilet and toilet roll is in plentiful supply. The nurses check I am not wandering off into a jungle. No doctor has pushed one drug on me. Not once! All medication that I am choosing to try is through my choice. And before we get into the idea of informed consent about what the drugs do long term I already know that. Much like I already know that a bottle of vodka a day has a long term effect. Both are very difficult to withdraw from but then so is a successful suicide.

    Steve, I wonder if where you are coming from is a medely of folk tales about how tribal cultures often do respect voice hearers for a while incase they are prophetic. This closer affinity with “divine madness” as being a valuable spiritual mediation is more to hand in other countries. In short the shaman doctor sounds as barking mad as his voice muttering client. The tribe is used to not freaking out about the shaman saying that the women flew around the camp on berry bush branches all night long because the men are not being courteous. When the client then says the men are not being courteous because they are imposter spies from another tribe, then all of that hyper-reality is not refuted. This not refuting some of what the schizophrenic says probably does instil more calm than when nobody believes their reality at all. It is called “up streaming” in dementia care. Going with the flow of the client’s experience. Not challenging it and forcing it to belong to this or that vogue in politics or “consensus opinion”.

    I will walk with you Steve on your appreciation that listening to a schizophrenic is profoundly calming to a lot of them. Many of whom do not feel themselves to be schizophrenic or psychotic at all. I will be with you on how the west has lost patience with listening to the schizophrenic Kings and Queens of all things “illogical”. But it did not used to be so, in the nineteen seventies humanity had a better respect for emotions and imaginaton and poetry and art and dreams and prophecies. These days those romantic values have gone. What we have now in the west is an over emphasis on logic, driven by “computer think” rationalism.

    I fear that the schizophrenic; that freak show bearded lady scapegoat, all sadled up and carrying societies baggage for them out of the tribe, will be a scapegoat fed medication she has not freely chosen. That forcing is no different from taking the property and farm land of an apparently posessed elderly widow in Africa.

    But heh…..if you prefer your “fact” then who am I to contest it. We may never agree on how we see our shared world. You see potattoes I see potaytoes. You feel it is spwinklin, I feel it is wraynin. (click on my name to catch the in joke)

    The real rain doesn’t care what it is.

  • I need to be on my way now. I have such a lot to do. Practical things. I keep hearing a phrase….

    “The Walls of Jerico”.

    I think it is a portent of some city somewhere globally that may be defeated by weaponized sonic machines. Globally the calander IS going to change.

    I could be incorrect about all of that but as with the Hoover Dam, if it all comes true then it probably vouches for the rest of the content of some of my comments. Click my name. I hope none of it does come true. And we must always regard tomorrow as blissfully unknowable. I just give my oevre as if weather reports. That ancient preoccupaton with star and cloud.

    Somebody knows a “Lesley” at MIA. Possibly a spirit now.

    But I must go and sit on a hilltop and make my comments to the high, carousel spin of sea breezes.

    Love and light,

    From Diaphanous Weeping.

  • I smell a rat.

    All the ill psychotic traumatized people will be marched off to factories to get excercise “cures”.

    If running a mile on an LSD trip does not stop hallucinations then I doubt it would stop my schizophrenia. Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and autism and depression are NOT laziness. I can see how they will be made out to be, now they are not deemed illness.

  • Fair point.

    I had therapy with a woman who was wonderful but she a book on her shelf called “Hateful Clients” or something like that. It was on Borderline Personality Disorder. I rembember feeling glad I was not.

    However, on my ward a very florid young man hurled a bowl of hot soup at a trainee nurse. He may not have been aware of her feelings as a human being but I do think his act was hateful.

    There is a need for love to flow, to both bruised miserable clients and bruised miserable nurses.

  • Dear Josez,

    You say…

    “In recent years, there has been increased interest in studying varying experiences of voice-hearers as part of a movement toward depathologizing these experiences and understanding the distinct and diverse ways people live these experiences. For example, Tanya Luhrmann at Stanford University has identified different voice-hearing presentations and cultural differences in the experiences of voice hearers”.

    I say….

    This is an assumption that would mean that wealthy people have joyous voices. Schizophrenia is a culture that accepts everybody, rich or poor, intellectual or unlearned, stressed or happy.

    I have been happy throughout my years of having my schizophrenia and despite that I still have the same terrible symptoms. I have also been dirt poor and better heeled and none of those changes or improvements stopped my hallucinations and beings and voices.

    I cannot see the point in telling people that they only have cancer because they are poor or they do not have cancer because they are rich. Cancer is cancer. Schizophrenia is schizophrenia. One in a hundred are voice hearers. Does this mean the other ninety nine are happily minted and living in mansions?

    The Schema research on schizophrenia suggests that there is a possible biological factor that leads to schizophrenia. But nobody wants to know. I think that is understandable given the dreadful treatments. There is a difference between the word treatment and management. I do not favour treatment unless for short crisis intervention. Thus I asked for pills and came into hospital; where I am now. I am reticent of pharma treatment but I am in favour of managing the symptoms in more holistic ways. And I do feel that schizophrenia is a severe kind of suffering that does need resources and support of a voluntary nature. Open Dialogue is great. Soteria also.

    You have come to the right person since I hear spirit as well as my having a jumbled up awareness from my psychosis.

    Spirit are always caring and of highest gĂČod intentions.

    Psychosis beings are figments that are from faulty perceptions gone rogue.

    The brain struggles to tell the difference. But it can be done. With patience. Most schizophrenics are shoved on high doses of pills and with akathesia they cannot discern the difference between healthy spirit guidance and nutty nonsense. It all becomes a mess and this arrives at the psychiatrists door. Who makes no sense of it either…and so ups the dose. Which is wrong wrong wrong.

    Often the spirit world likes working with the mad since they are more open to such possibilities of there being a spirit realm. Sometimes it is the uptight practical atheists who are tone deaf to suble perturbations of leaves and meanings who do hear spirit but cannot make something busily creative from what they percieve.

    I am picking up s bad backlash against antipsychiatry. I think a number of people may be forcefully treated by a new regime in goverent in the future. I think some religions have no patience with mystical contenders. I think the mystical will be oppressed by the religious wing of a future regime in world goverenment.

    Being forced to tow the biological line is bullying. Being forced to not tow the biological line is bullying.

    We must cease ALL forms of force and bullying regardless of what place it is coming from.

  • I was a pioneer proponent of the “stop narcissism” banner wafting. A friend of mine kept chatting me up…for two years. I just had no interest in a relationship with anyone at that stage in time. He was nice but I felt coerced to be a decoration in “his picture”, only his. As if I did not have an interior of my own. I was so caring that I just could not bring myself to rebuke his fond ardour. So I suffered the controlling. But because I was so caring it was going to take my seeing him through a lens that would paint him as manipulative and villanous before I could rebuff him. I needed to “enemy” him, by growing contemptuous of him. Narcissistic channels felt like a godsend at that. I could list how really horrible he was deep down and then move away from that bond, as if he magnetized me to remain rooted to the spot. This characaturizing of a person by going narc hunting over their each and every gesture was intoxicating to me because it gave me an excuse to build a hard boundary between him and me. That was always my job not his, but the whole narcissism witch hunt vogue seems to require scapegoating of disagreeing people IN ORDER to legitimate building a protective boundary around self. A boundary that ought to have been in situ before things turned sour. Basically I used the excuse of “them ming” him so that I could build my strong boundary, whereas if my strong boundary had already been repaired, by my seeing it as MY responsibility, I would not have needed to “enemy-ize” the poor man. I had to pathologize his bland interest in me to get around my guilt at having a protective boundary. Almost as if I had to blame him for my having to construct it at all. But if that boundary was already strong he would never have gotten away with imposing his picture on me unendingly.

    But at the time I soaked up all the narcissism videos and declared him malicious merely for liking me a lot. As if his mere liking was dangerous. What I was really doing was inwardly shouting at a part of me who kept undermining my own need for a tougher boundary. That wandering part kept joining him like a traitor to the rest of me. But after binging on narcissism videos I bought the crap that he had mendaciously “stolen” my wandering part of me. As if he had hoodwinked me by sinister means into having a low boundary, one that he could stride over and impinge on me by.

    It was then he seemed demonic and me possessed by his charming way of climbing over my ricketty empathic fence, that flimsy boundary. I was judgey of him. I was blaming him for my discomfort. When really I should have built my own boundary better. A more substantial barrier.

    What happens is there are boundaries, great and small, but when these let people of persuasive influence stroll on through any gaps, people try to turn the narcissist into a boundary, by teaching him lessons in behaving like a protective curtain wall around a castle. He does not need to be your boundary, he only needs to respect the one you have got, and let you build it stronger. He does not need to change his narcissistic spectrum inclinations. He does not “have to” change who he is at all. He has a free choice and human right to be dislikeable. He does not “have to” be just like you. He does not “have to” change or learn punishments or lessons, not unless his choices really actually involve abuse, bullying and cruelty.

    Annoyance is not abuse.

    All “have to’s” point at coercion. So are you guilt-trippingly coercing him to change out of being a boss or intrusive or argumentative or happily grandiose? If so; maybe ask yourself who the real narcissist is.

    I refused to speak to that friend for a year, because I had been cult brainwashed by the narcissim priests on youtube to fall in love with the myth of the perpetually fixed person.

    Took a while for me to realise that I was being the narcissist by going no contact with a friend who more or less HAD DONE NOTHING WRONG.

    I have since them made my peace with him and feel glad he is an acquaintance. He went on to meet the love of his life in a woman I have not met but who seems a better fit for him. I am glad he is setled and contented. He has schizophrenia so largely his amorous banter is a given.

    It is easy to hate people who innocently trample your boundary just because they like you. But they do not often deserve it. It is you who should mislike your own tendency to build your boundary out of the wreckage of old trauma, rather than realizing that no one is going to respect your trauma as much a you do, and so the clumsy foot stepping over those sacred ruinious boulders of rubble will blithely ignore that mess and ask you banalities like what favourite books you like to read.

    This failure to notice how your boundary is made of brokenness is not the fault of friends, who do not recognize what those hunks of mess mean. What is better to do is build a new boundary that protects all that wounded brokenness. And not expect your friend to know how to do it for you. Such entitled demanding starts to reek of the phrase…

    “You HAVE TO love me”.

    Nobody “has to” love your boundary, nor the broken baggage strewn around behind it.

    It is YOU who ought to do that responsible grown up endeavour.

    But a million “spot the narcissist” videos are allowing people to demand that supposed narcissists become exemplary boundaries to them.

    And that starts sounding like a master and apprentice power trip. When you tell someone else that “they” have to be “your boundary wall” for “you”, and they have to remember to keep keeping your myth of the perfect fixed person intact for you.

    All narcissist videos are witch hunts.

    Why antipsychiatry needs to cling on to those loveless DSM terms is peculiar….or perhaps not. Antipsychiatry struggles to flourish without demonizing. Which is what psychiatry used to do.

    If antipsychiatry demonizes in order to attend to its boundary then I suspect its boundary is made of brokenness and baggage and is not just a handsome boundary. If any person is secure in the strength of their boundary they will not need the other to understand it or paint it and decorate it. They will not need the other to change. They will not need the other to look after it. They will just feel safe within their protective boundary. There is no need to call someone a narcissist just to excuse building protection that should have been there all along. If you feel secure in your boundary of protection you will not feel any need to attack or call outsiders liars and schemers and chancers who keep stepping on Lego bricks with apparent narcissistic aplomb.

    Our escalation in narcissisit channels is a symptom of mass fear about how lacking in protection our individual boundaries are. But repairing boundaries by pushing narcissists to change give an excuse to flog them all for not obeying the rules of our smashed up boundaries. Rules we need not spell out but only know for ourselves….when we want to say “yes” to incursions or “no”.

    It is NOT someone else’s responsibility to read your mind and your history and know all about you.

    What is occurring now is a rush to assert that people SHOULD know people. It has come from our dance with psychobabble. It is a confusion about what natural animalistic boundaries look like. Animals have boundaries that do not need the other animal to change or to learn lots of academia about inner people.

  • THE HOOVER DAM is going to explode.
    I have been hearing from the angels that something is coming that is on the theme of THE WALLS OF JERICO. A modern take on that might see armies surrounding a city with trumpeting sound waves. A bully likes to demean one person. A tyrannical leader likes to bully a city.

    This article is very clear and knowledgeable. It is not my own knowledge for me but I have no wish to put a ripple on this pond.

  • https://youtu.be/zBrwaCjJIFU

    Music for my earlier comment.

    What half the world are fleeing from are the institutions. They are fleeing to the garden of nature paradise, the communal small tribe.

    What the other half of the world are fleeing from are the tribes. They are fleeng to the dreaming spires and cathedrals and better living and institutions.

    When tourists a hundred years from now go touring it will be to do nostalgia trips to what they each fled from.

    In retrospect the symbol of institutions outlive all the people who made them and bitterly resented them.

    It is interesting to ask why humans need institutions. I mean ballet is an institution, opera is an institution, motherhood is an institution. Some may say that capitalism is an institution. But institutions go way back to Gobeli Tepe and the Walls of Jerico.

    People are still looking for archaelogical substrata evidence of them walls. As to establish its “realness”, and as if “realness” exonerates it of being a bad realness. As if realness is a cause for amnesty because stone realness is more valuable than the unrealness of feelings.

    Until humans figure out why they need institutions more and more of them will throw landmark shadows across the ant people streaming into them.

    I like institutions because they are absurd. Like Knossos and the Giza pyramids are full of enjoyable theatrical puff and pomp and ceremony. Humans like a bit of a party or festival. And so they get busy building needed weatherproofed awnings and edifaces to house those feelings. But then other humans get worried about the growing dominance of the institution.

    Institutions have internal battles to assert power and this causes “us and them”. That is the ugly side if institutions. The Colosseum was built first for acrobatics then for gladiators. Institutions begin as a utopia vision then become machines of conquest IF they are infilrated by too many “us and them” argy bargy bullies.

    I dont care if there are institutions or not. I just believe bullying is to be banned where ever it occurs, whether in a stone palace or a garden.

    I only believe free choice is healthy.

  • I do feel the institution of anything can be made better. And I do think there needs to be alternatives to institutions. Both of these are true.

    I often seem irked at the logical or the bullying. I am not undermining the healthy love of logic. And I am not wanting to “them” the bully. All humans bully. Most humans do not know they are coming accross that way. They think they are doggedly asserting a human right. For the protection of the planet.

  • I agree. Click on my name to see why I do.

    I do feel that drugs and alcohol illuminate desperation. That desperation may be because mental sufffering, like I have with hallucinations, becomes intolerable to live with, or it may be because the desperate are hounded and bullied for being desperate, especially in a tyrannically logical world. Logic does not fathom desperation since desperation is a feeling. And merely being desperate marks you as a loser or quitter or wimp. Someone needing educated out of emotional responses.

    In a previous comment I wrote glowingly of arriving back in psychiatric hospital care. I still feel it is the best option for “me” at this time. But I have been disappointed in how threadbare and scrappy and degraded the institution has become. When I first encountered psychiatric hospital care I was in a ward where community flourished. It was a ward full of poets and dreamers and professors and original thinkers and waifs and orphans and grandmas and rascals and creative humourists. The staff looked at this community and derived healing from it for themselves.

    Jumpcut to where I am now. Same hospital decades on and the ward is eerily quiet. Everyone stays in their room. There is zero community, zero poetry, zero humour, zero intellectual philosophy, zero creatives, the list is long of what is NOT here. So the staff are imbalanced and one or two are time served bullies. Those instigators and button pushers like to worry the desperate by withholding comfort, comfort in the basics, like ass wipe or shampoo or soap. Their jealous despising of patients, who get to loll around in bed all day, is to them am injustice. Injustice is how they experience their work, a job that has stopped being about community and has become a skull numbing exercise in form filling and computer data. The computer age has destroyed communuty. The main bully in staff may have risen to that spot by being intimidating yet impressively logical. Logic can make barbaric acts seem sensible and necessary. Order can be got up to look quite beautiful, like uniforms do. Like “consensus opinion” can.

    I have said that if there is only one bullying nurse on a ward then all the rest must be forgiven for having to follow the bully’s ever neurotic orders. But one thing a bully can do is spread “stories” about you to the other staff. It does not take much to build a story. A muddy towel, a broken window lock, a failure to eat an uncooked rasher of bacon, a smile that conveys some other feeling, being a bit of a mystery. These are all it takes to have your story. The story of how “you” are sneaky
    too sociable
    attention seeking
    ALL the worst characteristics get plunked at your hospital room door because stories are powerful attempts by the imbalanced to heal themselves by calling some stranger a “THEM”.

    I do not like to use the term narcissist anymore. I think it is the cuddly toy brandishment OF narcissists. I prefer to just say “bully”. No doctorial expertize is needed to call someone a bully. Probably that is why the overly logical bully does not like to use that easy word. But I do like the notion of flying monkeys. I do think a bullying member of staff becomes impressive at marshalling supporters for scapegoating a patient. This wonton act of betrayal is often the most astonishing collective insanity that a bully puts effort into. Millions of Jews were not so much murdered by bullies but by underlings who did not have a clue about why they “had to” carry out logical orders to prise shoes off philosophers. The story or fairy tale is evil’s best school book. The story that gets told about you has you pinned as a “them”. And so the moral of the story, the lessons, get centred more than the emotions within the story. Lies get cooked up to make you the villain.
    Humans pay ticket money to go to cinemas to spectate the punishing of the villain. Everyone’s life is not dramatic enough and stress can be swapped for the drama of seeing you get made even more desperate in your desperation. Flying monkeys can remorselessly corner you in powerlessness. Like velocerapters ganging up in three dizzying coordinated directions and coming at your plaintive request for a sticking plaster.
    ALL humans behave this way. So it is no surprise that it inches into nunnery cloisters and charities and activist campaigns and theatres and hospitals. It is just that in hospitals it is teeming with such gossipy story telling at a time when you are already suffering your own private unravelling, that hell. You do not need to be visited upon by some bully nurse’s inner hell.

    There ought to be in every hospital a BULLY department. Where anyone can safely whistleblow without having to drink alcohol or take drugs to steel their non existent wiped out courage.

    I am for loads of free choices and the choice to have hospital care is among that.

    But where is the care in withholding a bar of soap?

  • I am not demoting any choices. The more the merrier. Open Dialogue is a winner. Ditto Soteria House. Bear Grylls, the S.A.S action man, took people to impossible landscapes to get their survival mechanisms kick started. The people were always a wreck of powerful emotions on the edge of life or death. Who you really are surfaces up from layers and sediments of heavy rational thought. You ditch those stifling layers to travel light across a brittle rope, a vine strung between a branch of wizen thorns and a dusty pinacle.

    Our juggling, precarious lives are often barely clinging on.

  • I totally agree one hundred percent that each individual must have their basic human rights taken seriously. The right to define yourself in any way you want. The right to be ill in the way you understand your illness. The right to be well in the way you understand your wellness. The right to choose from a variety of treatment options including traditional ways. The right to say you need no treatment. The longer this list grows the more inclusive will be our appreciation that what feels like human rights being respected to one person may not seem like that to another person.

    I am in a psychiatric hospital through choice, as is my basic human right. I like it here…BUT…

    I keep having to ask for things that are also bits and pieces of my basic human rights. I have to ask for a clean towel from the huge cupboard stuffed with clean towels. I have to beg for talcum powder. I have to grovel for a pen and paper. I have to reassure the staff every time I pass by them that I am likeable as a patient. A non trouble maker. Mostly I tolerate this as just being symptoms of an institution on its knees with stress and staff shortages. There is one nurse who has never spoken to me but through the green bullets of her eyes. She is a bully. All bullies think they are the victim. All bullies blame others for their own inability to process their own feelings. All bullies are sicker than the patients. All bullies need help to re-find their inner balance. All bullies get to be that way because they are taught to be strictly morally decent and surround themselves with puritanical rules and regulations, logic devoid of feelings. All bullies are phobic about feelings, especially their own when triggered by seeing you allowing yours. You allowing your feelings looks like dangerous liberty to bullies. They need to control your access to your feelings by ridiculing your feeling, nannying your feelings, heckling and mocking and chiding your feelings. And they do so on the threshhold of your need, your need for a clean towel or your need for talcum powder or your need for hug. There is a rule for towel asking. There is a rule for pen and paper asking. You cannot just flow. Who do you think you are? A flowing feeling? That is “wrong”. Can’t let you get away with being a feeling. Logic and rules and regulations and unspoken paradigms take priority over the insignificance of the unique individual.

    But all that logical decency becomes cruelty because…


    The human animal is not meant to overly decent and perfect NOR the other extreem of overly depraved.

    One bully in a den of nurses does not make all those nurses incorrigible by proxy. To some extent we must tolerate stupid game playing from fallable humans since ALL humans are suffering from being amidst ALL humans. No life does not know the imbalance that comes from being bullied and NO life escapes a tendency to want to order and control and bully others first before having any further bullying inflicted. So we must forgive what arises out of human vulnerability. Tolerate a bit of demeaning disregard. No one should be forced to like or love another human. Dislike is not bullying. Many nurses are free to choose not to love you. But scapegoating is a whole other level. Ganging up on a patient just because of their difference is despicable.

    Largely they know not what they do. They convince themselves that the problem lies with your difference. As if being different is a challenge to their “consensus opinion”. Their “shared vision”. Their utopia where they get healed by never having any worrying feelings.

    It is all bleakly hilarious.

    But the one bad nurse does not equate to a bad system or bad tradition. And one bad nurse should not set up “Them ming” of all the rest. The rest who work a thankless godawful shift where they get spat at and scratched for caringly bringing a clean towel that was not needing asked for.

    The mess of human bullying is in us all and is in all paradigms and institutions and tribes that purport to “care”.

  • Disparity might cease when humans stop taking seriously phrases like…

    “cluster of persons”.

    All Are Equal.

    All individuals are unique and are blessed miracles of life.

    On the other hand my learned gentleman Sam Ruck might say DID is a cluster of persons trying to navigate their way home to the heart of the beautiful carer.

    When breakdowns happen it feels like disintegrating into being a cluster of persons, which is why my breakdowns are glorious. For me becoming a loose cluster of persons is liberating.

  • I actually wonder about the miracle of dialogue.
    In my magical mystery tour of my planet “dialogue” often poses a bar to understanding deep feelings. Animals dispensed with dialogue in the Triassic and simply learned to hum. Babies have been trying to teach us how to forgoe bombastic verbosity for aeons. We never listen to babies and animals because we think they have nothing to say to us…but that is the point…their nothing to say is the same poetry as a sunset or a river.

    Open Humming project sounds effective.

    I am muddled today so forgive my annoying foraging for acorns of truth. With respect, dialogue, in my experience, is a perfector and utilizer of so much “logic”…dia-logic-gue…given that sentences are logical…that it becomes a tidying up of feelings while pretending to locate them.

    Who is Lesley?

    A spirit of someone called Lesley keeps bursting into song.

  •  Suzannah,

    You say….

    Its a system of reverse dominance, however, the many act in unison to deflate the ego of anyone who tries, even in an incipient way, to dominate them”

    Like you, I see good alternative ways of life in humans having more nomadic or ancient tribal ways of life.

    However…I believe that NOBODY has the godgiven right to manage or trim or fix or cure or berate or heckle or insult or gang up against another human being JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE AN EGO.

    An EGO is not an act of bullying or murder. An EGO is not a criminal offence. An unpopular tendency to be grandiose comes with some illnesses. See the article on the usefulness of having delusions. We are all entitled to be self aggrandizing bores at times without being leapt on by “thought police” and puritan activism.

    I also want to add that any person’s overly romantic vision of tribal life is just as absurd as any person seeing no worth in tribal life.

    Not every tribe is a oasis of western meditation. Some tribes still have a piquant interest in ritual sacrifices.

    More needs said than merely saying humans can get it right if they get right with God, or get right with a regime leader, or get right with toxic medical cures, or get right with bible study.

    The human will never get right until he goes within and figures out whst motivates his wish to “change” the boring grandiose people around him by turning them into virtuous automatons all chanting the same meno. Humans will never get right until they find out why they cannot stop interferring in other peoples affairs.

    I must now do a complete u-turn and say that my angels just said to me…

    “Forgive them !!!”.

    The angels are always telling me to shut up. The angels are my angels but are equally anyone elses. I must practice being more forgiving. Dearie me.

    No need to replyevouz. I will just go and thump my head on a convenient hard surface.

  • And allow me to be flaboyantly narcissistic and say that I have been called gorgeous looking in my willowy life.

    (Not so much nowadays).

    So it is not like I visually presented an obstacle to the undoing of the doctorial.

    Maybe though MIA would claim they were too narcissistic to want a mere patient.

    It is funny.

    As my grandfather enigmatically said on his death bed….

    “Life……..is funny”.

    I put that saying on my wall as it encapsulates all wisdom.

  • To Anna…

    I do not want a reply but just want to chip in with my truth. My diagnosis is not fake since I gave it to myself before I met a psychiatrist. Since then all my psychiatrists agree with me.

    To the article writer…

    I like your approach. I have often come accross it. It is fabulous that people take a respectful interest in delusions. But I am not for tightening a “consensus opinion” on delusions. As if we “have to” now regard the often hellish experiences of delusions as if a great LSD trip. Try tripping for twenty four hours a day for ten years and you really won’t see the joy in delusions.

  • Back later…

    I am in hospital. A psychiatric hospital. I am an inpatient who now feels that the HOOVER DAM will collapse soon. Explosives. I get visions. Robert likes rock’n’roll says the spirit of Barbara. I predicted covid. I predicted the gender expansion. I predicted worsening climate change. I predict a tyrannical regime is coming. When the HOOVER DAM breaks via anti-capitalist fervour, it will be a sign to move to higher ground. Other floods are coming because of what happened on Jupiter, and the sea level is rising. However, beyond this way in the future, the future has good in it. So remain calm as you can be and positive.


    In my hospital ward one blonde young woman has been gadding about the ward chatting up all the male psychiatrists and students of that profession. NOT ONE of those men did any abuse to her. NOT ONE.

    This echoes my own experience.

    In my twenty years of seeing all kinds of psychiatrists my greatest sorrow was often that NOT ONE of them ever did lay one finger on me.


  • DECENCY causes WARS

    DECENCY causes ABUSE.

    By this I mean strict moral decency that only lives in the mind and cold analytical thinking and not the genuine feelings in the heart. Any decency that has no time to feel a feeling of decency is a shambles of a fascade of decency. Rules about good people and wicked people are from black and white thinking, a logic that our poor world has had enough of.

    Being overly pious and celibate and self-flagellating and puritanically right right right makes the human unwell to the point where such a miserable life of perfection snaps and out tumbles bitterness that sees that other people are not as morally upstanding yet are caring and happy and balanced.

    In my opinion MIA offers to be both a science and a faith.

    All faiths are healing until they get fed by interloping bullies arguementative diatribes. This sets up the “right” “wrong” competition. Those found to have “wrong” opinions are designated as people not to be trusted and much speculation goes on about them behind the scenes. As if “wrongness” is a useful “enemy” to practice piety on by compare and contrast. You find this in churches. But it all sets up a ridiculous standard of strict moral decency. I do not mean core ethics that all creatures do have, such as bans against sexual abuse or gross bullying or cruelty.

    I mean only that the overly neurotic extreme of strict moral decency is something that causes imbalance to the inner animal in the human.

    Nobody is supposed to be overly perfect every time they write or speak. The call to be strictly morally enlightened all day is often unhealthy. Humans are supposed to make some mistakes because there is no way to navigate freedom of choice without making a silly choice.

    The fad to persecute unknown people who are genuinely narcissistic or sociopathic or psychopathic
    MAKES the persecutor of them worse, for they have not got that misfortune to have been dealt poor cards by fate.

    Offices are teeming with narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths and most people never ever find that out. Psychopaths have so little conscience that they are often guilt free to the point of being intriguing.

    We need ALL personality types in a community. So long as basic human rights are strictly keep.

    I have the rarest personality type in the Meyers Briggs personality test. I did another couple of different tests after weaning off antipsychotics. To my amusement I now have as well as schizophrenia some “psychopath” tick boxes. I am sure this has come from iatrogenic harm. The long term effect of being emotionally dopamine dorment. I have white leisons in my brain now. I cannot help being me. Most narcissists and sociopaths and psychopaths are not aggressive or pushy. They do not have to be. They argue less because they have no qualms about believing what they like to. People are drawn to them because they don’t quiver at the prospect of a snub.

    Everyone has a shadow side according to Jung. If you never own it or care for the feelings in it then it can turn on you. But rather than realize it is you letting it turn on you explosively, you project the cause of the inner melee onto someone you don’t know and call “them” the monster. Then you try to control that person.

    Just remember that as you all spit tacks at narcissists and sociopaths and psychopaths and demons and lepers it could be you having that iatrogenic harm and it could be you after you quit meds, and so it could be you suffering from such tick boxes of your own, if you unconscienably soar on up to fundamentalist witch hunting puritanism.

  • Final comment…

    I have come to be tired of all the covert sleuthing of other human beings. Covert sleuthing that weaponizes the “narc” stigmatization. So I am not going to play.

    Instead, I am going to love all narcissists. My schizophrenic preferences can love talking to talking wallpaper. A schizophrenic is free to love anything and anyone. This makes schizophrenics villains, for refusing to loathe others.

    So glad I am schizophenic. A real disease.

    Even Alice Miller wrote that narcissism is HEALTHY.

    But an overly strict moral decency, akin to puritanism is rounding up “narcissists” to be venting frustration at. This regime of “rounding up” assertive people as a spectacle is abuse and violence made apparently acceptable by ironically using psychiatric lineage. In other words the hateful judgements that blighted traditional psychiatry, back in the day, are hateful words that have looped into campaigns against psychiatry.

    You do not have to build a utopia out of hurled slurs of hatred.

    You can build heaven out of love.

    Birdsong, forgive my unsettling of your week.

  • You seem to believe I am holding back your opinions when I voice my own. I do not recall delivering my comment on MY opinon of the narcissism trope TO YOU.

    I suggest that since you do not understand that I am often in the habit of choosing not to air my notions and comments TO YOU that from now on perhaps you might think about not reading anything I write. See it all as music. I sing my own song and I sing it off key. So just don’t lisyen to my happy song.

    Birdsong, I rather like you. You are full of passion in your believe. Like the Sufi’s are full of celebration of their beliefs. Be more Birdsong.

    And if we differ, stay different, that we may celebrate our differences.

    You may never approve of where my opinions take me and I may never approve where your opinions take you, so let us agree to differ…
    as the thistle differs from the rose.

  • I feel you may have heard that quote, or close approximation to it, issuing from my held opinion.

    It is interesting Birdsong.

    (for the rest of this I am using the word “you” in a way that means everyone)

    People do have a right to voice their opinion without being regarded as a bully.

    So what can creep in to that though is where one person takes up a whole magazine or a whole church podium or a whole cult camp or a whole comments section with an opinion to the extent that they are not allowing A DIVERSITY of other opinons to add to the mix.

    Having an opinion and voicing it is a basic human right. Another basic human right is my right to not “HAVE TO” listen to any opinion that I as a unique individual do not want to. When another person is too eager to show that their opinion is THE ONLY RIGHT OPINION it then goes from being an opinion shared to being an opinion foisted repeatedly in a style akin to harassment, dogma, propaganda, conversion therapy.

    I have a basic human right to hold my own opinion AND I have a basic human right to not HAVE TO change my opinion for your opinion.

    I am free to ignore your opinion. I do not ever stop you having your opinion. I like diversity. I have no energy or impetus in my life to change any one thing about your opinion. That would make me a bully. So I do not think I have EVER persuaded ANYONE to drop their opinion. I have respectfully listened and prodded the substance of their opinion to examine its worth to me. Mostly opinions start to sound like repeats repeats repeats of the same gratifying accusation and blame. I myself am spiritual not political. So I have no interest in blaming as a solution. So from the outset I cannot waft the placcard that most people here do. But my pacifist opinons may not be welcomed unless “I” am persuaded or goaded to change them. When that fails then anyone’s opinion can be turned into a deafeningly loud crescendo, all UNITED and all chanting the same consensus opinion.

    A CONSENSUS OPINION say clogging up a comment thead on youtube is just mass trolling using the excuse of collectively loudspeakering an opinion as intimidation or victimizing anyone with an unusual or outsider or different opinion.

    I prefer no reply to this. I am sick.

  • I have to say that being made to be small and belittled is what bullies try to do, and add a rosette for good measure. This causes a reactivity to want to be big and make the bully just as small.

    But what people seldom reach is the cosmic superpower inherent in all small things. A small electric snap makes your ventricles run as smoothly as a kitchen flip top bin with swing lid, flip flap flip flap. It is the small things in life that make all the difference.

    If someone makes you feel small, and actually that is not possible as a flight path since no person can deliver their feeling into the closed vehicle of your body, that sense of being made to feel small is a feeling that is not even a feeling. It is a mental mind based overlay interpretation of a buried authentic feeling. Feeling small would be feeling sad, or feeling frustrated. And since you architect all your feelings without knowing it consciously they seem like dozens of escaped guinea pigs running and wriggling all over your house. They seem unmanageable and so you stress at having no intrinsic control of them. Instead it feels easier to say that so and so made me feel small.

    But what is small? when we feel feelings deeply and completely we become giants for braving staying with all our feelings, even if crying makes us look small.

    Small is massive.

    Everything you see right now as you gaze out of a window came from “a universe cake mix” thinned with an explosive. The Big Bang quantity was no bigger than a bag of sugar.

    Everything you touch and hold and sniff and balance on and see and even say comes out of a small detonated sugar bag.

    Not even feeling small will let you fit snugly right back into that lightyears away sugar bag. The sugar bag needs the small stuff to help make the big stuff. Now we know why I am in hospital.

    My angels say that you were a seafairing man who was captain of your own ship. You were poisoned there.

    Time I call the nurse for a biscuit embossed jigsaw puzzle.

  • Shattering a beer glass over the scrub suit of a doctor who has been trained in a particular way that he cannot change is cruel.

    One cruelty does not justify another cruelty.

    No cruelty is just.

    Lex Talionis bids us to ONLY respond fairly. A psychiatrist might be a rogue. Any people-loving career will attract creepy controllers. That does not mean the rest of those employees are getting up to no good. Most psychiatrists have to heal thousands. Could you? Should we all stagger over to your house and have you make three meals a day for us thousands? I think quite quickly you may lose your empathy right down to a trickle.

    When a psychiatrist is hounded by thousands of patients all clamouring for being fixed that thousands is a huge batch of case notes best hurled into a truck. A few psychiatrists are far iller than their patients. But service users are not meant to see that hidden suffering.

    I see it.

    Sometimes it is the healers who need the love, support, and healing.

    In psychotherapy the therapist and client are EQUALS, and so the client learns how to look after themselves in that test pilot dummy relationship. To practice being more effective at getting needs met requires practicing on “a human”, a flawed ordinary human full of positive traits and rubbish traits. But ENTITLED DEMANDERS tend to want the doctor or psychiatrist or nurse or therapist to be a nodding adoring mechanical robotic godsend.

    This is also “only human” to be a client who wants that. But because a medical doctor is passed as adequate when all they do is pummel your rib cage without politely asking, or siphoning of quarts of plasma to experiment on, it is easier to not damn them. Those doctors are allowed to disrespect the fact you are aggrieved that your tee shirt has been scissored to ribbons. Those emergency on call doctors and surgeons are not meant to like you. Be worried if they do, because that means they are not focusing on your liver and lights.

    Psychistrists are not meant to like you. As with the surgeon, the doctor who spends years becoming a doctor before becoming a psychiatrist is not supposed to whisper sweet nothings into your cochlear whorl since that doctor turned psychiatrist is only meant to like your body and brain. As my Altzheimers relative is very much reassured about.

    Psychiatry DOES utilize science. Psychiatry IS scientific. But it is also, as many things in life are, a faith. Most faiths play with scientific certainty, a certainty in science logic that is absurd the closer you peer at it. But this means that there is nothing wrong with using a sprinkling of science in a faith to serve as theatrical authority, like when a particular faith uses sciencey tweezers to pick apart the dirty tee shirt of the Turin Shroud.

    All faiths are optional choices laid on a table for you to select from…the herbalism faith choice, the yoga faith choice, the Soteria faith choice, the three hot meals and a soft bed in a hospital faith choice.

    You can get rid of bad bullies in any of these organizations WITHOUT demolishing the herbalism faith choice or the psychiatry faith choice.

  • Like I say cults are wonderfully silly. The more the merrier.

    Bullying filters into any cult and ruins what it should have been.

    There is no need to nuke a cult.

    Cultishness is behaviour most people do enjoy. Churches are still standing.

    We ought to allow cults, even support psychiatry to proudly become one. It was part way there in the primal scream sixties.

    Allow cults




    Incursions of bullying.

    Bullying is an oil slick on a pristine cultic seashore.

    (Birdsong, I will leave it at that. Please do not reply. Nobody. I genuinely am in hospital so I hear nurses footsteps coming to check I am not howling as much as I was earlier).

  • Better yet is to WANT people to disagree with you and make it all YOUR fault. A disagreement is like a puppy. It rips rag rugs and pukes on the sofa and gnaws television umbilical cords.

    A disagreement is not his problem, nor your problem. It is NOT a problem. It is LIFE.

    Imagine a world where there were no disagreements anywhere, ever. Sounds good. But for how long, a week, a month, a year? Disagreements are healthy signs of prioritizing the freedom to be different and have different freedom of own choices. But when disagreements are infiltrated by bullying, which is not the same as celebrating difference, then the bullying takeover that insists you “have to” change must not be accepted.

    In brief….

    Disagreements offer the cherishing of differences.
    If there is pressure by any bully to accept the customs of their party, if going from mere bickering to persecution of differences, this pushy bossy drive highlights a “contamination” of sportive disagreement, one that minus the toxicity and instead left to be in simple form often brought fond feelings of solidarity and even swimmy passion.

    There is danger in the idea we are all the same.

    Yes, you arrived at that conclusion. Good on you. But the iffy word fact, and your being obliged to accept it could be from a caring respect of other peoples “no” boundaries, such that the boundary looks as robust as the HOOVER DAM. But another version of having to tolerate someone’s giving you a fact can sometimes be about “their” need to bully your feelings via the rose prunners of scholarly discource.

    See it like enrichment in zoos. The captive animals sleep to death unless they get their pen messed up on Thursday then tidied up on Monday then strange blankets, big as manta rays gallumph down over the fence to cause outrage, intrigue, stress, excitement and happenings. Commotion is healthy for humans. Disagreements channel into the creating of new paintings and songs.

    We are engirdled by disagreements all our lives. They enrobe who we are. To the extent that a compliment feels like a strip that will reveal within that the pillar of rags held an invisible man nowhere in sight.

    A house is made of boundary walls. When the walls come down is the empty air in that cube of a house still tall and grand? Disagreements are bricks defining who we are not and who we are. But there is a way in which bullying seeps in through the gaps and infects the resident with a sense they must not have emotions or wishy washy sentiments, instead they must do a good performance of handling facts by agreeing with such facts.

    One NEVER has to agree with external facts if one does not want to. Other peoples boundaries must be respected. But when they come over their boundary and toss healing into your boundary they are being disagreeable in their sharing of disagreement.

    Disagreeing is fine and healthy.
    Being disagreeable is what bullies do. A person does have the right to be a truculant mocker who disagrees and does not love you. Nobody is perfect.

    But…if the bully becomes actually criminal or they start foisting conversion therapy then this ought not be allowed to pass without some comment. You cannot accept being treated like less than.


  • https://youtu.be/OgAMh7s-q_k

    This song says…

    “We will do as you say…God has left us anyway”.

    Schizophrenics and brothel residents have often been in bed with clients.

    Christain missonaries are ever waxing lyrical to save both. None ask if the persecuted can save themselves thank you very much.

    I must curb my tendency to think that articles are posted especially for me. As if each article is a veiled rebuke. A personal message. I must curb thinking each article is a set up since schizophrenia of the sort I have often thinks messages are being masterminded and broadcast to me. Like my telly talks only to me. Like antipsychiatry is there to confound only me, or wrestle with only me. Thinking this way is how my illness causes me to get tangled in skirmishes that frankly I have no interest in.

  • I was incarcerated by my third psychiatrist, a tall spotty man, who told me I would get out of solitary confinement if I agreed to go on a drug trial. I had no option but to say yes to that bastard and take the pills. The pills gave me dark circles which turns out to be a side effect that will certainly need explaining to future partners and so all because of shitty psychiatry I may never have a future paramour.

    Is that what I am supposed to write? Will that do? If I sound all antipsychiatry will you all welcome me AS AN EQUAL?

    If your definition of EQUAL has conditions such as that I must tow the line and agree with your opinions that are not my opinions, or that I must mime your conditions that more or less imply that I “HAVE TO” like your perspective, or “HAVE TO” adore whatever theorums or conjecture you adore…then it is NOT any EQUALITY that is worthy of the name.

    An orthodox Jew knows this upon being invited into the bosom of the church of Catholicism.

    Allow me…
    to be the affably DIFFERENT.


    In my opinion.

  • Tick one.

    Tick one.

    Vegetable curry.
    Macarroni cheese.

    Tick three.

    All are invited to join me for dinner. My hospital three course meal is the best medicine. I am not wanting to always “side” with any one paradigm.

    People are fed up of institutions. But consider a movie theatre. It is an institution. A nice institution. The trouble with all institutions is that they do not cater to individual fussy little requirements. A cinema cannot have but one chair in it. A perfect ergonomically comfortable chair. Nor can the instituton of the movie theatre LOVE us as individuals. Therefore ALL institutions are compromises and doomed to rankle our frail idiosycrasies. Being disappointed in there not being a special velvet chair makes us ENTITLED demanders who BLAME the other for msking us uncomfortable. Dashing our expectation. Institutions are found in Stone Henge, Knossis, Pompeii, and global shrines to institutions long gone but preserved for romantic nostalgia. Tourism is itself an institution that is already flocking to the mothballed asylum institution of dereliction of duty, to be amazed, as if partaking in a historical movie in a movie theatre, with only one chair.

    I am waffling. But I want to say humans do seem to keep building institutions from the rubble of demolished institutions. An institution is just order in chaos, but just as the human needs heros, it also needs pomp and ceremony found in institutions. Chartres cathedral is an old institution. Lovingly polished by window cleaners. All institutions can be the dignifying of humanity, like ambulance crews or Hoover Dam flood rescuers. We want human institutions on balance, but the individual must come first.

    Psychiatry is an institution. All institutons can turn rotton through incursions of bullies over time. They commandeer the shared vision and corrupt it. But that does not mean institutions are wrong or to blame. Bullying is like a dust that sweeps through any institution. A pyroclastic billowing bewildering apocalyptic force of menace. It can even occur in a movie theatre, when you are told you deserve no chair at all.

    (I appreciate your kindness Joshua)

  • Birdsong, I do not encourage comment chat these days so I have to not reply to teasing debates or I will find myself back in pyjamas having done nothing else with my day.

    (I will use the “you” word to mean “anyone” and so I am not referring to you in particular).

    I do not want to do comment pingpong or theory tennis.
    But I will say this….

    The HOOVER DAM is goihg to EXPLODE. I think it will do so around the time of solar eclipse in 2023 or so. Though I can be a decade out with dates. All I do KNOW is the dam is going. A turning point in American history will occur. We may applaud it. Like the happy cheering Arab Spring protestors in Syria did, soon to realize that war thrives on the narcotic “sprwinklin” of violence and utopia.

    When the dam goes, know that despite my abject suffering in my leprouse schizophrenia-marred brain I have a genius part of my brain where I DO SEE the FUTURE. And this means that later on an ENORMOUS BIBLICAL SIZED FLOOD is coming to many of our coastal cities. We, as a species, are going to survive this. But at the time the collective trauma will metaphorically muddy the shoes of a million psychiatrists, and swamp them in case loads they have to wring out to read the Rorschash inkblots of.


    How glad I am that you despise bullies as much as I despise bullies. It is a fascinating topic of crucial concern.

    I guess we can all be bullies in any 24 hour timespan. Bullying comes from manifest stress.

    There is no need to use ANY fancy words for what is just a BIG BULLY.

    The word BULLY does just fine. The word has lasted for centuries. Why people hate using that word is because it has been an easy word to ridicule as a sign of wimpishness, like when a school boy is beaten up and goes all cry baby and says their assailant is a BIG BULLY. It is a word that is the summary of all mealy mouthed jokes. A shameful word to bubble as an utterance, far worse than just sobbing. But bullies have DONE that mischeif with our beautiful proud word “BULLY”. They have covered that school yard word with embarrassing broken up gravel and puffs of self raising flour until we stand tall in what looks farcical..

    When people use obligatory jargony specific science words or religious words or sex characteristic words or ethnicity words for describing A BIG BULLY they are in fact caving in to the way the bully word has been censored for them. So they are still being bullied into not yelling…

    “Stop BULLYING ME !!!”.

    Instead they have to call the abuse and the abuser terms best suited to the rational hey day or REASON when grown men held councils to discuss proof of how female foetuses develop slower than male foetuses.

    REASON cannot always be guaranteed to be our saviour. Often REASON is our jailor.

    Bully is an “emotion” centred word that we should dust off snd declare any time we feel punched by circumstances that cause people stress enough to transform them into bullies. Don’t allow the negating of that powerful simple and clear word!

    To negate the “bully” word is like letting a bully tell you your tears look foolish. And by being so beholden to the bully’s academic mockery you cease crying.

    But also sometimes…

    Those armchair juries who use scholarly names to describe whoever is deemed odd are behaving outwardly as a lesson preacher, They are someone who is BEING a BIG BULLY, and furthermore they are being A BULLY to ALL the INNOCENT people of that science group or religious group or sex group or gender group or ethnicity group.

    A BIG BULLY likes to use pokey picky words to convey logical judgement and expertize against a whole demographic….whom the BIG BULLY often describes as “the real bullies”. The BIG BULLY says ah look look look here is the PROOF the jews or catholics or simpletons or revolutionaries or pious or dyslexic people or ugly people or women people or newborns are bullies….because THEY have THAT mark or blemish or bone structure or warped brain or strange eyes or clumsy gait or too much wadges of cash. The bully will say it stands to REASON that THEY the THEM the OTHERS, are each bullies and LIARS!!!

    The village gibbot is ringed by supposedly morally decent people who are never bullies.

    The firing squad brick wall is fenced by the supposedly sweet and innocent good planet savers.

    The witches ducking chair is hoisted above the lake by the apparently sanctimonious pure of heart who never bully.

    No. No, what the village do, and what the firing squad do, and what the witch prickers and witch picnickers do is FIND DETAILED EVIDENCE that their prisoner is BAD.

    A BAD NARCissist. A BAD sinner. A BAD loner. A BAD simp. A BAD disabled accident of nature. A BAD faith holder. A BAD wife. A BAD wizard husband. A BAD sullen child.

    If people need extra words with scientific clout to thump who they loathe then they are being the bully.

    There is ONLY one rule ever needed. It contains all the essential ingredients.

    The rule is against any sexual abuse and bullying and cruelty.

    That is it. That is sll you ever need to pay attention to.

    You only need ask….

    Is the individual being a bully to “you” directly? Are they telling “you” that you cannot hold your own opinion? Are they telling “you” that you cannot have your innocuous free choices? Are they putting a bruise upon you?

    Or is it just they do not love you?

    All individuals must be free to NOT love you. This is because to force anyone to love you destroys what the feeling of love is. So some psychiatrist who does not love you is NOT a bully. A psychiatrist who is directly maliciously criticising and cruel to you IS a BULLY. But this one psychiatrist who is a bully does not mean that ALL other psychiatrists, or any person on the planet, HAVE TO love you.

    ALL unecessary HAVE TO’s when pushed as a dogma come from the impulse to control and bully others.

    There are exceptions to this…a dad does need to tell his three year old not light a cigaratte. He tells the child it HAS TO not take up smoking in the sandpit. Anywhere else maybe….

    The expectation that every doctor HAS TO even like you is like demanding a waiter must like you. Doctoring is just a service. Like fixing a car. People do not think they are entitled to see their car mechanic kiss their rear view mirror.

  • You write…

    “Support has grown for Global Mental Health over the past decade, but political tensions and the lack of a shared vision continue to get in the way of new policies.”

    I say…

    But do we need “a shared vision?”. Why not “share” our differences of vision? Why not have diversity of vision?

    Vision is a word that can stand in for “own opinion”. But if this has to be “shared opinion” what happens if it is not “your opinion”? Are you then antithetical to the “shared vision”. When such a vast shared vision is rolling in tanks down a deprived area you may not want to share anything more.

    Animals do not share. Animals do not cause wars.

    I write this from my stay as an inpatient in a psychiatric hospital whose shared vision has been a huge blight in the past but not so much now. Today I dined on vegetable casserole that tasted delicious. As an ill person I am glad to have three hot meals a days in here and lots of caring people to speak to. People who have just saved my life in their opinon and my opinion.

  • “Like small children who must face the realization they will not have all their needs met all the time, how students come to mourn and accept this has important ramifications for their sense of beingness and the way they occupy space in the world in relationships to others”.

    So this author agrees that parents DO meet the needs of their children often enough OTHERWISE presumably the student would have nothing to mourn by going to college and finding college’s need meetery disappointing.

  • Narcissist=THEM

    Are ya’ll gonna keep these THEM DSM terms and shred the other chapters? Of course. Keep these because if your not going to love everyone and see everyone as an individual with a free right to hold their own opinion and make their own choices then you need to make “some” people THEY.

    Blame does not work if there is no THEM.

    Good ol DSM.

    Knew it had new uses!

  • Now there will be an article pop up on the front page on how psychiatry causes iatrogenic height variability and stunting…think I have not noticed that trend. I say stuff…up crops a hypothesis like a combine harvester to mow my tender seedlings.

    Call me paranoid.

    Angels say it is…

    “like a game”.

    Sorry but angels have better things to do today.

  • What a great response. Measured. Balanced. Restrained. Healing. Reflective. Courteous. Diplomatic.

    You are a giant among equals.

    I always used to laugh when my angels said that of me. I first thought it a compliment but then thought how can I be a giant among equals if all equals must be equally the same small height.

    Ah but then I realized that in a spiritual sense we are all giants. So we are each an individual giant among equally giant giants.

    So now it is a compliment.

    To be a giant often means being modest and humble in not wanting to out-equal anyone by being more giant than all of them. The most spiritual are the most invisible and inconsequential and puny. The giants do not look like giants. The giants look like sheep. It takes courage to brave seeming like you have no opinions but your own.

  • Nice article, gentle Liam.

    We will only respond well to climate change when there is no “THEY”.

    All “They-ing” is “blame”.

    All blame is from anger.

    All anger is from fear.

    All fear is from fear of death.

    All creatures do not have human fear of death. Creatures do not know intellectually that death exists. All creatures live in the now and so never panic about death. And so never get fearful. And so never get angry. And so never blame a “THEM”. And so never send a nuclear punishment to the ones who cause the thought that death is real and happens to all creatures. And since creatures never send the mushroom cloud of a billion antipsychotic iatrogenic harms to the “THEM” it means all fellow animals do not get tarred and feathered and incinerated and rendered into nothing more pronounced than shadows of radioactivity on a cave wall lit up with lovely charred paintings of animals.

    To say “youth” this or “older generations” that, can be a loving embrace of difference…

    …or yet more centuries of “THEM”

  • I do want to be just a wittle bit mischievous in response to certain bits at the start of the article and playfully say that “if” pollution causes “brain inflammation” to “the brain” such that its “synapses and neurons” and other “brain chemicals” becomes deranged enough to produce mental illness of schizophrenia then it astonishes me why some people cannot believe that my schizophrenia “is” caused by a chemical imbalance severe enough to make me almost overdose last week.

    It sometimes feels as if I am not allowed to say what causes my schizophrenia but everyone else can say theirs is caused by chaos and clouds.

    Please respect that I am not at all saying anyone who has ever been diagnosed with errant brain chemicals has that schizophrenia diagnosis. And I am not saying it cannot be caused by multitudinous things. We simply do not know enough to say that candy floss does not cause hallucinations. But I think we should look upon it as being like two populations who are like two different siblings who live in the same bleak house. One sibling symbolizes those who feel they have a brain disease or illness or inflammation whereas the other sibling symbolizes those who feel they never had the slightest thing wrong with themselves.

    What feels TRUE for one sibling may not feel TRUE for the other sibling.

    It is rather farcical to insist they be like identical twins. Agreeable puppets nodding in sequence and finishing each others sentences for each other. It is creepy and unrealistic to demand such uniformity of belief, be the demand from either sibling.

    I seek no reply to this comment. Blessings.

  • Everything is a cult, my friend.

    I love cults.

    I have spend many years trying to be a cult.

    Anyone who is in a “cult-ure” is in a cult.

    My old therapy supervisor said of sadism and masochism that these two are needed in each individual. The problem comes when the idividual does not acknowledge they have a masochistic streak or a sadistic streak. What is hidden and unacknowledged goes out of control and rogue and projects onto others that they are masochistic or sadistic.

    So an exemplary acknowledges their dark side; to tame it.

    Cults are similiar. If you do not acknowledge you are one then you behave like only everyone else is a cult.

    A cult is not a dirty word.

    Cults are ancient and healing.

    Abuse and bullying and cruelty are not cult stuff but they interlope into AnY cult and wear the mantles of cult leaders.

    But cults are mostly harmless groups of belonging or resonance.

    Schizophrenia is its own fine cult and culture. It has its own ethnicity and art and music. Which is why people try to erase it.

  • Darling Ones,

    I am in the asylum. I am penning this as a patient in the psychiatric hospital.

    I requested a sojourn here. Nobody pushed me. I was not treated like an infant but a grown up. My room here is private with an en suite. The bed is comfortable. The armchair the same. The huge window looks out onto a green wistful park. Mature trees shimmer in the breezes. Everything feels pleasantly far away from the collective mayhem of the city. Tranquility is the atmosphere. The nurses are respectful and considerate and affectionate. The psychiatrists did not fleece me or coerce me or dismissed for my suggestions. Every interview feels as egalitarian as a group gathering in a teepee or a yurt. There is a true sense of “we”. As in “we” are all going to help this distress somehow improve. I have not been told that drugs will cure everything. It was me who chose to go back on them. I know fully how little drugs can achieve and I know how excruciating the side effects and withdrawals are and I know the long term picture. But this should illuminate to my detractors just how abyssmal my schizophrenia gets. It is far worse than the worst akathesia. I willingly go back on medication reknowned at causing akasthesia and many other torments because my very real schizophrenia is currently utterly more unendurable than being iatrogenically messed up. That should make people pause and wonder at how I live with what is worse than akasthesia. Much much much worse.

    But as far as the hospital goes, I just popped in to the comments to give my update, to any incognito fans out there hovering at discrete La Grange points.

    I am feeling great relief at being on medication and being back in this dignified, caring hospital. The staff are short staffed and weary and yet they are always centering the individual in front of them. Some psychiatric patients are not easy to deal with. The aggression.
    I have been offered activities that I shall engage with as I feel these should help me ponder my schizophrenia illness.

    This article by Kristina and Miranda is lovely. I have been writing of pollution since 2000. A long time. There does need to be a reawakening to the sensuous world, of air and water and fire and earth. All the elements and natural forms. There needs to be a reocnition of Earth as “lover”. You cannot care for what you feel no love for.
    But love is not vengeance. My concern is that in future the powerfully evocative sense of “loss” of the “lover” that is Earth, will not be kindled to rediscover the “lover” but will just be used as an excuse to enact revenge and in doing so cause umpteen wars that will DESTROY the “lover”.

    How we approach “missing” pristine Earth really matters TO THE EARTH who does NOT want her creatures wiped out in a holocaust. For this reason we must simmer down and restrain our anger and divert it to positive endeavours like conservartion not retaliation. There will be no end of it…..no end…

    (Please nobody reply to my comment).

  • Dear Bcarris,

    I like your notion of healing. There needs to be many different kinds available.

    You may read from my comments, which have probably slid now way at the foot of every other comment, that I have been in desperate schizophrenic psychosis. I have been barely clinging on. But after a few years off medication I have sadly chosen to go back on antipsychotics. Since making this decision, all by myself, I have felt huge relief.

    No doctor or psychiatrist knew I was dying let alone told me to go on pills. My decision came to me alone in the half hour I had left before taking a lethal overdose. I am sorry I did not arrive at this choice to go back on antipsychotics sooner as I really do need more than cheap affirmations to get me steady.
    I am glad some brave souls piped up from time to time in the comments sections with their balanced views that told of some people with severe mental illness needing medication to exist at all. Cancer chemotherapy and alcoholism are not without risk either but no one is telling those people not to choose what may get them through a hurdle. The adverse effects of some potions can be sorted out later. I only had less than an hour to live.

    When the Hoover Dam explodes maybe you will remember some of the advice I gave.

    Please say no more to me. I am listening only to my own intuition from now on. My comment wants no reply from anyone. Not one.

  • Joshua, I do not accept your authority on an experience of schizophrenia that you have not had. Of 100 people with schizophrenia ONLY 3 percent will be aggressive. The other 97 percent endure their colossal suffering with better grace and respect and good manners than anyone in the rest of the human population. Suffering either turns a person vindictive or suffering dignifies a human. Always one or the other.

    I prefer a path of dignity.

    Joshua, I did recently say in a comment to you that I do not want your responses to my comments. Leave me alone.

  • I have done two suicide notes today. One for mother. One for my child. I have done an envelope with my bank details in it and stuck these to a wall so they will be easy to locate. I have done my laundry, as discussed, it was not a year ago, it was yesterday. I have packed warm clothes for the scenic spot. I do not want to be found by people until it is late. I have put a bag for puking in. I have laid myself foetal on the floor four times today to see if being curled up will be possible as a way of life. It does not stop the hallucinations marauding me every few moments as it has for twenty years. No medication helps. No hospital will not medicate me. No hearing voices groups are not pushing a woke anti schizophrenia agenda, a trauma agenda is what interests the chattering experts. I love life abundantly. I have a beautiful home at last. It is gorgeous and makes me happy. There is a rug I want to embroider. My hallucinations wont let me. There are books I long to read. My hallucinations wont let. There are paintings I want to paint. But my hallucinations wont let me. There are neighbours I want to socialize with but my hallucinations wont let me. Last night I wrote some cards to them to explain that if they have been hearing shrieking and sobbing it is because I am shouting at the awful crawling sensation on my body and so I am hourly fighting to live…to live…to live. I told them not to worry but just ignore it. I do not want to trouble them. This morning the cards went in my bucket because I reckon that by tommorrow I will not be here and the house will be quiet. If I have been darting in and out of the comments section it has at times been because I love life and love people. But my hallucinations seldom let me get a paragraph out. I keep saying goodbye either because I cannot take the lessons, in my utter despair, or I cannot take being confounded by hallucinations whilst I just want to speak. But more recently I say goodbye because I cannot go on living with my schizophrenia hell.

    I say none of this to extract pity. What point there ever was in pity vanished for me probably seventeen years back or eighteen years back. I do not like being a victim. I want to be everyone’s saviour. Jokingly, that’s a schizophrenic delusion of grandeur. Helping people has been the one consistent thing to keep me going. Lately the hallucinatons will not let me hold a phonecall or even hold an opinion. Quite why I can type at all is because my thumb on this phone is making jabbing typing actions like drumming one’s fingers. The monontony is comforting. I do have angels and they try to help but they cannot do much more than a wistful breeze can. The angels tell me you all think I am a greedy liar and that you think I have no illness at all.

    Im sorry but people do not nonchalantly spend a sunny afternoon in a gorgeous flat in a lovely life writing two suicide notes to two people who have lost enough already in life.

    I see the road ahead for humanity is hopeful but not without gruelling social mayhem and destruction. I see the huge global flood coming and the unmentionable dam explosion and a terrible dictator instituting a regime full of public executions. And none of that deters my wish to stay strong and help people. None of it. But I cannot live with twenty four hour a day blizzards of hallucinations. There is no Soteria House near me. There is no Open Dialogue near me. I already have a psychologist a psychiatric nurse and a psychiatrist. They are as helpless as I am to get me better. And before anyone says those people have made me schizophrenic I say my schizophrenia came before I saw anyone like that. They do not give me antipsychotics because I have asked not to have them. For three years they have honoured this my request with integrity. What will they think when I am no longer existing? They are all lovely people. Infact I know no people on the planet who are not lovely people. Annoying yes, but loveable somehow. Talk talk talking here is my staying on the phone. But a life needs more than staying in rigid fear of moving off the phone. A life needs to begin to live. I do not want to euthanize myself, I want to begin to live. After twenty years of misery I fail to see how that will be possible, tomorrow, next week, next month, years more of horrific hallucinations.

    But…I shall try to mince through another day. It is all about the day. The day is my deity.

    Wish me luck.

  • What I mean is that I do have a chemical imbalance and I do have schizophrenia and I appreciate what Jim Phelps is saying. I feel that no one who does not have this illness should tell people who have it what it is.

    No one is asking people who feel they do have schizophrenia for their opinions on it.

    Is that because we are now deemed too mentally ill to speak to since we believe we have the illness we know we have?

    Are we deemed a disappointment to society all over again? Our actual own voices are being hushed and patronized as if we are pre-schoolers, losers, vagrants, imbeciles.

    Many people with schizophrenia are academics, lawyers, psychologists, literary giants, priests, scientists, expert artists, musicians, homeopaths, herbal medicine specialists, poets..

    ……but we are not regarded by the planners of the brave new world. Those puppets on strings!

    Is NO ONE on our “side”?

  • Thank you Steve,
    Nature always wins the human debates. Even by filling the bladder or emptying the stomach and prompting a rest.

    As a parting response…

    You say in a comment to someone this….

    “Maybe so, in most cases. As a wise person once said, “Never attribute to malice that which is easily explained by stupidity”.

    I say to ALL humans this..

    Never end being stupid, that way you will be as blissfully stupid as the ape is supposed to be. All the animals love being stupid. The stupid see no malice. Not even up to the point the farmer delivers the knock out mallet coronation. The stupid live happy because they never think enough to think of malice. The happy make everyone else happy. The happy and stupid are well and being so well they never think there is malice and so they feel no danger and so they never become malicious.

    Fear causes overthink. Overthink sees malice in everything. Seeing malice everywhere causes a need to defensively be malice back.

    The healing of fear is not found in human thinking. It is found in allowing the feeling of fear to only be a thoughtless feverish feeling. Feeling a feeling releases a feeling.

    Fear is the sabre tooth tiger we think is in the environment. But fear is the sabre tooth tiger in our own overthinking frantic chest. The paw prints that fear is analysing rationally and collecting data on are paw prints that we deny actually come from the same cave of ourselves in which we cower and rage.

    Only by letting the tiger of fear be a freely felt feeling padding within will it ever find a harmless way out. If we think it is outside of us and coming to get us then we bar its exit from the cave.

    Overthinking how to tackle the tiger that we think or have been indoctrinated to think is beyond us in the outside environment seems exciting because thinking is a plan of attack or defense.
    But you cannot attack or defend against a feeling.

    Planning is not the release of an emotion.

    Any more than planning to keep barricading a cave in which you sit is ever going to release a huge fear that has become like a sabre tooth tiger.

    All the animals are too stupid to even think of how to barricade, or why they should waste their day bothering to. Their feelings come and go like refreshing breezes in a cave.

    Humans are attackers and defenders because they have forgotten that their feeling a feeling won’t be the death of them.

    Not feeling a feeling traps it within. The discomfort is experienced as a hundred sabre tooth tigers out there in the wilderness or the city or the governments of countries. This discomfort then seeks to build a competing government by ballot or riot to bulldoze the threat emanating from the cave within.

    Suddenly a million march on sabre tooth tigers they think they spotted in the mannerisms of innocent strangers.

  • When the Hoover Dam explodes in there will be a hundred or more catatonically depressed and psychotically manic people with no homes whatsoever and a million fit and healthy people shattered with instant ptsd. Beyond that event will be an enormous biblically global flood with Japanese style billious Tsunamis.
    Everyone will be touched by grief and loss. Disaster systems need to be ready and in place to pick up the pieces. Whilst I like much of what antipsychiatry is trying to do I feel BALANCE, whilst it is the least glamouous option, is always the most wise way forward. Essentially see it as being like two countries, like, randomly picked, lets say Italy and Ireland. The population of one wants traditional psychiatry. The population of the other wants antipsychiatry. Difference is to be celebrated. As it presents a free choice. Choice is BALANCING.

    Walter I like what you brought to the Arthurian table.

    I have to withdraw for a while.

  • Steve,

    I owe you humble gratitude for publishing my latest. You are magnanimous. I have enjoying sparring with you. You do it like a fine art. You make me feel like I am in a Roman toga debating with your Roman toga philosophizing. By this I do not mean combat. I mean treasuring of the substance of intellectual discource as if it is too valuable to be about winning or losing.

    I feel sure that if we went hiking in the hills we would have a good laugh. I feel sure that if we were in a rowing boat we would have a good laugh. I am sure if we were building a barn we would have a good laugh.

    We have but one difference of opinon. We ought to cherish each others difference.

    Animals love us.

  • Jim phelps you may like to click on my name Diaphanous Weeping here above to take you to a comment thread I have been having with Steve. I believe it is interesting.

    Some say psychiatry is a belief system. I say so is antipsychiatry. If antipsychiaty wanted to be anti belief it would dispense with the “psychiatry” bit of its title. In a family home one sibling can be a believer in “Dad” and the other sibling can be “anti Dad”. But the true purpose of being “anti” is to move away from what belief you are anti towards and build your own shrine and put your better god on it. That is all you need do. Create a heaven here on Earth, as you might want it. But a building of a belief is not robust if it is only to be about critiquing what it thinks are wrong beliefs, ie the disappointing Dad.

    I have MY OWN belief.

    I believe I DO have a chemical imbalance that causes me to have to know I have a chemical imbalance. So it lands on me in these two ways of my KNOWING.

    I have only a loose loyalty to the cult of science. It is a great cult I enjoy immensely but I am able to stand back from it at times to question its vogues and latest trends.

    I cannot now remember why I am talking to you…

    Oh yeah…


    We have dear Robert to applaud for that. He spotted the Diptheria in the water supply and the wooly thinking that ignored those ominous signs.

    But Robert and I maybe differ in one aspect. I DO believe my mental illness IS real despite what a gazillion objectors to my reality say. I DO call it schizophrenia. It exists. This opinion is not negotiable. There comes a point where a cripple says they are a cripple despite what all the books say. I am not going to airbrush the word schizophrenia or get rid of it for some one who just does not like me.

    I only have this to say on this…


    In Divinity college there was a tutorial on how impossible it is for those OUTSIDE a belief to argue or debate sympathetically with those INSIDE the belief. Those OUTSIDE Ann Frank’s attic will tend to call her belief unacceptable by THEIR world view.

    A Rabbai or priest is like a hero to those INSIDE a belief. So a psychiatrist is like a life saver hero to some INSIDE there medical belief.

    In my youth the symbol of the healer doctor was revered and I do not think this reverence for doing good is a wrong. Yes, you can argue that much bad has come out of naive trust. But the wish people have to adore their own choice of hero seems to me to be a part of wellbeing. I do not want someone elses hero shoved at me. That would make that hero my tyrant. But the freedom to choose your own Dad seems important if we are all to tolerate each other’s “differences”.

    Having a Dad. Having a hero. These are healthy things to like.

    BAD BEHAVIOUR that gives BAD TREATMENT is NOT healthy.

    But even there, just because a pub sells spoiled beer does not mean the pub is not a place some people want to sit in, whilst ruminating on philosophy, or angels, or writing a delightfully girlish Anne Frank journal.

  • Dear Steve,

    You say this…

    “I simply want you not to classify people…”

    I know it is the start of the phrase but these words matter. “I” have, according to the Declaration of Human Rights, a right to HOLD MY OWN OPINION. This extends to my thoughts and attitudes and choices of learning that I freely like. So “I” have a basic human right to classify A N Y T H I N G in A N Y way that “I” deem fit. I even have the basic human right to HOLD NONSENSE OPINIONS if I want to.

    NOBODY has the right to BE inside my mind and interogate my thoughts or opinions. What is in MY MIND is MINE and this basic human right is non negotiable.

    Given that “I” believe in this basic human right I believe it for you also.

    In MY MIND I have the free choice to believe that schizophrenia is real for me. I also have the free right to believe that everyone on the planet is schizophrenic. I also have the free right to tell them MY OPINIONS. Just as Christain has a free right to tell us both we are born in sin. Or a Buddhist has a free right to tell us we were once snails in a former incarnation. Holding an opinion and sharing that opinion, WHETHER OR NOT you agree with that opinion IS a SACROSANCT HUMAN LIBERTY. The freedom to KNOW whatever YOU like to know is something you want anyone else to deprive you of, or you are encountering a cult who are telling you repeatedly that YOUR held opinions and your sharing of your opinions are not allowed. That is totalitarian.

    I have a basic human right to believe the phenomenon of the illness of schizophrenia IS A REAL thing and that it IS caused by whatever psychiatry says it is caused by. I EVEN have the free choice to believe psychiatry do not the cause and that my eccentric idea of the cause or unproven idea of the cause, of chemical imbalance or genetics or hereditary, as mentioned in the new SCHEMA RESEARCH CONCLUSION is true. If I believe schizophrenia is caused by cheddar cheese and hold that opinon NOBODY should be oppressing my basic human right to believe that either, and NOBODY should be telling me I cannot hold an opinion that thinks everyone has schizophrenia that is caused by cheddar cheese digesting or caused by astrophysics or caused by trauma or caused by chemicals or homones of which there are millions, that hourly become imbalanced then balanced then imbalanced then balanced as the human BIOLOGICAL organism adjusts to all manner of environmental stressors that may have caused hereditary ones. Hereditary conditions DO EXIST and they DO also affect the brain. The brain is not cocooned in its own temple.

    Psychiatry may not yet FULLY understand schizophrenia illness but this means diddly because science STILL does not understand FULLY whether we exist at all. So A N Y opinion held is joyously up to us personally. I am free to hold an opinion that the miraculous conception IS TRUE. It is not up to you to be director of my thoughts or rationalizing or logic or reason or ideas or opinions THAT can hold bizarre views on me AND on other people I see out of a train window.

    We are ALL allowed to SPECULATE, according to the Declaration of Human Rights. If you disagree with this Declaration then take it to Geneva as I have a long severely ill hallucination beseiged day before me because of my CHEMICAL IMBALANCE. It is mind control to tell people they cannot think thoughts about their OWN inner state of being or think such thoughts about whomever they want to. A Christain will think through the slide projector their Christain belief in the Ressurection. A Buddhist will think through the slide projector of their Buddist belief in snail incarnation.

    You say I ought not classify people…

    “…who experience hallucinations/delusions as “schizophrenics who believe they have that”or “schizophrenics who believe they don’t have that.”..”

    I say this…

    Why are you ignoring that I also say that I BELIEVE that people may NOT have schizophrenia at all but may be fit and healthy? Why are you skipping past that OPINION THAT I ALSO HOLD?

    You say this…

    “You are ‘diagosing’ that person against his/her will, even if you accept that they “don’t believe they have that.”

    I say this…

    I AM NOT A PSYCHIATRIST. I do not officially sit with a prescripton jotter diagnosing ANYONE.

    I am a sick person with all day tormenting hallucinations that barely give me a moments peace to think about the opinions I do hold and often will even insist that I HAVE TO think according to how my invisible hallucinated spectre tells me to. I often HAVE TO sit on in a cafe weeping whilst FORCED by my schizophrenia to think that I am schizophenic. I am woken up to HAVE TO. I have NO control over this whatsoever. You are seeming to ask me to NOT think thoughts I am FORCED to think by an illness from genetics that I CANNOT CONTROL. I CANNOT HELP IT STEVE. So now what? Am I to get hauled off to conversion therapy to make my mind think in ways society wants my mind to think? I have had over a decade of psychotherapy. Am I to be put through a gruelling ten more years of it? I DO NOT WANT IT. What now? Make me sit in sessions with some stranger who knows me more than I know me? Is that because I am a nutter who does not know herself and so she needs directed by an expert in clarification of thoughts. I have news….thinking nice thoughts does NOT stop hallucinations. Any more than thinking nice thoughts stops rheumatism flare ups or epilepsy or multiple sclerosis episodes.

    But here is another response I have to this interesting question you pose to me. I just want to say that the word “diagnosis” is elastic these days in that this word can mean “opinion”. If I have a basic human right to MY opinion then I suppose I do have a right to be like a two year old sticking a bandage on a teddybear. I do have a right as an individual to diagnose a maniac with a grenade in a shopping mall. I do have a right to diagnose a daughter who has measles. I do have a right to diagnose a seabird covered in pollution. I do have a right to diagnose Eve as driven mad by Adam framing her. I do have a right to diagnose a puppet on a string who has been turned by false ideology. I do have a right to diagnose a partner as love sick from my not sending a gift. I do have a right to diagnose Mother Earth as having a climate psychosis. I do have the right to these opinions that can be perceived as my “diagnosing” someone or something when I am not, and I do have the right to actually fancy that I am some doctor in the making who can diagnose. I have a basic human right to fantastize being anything, a ship, a tree, a mountain, or anyone, an ambassador of peace, a rock star, an alien, a mushroom, a nurse, a psychiatrist…if I want to. I would again add that many people I have met with schizophrenia have NO CONTROL over who they believe they are and one person with schizophrenia was never happier than when she was dressed in a suit and telling all actual psychiatrists that she was their supervising psychiatrist. Steve, how are you going to get some woman like her, who needed a nurse to prompt her to bath herself, that she must not “diagnose” anyone as schizophrenic because schizophenia has not been proven and she must not be a psychiatrist because all psychistrists no nothing? Where is the tolerance? Where is her basic human right to hold her own opinion. Are we to say she cannot have it because it is a nutty opinion and she is mentally ill and nuts to hold those opinions? Is that not beginning to sound like domineering psychiatry of old?

    You say this…

    Why not call it “people with delusions/hallucinations who call it an illness, and people with delusions/hallucintions who don’t call it an illness?”

    To this I say…

    And why not call it people with religious beliefs or opinions who want to call these beliefs or opinions linked to Christianity specifically or Bhuddism specifically but must now designate it only wishy washy “spirituality”.

    It sounds a bit like when some say why not allow certain people to use words to signify the specific gender and yet tell other people their way of knowing themselves must be made amorphous and hazy and nebulous and ill defined and erased from discouse? This whole “telling” strangers how to know themselves is poison. Let each individual choose their own way of knowing who they are and why they are who they are. And let each individual have any opinion they like on who other people are, and even share that opinion, provided it is welcome.


    What you seem agrieved about is what I am agrieved about.


    But there are ways of campaigning against bullying that trample the Declaration of Human Rights. It is THIS that I say NO to. And if you love your freedom to hold your own opinion and air it then you will be very keen that get to cheerfully air mine also. It is seldom EVER the specific opinion that is bad. Most opinions are whimsical and transient and neutral. It is ONLY when BULLYING uses opinions as a smoke screen to push and harass and control and intimidate that this becomes under the auspices of BAD BEHAVIOUR.

    A thought or feeling is NOT the same thing as BAD BEHAVIOUR.

    EVery human is entitled to monitor outbreaks of abusive or bullying or cruel bad behaviour of a sort that puts an actual bruise on someone, ie it is not bad behaviour if someone wears a sari or a reindeer hide in sub arctic blizzards. Being “different” is not being badly behaved. Thinking differently is not being badly behaved. Not loving someone if the thrill is gone is not being badly behaved since to force love is bullying. Not thinking the same as the village is not being bad behaved. Laughing in a catherdral if it is not your belief is not being badly behaved.

    You say…

    “It is more like a Muslim trying to convince ME that I have to do Ramadan, because she’s a Muslim and that’s her lens”.

    I say again that all people have a free choice to hold an opinion AND share it. People love to communicate whatever has helped them. We must not control other peoples conversations any more than we want our conversations closed or intimidated.

    Steve WHEN have I EVER told YOU specifically that you have to do my schizophrenia fast, or even believe that YOU have schizophrenia? WHEN?

    If I have not then why am I not allowed to hold my opinion that I have REAL SCHIZOPHRENIA…and tell everyone that this is my honest opinion.

    I AM FREE to regard everyone on Earth as BEAUTIFULLY schizophrenic if I want to. Just as a lesbian is free to regard every woman on Earth on as BEAUTIFULLY lesbian.

    Our opinions are NOT violence.

    Telling people they cannot have specific opinions IS.

    On this much we agree.

    Advice is a blurry area. A person may go to a doctor for advice. They are looking for “an opinion”. They WELCOME an opinion on their breakdown. It is their own opinion that propels them to seek a medical opinion, or a Christain opinion or a Muslim opinon. We must respect that. If the advice is nefarious or bullying then that is BAD BEHAVIOUR. But if the person chooses to partake of nefarious or even crazy advice that is up to their freedom to. After all a drug soaked rave on a beach may seem nefarious advice to some prudes. People need to be free to make disastrous choices based on scurillous dodgy advice. They must be free to laiase with the bogus advice giver if they want to. We can all look on and want to shepherd them to make alternative choices but we cannot do so by inflicting guilt or coecion or harassment without becoming neferious and badly behaved.

    I myself have “different” opinions..
    And I myself have never told you that you HAVE TO adopt them.


  • Rebel, thank you.
    I am solemn just now because our Steve is irked at me.

    Steve, please read my comment that awaits your moderation. You will see that at no point have I EVER told anyone their way of understanding themselves was wrong.
    Steve I wrote the book on the pitfalls of having an attitude that thinks in terms of “right” or “wrong” or even “logic” . So WHY would I have any interest in telling ANYONE that they are “wrong” about themeselves?

    I am proud of who I am.
    When a person is proud of who they are this is not the same thing as when a person keeps telling other people they are wrong.


    Someone else being proud of who they are ought to mean nothing to how proud you are of you.

  • Thankyou dear Robert Whitaker for being a pathfinder out of psychiatric medication over prescribing and withdrawal under resourcing.

    May I be curious?

    You seem to be “for” the short term prescribing of antipsychotics and antidepressants in crisis intervention. Why?

    My inkling is that if you comfort someone who is severely psychotic and it does no good that a rather Chaplinesque prop wallop with an altered state can buy some time because it gives the exhausted brain something else to play with besides blowing up a train. In old Hollywood westerns there was the trope of the slap for the hysterical nubile female homesteader or the rag in the mouth after a bottle of whiskey for the removal of an Apache arrow flint from the gold prospector. Substances and thumps given to bring people back from the edge of a cliff have an ancient heritage amongst the human species. I am not saying it is wholesome or even forgivable. I believe in non violent approaches to all conflicts. I just acknowledge that people can disappear inside themselves at risky moments, like before a building or dam collapses, and it can be better to do the old fashioned thing of bringing the lost back to their senses. Medics know this in an ambulance before someone vanishes into coma-land. Vets also know this in agriculture. A fallen creature sometimes need help getting up or it will die. A startle or a cushion of valium might cause enough of a brain detour to get off the stuck record of a death wish. Then there is the power of placebo. How creepy is it that that the human brain can do its own brain mending on sugar! But the trick with placebo is just that…it involves trickery. The DSM and a magician psychiatrist are the same as a shaman in the dazzling confidence trick of linctus or leaf. So is romantic love a placebo trick for the brain. And alcohol. Booze is used for relief of stress from a disaster and quite often that becomes a rabbit hole to life long addiction and brain damage, to say nothing of marital damage and child neglect.

    The severely ill will always need some quick solution to the immediate emergency. You are quite right to argue that many emergencies may be caused by iatrogenic or withdrawal states preceding. But long before psychiatry was invented people have been going imbalanced from one reason or other. The DSM was a go at listing all that. A list is not who later calls a list gospel. A book is not who takes it way too seriously. Yes there have been decades of people who took that book too seriously. I think the penny dropped thanks to your great efforts and dedication. But everyone has their own free right to absorb any book as if it is bath water to the spongey brain. To say people cannot love their own choice of book is itself probably from the influence of not enough good books. Back to short term medications, they are obviously “treating something” when severly ill people beg for something to take the edge off. It is easy to dismiss the abject misery of people’s cliff edges when we live in an easy flat topography.

    I went up a mountain today because I felt really seduced by the impulse to euthanize myself because of my hallucinations. The mountain is so easy for lovers to fall in love in because it is a scenic evocation of heaven. The mountain is so easy for the dejected to die on because it is high enough to reach heaven by jumping off any one of its scenic cornices or sills or peaks. It is my therapy chair. Or a gigantic grassy primal scream bean bag. I am always accompanied by my angels, who cannot decide things for me but offer jokes to bolster my fortitude. I said to them that if I ever do succumb to a cold night of the soul on my beloved mountain, from sorrow at my symptoms, then I should like to haunt that mountain to heal people like me before they even think of wanting to die. Life is too precious not to marshal one’s resilience and keep trying to see the mountain as a romantic beauty spot instead.

    An hour into wallowing in the afterglow of the wish to end my life I saw a helicopter. My angels and I wondered what was up. The helicopter hovered at some distance over one peak and then I knew some poor morsel of humanity must have slipped and broken a bone. In an instant I was crying, not at wanting to die but at how endearing humans are to go to all that trouble to save a wounded human. The helicopter was like a dinky toy at that distance but I saw a dot slide elegantly down a rope, followed later by a stretcher. So many miracles playing out in one revolving swoosh. The miracle of the stranger’s consideration who used the miracle of their phone that called the miracle of the helicopter that contained the miracle of the man of medicine who knew the miracle of the human body and took the miracle abseil down into danger and miraculously bound the broken one up like a lost lamb and miraculously took him to a miracle hospital. I knew it was a man patient, because right at the beginning of this spectacle I said to one of my angels…

    “Go go go there now and please help them!”

    To which the angel came back ten minutes later and said…

    “He is bald”.

    This was to let me know the angel really had flown over and so I could check the veracity of this in the evening news items.

    As I felt reassured that the man would be operated on and proceed to a full recovery, I wondered what an overly woke slant on that would have been. The helicopter may have been polluting the air. The driver may have not wanted to pick up a communist hiker with a broken bone or a capitalist hiker or a black hiker or a rich white male affluent hiker or a disabled hiker or radical hiker. Or people might say the hiker should not be on the mountain since it was not their mountain and since if they were on it they should have been working in a long shift at a carpet manufacturers rather than being a tourist costing air rescue teams a fortune to save them and if they stumbled it was probably due to obesity or dizziness from recreational drugs or going on mood pills or coming off medication. All of this could be true…

    But to see the world as miraculous IS the greatest placebo.

    Robert you are a diamond on the tree of life. You should get a Nobel prize. I say this sincerely. But a Nobel is not for things achieved but the bridges those achievements make.

    What is a bridge? A place that lets you leave the past behind and move forward to the future. Mixed feelings occur at that crossing over. Loss of what was and excitement at what is to come. Loss and exitement are so neatly adjacent in the middle of the bridge that loss seems exciting and excitement appalling. But a bridge can also be between two “sides”. A bridge can span between two neighbouring warring people or countries.

    “Hoover Dam!” say the angels, tugging at my ear lobe. I have to repeat them.

  • When people say…

    “You cannot be free to believe in that deity because that deity is my enemy”

    What world is being created is a violent apocalyptic world that tells people who they can and cannot love.

    It is understandable that the wounded want compassion. But compassion is a feeling first of all. It is not a logical principle.

    And as a feeling, compassion and love cannot be forced out of someone without destroying what love is.

    Like destroying the HOOVER DAM.

  • Steve, you say elsewhere that you agree that I can have the right of my free choice to keep my diagnosis…as Barbara said herself, if I “want to”.

    That is good.

    But you say next that I cannot have my free choice to believe my doctor. Can I be allowed to believe in bad science as you might call it? Robert Whitaker was once upon a time heckled as being a promoter of research that in those early years was called bad science. We must leave each other alone to make our own choice of who our good or bad household gods are. If I build a shrine to Robert Whitaker and scatter it with rose petals and scented unctions and call him my God of good science then who is anyone to hurl a rock of dispute at what helps me be me. If I build a shrine to a doctor who is anyone else to tell me I cannot listen to them?

    I am on this planet for perhaps only a short while so who is anyone to tell me, a grown woman, that I need disciplined and directed in who I can revere?

  • You put a drop of sweetness in my flask as I prepare to go up a breezy, sunny, delightfully illogical mountain. How nice of you. Thank you.

    You cannot fight fire with fire, nor water with water, nor air with air, nor when it has gone monstrous can you hope to fight monstrous logic with logic. Such dizzying barbed logic becomes impenetrable, ungraspable, indigestible, and revealed as the complete opposite of an accepting fresh sunlit mountain.

    Animals can read and write and speak but they never have to in lovely unjudgemental free nature.

  • A glorious community I belong to is full of everyone with ALL diagnoses, from schizophrenic to bipolar to depressed and people who have none of these illness, and when I say illnesses I mean where the person with the illness knows it is an illness that they feel. It is not a proclamation out of thin air.

    On that community sofa there will be a schizophrenic who knows they have that. I accept their view. There will be a schizphrenic who does not believe they have that but feels they have been sold a lemon. I accept their view. There will be a person who has been misdiagnosed and feels they do not have schizophrenia at all. I accept their view. There will be a person who is fed up and wants to think they are severely ill with schizophrenia when they only have a low. I accept their view.

    What you Steve want me do is convince myself that MY BELIEF that schizophrenia is a REAL illness is not the case. This is like trying to convince a Muslim that there is no need to do Ramadan. Who is anyone to be “thought police” to anyone?

    You seem to want me to be cast in the light of “thought police” just because I have MY OWN BELIEFS.

    A Muslim sitting on a sofa will invariably see others through an Islamic lens. An Amazonian shaman will invariably see others through a leaf potion psycheadelic lens or ancestor lens. A poet will invariably see others through a poetic lens. A capitalist will see others through a capitalist lens. A communist will see others through a communist lens. A trans person will see others through a trans lens. A black person will see others through a black experience lens. A femininst will see others through a feminist lens. Seeing others can only be done through lens that are informed by our hotch potch of emotions, experiences, preferences, lessons, upbringing, curiosities, assumptions, chosen beliefs. Do you want all the various people on that sofa to not be Muslim or Black or Feminist or Trans or ill or capitalist or communist?

  • Steve,



    anyone is NOT schizophrenic but has been inaccurately given a diagnosis of that and so prefers to know themselves as healthy and not suffering from that or even any medical disorder at all

    I will be encouraging of this YOUR CHOICE of way to know YOU.

    You seem overly keen to regard me as having an agenda to tell other people they are schizophrenic. I want you to go through all my six hundred and fifteen or so comments and tell me where I have told you or anyone else they are schizophrenic.

    I AM FREE to have MY OWN BELIEFS, just as a Christain is FREE to have their own beliefs. A Muslim is FREE to have their OWN beliefs. A Jew is FREE to have their OWN beliefs. An atheist is FREE to have their OWN beliefs. A two year old who says it is “sprinklin” and not “wraynin” is FREE to have their OWN beliefs thank God. Although maybe not when the new regime arrives. Which all this bickering between “sides” over whose free choice is allowed is set to be the welcome mat…for that regime.

    Steve, I have always said WE ARE ALL FREE to ENJOY our OWN FREE CHOICE of how WE see OUR OWN BODILY EXISTENCE.

    The problem you seem to pick up is that you think you have been living in a tradition that is an Inquisition. Psychiatry.

    The real Spanish Inquisition lasted as long as it did because instead of people saying EVERYONE has the FREEDOM to BELIEVE ANYTHING they like, yes EVEN a belief that Christianity is a fine belief once you return it to its core message of healing, love, and do no harm, the opposition became condemnatory of anyone Catholic or churchy at all. War after war put millions of men women and children in mass graves through one “side” saying it was THE RIGHT BELIEF AND ALL ALTERNATIVE BELIEFS ARE WRONG and the other “side” saying it was THE RIGHT BELIEF AND ALL ALTERNATIVE BELIEFS ARE WRONG.

    Here is an imaginative reverie for all readers and so my use of the word “you” is not meaning any particular reader but is just a generic use…

    Now visualise this fun scenario…
    You got incarnated here to feel what it feels like to be judged all day long because in a previous life you lived on a planet that was mostly serene and harmonious but you were grumpy about being there. So you got sent to planet Earth with eight billion other grumps on it. When born every person is born with mortality as an eventual prospect. Death is frightful to the human as a concept and reality. To protect the soft body the human has to ward of danger of death. This means the human has to stay fearful of challenges. This means the human needs to judge shadows in bushes and shadows in other beliefs. This means the human, due to fear of death, has to stay judgemental. And because death may be in anything, from a peanut allergy to a discovered lump to a maniac in an alley to grinding poverty to a bad medication to their own suicidal impulse “judgementalism” is a “life saver” and it has to be applied everywhere, all day, and to everyone, not just stangers but even to nearest and dearest snoring next to you in bed. Since ANYTHING could be a dangerous harbinger of death then fear of the unknown or perplexing is relentless. Judging does three tasks, it identifies the feared thing or person as an enemy, but judging also aids in the punishing of what is feared, and judging gives a false sense of security that getting rid of the feared thing or stranger or spouse will get rid of mortality once and for all and this will restore the tribe to heavenly bliss and harmony and serenity…


    As you live your life of conquering fear of death thought artfully applying judgements of others who may seem too different, you forget that others are terribly frightened of you and the way you may remind them of their mortality. You forget that your way of making heaven here on Earth, by getting rid of death, is what all eight billion other humans are scared into also doing when they see you in the bushes with a topiary clipper.

    When eight billion people won’t let you say your son is fit and healthy or eight billion people won’t let you be a Catholic or eight billion people won’t let you enjoy talking to angels on a park bench or eight billion people wont let you choose s career as a pilot in the navy….all because they think YOUR FREE CHOICE is death, you start to long for that eternal peace and the real heaven of the afterlife.

    The suicide rate on this planet is increasing. It will skyrocket until each individual realizes there are NO WRONG BELIEFS ir WRONG UNDERSTANDINGS of who you CHOOSE to know you are. THERE ARE NO WRONG FEELINGS or WRONG FREE CHOICES. Having these choices is what brings a person securitu and calm and healing and a healed person is not a coerced or judged stressed out death fearing person. A healed person who enjoys their free choice ceases to be a judge of everyone else’s choice. When you have freedom of choice it is like winning the lottery. You feel so whole and happy that you do want everyone to know the happiness of their choice to turn their garden bush into a giant butterfly.

    Or believe themselves schizophrenic.

    I say to historical priests in the Spanish Inquisition this…

    You only want to control my choice because you fear it may be yet another example of your moment by moment life of worrying about mortality. And so you set up an Inquisition to tell people what freedom of choice they are not allowed.

    But in damning some kinds of freedom you damn the whole of freedom. Freedom is not yours to dictate how it should look. A world that goes along with accepting anything less than COMPLETE FREEDOM FOR ALL EQUALLY is doomed to be the very death all eight billion fear being on this planet is.

    But to let people have their choices means holding the inner fear of mortality, a fear that is necessary to basic survival but not necessary beyond the stuff of bruises. If someone’s free choice is not putting a bruise on you then their choice is not your mortality.

    We are on this fearful, judgemental planet to learn how awful judgementalism is and how beautiful feelings are. Feelings that can be recognized for what they are and harmlessly wept out, without changing anyone, like a feeling of fear is just a feeling.

    Animals do not try to make the world a heaven of no mortality. This is because animals do not overthink.

    Animals do not judge.

    The world of the animal…


  • Feral and Steve,

    Who says an individual cannot freely choose to belong to any religious or political affiliation they choose to?

    Who says an individual cannot freely choose to make a poor choice or mixed up choice that they do not feel any need to change?

    Who says an individual cannot freely choose to keep their diagnosis that they got from a professional, if they want to?

    An individual is free to choose to keep any understanding of them that they prefer.

    An individual is free to believe a shaman who tells them they are full of leopard jaws if they prefer. Does this make them nuts?

    Does an individual who is free to believe not in a shaman but a yoga practitioner seem nuts if they believe in balancing beautifully?

    Does an individual who is free to believe in a psychiatrist telling them a diagnosis seem nuts for wanting their free choice to prefer that way if understanding themselves?

    Do all these nutty people who have made nutty choices not get left in peace to grow through those choices? Are they not allowed to be nuts? Must we scapegoat them? Lock them up? Give them a little something not of their choosing in their cocoa?

  • IF…..

    anyone has schizophrenia and likes to know for themselves that this is what they have making them feel ill…

    I will be encouraging of this YOUR CHOICE of way you know YOU.

    anyone has schizophrenia and prefers to regard it as not schizophrenia but some other ailment or stress or trauma or government plot or even extra terrestial indoctrination…

    I will be encouraging of this YOUR CHOICE of way you know YOU.

    anyone is NOT schizophrenic but has been inaccurately given a diagnosis of that and so prefers to know themselves as healthy and not suffering from that or even any medical disorder at all…

    I will be encouraging of this YOUR CHOICE of way to know YOU.

    I want…



    There should be no….

    “HAVE TO’s”.

    Most “HAVE TO’s” emanate from bullying.

    ALL “HAVE TO’s” are from the stressed pulse that causes oppression.

    ALL bullies say you HAVE TO see yourself how THEY see you and not how YOU see you.

    IF how YOU see YOU does not result in you putting a bruise on any other person or being abusive or cruel to them then YOUR CHOICE of how YOU see YOU is harmless.


    “HAS TO”


    DO not be a puppet on a string.

    The HOOVER DAM is going to go. When it does it will be a symbol of that a change is underway and this may bring waves of dictators who may make people “HAVE TO”.

    When out numbered by hailstones all the clever animals do not cry at the hail but let it pass over the landscape. And while such political storms are raging and forcing all the animals to chitter their teeth as if agreeing, agreeing, agreeing, all the creatures go within and keep their own counsel. They become private…where they can CHERISH THEIR OWN DIFFERENCE in peace.

  • https://youtu.be/EG7I6Bt_NZY

    Is Chinese medicine not a biomedical model?

    Otzi the Iceman, five thousand years ago, was dressed in the designer label tatoos of a “biomedical model”. His tatoos were found to be placed directly over physical problems in his body, rhematoid arthritis, a disease like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, in as much as the precise causes of have yet to be found. The cause may be spiritual or psychosomatic or anatomical or pollutants that cause brain glitches. Soma means body as that is where the war takes place. In the body.
    In a real war it matters to find the cause. But it also matters to CARE about the devastation whether any cause can be found or not, or five thousand years later no cause can be found.

    I recall a time a year ago when I felt intensely suicidal because of my schizophrenia. My schizophrenia is a severe mental illness that is to me nothing like depression or anxiety or trauma. Hallucinations rarely occur in depression, anxiety, trauma. Altered state of consiousness are NOT hallucinations occurring around the clock all day, month, year, decade. People are too often misdiagnosed with schizophrenia. I am sure it is easy to do that being as language is so confusing to fathom when someone is describing their symptoms of depression or anxiety or trauma. The language of suffering does tend to use metaphors of being got at and oppressed. It is easy to then factor that in as being a sense of possession or paranoia. Suddenly a schizophenia diagnosis is made. But this is down to the slippery gelatinous chaos of imperfect human words.

    A person who REALLY feels ill with genuine schizophrenia KNOWS it has nothing to do with environmental shenannigans. An iceman knows their rheumatism is not an idea given to them by a shaman tattooist. Nor is it given to them by tribal politics. The absurd notion that our bodies (biomedical) are under the spell of intellectual propaganda when our bodies feel ill is touted to encourage us all to think that wellness is found in using intellectual weaponry to triumph over intellectual weaponry.

    Heh folks…hallucinations do not stop when you apply intellectual discernment to them. Try it on a year of imbibing LSD daily. The Wizard of Oz clicking of the red spangly shoes does not get you home over that clouding of consciousness. The broken brain cannot think itself better by thinking better brainy thoughts. This is because the thinking part of it is shattered by what is best described as a disease. An epileptic cannot think their seizure unjerky. If thinking were so full of magical properties, as arrogant hubristic humans like to regard their logical minds as made fortressed with with, then iatrogenic harm from a billious swill of bad psychistric medications, inadvertanty dreamed up by hubristic intellectual humans playing chemists, would be cured instantly by but one thought, or by just aligning with a popular vote. Brains are delicate organs and are real and become broken by a million things, often of a biological nature, OTHER than “wrong intellect”.

    If a foot can go ill with rheumatism so can any part of human biology go awry. Including small undetectable microscopic cellular or brain wave dynamics in the brain.

    This has NOTHING to do with love, or upbringing. Are parents now lambasted for “giving” their children rheumatism or epilepsy? It is back to the notion of refrigerator parents regards these and schizophrenia, indeed the list grows to include depression and anxiety and crime as all caused by refrigerator parents, who were presumably loveless and unemotional, or so we are taught by the “intellectual”, who tell us our brain is full of the “wrong intelligence”. And so we must argue with the ancient profession of animal parenthood and pummel all new parents with new intellect.

    Intellect sort of is IS a deep freezer. You cannot tell parents they are fridges who cause illness and then tell those parents they must learn lots of intellectual ideology and intellectual propaganda to get them more cuddly.

    The animals do not do “intellect” in their brains.

    That is why they look so normal.

    Let me return to that time I felt desperately ILL because of my hallucinations. I decided to euthanise myself. I was about to but something stopped me in my tracks. I did not want my next of kin to have to cope with my laundry basket contents. Did I have time to put my laundry through a cycle of suds?

    Why yes!

    And so it came to pass that this schizophrenic woman is still living because her laundry was a disgrace.

    As I hung my damp newly washed clothes on the rack I philosophized about why I had felt ashamed of the fingerprint of my existence whilst not ashamed to put my next of kin through unimaginable grief at my suicide. Was a sweaty armpit so much more shameful than a coffin?

    I then realised that I do not feel ashamed of my body or what it does when it wears clothes. And my next of kin were all a bunch of nature respecting Hippies mostly, when it came to civilized neurotic hygeine. So where did I get this idea that I ought to tidy up before dying?

    I then understood that I did NOT feel shame at all. Rather my motive in doing my washing was one of love. I love my next of kin and my caring about them extended to CONSIDERATION of the impact my untimely demise would have on them.

    What IS consideration? It is vital in a community. A tribe cannot last without social mores. Ettiquete, kindness, tact, politeness, mindful awareness of the other person’s feelings. An individual cannot thrive without this reciprocated.

    Before some commenter or some contingent of “thought police” or anyone else who is NOT “me” calls me a LIAR by my truthfully stating that my schizophrenic suicidality is from my just feeling ill with hallucinations, I want to swear on my bible that my illness was not “caused” by my having a bad school day aeons before, where maybe no consideration was afforded to me, I will say that my schizophrenic suicidality was caused by endless seizures of hallucinations, not a dissappointed school day, nor refrigerator parents, nor a bogus molestation by a doctor or psychiatrist, nor a life of mediocre wages. My schizophrenia is like epilepsy. People sneer and say science has been looking for the schizophrenia mollecule for over eighty years. I say Otzi has been looking for the cause of his rheumatism for five thousand years and yet even his clamber out of slush and hailing a cab to a state of the art magnetic resonance imaging scanner and being under the baking spotlight of an international team of “intellects”, all this did not even spot his lethal arrow flint until a few years ago. No scientist, brushing snowflakes from his tattoos knew why he had passed away. And not until the flint arrow head showed up on on xray were they certain of “cause”. Before this they did not exactly tell everyone that maybe the Iceman had not indeed passed away, given that no cause could be prized, tweezered into the paparazzi dazzle.
    Not finding causes does not prove anything much beyond the fact that bombastic human certainty does better thawed by modicum of animal doubt.

    Back to CONSIDERATION. Animal socializing is a foundation of natural security. One animal CONSIDERS the other animals, often in order to BE CONSIDERED. This feeds into mutual respect needed in communal belonging and a comforting sense of ape tribe love.

    Anything can be used by human bullies to exert “control over”.

    So love, guilt, duty, marriage, obligation, consideration, caring…can ALL be used to oppress any tribe by bullies who infiltrate their wish to control in it. The bullies may win people over into accepting oppression by calling it salvation or healing and selling them “intellectual expertize” against other traditions that used “intellectual expertize”.

    Bullies have begun to mix people up by telling them they must never accept shame. On balance I agree with this. But when a chimpanzee chases mother chimps it is healthy for those mother chimps to shame such antics, or the community will not last long. All communities have vulnerable individuals in them, the newborns, the sick, the crippled, the elders. CONSIDERATION is HEALTHY.

    What bullies are doing is trying to win over support by telling people that if they feel the remotest flicker of embarrassment, at chasing mothers or leaving laundry unwashed for other burdened people to deal with, then this shudder of normal embarrassment in them is TOXIC CONTROL and is evidence that the embarrassment must have come from refrigerator authorites and the imposition of shame. Bullies tell the embarrassed their consideration is an affliction, one deemed a shame that got given to them deliberately. A discomfort in the person so embarrassed that is occurring to everyone, as a mass traumatizing or a shame that is causing depression and anxiety and trauma and rheumatism and epilepsy and schizophrenia. The bullies are saying the shame is embroidered into people by refrigerator parents and neighbours who have shinier cars and school teachers who give wrong grades and psychiatrists, those who are often too busy looking up ways to suicide themselves. The “shame” is chanted about as if it is a devil that must be ousted from the community, the chimpanzee tribe.

    But it is such a close comparison between embarrassment and consideration and love of other that these get easily bunched together and touted as “shame”. People are now told that a shame fed to a community by oppositional cold parents with their cold refrigerator politics. People are told this message by newer ideologies or politics, of various competing orderw, who all now proseytize a scandalous notiin that if you feel any consideration it is quite wrong and it is because you were wringed in infancy, you just dont recall when or how you arrived at your sense of condideration of others. This new memo has it that your normal consideration got given to you as a bullying obligation and that is ALL that consideration, or even love of the other ever are.

    When youth are told that love is shame and that it must be stoned, along with the mothers and newborns and the sick and the crippled and the elders, the whole world decends down into a dark coffin.

  • “Why not help people identify what they want to change about themselves”…etc etc

    I am not wanting to seem a pest but there is an assumption prevalent in society right now that says people want to change who they are but that they maybe just don’t know it. They let out little telltale “signs” of needing to change…as if they are disassociated from their own body and their body has become a village informant to them, as if the person is a village idiot who does know stuff about their own body and its secret “signs”. In the onlooker this can take on a religious quality of speculating about the body in the way priests used to keep a close eye on everyone’s soul and its language of secret “signs”, portents that only a cardinal could decode or discern, specific blemiishes as if sins in the person. Therapy signs. I do not mind qualified therapists reading body language, but not Nanny Knickers who works at the grocery store, or Mr Know it all in the bakery aisle. Therapy has spread into common “rational” chitchat in a way that surgery would never be allowed to spread beyond its controlled environment.

    It becomes a form of intimacy to study “signs” in a person. But whst if the person is not needing to change? What if they are happy being who they already are? Is this refusal to change an even more glaring “sign?” of something worse or more urgently needing changed? A sin?. Is the refusal to change or obey the notion that the body has given “signs” of yearning to change, is this rebuttal a rejection of the speculators need to strike up intimacy in a lonely cold world?

    We are all grown ups. If we long for changing ourselves I think we can just get on and do it ourselves. Many people do not want to change. Rather they prefer to feel they are all sorted and perfect. But perfection is lonely. And so the search for intimacy comes through helping other people to change. But given that intimacy ought to be loving and therefore accepting of difference, if the other is expected to be not themselves but changed, then it cannot be intimacy. It is perhaps then a way for the critic or “sign” reader or change prompter… to AVOID INTIMACY.

  • I have a chemical imbalance. I have hallucinations all day and night. I have schizophrenia in my family.

    Richard by all means please do make the world better. I am all for improvement. You do not say clearly how you intend to build something nicer. You give no vision of what you are wanting and what makes you feel content in your dreams. I do not speak of any metaphorical promised land where everyone feels fixed but some inkling of what you wish for in our future would be great to hear of. You see, like other commenters who want a specific political dominance endorsed, be it left or right, all I hear are the long list of complaints, which is fine to have read out so brilliantly, but it seems often easier in life to say what you do not want, never what you do. I cannot see what you are delighted for. I only hear what I assume is possibly your anger. Maybe I am wrong in my perceptions. My schizophrenia makes me a poor reader of people sometimes.

    I have been angry often in my years. But I learned something for myself. Anger is not a builder. To build you need collaboration and harmony and team spirit and community and inspiration and artistry and finance of one sort or another. Maybe you have these. Why are you not charming me and welcoming me to join in the co-creating effort?

    If someone, anyone, tells me their vision is of a better world, which is “their” world… but is equally “my” own world…I am fascinated and want to know more about why they feel that world will be heavenly for eight billion people including me. But I also may ask
    why must “I”, in my small frail form “change” in order for us to build what you possibly have in mind. To my way of regarding life…

    love is acceptance of “difference”.
    And in my notion of an improved world EVERYONE is ACCEPTED for being UNIQUE and WHO THEY ARE.

    My chemical imbalance is my difference. It is my sari, my inuit snowshoes, my grass skirt, my tattoo, my ribbons and bows.

    A community, like healthy biodiversity in a garden, is made of “different” species. Oneness is made of simple building blocks of life. Each bit is treasure. Each part matters to whole entirety. If one groups’ promotion of liberty is only found in oppressing another group then it is not liberation of the whole. If saving the world means destroying one person in it then the whole world is ruined.

  • More needs done to prevent the suicide increases among little girls.

    In the future nobody will take women seriously.

    Women must therefore take their own selves seriously.

    Abandon all hope in the near future going to be nice.

    The far away future will honour women eventually.

    In the mean time choose silence as if it is the making of you.

    I go.

  • I meant this comment for Mark P s 2.

    My comments seems to switch about on the post it note memo board and added adjacent to comments I am not specifically replying to. Which makes me sound like I am changing my mind or am a dimwit. I guess its a drawback of the synchronicity of times of messages.

    But Dear James Hall, I thank you for your lovely response all the same. I am familiar with akathesia from antipsychotic doses and similar states from withdrawal and know well the ghastly grotesque visceral sensation you mention. Withdrawal is the most horribe of sensations ever. It truly feels like a stampede of buffalo in the guts. If you could throw up you would. I believe it is all due to the visceral sensation of panic. Panic is caused by thinking worried thoughts; it is in ten stages; from mild sensation to severe.

    But in withdrawal the cortisol is blasting at those stages and csusing the sensation of MOST severe panic EVER, in a bodily way that has bypassed thoughts or worries. The thoughts do not trigger that SEVERE SENSATION of instant frenzy and instant climbing the walls. You can see this in people coming out of anaesthesia, a bolting over the cliff of the gurney without any thought behind it. It is cortisol skooshing on the interior physical matter. Cortisol is not a thought. Cortisol is not an emotion like hatred or love or sadness. So I tend to call that akathesia or withdrawal seizure a visceral chemical “sensation” landing on the severe part of the inner panic-meter. You can call physical pain a feeling but in common language physical pain is a “sensation”.

    I do think that a cortisol rush can make a person suicidal, but it is not from an emotion but a ghastly “sensation”.

    So I believe that emotions or feelings actually stop a person commiting suicide. For a start the hormone flood from crying about having a cortisol sensation would bring the edge off the cortisol most of the time.

    I do not think that akathesia occurs after quitting medication. I think it is a lot lot lot worse than akathesia as is felt on most medications. I think the withdrawal seizures are far more severe than akathesia and to fail to distinguish between these two awful sufferings does no good to the study of either.

    The great news about the cortisol withdrawal seizures is that in most people, though not everyone, they only rumble on for a few intolerable months. Few can bear them so count yourself a hero for enduring the unendurable.

    The bad news is that yes, those cortisol rushes can kill an elephant.

  • https://youtube.com/shorts/UhImIj1YQm0?feature=share

    The human is an animal that has forgotten they are one.

    Animals know best.

    It might not look great to a psychoanalytically indoctrinated populace of humans who live in their rationalist enlightened minds all day but this primate mother who has never read the DSM nor a church bible nor the full works of Alice Millar nor seen a Disney film is instinctually behaving NORMALLY.

    When human abnormal idealized perfect parenting is proselytized it means…



  • Why assume the parents are villains? If all parents were then buses would not run on time, cinemas would not open, pubs would not serve beer, schĂČols would be closed. In short, society is only convenient to your trip to buy barbecue beans because most of the people you meet had good enough parents. If all parents were vile then everyone would be so traumatized that nothing would function. Presumably you mean some parents? I will go along with that. Some parents are despicable. It is set to get worse. But that is why we NEED to hold on to the reality that there ar great parents. Mine were FANTASTIC.

    A community needs to hold on to the possibility that an adult can be a HERO.

  • Just to add that I did a com that awaits moderating so I mean “translate it” as a self joke at my expense, not at you, James. Your article is fine. Although I cannot abide the lambasting of psychiatry anymore. It has gone too far. The notion “Lex Talionis” has fallen into the mire in the world. Proportional justice is the only justice worthy of the name justice. A surgeon harms patients every second of the day. He often has no idea what he is doing and botched surgeries go on hourly. I think the harrying of psychiatrists is demeaning the intention of antipsychiatry. The other day my angels said that I was barking up the wrong tree in my comments. I finally found out what they meant by this. They mean that it is going too hash towards psychiatry. I am not sure though because my schizophenia makes me miss the point. But anyways…

    My mentioning that the soul is the brain and the brain is the soul is perhaps strange. I believe I mean that the soul or consciousness blossoms in the brain but the soul is everlasting and goes on to exist eternally after the brain stops working. But the brain becomes eternal also, in disintegrating from molecules and atoms into fine energy particles and waves…waves identical to the soul or consciousness. So since BOTH the soul and brain are waves ultimately…they are the same thing. It is just that they morph into different expressions of the same thing, as leaves bloom on the tree.

  • This is lovely.

    My sanctuary is the kindness of trees and birds and grasses and insects.

    All I could add is that we must be aware of the way society teaches us to only accept nice feelings. Since most humans are cauldrons of seething irritations, most humans can only manage a charade of niceness much of the day. This perplexes them into fearing unattractive feelings. This leads to closing off to those and becoming alienated from their interior realness. This make life seem unreal and disturbing. So what starts as an effort to be nice can end up in numbness and creepy disassociation. Which is why the trope of niceness makes a good foil in horror movies.

    There is something attractive about the “not nice”. They can be a sanctuary too. A relief in their animal honesty. But I fully flow with what you are endeavouring to do. I call it being baby caring. And it needs no academic nod to establish it. It is found only in simplicity.

    Good on you good woman !!!

  • Would you like me to translate that for you? It is convoluted.

    I think it is saying

    1. antipsychiatry has found “the soul” as if its an orphan in the same house that its sibling “the brain” is in. Psychiatry, the nemesis father, has been sullying the brain and calling it harsh names like schizophrenic. But everyone can at least rescue “the soul” and take that poor sibling away to a sanctuary and treat it nice.

    2. But by leaving the poor brain with the father demon doctor the brain is not loved. Instead it is regarded as an accomplice to mendacious arch villain psychiatry, as if the brain is a inert enabler of psychiatry’s philandering pill pushing.

    3. Anyone with a brain who feels that their brain is giving them jip, in doing movies of hallucinatory epics all night and all day, is either now told that they must not buy that they have a brain, or is told they must not speak to the brain, or must not give hugs to the brain, because the brain is a liar. They are told the brain is in cahoots with psychiatry. And if the world is to be got rid of daddy psychiatry then why dialogue with the duplicitous brain who keeps needing that daddy care? The good kid, the soul, never needed the sibling brain. Brains do not enter the kingdom of heaven unless raptured by a new daddy church. So just leave the brain in the lunatic asylum and let the soul escape like a gossamer nightdress disappearing down the exterior of an ivy trellis or a drainpipe. We don’t need the mess, the amyglada and hippocampus and tight perm of convolutions. Just like the anorexic does not need body fat. We can disown the brain as if it is disloyal and disobedient.

    4. This notion of the brain as accomplice to psychiatry’s bad past treatment IS ITSELF A BAD TREATMENT of the beautiful wistful enigmatic brain. Psychiatry is a recent profession. The sibling brain goes all the way back to basking sunlit primordial sentient stromatolites.

    6. A veterinarian would not allow an animal to go home with only its soul. Man is an animal who keeps forgetting he is one. Animals have a brain and a lovely brain it is, the whale brain, the budgerigar brain, the lion brain, the jellyfish b

    Anyway all of the brains can go odd due to many varied factors. A quirky brain of an animal is not a liar cosying up to psychiatry. A monkey can gnaw its tail without reading a book by psychiatry that this can occur. The quirks, the gnawing are not an invention of psychiatry. There was never a time when quirks were not bamboozling the human herd. The brain is vulnerable, as any sibling is, to any pathogen or fever or pollutant or chemical imbalance. Psychiatry in the past did make that worse. But thankfully it is aware of its past. Yes change is slow.

    The brain IS the soul. The soul IS the brain. Like siblings they come from the same womb. If one of them has been badly treated do not just up an LEAVE IT there, as if it has caused the problem by not learning it is not a problem. For *some* individuals their own brain genuinely IS a problem to them by giving them chemical imbalances. Why should these people not love their brain as much as their soul? When abuse has occurred in a house do you separate the siblings? Or do you mend the unholy division that bad treatment put between them?

    I am sorry if I sound criticising of those who seem to relegate the wonderful brain to a status of second class citizen.

    All humans are EQUAL.

    And all bodily organs are EQUAL.

    And all bodily ineffable auras are EQUAL.

    In the Victorian era the piously soulful snubbed lusty gents by villifying the prostitutes.

    It is not the fault of the brain that it was once prostituted to psychiatry. We must love the beautiful hurt brain and bring it to the bosom of the soul.

  • https://youtu.be/lyu7v7nWzfo

    Can’t resist it.

    The indigenous cultures of planet E all have different funerary rites. A fair number of such tribes could not bear to let their deceased tribal equal go without cremating the beloved and imbibing their physical body as a gritty floury grey milk ceremoniously passed around to the group. Why?

    Because to earthy humans living in harmony with nature and not divorced from the bodily beingness of nature the body’s atoms are as essential as the soul. They are bride and groom. The idea that the body does not matter would seem laughable to these people. In their shamanic ecstacies that euphoria is not found by absenting the body but by transporting body and soul through the astral vista on a joyride. The deceased is made drinkable, or if in a hurry and feeling famished, tribal finger food is acceptable. But even the brain, that mush that western culture is in a rush to dismiss as part of the lumbering ungainly body, is by the tribe, glugged with solemn affection because they feel that the soul is merged with the body. And so drinking the corpus collosum and pineal gland and amygdala IS drinking the spirit. In other words consciousness NEEDS BIOLOGY.

    A goldfish in a bowl is consciousness locked in the brain’s cranium. The goldfish could break out of the bowl and swim into the limitless ocean. Merging with Oneness consciousness. But whilst the individual self is inhabiting the physical atoms of the individual body it is supported by being in that body in a unique way where the consciousness or goldfish influences that specific body or bowl and that bowl influences the goldfish.

    Each marriage is a unique partnering. Each combo of goldfish (soul) and bowl (body) is unique as a partnering relationship. It cannot occur in a vast ocean of dilute consciousness. What the tribal people drink is essence of uniqueness. They hope to sup on the very soul of the grieved for individual by supping on the atoms of the body, drawing in the spirit to their own body like plunking another goldfish in their own bowl.

    Modern man loathes the body. Moderns have been indoctrinated to find feelings disgusting. They have been torn out of the primal forest and schooled to regard emotionality as wicked and base and belonging to the illogical uncontrollable sensory rudimentary body. The body that must be sneered at and punished. This is why a million rhinos and elephants have been obliterated off the map, because their bumbling stumbling cavorting bodies remind modern humans of their own embarrassing embodied marriage. The marriage between sensuous feelings and the mind.

    But a mind with no soul is a machine. So modern humans wrestle to retain soulfulness. Soulfullness is like feeling but tidied up and made more Brittish.

    Indoctrination offers faux clarity. Scholarly
    quasi-bible lessons are implimented and on tourbeliefs about the cleanness of the spirit is reinforced at the point of a safari rifle, that the exalted human soul, or chiffony drift of beatific feelings, have nothing to do with the oafish creatureliness and puff and manure of the animal body. The elephant must be made extinct because the modern human cannot bear its own sweaty pissing stinking birthing atoms. The baby elephants screaming for their bullet riddled mammas draw not one tear from the tear keeping bodies of the modern “soulful” human.

    If the brain, which is atoms, is good enough for the primitive tribal peoples to cherish as important to consciousness then it maybe ought to be good enough for modern humans to love it and love the body as much as the soul that is earthed within it.

    What is happening is a confusion in antipsychiatry about psychiatry’s overly prizing of the body and the brain as being places that can muddy the goldfish of consciousness.

    In the haste to get away from psychiatry some in antipsychistry are binning the body and brain and piously saying that psychiatry tried to abuse the soul via meddling in the bowl in which it floats.

    But meddling is NOT THE SAME THING AS THE BOWL.

    Bad psychiatry of the past is not the same thing as the BIOLOGY or ATOMS or MOLECULES of LOVELY BODILY MATTER that CONSCIOUSNESS SITS WITHIN. And YES the BODY can go quirky. MATTER can be fucked up by other MATTER, as a million elephants found to their dismay. And because MATTER CAN be biffed or bruised SO can the atoms that embodied consciousness clings to.

    Hallucinations are threaded into consciousness. Drop an LSD tab into the bowl of the bodily brain and consciousness sees odd things. Other things being given to the bowl affect consciousness. The idea that no atoms or mollecules of matter “matter” is starting to develop into a puritanical hatred of the body as biology. As if scurilous psychiatry have wizardly given the pristine souls of modern humans the unsightly gunge of anatomical reality. The outcry of….

    “We are more than just our brain”

    has become….

    “We are evangelically saved, nightmarish floaty souls detached from any earthy feelings”.

    If you cannot access your feelings, and all feelings are wedded to the sensory body, then you cannot feel calm. If you cannot feel calm and only experience numb non feeling perfection, then you will not have enough calm to create a feeling of caring. If you cannot create a feeling of caring then you cannot FEEL AUTHENTIC COMPASSION.

    But go ahead….continue to do what past psychiatry were doing in disrepecting the brain. Chuck it out as if past psychiatrists invented its mollecules and put the whole blob of it in there.

    I believe present psychiatrists have agonizingly learned from their past mistakes that the botched brain is a shattered glass bowl within which no goldfish can pleasantly go round in circles.
    But this does NOT mean that other things do not also affect MATTER in chaotic hallucination causing disastrous ways.

    In getting rid of the ugly body the soul looks handsome but in binning the brain there is a tendency to bin the individual unique experiences and FEELINGS of any person who has a hurt brain or quirky brain or ill brain.

    Having an ill brain is NOT THE SAME THING AS catastrophic dreadful treatment of it.

    Having a fever is not the SAME THING as trepanning.

    When ancestors realized they had bungled up the brain by treating it with flint they soon apologized and stopped doing that treatment proticol. The bearskin clad elders did not say that brains are not part of conscious ensoulment. The elders did not say the body is a ruse manufactured by science to delay the soul’s progress up and out of it. The neanderthals did not poo poo the brain as if a distant cousin.

  • Last comment. Rebel, my quip regards Dawkins is not a smirk at your disdain of him. I am not his fan. My angels let me be me. I do not have to like anything they like. I am happy when you believe ONLY what you believe. I feel the comments section is a recipe for disaster because it is like a therapist trying to have a one to one with one commenter in a crowded hall where other commenters feel tetchy if the one to one is not identical to the one to one you had with them.

    In a family no two children are identical so why should the feedback or comments you want to make ever be? The lack of one to one privacy is a bit like when people in a community have to share everything with everyone. It starts with your choice of ribbon or headscarf and soon comes round to having to share your kids.

    As I go I want to say that I have never been abused by any of the twenty psychiatrists I saw. Nor was that the case with any psychotherapist I saw. Nor psychologist. For a number of years I was very persuasive towards psychiatrists because my illness was making me uninhibited. I have to be truthful and say that NO psychiatrist EVER took advantage of my flirtatious delusions. I am pleasant looking so it was not that I could not raise a pulse. But NONE of MY PSYCHIATRISTS EVER So much as glanced at my silly dresses. I believe millions of women have this experience of feeling SAFE with their PSYCHIATRIST. The drugs are not safe but neither is neat vodka downed hourly for years. No one heckles bar staff for pouring out that drug. I am able to say that men who were NOT psychiatrists DID NOT treat me with my PSYCHIATRISTS compassion or dignity.

  • It is good to discuss the poison in the well. But if individuals must have their pills to survive then who are we to say they must not?

    I believe a skirmish occured about Dawkins.

    When I first became loyal to my angels I used to launch tirades against Dawkins the Atheist. So I was stunned one afternoon when my angels told me that Dawkins is an angel.

    How so?

    My angels said they do not want anyone to believe in them.

    How so?

    They said that they want people to be guided by their “freedom of choice” since this is the most holy of guides. They said that beliefs get in the way of that. I then felt crestfallen and seem to remember I may have begun to weep.

    But then my angels said that if my free choice is to believe in angels then the angels love my free choice. And even more than my choice enjoying, the angels love me. I am appalled that they do. This is because I have only known human love and that is not really the love of angels. Human love is comodifying and like a manipulative currency. Cold coins that scold the palm of who needs love. Angels love is more like the love your deep deep soul has for you. If you understand every choice you make then so do the angels. Understanding is healing. When we die and go to the life beyond we feel healed, not because we are loved in a human way, but because we are healed of even any need for love by a vast and blissful understanding of ourselves and everyone.

    The only thing angels do not like is abuse, bullying and cruelty.

    They abhor the abuse of children. They try to put a stop to it as fast as they can, often by giving peripheral family jitters and psychic questions about telltale signs. But for more ordinary things in life they cannot often intervene, because to do so would be an imposition of not allowing living creatures freedom of choice. To live means to be free. To be free means to feel well.

    But angels can give people pause for doubt before they do a bullying outward act. A pause of greater awareness. However, in a world overly keen on certainty no moment of doubt gets a look in.

    I often call my angels “my” angels because not everyone likes to believe in them. But I feel that they are not only “my” angels. They are everyone else’s angels too. Even they are the angels of my opponents. They never barge in to someone’s space without a clear invite. They never indoctrinate. They never impose what is best for you or for your own good. Not unless you derive comfort from being mothered or fathered in that spiritual way. You can send then packing. You can call on them in tough times. You can disbelieve they exist and they won’t feel snubbed. They support the “free choice” of anyone and everyone. Your choice is equal to my choice.

    They are eager for your life to be all about your choices not theirs.

    Believe only what uplifts you to believe.

    I am schizophrenic so I get muddled…this comment may be from my ill bit of my brain.

  • The woman who came up with the creative idea of adding quotation marks around words like schizophrenia probably hated with a passion the helicopter drop of labels. What I recall of her article was that she said something remarkable in it. She said she recommended it to people but stressed it should be taken up as an idea

    In a world of eight billion individuals it makes eight billion worlds. No two are the same world. And yet FREE CHOICE is essential to balance, normality, wellbeing.

    The woman seemed to know that we ought only lovingly suggest a better path not drag someone kicking and screaming down it.

    All week I have been hearing a name in my spirit knowingness. The name is Barbara.

    But I could be wrong about that.

  • With all due respect there is no evidence that we exist.

    Reality, in my opinion is A MIRAGE. That means any arguing over what may not be visible without a high power electron microscope in every individual’s quirky unique brain is a bickering argument that is itself like an illness.

    If a trans person can say they have chemical imbalances that come from hormones then who are you to tell them chemical imbalances do not exist? Why do we not just respect the self understanding the individual has and leave it at that.

  • I Love the coherence of your beautiful comments here.

    The near future won’t want coherence. The numb present society wants to collapse like an avalanche until it begins to feel again. It is falling into a time of dis-integration…but it is occuring in order for humanity to begin again in the futher future. It will one day be a globe spanning peace accepting re-integration. A more holistic future…eventually.

    It IS wrayinin.

  • I was not sharing my experience in this comment. I was being over archingly sociological and philosophical. While here, and before I stop, I must say that suicide used to be shunned and even criminalized. Rape is criminalized. Whilst there is a huge debate to be had over what society finds abhorent or not these days, I do think that when a community takes away its disdain for something, like drug addiction or alcohol dependency this becomes a message of normalizing of and even approval of doing things that avoid healing from tragedy. Which seems a greater tragedy. A hero used to mean a person with stoic gritty determination. A Blitz mentality. A never caving in to low mood. Whilst that plucky determination went too far, it seems to have swung too much in the direction of heroism being jabbing a heroin needle in the leg or tripping the light fantastic on the edge of a tall building.

    Myths are powerful guides and old styles of hero need refreshed but what has become of our sense of what it means to be hero these days. Is a hero to you someone who survives being suicidal or someone who survives being suicidal by never entertaining a suicidal thought until really pressed? There is a subtle difference. I think the message the media gives out is one that endorses giving up. I am all for giving up. But there is a healthy way to collapse and an unhealthy way. A healthy way is to feel the sad feeling fully until the feeling runs dry. An unheathy way is to catastrophize having a sad feeling and want to annihilate that feeling by annihilating all feelings in a terminal act. Society seems to be merrily murdering people who have good reason to feel agonizongly sad within and it is doing so by endorsing suicidality as acceptable. How convenient of society to push that sad person over the cliff rather than pull them back from that edge and show them a new way of “being with sorrow”, until the sorrow weeps and clears.

    The societal acceptance of suicidality has a lot to answer for. Society does not accept murder so why accept self murder. I do not think society should ever tell an individual what to do and that they cannot choose the “free choice” of suicide but I do not see the positive message in society handing that person the cyanide croissant. There is a balance in all things in life, and I feel society has lost it in various damning ways.

    The very word “suicide” used to send a shiver of fear through a community in the nineteen forties. Nowadays it is a word you flutter at a door to door salesman selling cyanide carpet shampoo. It has become such a casual word that to not declare it marks a person as prudish. But by that measure there are no call handlers in suicide prevention hotlines who actually hear anymore the full impact of an individual’s desperate word. Instead it has become a nothingy word. A word that seems yeah yeah yeah so what? The word suicide has lost its power to shock because to want to die has become normalized, it is not even a badge of heroic courage anymore to jump. And it has been a long long time since it was more courageous to never quit life and never jump and never phone a hotline but pour a little lemonade and have a nap. Heroism is supposed to be painful. Survival is supposed to be painful. Not giving the oxygen of attention to fleeting suicidal thoughts is not supposed to be easy but this is all quite separate from allowing the feeling of deep misery and sadness to well up and flow and ebb away. People are being encouraged to die rather than encouraged to feel the FEELING of sadness behind that societally approved numb last act.

    I am for the redressing of that imbalance by not valuing suicide but by valuing only the feelings behind it. When a monkey gnaws its tail in captivity you do not tell it you understand the tufts and scabs and sores and so just tell the monkey to gnaw itself to death. Self destructive behaviour is from illness. A society should want wellness, not mawkishly approve of self destruction.

    If a caller wants to make any inroads into a bored call handlers routine phone answering regime they would be better swapping the tired word “suicide” for a new shocker of a word or phrase. One that makes the call handler pause in their stock croon. How about…

    “I feel miserable but I want to go into a corner and eat my own leg”.

    There ought to be new words for “I FEEL A LOT”.

    And there ought to be a bit more of gentle soft societal disapproval of dealing with FEELING A LOT by feeling nothing but dead. Deadness is not heroism.

    My pain is awful so you cannot minimise it without causing me pain. This has been the cry of the people. They need to make it to call for justice. However, if a nine year old is balancing on top of a tall building and saying that they cannot cope with FEELING FEELINGS and they catastrophize and panic about that overwhelm, to point of leaping….SOMEONE HAS TO MINIMIZE the suicide option whilst MAXIMIZING THE FEELINGS option. What the edge of suicide often is is the soul’s cry to be EMOTION FLOODED without it being a catastrophe. Hotlines have been making it ok to talk of suicide or numbness as if we ought not catastrophize this but hotlines have not the resources to hold the hands of miserable zoo captives gnawing their tails to blisters because there is NO WHERE to put their FEELINGS.

    The real DEATH is death of the community who cannot HOLD ONE ANOTHERS FEELINGS.

    But it is NOT THE FAULT of hotlines or underfunded care systems or parents. The mighty mess is not anyone’s fault. No one human causes the mess. The mess is the mess. People can bewail about it OR put energy into building something HEALTHIER and BETTER.

  • As I saunter away….I hear a soft voice….and I look back….
    and say to you, dear Rebel, that I could not agree more with your fine comments here.

    In the future women’s ways will fall on deaf ears though. This is because all over the country an alliance of powers are gearing up to be Titans and nothing will impede their hunger for conflict. Women will be pushed aside as if children who know nothing. It may seem counter intuitive but we must let this occur. In much the same way Jesus let himself be ridiculed and arrested. Half the population of the planet have been absorbing nightmarish psychological poison and it won’t heal until they find it coming to the surface, like the breaking of a fever. Any try at being tender and offering to mop a frowning irrate brow here or there is not going to slow the decent into endless bickering. It is going to be like trying to sweep back the violent tide with nothing but a seagull’s feather.

    We must be patient. We must be standing back now as if stepping away from a brewing storm. We must retreat into our own caring ways and leave the masses to their menacing of menace.

    Some women are candles in this coming era of darkness but for a while these women ought to keep their light only for other women who know. There is a level of pitch blackness that just swallows any flickering glow of compassion. Far better to build a women’s hut and have those intimate walls turn golden with our female bond of truth telling.

    Rebel, no one is listening to us.

    It is coming to pass exactly as it has to. Allow it to pass through town. Allow people in this world to be as sheep. After the hostile darkness of night comes a beautiful dawn. It may take years. Batten down the hatches. Go within.

    In future, very soon, all women must seek refuge within the calm cloisters of our own balance and our own emotional dignity.

    Follow me through the leafy verdure, away from worldly stress and arguing, to find your own way back to your caring Garden of Eden.

    That is all I can say now.

    From my guttering candle.

  • https://youtu.be/OISrDL-mW8I

    Just back to this bench to pick up my dropped sandwich…and leave this video I found today. He seems a good guide. A moon man who demands nothing of you.

    I am away to send a letter to my adult offspring, to tell them never to listen to the masses. Particulary over the propaganda going on that seems to say that every parent is a narcissitic sex abuser who deliberately traumatized them. Everyone is supposed to be so traumatized by mom’s and dad’s that they cannot recall it. Hard to ever refute something that might be so deeply concealed from consciousness. No adult child in doubt will want to check the reality out about that with their parents, as it is such a gross question to ask. And who wants the possibility of a shocking answer. So the reality is not made safe but lingers in unease and the very unease becomes seized upon by peripheral inquisitors as proof apparent. In this climate it is wise for parents who know they have never even contemplated calculated vile harm of their offspring to actually tell them the truth that they have not. It will come as a huge healing relief to let go of such poison.

    That is not to say that abuse is not a problem in society. It is a massive catastrophe. Nobody nobody nobody is challenging societal indifference to abuse.

    Two things can be true.

    That there are loving parents.

    That there are unloving parents.

    In any sort of war nobody wants two things to be true. The first casualty of war is truth itself.

    Guard what is truth to you.


  • https://youtu.be/56QuNL9MrF0

    Dear lovely companions sadly I have to go live off grid.

    My mental wellbeing is needing to have some “me time”. But it is not without some measure of gladness that I retreat to the stars and the moon and tribal seclusion.

    Abandon all hope that the world will be a comforting place in the foreseeable future. One day eventually yes. The future will be fine one day when all of this blows over. But not now. Not for a decade or two. A darkness is descending. A terrible regime. Five meteor strikes. A massive global flood. Hunger. War.

    The Hoover Dam exploding will be a portent or sign to reread my comments without judgement.

    Only live in love and light.

    Stay private.

    Keep yourself to yourself.

    Literally learn to swim.

    The awful tide is turning.

    Retreat to your own hearth and home.

    Think not of tommorow.

    Live as the animals do in only living in the here and now.

    Abandon all hope. Animals have no thought of future hope. Animals do not think enough to know of any future. That is why they stay blissfully happy. Having hope means endeavour and trying and exertion and exhaustion and collapse. Hopelessness can be a faster route to happiness since you give up trying to endlessly fix everything and everyone. Like the animal lives, reduce your hope to the hope for a lovely day. And many of these simple lovely days will be as if notched beads threaded. Your life becomes a string of fresh river water pearls. Do not scatter your opalescent days to the biblical swine herd. They would not know what to do with your lovely day but lose it for you.

    The passing of the moon is as a pearl on the velvet cloak of night. Follow the moon. It is more ancient than the mixed up human who orders you to follow them. The moon is the lantern of the animal. The moon demands nothing of them.

    Goodbye my friends.


  • I must abscond from the comments section before I can answer any replies.

    If people ONLY focus on discouraging bullying and not focus on the community or faith or ideology or “ism” that the bully sets up a promotional kiosk in then everyone will be free, free to enjoy partaking of ANY community ethos or ideology or “ism” that floats their boat. Then all people will become calm through their own feelings acceptance of what they like and need. Then in such calm they will “cherish the difference” and “celebrate the different” without fearing that the different are the same thing as hostile bullies. Having a free opinion or free understanding or free ideology or free inspiration or free feeling does NOT make a person a bully.

    NOT having free access to your heart’s desire WILL cause you to become an embittered bully.

    Happiness spreads.

    Unfortunately so does bullying.

  • I like your clear comment.

    I see comments as being like Parisian fashion costumes proudly striding down a catwalk in a “this is me…this is who I feel I am” way. A no apology robust celebration of particular held opinion in a debate of many diverse opinions.

    If I am to delve into your specifics then I would say that the disparaging of capitalism can sometimes be used to disparage free choice. Capitalism is often about satisfaction of wishes. I see nothing intrinsically unhealthy in that. Animals are selfish. Animals satisfy their wishes. But why animals are not greedy is because animals do selfishness to perfection, in that they enjoy ALL of their feelings and this brings calm. An animal arrives at calm through free choice and feelings acceptance and this results in calm and from calm only can come authentic feelings of caring. A creature who is not calm cannot care. They are too stressed.

    It feels approriate to tackle rampant greed in the world. Greed, which comes from bullying, can infiltrate ANY politics or paradigm or religion.

    But bullying does not come from selfishly feeling. Bullying comes from stress and never relaxing into feelings accepting peace. Bullying is at war with selfishness, your self needs and my self needs, and so bullying often lurks in a charade of overly decent moral rectitude. But this level of bullying can creep into ANY way the world may be led. The bullying is separate from the ideology the bullies use to promote the justification of oppressing people’s self needs and self feelings.

    Capitalism, socialism, atheism, fundamentalism, any “ism” can be fertile ground for numb feelingless stressed out bullies to bicker in and tell you how to think. But all of the various competing “isms” listed above and more are rather neutral reveries about how to make bits of the world run better. But the world is not full of only one kind of animal…or human. Each social group or tribe has their own customs and traditions and cultures and each individual finding belonging in these finds that this difference feeds their free choice of self needs. It just won’t feed everyone’s choice.

    I am saying the word feed alot. The angels often inspire significant words in me. I think food, actual global food, will become a problem due to climate change, which is caused by runaway greed and bullying. So to reverse what causes climate change means dropping the wish to be a bully. That is not easy when everyone lives in a world of intolerance and anxiety and stress.

    The healing of a bully is in helping the bully to reacquaint themselves with their healthy prioritizing of their own feelings and their own free choices. Macho culture can put an obstacle to revelling in inner emotions. This can ramp up the societal spread of numb bullying. Numb bullying gets bored with no access to feelings and one day the imperious veneer of moral perfection cracks and seeks instant gratification in binges. Like priests who crack and become debauched abusers. Thus greed. Addictive covetous greed.

    But to say in a grand sweeping statement that the ideology of capitalism or feminism or Darwinianism or marxism or wokeism is the very same thing as the bullies who use such philosophies as podiums to spread a message that nobody should enjoy free choices or free feelings is to broadly promote ill health in a world that wants to be inclusive and diverse. Puppets on strings will always jiggle when told that any certain opposing group is preventing their difference, but being a puppet on a string at all means being accusatory about anyone else’s difference.

    It is not difference we need to frisk at a million checkpoints. We need only be aware of boring old human stress, of a sort that causes disconnection from feelings and then the numbness that leads to greed and abuse and cruelty. That stress will use ANY “ism” as a platform to promote the supposed wisdom of persecuting difference. Even beautiful climate activISM. Even pacivism!!!!

  • Yes.

    That is ghastly.

    I understand.

    I like you informing me

    without seeming to want to change me.

    With your information I can change me. If I choose to.

    If I do not change me or if I do change me it will not disturb so much as the surface tension of the gutter puddle that the governor will shatter with his fast expensive car. I see the future. It is full of people from all sectors of life being rounded up. Sadly there is nothing one can do to stop it. It disgusts me that in a world this enormous someone sleeps on a bed of memory foam contoured to the body while someone else’s body sleeps on a wall bifurcated by garden railings. They should rename memory foam as forget your shivering brothers and sisters foam.

  • Paradoxical therapy. The man who was marched into Nazi showers during the war invented it in a mid trauma reverie. I could look up his name but that would be pompous. I am too indolent to wash things down to their neutrinos. I was just mulling over what to add to the comment I did on the book “Why Do Men Hate Women”. That is because I know I detest books that exonerate anyone to hate who they think are hateful almost more than I dislike the initial haters…

    Book titles like…

    “Im disabled and everyone hates disabled”


    “Im tall and nobody appreciates the tall”

    on and on the petulant books arrive. On my wander up hills I was thinking I must add that I myself actually appreciate men. I was listing why when I passed by a man in a bush with a telephoto lens. I asked him if he was photographing an orchid. He said….”a butterfly”.
    He was not to know I had felt compelled to study butterflies the evening before. My angels can turn my interest to peculiar tangents that have no relevance to my life. Until the very next day. So I approached the man and expressed my astonishment at a flake of beingness I had never met previously, a Northern Brown Argus. There it was. A miniscule butterfly, beside a big tall man. The angels let me know he felt lonely. We shared a long talk about the other animals in the landscape. We were ape animals looking through foliage at a mirage world butterfly. The conversation was that of children whose timidity is eclipsed by curiosity. On my way home it occurred to me that the love of butterflies is something I like about men.

    During the pandemic my angels did not want me to get that infection so I had to be extra cautious. I did not mind being so OCD. Each ablution was like the ritual a Goddess might make, with copious bathings. They say it takes seven years for the body’s skin to be renewed entirely. I am not sure how boffins of science counted to that impressively sure figure, but I reckon it will be only two years before a billion pandemic scourers will look brand new. My OCD phase was not so much tilted towards the anxiety as the serenity. A sacred rite of purification leading to an afterglow.

    A translucent calm.

    Lots of humans feel a need to purify themselves. Not because there is anything to sponge off but because the daft act of doing something, anything, to the body, feels a primitive must. Many wash themselves in the zestful cascade of a belief. Many more scrub their way to salvation via a lotion.

    The human is a primate, a creature meant to sit in groups and do plucking.

    OCD is occasionally a form of feather preening gone mad.

  • Richard I always appreciate your erudite analysis of what you inspect with your genius mind. You are an exemplary.

    I suppose I am wondering why we cannot DO BOTH.

    Climate change is really soon going to be WRIT LARGE as a HUGE problem. But just because it is vast and complicated and therefore requires vast complicated answers this does not mean that an ecologist strolling along a beach, who finds an oily boulder with a beak and wings ought not DO SOMETHING for that poor mite of a seabird.

    I fear that what many campaign groups do these days is luxuriate in the impossibility of solving the big picture because it is too daunting and shrug in dismay at the impossibility of solving the little picture, the seabird, because it is not enough. So one route is too too much of a task and the other route is too too pointless seeming. One throws up one’s hands in despair and finally this alone becomes the only reason to be in a campaign, despair expression. That is not to say that this has no therapeutic value. When enough despairing souls band together they all may feel like rescued washed clean seabirds. So campaigns can become healing to campaigners. And I am not at all judging that human tendency. Huddling in groups is part of humanity’s epic story.

    I am saying we can do BOTH and even ALL THREE.

    Move towards improving the climate.

    Move towards giving each seabird what that seabirds needs for it to feel better, which may not be a burger and french fries or anything that would make you or I feel revived. All creatures thrive on uniquely different kinds of support.

    Move towards enjoying the companionship of like minded campaigners who have suffered in the same appalling ways.

    ALL three of the above are NOT the same responses.

    What is happening in all global campaigns is NO RESPONSE is workable because endless argy bargy petty in-fighting and pontificating and bickering is taking place. We DO nothing. We just make lots of noise.

    It is the human addition to the Gaia garden. Our bellowing. Meanwhile the sky is growing mercurial and the little seabird cannot find an appointment to a healer because everyone is too busy writing academic research on how to make any response of love university standard civilized.

    But there is hope. This human descent into bickering will one day arrive at everyone falling quiet, long enough to reflect better on how to separate out the three urgent concerns and meet those with courage, collectively AND independently

    We cannot have a viable collective without honouring the many differences of individuals within that collective.

    We cannot have a billowy wheat field without all the thousands of creatures that make its ecosystem balanced. Collective means difference. But that may mean that many different groups full of like minded huddles are themselves different from other groups whose people have quite alternative views. In a field this looks like nests hither and thither. It is ok to be in a nest.

    Many campaigns are nests who are saying they speak for everyone. Like psychiatry did and pharma. This speaking for everyone is making everyone uselessly bellow louder and louder. In saying….

    “You do not speak for me. You do not speak my experience”.

    As if that would even be desireable that one person miles away, a complete stranger SHOULD even TRY to speak for you. The ghastly internet jetting entitlement to speak for others is like an oil slick pasting and gluing up the feathers of each little seabird until they are unable to fly free. The best way to clean the voiceless is not to talk over them in wave after wave of influence. Wave after wave of cold polluting facts. Wave after wave of inky black poisonous research papers…

    The way to clean the seabird is to add nothing more to its distress. Be as NOTHING. Let NATURE heal her own.

  • Affectionatly said….I have noticed that some of us commenters have made multiple replies and then replies to their own replies and this makes their opinion amount to a long long long train with many carriages and only a few different peoples opinions can be accessed away at the very end, where no reader will ever bother looking. I am not saying this is intentional but it is becoming like a diner with only one variety of bagel on the menu in it.
    There ought to be a limit to how often one can spring up like a jack in a box in every comment reply box. if it looks like it is not a reply but just a long singular stream of consciousness lengthening the comments section with infinite replies I would suggest that the echoey not giving other perspectives a floor spot could be reviewed from time to time. All voices need to heard as….


    This website is for discussing alternative”s” to psychiatry. It means plural.

    In one article comment section that gardened over sixty comments a large swaithe of cpmments are in a block that are all by one enthustastic commenter. I think they made twenty seven comments in a section of sixty odd. It reads like a long scroll of only one perspeftive. I do not come to MIA for only one view. I like to have variety in my menu of philosophical debate. I am sure it is just caused by delighted impassioned arguing of fascinating topics. I myself must leave commenting. I am too certain that the Hoover Dam is going to collapse. My schizophrenia angels tell me by telepathy that when the Hoover Dam does fall it will be a SIGN that some of the loving things I say happen to be true also.

  • “Clearly you consistently know the difference between what things you can accept as reality, and which things you cannot. So there is no reason that you should not be trusting you perceptions and judgements”

    Is what Joshua interestedly wrote. I am not irked at all that he did.

    I would like to say to everyone that there is a difference betwĂšen being mad and being driven mad. Anyone can be driven mad by a noisy party in their street or a boss at work. A person can feel so driven mad that they fly a small aircraft into a hotel to go out in a blaze of wreckage. They are able to fly said plane. They are articulate and communicative and perceptive. A person who feels they themselves are mad talks all day to people who nobody else can perceive. Hallucinations of people. But that person may not know during bad episodes quite how mad they are because madness jumbles their perception of themselves too.

    I have both kinds of mad.

    Alot of the time my way of coping with feeling driven mad by my madness hallucinations is to write, write, write. Not everyone with schizophrenia has this trait of scriptomania. And not many schizophrenics have managed to quit sedation pills that make perceptions of reality difficult to write about with a trembling pen and droolled on paper.

    I am living proof that Mr Whitaker is correct that coming off antipsychotics rebirths the schizophrenic into looking and sounding rather spiffing. However, the driven mad who fly a plane into a hotel also look spiffing the moment before they do so. Looking and sounding chipper whilst dying of never ending ghastly hallucinations from schizophrenia MEANS the sufferer is STILL suffering. Indeed, looking and sounding bhoyant whilst desperate inside is its own added uniquely awful layer of suffering.

    You all want me to be the liar. The charlatain. The incognito company executive buttoned up back to front to seem like a nutter. In my country it is called looking zipped up the back. I just do not seem crazy enough do I? Like psychiatry used to tell folks they were not believable because they were not sane enough. These days some women are told they are not women enough.

    I could send in my papers. My medical files documenting twenty years plus of abject torment by hallucinations, delusions, voices, paranoia. But that would be a bit of a bore. I am already boring enough as it is.

  • Oh…let me dwell on it…well one had been in Bedlam lunatic asylum where he bought a couple of cars from his hospital bedside. They were in a catalogue on his hospital locker. He went on to be a chaplain in another asylum. Another therapist had renounced being a psychiatrist. She could not bear it anymore. She was gifted. Very witty. We laughed a lot. It was like paying a ticket to spend an evening with a comedian. A lot of sessions she took no money at all.

    But I feel your question comes from the same pain as occurs in my schizophrenia when I want to yell about how tormenting it is. All suffering ones need their sad sorrows to be believed.

    My mother is old and likes a song called “Hard Times”. I did not like it at all. She kept wistfully trilling it at me, by trailing her fingertips as if musical notes in midair, to intermittently remind me of it. I grew irritable hearing it. Until one afternoon I hated it.

    But I love my mother. Over months I seldom saw her. I found myself missing her and so I invited her to my birthday party for one. She sipped coffee and absent mindedly devoured most of my sponge cake. I brought her books and ornaments and offerings as if she was a weather deity.

    Sometimes feeling moved is not caused by something.

    It is a stand alone feeling of deep ancestral connection tinged with a sense of mortality. I can see she is getting frail.

    I found myself bringing her loved song to her, a recording.

    I brought “that person I love” her favourite song that I hate. Oddly this transformed the sound of the song to me into a wistful lullaby.

    This gesture, of bringing the different what they really adore, even when you hate it, is redemption.

    Like feeding different creatures in a wilderness what their exact nutritional choices are. Their choices.

    Joshua, I fetch you your loathing of psychiatry and play it as a loved song for you.

    And I love that you love through loving your song.

    For I have no wish to see you not feel wonderfully different.

    It may not be my song. But your liking it is its own song for both of us.

  • When the pandemic arrived my life of being severely affected by my condition was not impacted because I experience lockdown every hour of the day and have done for decades. I found though that I have come to very much enjoy not having social encounters. I have been surprised by this. My wellbeing feels better not being bickered at, belittled, nannied, scolded, lectured to, told how to think, pressured to look great, manipulated, stessed, disappointed, frustrated, wasting my sweet time better spent relishing the beauty of nature.

    So for my SMI, a shaming abbreviation of my schizophrenia, I am not wanting whatever “social inclusion” seems to be hellbent on being. As far as I can assess, “social inclusion” is another “consensus opinion” sheep dog.
    Honestly, I would rather have my solitude away from the nightmare humanity is right now. I would rather preserve my virtue and my soul and the affable companionship of a real dog.

    A wolf no less.

  • There is a chemical imbalance in me. My schizophrenia is genetic. That is a fact. It is my fact. I say this not to any one person or any one psychiatrist. This is not a response to the podcast psychiatrist who seems like a lovely person.

    I am the expert of my illness not any pontificating past or future non schizophrenic psychiatrist who may never have suffered unending hallucinations and delusions and paranoia at a severe and chronic and unfixable level for decades. Why MIA likes to interview non schizophrenia sufferers to be interviewed experts on something they do not experience is a bit of a mystery to me.

    I have no wish to tell anyone at the MIA website that they do not have trauma but have hallucinations and agnosia. I would never tell ANYONE what they feel is the matter with them. It would be rude to assume that level of insight into a total stranger. I would
    N E V E R
    tell anyone that what they know of themselves was a lie.

    Even if Lord Budha or Krisna told them that they had sinned and they needed to fast all day to get pure. If a person has A N Y belief about themselves that heals them of THEIR OWN anguish, EVEN if it is a belief there IS a chemical imbalance I would walk with them. I would walk with them. I would walk with them.

    Treating anyone with shitty medicines that do not help IS as much a problem as smoking or alcohol dependency. Rotten threatments need reformed. We did not nannyingly tell people they had to change their beliefs about who they are when we encouraged them to quit smoking.

    It vaguely amuses me that a podcast wanting to “discuss ALTERNATIVES to psychiatry” turns again and again and again to PSYCHIATRISTS to be GODS.

    It might be better advertized as discussing alternatives to psychosis.

    Which in future might be turned into “alternatives to having a breakdown”. That sound super duper….until you actually do feel you are having a real breakdown night and day. A breakdown that is interwoven with every atom of your cellular atomic body and even affects your electrolites and hormones and genes.

    The body is a real thing that is morphing its cells in cell division every second. The body has billions of chemicals that go ape in flight or fight. Chemicals in everyone are never perfectly balanced. They are always in a fluid fluctuation. It is absurd to say nobody has any. But I am happy to be THE ONLY schizophrenic. Maybe I shall now get a nice anthropologist and linguist to caringly listen to my choice of knowing who I am. My one person schizophrenia is my culture. I say this to biodiversity sneering humanity…

    “How will you protect your culture if you do not support EVERY individual’s culture?”

  • Are you theripizing me, dear Joshua? Kindly I enquire? You can do that if you like. If you want to perceive me psychotherapeutically as a casualty of what made other people a casualty then go ahead and feel you “know” all about me.

    The thing about the DADDY PSYCHIATRY AS ABUSER theory for EVERYONE is that like ANY theory for EVERYONE it ironically abuses what Jordan Peterson might call THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE INDIVIDUAL.

    It is this sovereignty that gets besmeared and besmirched and belittled by bullies in all walks of life.

    YOUR SOVEREIGNTY and MY SOVEREIGNTY are ALLOWED to be DIFFERENT or we are all EXILES from the individual throne of our GOD GIVEN FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

    Happiness is shared.

    When a person puts their freedom first they want to share the elixir of freedom of choice with anyone they meet.

    I jot this as a general fridge note to anyone.

    When you truly put you first you will stop wanting to put me second but will want me to also put me first. In the way I want to put me first.

  • https://youtu.be/FVl7bdGO-sM

    This charming video shows intellectual boffins battling over “certainty”. The lad is sure it is “sprinkling” but the lasses are sure it is “raining”. The “certainty” was given by each of their mothers.

    Why does it matter whether it is sprinkling (spwinkin) or raining (wrayinin)?

    What is all the partypooping political fuss over establishing “certainty”? Surely the sandpit is just as fun whether drizzled in or deluged. But fun goes to the wall when it comes to facts and the insituting of them. Human certainty is like a mirror ball made of a mosaic of a million blindingly dazzling facts. But a mirror ball is all surface concealling beautiful “unknowingness” deep within. You can only begin being curious about the shared world if you believe you know nothing about it. Curiosity is the enquirer. The listener. It is the first thing jettisonned in the human adult haste to “be right”.

    These pint sized scholars have to back up their mother’s certainty because deep down they aware they don’t know anything beyond their perfectly reliable feelings. The gentle interior of the mirror ball. These small people want to prove their own mommy is no liar because that awful thought once crossed their developing mind…

    “What if…the deity that my parent is to me is not fit for purpose and knows as little about the world as me…something my parent has said makes a person look stupid?”

    So enormous effort is brought to bear to enshine the parental “certainty” again, to mend that wound of insecurity.

    An animal does not mend its insecurity by establishing cast iron logical certainty and facts. An animal rather uses a moment of insecurity to burst the bubble of pleasantry and have a wonderful breakdown. The breakdown makes emotions simmer up and soon that whirl of many feelings accepted relaxes the creature. The relaxation IS the medicinal anti-venom balm to frightful insecurity. But since the relaxation comes via feelings and not logic, there is no need to pummel home factual mind based certitude. This is the original way the child, who is just a mini animal, finds balance. The human adult parents have been taught that “certitude” is all that counts, even though feelings are neither “right” not “wrong” but simply just are what feelings are.

    The child sees the wound within the parent, the parent’s need to be “certain”, and because the child needs a strong, whole parent, the child needs to pick up the dropped doll of “certitude” that fell from the parent’s argument and give it back to the parent’s worried fingers. The child becomes tge parent of their parent in that gesture, in order to “have” a mended parent, a parent who has lost all memory of how to mend and relax through only accepting the authority of their feelings or intuitions about the world.

    The child begins a fraught compulsion to establish “certainty” to save what the “certain” parent is. And so “certainty” has behind it, throughout life, an infantile blocked dam of feelings, blocked by anxiety over imposed lectures on “rightness” and “wrongness”.

    So “certainty” is a bunch of roses bound up with hidden taut inelastic anxiety. If the anxiety is acknowledged that is a disaster, because the anxiety indicates lack of “certainty”. A failure to “confidently” denote “certainty” becomes a failure to shore up the mother’s need to have “certainty”, and therefore this “doubting” of “certitude” becomes a threat of loss of mother. So having a challenge put to whether you think it is “spwinklin” or “wrayinin” is like having to endure someone punching your mother. Which any helpless toddler orphan knows is like a punch to your self.

    In humans it is “certainty” that replaces the comfort blanket of “feelings acceptance” that all animals have.

    But to trail around a shawl of “certainty” requires a lifelong commitment to knocking any opponents “certainty” shawl from off them and trampling it in the soaking sandpit. To have your sense of security in your mirror ball of facts requires shattering the flashy confidence of anyone else’s disco bauble.

    At one point the boy in this scene tells the girl she is pretty and she does not exist. An incel handbook quote perhaps. What he is doing is getting rid of the painful idea that his mom might be broken and not so “certain” after all. So he goes all out “unexisting” the competing arguing “certainty”. He blocks his ears and refuses entry of those horrid elfin “facts” about meteorological weather precipitation. His anxiety and his dammed up feelings do not want to be given any more facts, facts, facts. His only way to get those plaguing insecurities off his personhood is to make any other person’s reality null and void.
    Soon the pursuit of facts through life becomes a way of disappearing people whose facts, and even worse, whose “feelings” are completely different. It causes the successful win at the facts match to be a superpower so linked to security that it hardly matters what the specifics of the opponents facts are or their “feelings”.

    But living a life of prioritizing factual “certitude” rests uneasily with inner emotionality that may be animalistically “illogical” and “fay”. So an inner division begins in the new human, an anguished one, between going with rather scientific certainty OR wishy washy babyish personal sentiment. Both the ways in that division offer an antidote to anxiousness, but it is not a holistic antidote or balanced antidote. One that merges factual mind to inspired free feelings. A nice blend of both.

    Instead there is quicksand in the sandpit that means nobody can just have fun with life and just play with life and just rest easy with NOT knowing anything about life or shouty boys or pompous twins or wrayin or spwinklin.

    Animals assume nothing.

    Animals are the wonderfull doubting hollow pacifist inside of the mirror ball only.

    Animals offer no argumentative mirror.

    Animals are not interested in fighting facts with facts.

    Animals know nothing and remain curious, as if seeing the world and all creatures in it for the first time ever.

    Animals do not do activizm.

    Animals do not do wars.

    Animals do not rely on scientific or anti-scientific certainty.

    Animals follow the guidance of their feelings.

    With feelings there are no “right” people or “wrong” people.


    This and only this…

    …IS nature’s activism.

  • Darn it….I don’t want to be right. My renegade misfit slippers must be slipping. I am freed by being everyone’s idea of wrong.
    How can I rescue wrong?
    I shall practice a new comment…

    “The DSM makes a good pillow for a back spasm. The APA carpark has the shiniest cars. Pock marks from injectable antipsychotics can be made a fashion feature of”.

    Thank you, Birdsong, jesting aside I value your very nice reply. For I have had a brutal day today. The weeping has been torrents.

  • https://youtu.be/G2q_VXShg4Y

    I used to listen to this record of my mother’s as a girl. More for its calming melody than lyrics, although sea shanties are in vogue. I metaphorically send it over the ocean to you.

    Rebel, I feel touched by your comment. So gracious of you to say all you have. I had a snarling morning where I barked at articles like they were deliveries to my kenel. I must pack in leaving articles in clumps and tufts and all shook up. Everytime I type a remark these days my angels say to me….

    “You are barking up the wrong tree”

    To which a soggy heap of article falls from my slack jaws onto an angel’s sandal.

    But I don’t quite know yet what is the correct tree to bark at. I am getting there. Though there are millions.

    Alternatives to psychistry or anything can happen in a month as the pandemic proved. One lockdown and billions of people had to innovate innovate innovate. The very sky turned blue. Children in polluted cities needed the blueness of the horizon explained to them. Many sorrows came of how the pandmic was managed. I am not talking about that. I am only saying that humans are extraordinary. They can galvanize in a heartbeat and begin things. But they get bogged down in arguing with those lagging behind, in petty “you did, you didn’t, you did, you didn’t” tirades. Why wait around to win an unwinnable squabble? Start something new. Start it now. That is my motto. It is no good following the dream if we all stay arguing in the nightmare.

    Ah but it is our dreams that hurt us most. We dare not hope they will ever come true. The nightmare robs us of hope. And so we stay in the nightmare shaking a fist at it and asking a nightmare to give us hope back. It is the job of a nightmare to refuse. We must accept hopelessness at that junction enough to turn away from the nightmare and discover hope in newness or ancientness.

    Alternatives threaten. That is what I love about them.

    I appreciate your savouring of every perspective and the way you are honest even when being honest sometimes delays your preferences. I feel we echo that valuing of integrity. Having integrity seldom serves the wishes of those who have integrity and so they find they have to become unafraid of loss, in order to gain a sweeter success, that of knowing they have prioritized harmony for all.
    But it is not easy.

    I stumbled on Byron Katie’s book years ago. The one about her famous four questions. They are…

    1. IS IT TRUE.

    I wrote them in bold to interest anyone. It wasnt shouty. Im not woofing tonight. I am cheerfully sharing this because I have benefitted from knowing of these questions. I like deriving humbleness by using them, in pausing just before getting full of certainty.

    The questions seem timely in our fraught world these days where the delineation between “insecurity” and “certainty” is becoming painful in all of human kind. As individuals are beckonned to become one camp’s puppets on strings or another camp’s, all who then become challenged by a thousand variations on what it means to be good or true or right or proper. It feels exhilarating to be honest in all of this global heckling. Not honest as is in my friends say this about that, or my friends say that about this, but honest from the thumping loud hectic ventricles of the passionate heart.
    The animal heart.
    The free wild heart.

  • Liam I recommend everyone interested in masculinity to read


    Adam worked for about twenty years as a therapist guiding mens groups with men who had been convicted of domestic violence. He suggests that men are violent because they suffer from an unacknowledged core depression since infancy and then reinvoked at puberty, due to complicated attachment to the mother. The loss generates hatred of women as the substitute “mother”.

    To an infant loss of mother means death through abandonment. In his group of adult men the author learned that the need to control futher catastrophic loss resulted in hostility to the woman’s autonomy. Therefore undeneath the violence was depression and fear of loss. But because the violence led to more loss the violence got blamed on the women, or mother substitutes. Adam Jukes has a theory that the way to heal the modern masculine ethos is to encourage men to be more able to mother themselves. Be more emotion centred. Why men cannot be seen to do so is due to the shaming of the gay man.

    Worth a look.

    Liked your article.

    Do more.


  • https://youtu.be/kGuxaY8HPjs

    This docu mesmerizes.

    Why is it that only this one tribal native is being intensely revered and studied for his words? Why not a rare homeless man in the desolate forests of city street furniture? Why is the homeless city dweller not deemed rare and special? Why are his words not loving collected in an unbickering cherishing? Why are your words not? Why are my words not?

    Oh yeah, if we are not thought rare then we are common as muck. And if so then our individual free choices of paradigms or words do not matter. The consensus is what matters. Whatever consensus reigns now.

    I have eight hundred words I would like to be lovingly jotted down. I expect most individuals would. It seems such a civilized thing to do. Listen to words with jawdropping amazement. The amazement is not at the words but at the rare mind of the person plucking such words out of thin air and making SOMETHING OF HIS OWN WITH THEM. That is what the anthropologist and linguist are aware of, of crossing a threshold into a green labyrinth that is the unique distillation of what one tribesman experienced of nature. The anthropologist and linguist are trained on his vision of what he sees with his eyes and his mind, because they want to follow that track there and go back there themselves to “a rare time”, a time where consensus was not the only thing that governed the human being. A rare time when the human was free to not have to be a puppet on a string bleeding and bickering over a dictionary. A rare tribesman speaks of a rare time and eight billion puppets want to go there and mine it and log it and firebomb it and erase it to HAVE IT ALL HAVE IT ALL HAVE IT ALL.

    They do not realise that to have it all means HAVING NOTHING but a string between the butt cheeks and a jewel of spital on the tip of an arrow.

    The tribesman uses a long word for the word walk. A long meandering snaking vine of a word. A long wandering rivulet of a word. A long oceanic crest of tree canopies kind of a word, studded at night with a thousand glowing green coins. We have the word walk.

    A short word for our linear zigzag streets. A truncated trunk stump of the word it ought to be. Go for a walk. Where? There is nothing living left to walk through. Yea though ye walk through the valley of death God Greed with his consensus opinion may still kill the babies to build an industrial mine.

    The psyche is full of long long long strolls and saunters and wends and ways and meanders and dawdles but here comes consensus opinion with its dictionary still dripping ink and its insistence that your psyche must not find its own way back to your own rare time, that time where only “your” words were the words revered and only “your” heartbeat was what made things special.

  • https://youtu.be/1oWFCkcdmZI

    This video is what I failed to include.
    The dying can oftentimes see beauty better than the living.
    The dying see so clearly what they are about to say goodbye to that they cannot see their own beauty. They mourn too greatly to see a need to mourn their own passing away. Those who require not even mourning are the greatest loss to the world.

  • I have an illness that affects my mental faculties. They are MY mental factulties not anyone elses. I call my illness MY schizophrenia. I am not unlike this girl in this video. I am ill. I want to say to everyone everywhere this….only this….if you cannot be kind about the fact I feel ill then leave me alone.

    The world is horrible to the ill.


  • I could see this coming two decades ago. The merging of personal trauma and victimhood to climate change.

    Where it ends up is not where you think it will. Instead it ends up with millions of unhappy depressed people being coached into hating a million other people for feeling just a little bit less unhappy. The million who merge trauma to the idea of “the world” being traumatized are at risk of using this notion of the territory of “the world” as if it is their sole empire. So that if a leaf fall in Botswana at an unseasonal hour suddenly that is a crime because it is trauma of a personal sort deliberately masterminded to traumatize one individual living thousands of miles away. What this can cause is similar to how a shipping magnate who lives thousands of miles away from a plantation can feel ENTITLED to react to a person they have never met merely if that person does not stoop to a new morality that says they are evil if they do not treasure the fallen leaf.

    I was in a store and in a hurry. A man serving at the cash point was slow. I was aware of my judgemental irritation at him. I then realised why this occurs. When you get ill with a sore gut you feel instant annoyance at your gut for disappointing your day. You bicker at it. You feel no compassion for your gut. You make little attempt to thank it or excuse it or forgive it for upsetting your day. When we are babies we go out exploring the world after first exploring our Zen consciousness. Our bodies are used as tools to probe and explore the world. If the world frustrates us the boundary between our body and the world barely registers, something unpleasant has disappointed us and so we must yell. As I stood in the store it occurresd to me that I was regarding the staff member as if an erring extention of my body’s wish to move smoothly through the world. And so I treated the poor fellow as if he were my sore gut or sore arm or sore foot. He became a dismissed part of me that I felt “should” be functioning to my advantage. He was a part of my extended sense of irritable body and as with my body I felt “entitled” to tut tut and grump at him. But where did I come by this sense that he and I SHOULD be functioning smoothly and flawlessly? Where did I learn to treat my body and the world as extention of my body so impatiently? Where did I learn that if my gut is sore it HAS TO CHANGE RIGHT NOW or it is lazy and selfish and deliberatly ruining my day? When did I lose my newborn curiosity for the real world? A curiosity that does not assume it knows what the world is or who the people in the world are? A curiosity that is not “entitled” but demands nothing. When humans live with humans who demand nothing of them they thrive. Instead humans live in moral prisons that insist they immediately comply like they are mere extentions of another person’s body. They become told it is “they” who HAS TO change and change instantly, and they are told they must to save “the world”.

    I can think of few humans who do not have an inner pressure born of stress, to make “the world” as controlled and obedient as they think their own body has to be. The ill body is traitor to pristine health they think. But illness is a language that expresses an adjustment is needed. So illness is useful as a guide. To not listen to the out of control body but rather give it a lecture on why it SHOULD not be as it is is to not listen to how the body is trying to heal itself by itself. When humans treat other humans as if they are mere disobedient extentions of their own body, and that therefore the people should be under control, humans fail to let the body of the real world be the many millions of ways it is. This not letting people of the world be the many ways they individually freely choose to be cycles back as a great sickness in humanity. It becomes a sickness of hostility to other apparently out of control beings.

    The impetus to control can muster crowd appeal by painting control as a lesson from a religious wish to “save order” in what is beyond control.

    We DO need to attend to climate change and we DO need to apply remedies to those places affected by it. We need to do it like a parent needs to attend an ill child in a hospice. It may do nothing to attend lovingly to what has become hurt by climate change but love is never nothing. Lack of global love is what caused climate change. Which is why a hateful way of attending to hurt world will only intensify the catastrophe. Look at the rubble of cities in warzones to see how much hatred helps anything.

    The traumatized have a special role to play in global healing. But their voices may be drowned out by supposdly traumatized feudal emporers full of an impulse to control the world and shouting about a leaf falling in a forest in Epping or Normandy or Germany.

  • I have never had a bad psychotherapist. I have had a number of ace brilliant psychotherapists at times in my life. I will not castigate what psychotherapy has to offer the lonely and abandoned and distressed.

    I will however agree that an ethos of armchair psychotherapy by non psychotherapists has spread throughout society and its jargon is being used by the virus of bullying to mete out pep talks to anyone who feels stressed. Bullies promote the MYTH OF THE FIXED PERSON much much much more than qualified psychotherapists ever did. So now our movies and soap operas and sitcoms are rife with the push to promote religious epiphanies and eureka moments and trauma confessions. None of those are wrong but bullying insists these are the ONLY WAY to be A FIXED PERSON. And if you are not fixed you are flawed and require educating about you. The worry is that this ethos has now swept into so many campaigns that are intending to stand for freedom of the individual, to like or refuse a choice, that it is pathologizing the free choice to stay apparently fucked up.

    If you are not free to stay broken you will never be mended.

  • “The rational theories of medicine take precedence over the experimental truths of patients.”

    “Personal experience should not need validation from science to justify itself.”

    I quibble with these two points.

    To me the phrases are not really conveying an attitude of allowing an individual to freely choose the choice to like science and rationalism and dogma. If we put “free choice” at the pinnacle of what makes individual wellbeing then even if we think that choice that another human feels guided within to make is an insane choice it is still a “free choice”. ALL “free choices” are harmless in the main. The only time a choice moves beyond being harmless is when the thinking mind decides to outwardly act in a spree of bad behaviour that bullies others. I would no longer call that just a “free choice” but something more like an ill outward act of violence.

    But a “free choice” in and of itself, when hurting nobody, is not bullying.

    Bullying is like a virus coming from other factors and it infiltrates even nice choices and insists everyone must follow only those choices. The insistence on ANY ONE WAY or CHOICE being the ONLY approved choice is an insistance that comes from the sickness beneath endemic bullying.

    ALL creatures are EQUAL.

    This means that all humans make choices that are equal. There is no judge but the tyranical hypercritical bullying mind. It says that there are ONLY set choices or right choices. And if you do not chant those choices you are some kind of demon. That in itself is a ill way to behave towards other humans and any creatures. An “xyz way is the only way” credo is why humans are still warring.

    Any person on this planet has a basic human right to loathe science and loathe rationalism FOR THEMSELVES.

    NO person has the right to tell other people that they should not love science and rationalism. Or that they are doing science all wrong.

    A person is free to choose to love crappy science, or bogus science, or superior science, or any church of science they prefer. Just as a person is free to choose to be a mormon or a catholic or an evangelical christian. It is not up to you and you and you and you to tell other free people where and how and why they should like or believe something or no longer like or believe something. A belief is a support to an individual’s wellbeing, no matter how bizarre or primitive we find that belief. If science were a garland on the chest of a tribesman who are you to ridicule it?

    By all means do point out bullying. But bullying is not the thing itself. It is not science nir religion nor politics but bullying is a virus that can use ANY paradigm as its host. Even the paradigm of holistic healing. And in fact I have never met so many bullies than at a holistic convention, because this idea of wholeness is increasingly used by bullies to designate whether an individual has achieved a kind of “purity” or “cleanness” of being. An unsullied “saved” status. As if being well in ONLY a holistic way or ONLY a spiritual way is the ONLY free choice all humans HAVE TO make.

    What is freedom? A person is not free if they cannot destroy themselves with a reckless choice of their choosing. This impulse humans have, to keep nannying of other peoples choices is the ONLY BAD CHOICE that needs stopped.

    If someone wants to do science as a career respect that choice. It makes them feel well. The world need more well people. That means leaving people entirely free to make stupid choices. Now THAT is being HOLISTIC, responding the bits of Gaia that need to do their own thing. Just as a kidney cell cannot be a liver cell. They are difference living in harmony. Wholeness is about accepting difference.

    Why I have gone on about rationslism in the past comments I have made…click on my name to see those….is because the virus of bullying mostly borrows rationalism. Bullying does so as a mode of making the act of oppressing your whimsical free choices sound intellectually impressive and logically necessary. But this does not mean that rationalism or intellect or logic are in and of themselves “the things that bully”. Rationalism and intellect and logic and medicine and science are blessings. But as “choices” they may not be some particular person’s personal cup of tea. That should be respected. It is bullying, so endemic in all areas of society, that makes that respect for anyone’s harmless “free choice” a thing of the past.

  • I really like your poem very much.

    Poetry is the answer to all wars in as much as each poet is free to see the world how they see it. A poem cannot be refuted or judged “logically”. It is as unique and personal and valuable as rare bird whistling. The hearer is also free to like a poem or leave it. Poetry is egalitarian.

    It ought to be our only form of speech.

  • Marni, I guess it is a bit like how alcohol can wreck many lives who wish they had never discovered it, but we need to allow adults to make their own considered and informed choices without judging them. Alcohol can save lives, as avalanche digging Saint Bernard dogs with red barrels around their collars know. Scot of the Antactic doubtless had a wee dram of Scotch before facing the blizzard. Life is full of blizzards and soon it is to have more actual blizzards because of climate change shutting down the Gulf Stream. The Gulf wisp, that cloudy brain wave wafting over the Northern hemisphere of the polar skull cap has been shocked to a flatline.

    People think the globe is heating up. I know differently. It will get hot in hot zones but in the North….

    The Ice Age cometh.

    Theyre selling Scotch at the corner store quite cheap.

  • I overdosed as a youth. At hospital my limbs were shackled on a tilted hospital bed and a bicycle inner tube was used to wash out my stomach. Were the shackles needed? I know I would have thrashed and hit at the doctors who were trying to save me in that emergency. There were three other suicidees in the queue. The nurse was gentle. The doctors were stern. The process taught me never to do that stupid gesture again. Over the years I have many similar impulses but that initial lingering experience always gave me a brake on being so reckless. If the professional staff had been mommies and stroked my wrist and not been as they had to be I would not be here to be saying this. Professionalism does sometimes mean doing harsh things to save someone. I have no ire towards professionals for being who they are if this is accord with the highest good. I have never yet met a psychiatrist or psychotherapist or psychologist or nurse or doctor who was not just a human being to me.

  • Dear caring Sam,
    How interesting that group sounds, Better Angels.
    Revolutions are ageist. There are stages in life. A baby can see that much is true. In my teens I had a priority list that involved getting thin, getting a boyfriend, having money that week to buy the skirt or shoes, writing an award winning story. In the next stage those concerns were revealed to me as petty. And in the next again stage I wanted to be influential and regarded as amazing for my dynamic intelligence, and the following stage revealed those ambitions quite besides the point. At different ages a human is meant to focus on what that age means to them. A teenager is not going to resonate with an older person. And the teenager that the older person once was themselves is not going to resonate anymore with their older self. We are meant to evolve. The butterfly does not cling to its youthful encasement. Aging is the houdini escapology trick we keep tinkering with to fly free. But each age brings us immense treasures. We look back wistfully on our simpler phases, those earlier priority lists, with fond affection. It is this affection that also becomes a treasure because it brings a certain mellowing about the different ways a person may want to be. Age makes us more “baby caring” towards all the ages we have lived through. But because the other ages have not arrived there yet they may not have the tolerance that older people have, even as they campaign for world tolerance.

    In any revolution there comes a point where being mellow is deemed to be fraternizing with old mores. The treasure that the older person has that could go into the revolution as a steadying factor gets rejected to make the revolution muscular.

    In ancient tribal cultures this was not seen as wise. Indiginous people always included the elders in group decisions. Seeking their good counsel over friction and incursions and in fighting. A communuty is NO community without ALL AGES being brought into decision making. This is the path of strength through harmony.

    You can forget about such “baby caring” mellow communities in the near future. Everyone will be destroying real communities in the rush to make “perfect” communities.

    There is little one can do to stop it. Anyone older sadly has to keep their kindness, mellowness and tolerance a secret.

    Like a dirty filthy mark of excrement.

  • I am not back per se. So I will make it brief. What do the DSM opposition make of dysphoria? Are the people with that condition not allowed to perceive their condition in ways that medicine can be helpful to? I am not taking any “sides” with regard to any of these hot potatos. I am just a bit autistic about any debates anywhere, about any subject, that seems to be coming more from emotional free choice but are perhaps embarrassed to own that. I believe our emotional free choice should be top of the pinnacle in society. But what happens is one sectors “consensus opinion” righteous idea of a choice gets pushed on another sector, or worse still, on individuals happily minding their own business and merely trying to thrive in their individual free choices. What everyone wants is not that “the world” be made “ideal” first “so that” their individual choice can be utterly enshined as good for that individual, but instead what everyone wants is to skip that laborious “fix the world first by changing everyone in it” bit. What everyone really desires is their own individual emotional wants and wishes and needs and desires to just be loved as much as they themselves love them.

    We are lectured into thinking we must must must change everyone else first before we can be who we are. That perspective can be an excuse to bully and it can be a waste of time, since mostly imposed change is bitterly resented. Imposed change seldom leads to wellbeing. The only thing the world needs is for humans to stop warring and instead prioritize their individual free choices as it is mainly these lovely free choices that lead to wellbeing.

    But some have as their individual choice a compulsion to rule the world by giving everyone a list of their ideologically perfect choices. MIA is clever to spot this about too many professionals but in my view MIA recycles an idea that there is a set vision for the world. This is not rare. It is breaking out like a rash in all campaigns but it risks developing into yet another “everyone gotta change” message. I am not so convinced it will ever work. So I prefer the vision to put you as an individual free choser at the centre of what matters.

    I must away now Dear Ones. I retreat now. Waves on the horizon.

    The global flood is coming. When I know not. A year, a decade, two decades? But it is coming for sure. Have a contingency plan. The world will be suddenly redesigned by nature not governments. Become a tin collecting preppy. Learn to anchor to structures, abseil and surf. Fitness will reward everyone anyways.

  • The angels let me know that my many hidden fans were wondering about me.

    I am returned to tell my fans that I thrive.

    Thank you Sam Ruck for being lovely you. Thankyou to those distant supporters whom the angels know about and tell me of. I understand how hard it is to speak openly.

    Follow your own guiding star and listen to nobody but your own knowing.

    Know that I am aware of your goodness.

    I must leave to focus on my ideas.

    Love and more love.


  • https://youtu.be/8T_XimPe4xU

    The brain lights up when hallucinating, as it does when perceiving real events. Maybe this occurs as a hereditary fluke and even in post natal psychosis. Maybe it does not matter what “the truth” turns out to be. Just that being shoddily treated by anyone ought to stop. That is the main thing. All forms of game playing arguing with the truth of what individuals experience ought to stop.

    Mothers are symbolically good at going along with what their babies feel is “their truth”. They do not tell their baby they have not had a nightmare or are not upset for why the baby understands it feels upset.

    I want to arrive at a point of abandoning all my “knowing”. ALL OF IT.

    And be a blissful baby or a blissful mom who does not know.

    And in my not knowing anything I will revive my basic human right to be curious and explore my own experience of MY LIFE in MY WAY and sing about it. In the way a sparrow sings its own melody and not the “consensus” one handed down and meted out to me.

    So I will leave MIA now and not come back.


  • I will reitterate that even though I KNEW that prozac was flagged up as what possibly tipped me into overdose, for many years after that I went back to scrounge more. I did not deny the evidence of how risky such pills were to me. Nor does a heroin addict. Something “more” than sneering at needles needs to occur to a heroin addict before they themselves give up poppies. They are the ones who deal to children knowing the hazards, not Big Pharma. Yes, rattle the cage of the industry. But eveyone I know already knows the pills are bad, yet I have never had AnY success in helping ANY of the people I know on such pills to come off them. I am an articulate persuasive person yet I have NEVER managed to help anyone to read the data. Despite sending many MIA articles.

    Dunno tho…maybe I shall try this one on someone on fentanyl patches.

    I fear that “logic” may not inspire them much in a world with an abiding sense of runaway climate change hopelessness.

    Like Freddie Mercury sang…

    “Who wants to live forever”.

    When people understand why that song is so haunting to the lost THEN people might be able to flutter more than stacks of research at the broken and bewildered.

    I have a friend on SSRIs. For years I have been guiding him to wean off pills he is loathe to take but he CANNOT bear to endure the withdrawals because he has heard horror stories of people who tried to. I keep telling him there is nothing to fear but at some point I realized he has memory deficits from aging and we went round and round in circles as he kept forgetting my encouragement to keep titrating down. He is marooned on pills that are almost the demise of him but like a heroin addict he cannot bring himself to learn science “lessons” from data. So what do we do with him? Confiscate his pills and plummet him into possibly suicidal withdrawal fenzy or leave him differently suicidal on his failing drug? He is stuck between two kinds of suicide. There is no way he can bear either path.

    HE CANNOT BEAR the suicidal prospect of staying on pills or suicidal prospect of coming off them.


    Everyone likes the excitement of being a sleuth to the machinations of systems. No one wants to hand a tissue to a snot wiping desperate suicidal pill addict.

    I am weary of research, research, research. How long does the list of harms have to be before someone rolls up their sleeves and builds a FIELD HOSPITAL for the stricken? A war kicks off in a desert and suddenly there are so many NGO tents helping to wean people off what is breaking them that the reflection of canvas is enough to reflect back the heating from climate change.

    So what is stopping people? I want to be reading WHY field hospitals are NOT being set up in tandem to data?

    It has reminisences to the difference in theology between orthodoxy and orthopraxis. In other words the way Christainity might do all fine rhetoric or talk versus practical deployment of actual baby caring healing.

    He CANNOT bear staying on his pills or withdrawing. He is sandwiched between a rock and and a hard place. Not a lovely sunny field hospital. A stone cold vault or cist into which there is no light for him to read the research. He CANNOT BEAR IT…

  • Dear Sera,

    the name is Diaphanous Weeping. The weeping is what I was getting up to last night around four am as a fresh battery of hallucinations made me dash to my stockpile of killer pills. I do not mean antipsychotics. I have not had one for three years. I mean a beaker of about a hundred lethal pills guaranteed to mean this is my last week of bearing the insufferable. I have a kind of schizophrenia that has a hellish tyrant hallucination who DEMANDS, night and day, every five minutes, around the clock, no matter what I am busy doing, that I force myself to recite that I am schizophrenic or he will destroy me. Armchair inqisitors who recommend their zealous answers for treating their own upsets to me, usually that of defiantly challenging “a hallucination” as if it is the same thing as a depressed low mood from a valentines rejection or the same as defying an insult from a bossy dad, seldom “get it” that HALLUCINATIONS are BEYOND MY CONTROL. Instead, there is a growing trend of victimizing the victim of nightmare hallucinations by telling them how to “properly” deal with their hallucinations. There IS NO PROPERLY for any person’s private HELL. But I have tried telling that to the crooning lips of a preacher and a lecturer, who has NEVER had a moment of hallucinations, never mind decades of hallucinations.

    I am too ILL to go over your article in depth.

    My angels say…


    I say if everyone regarded everyone in this way there would be no need to laboriously and logically comb over the details of this person’s experience or that person’s experience in an effort to exalt whose narrative is “right” in the latest “consensus paradigm”. Any pontificating critic who is trying to be “right” about anyone who is driven to a point of despair upon suffering endless endless endless hallucinations is frankly putting the need to be “right” before the need to be “pity”.

    I am not saying you are like this. I am saying I have encountered many who have this “agenda” around the hallucinating, ill psychotic people who by dint of being people who hallucinate are ALREADY being PERSECUTED by tyrannical AGENDAS beyond their control.

    In my view too many want to erase the reality of the ill because they want the illness to be a political bogus form of indoctrination. So that any schizophrenic who does try to discern that they do have schizophrenia is increasingly shunned as antiquated. It reminds me of when conquistadors shunned the antiquated dreamy notions of indigenous tribes. You try to heal but do the suffering want your mission of healing? Many may. But not all.

    You cite a “prominent figure of international etc etc etc”. Why cite an “authority” on what I suffer from? There IS NO AUTHORITY ON MY HELL but the one living through it night and day…which is ME…not your popular expert who possibly has a totally DIFFERENT set of hallucinations and delusions or notions of beliefs. Not ALL HALLUCINATIONS are IDENTICAL.
    Unfortunately the idea being promoted elsewhere, that they are all a people dimly labouring under a psychiatry given, samey dismissable error of their own INTELLECTUAL or LOGICAL perception fits snugly with the misconception that hallucinations are now LOGICALLY CAUSED by WRONG BELIEFS, which is the convenient bus stop of all ideologies that thrive on telling ill people they have been stupid and allowed themselves to get converted into an antiquated take on HELL and so therefore their HELL does not exist and so therefore neither does their abject decades of suffering exist. All the ill gotta do is believe in the GOD of LOGIC that now says they are not ill.

    You write…
    “That said, one of the things I’ve been most thankful to Robert Whitaker and Mad in America for over the years is creating a platform to say over and over and over again that we are on the side of science. Yes, science is not conclusive on many related matters at this point, and that’s important to note too. But the science points in a direction, and that direction supports so much of what we’re saying. And when people are forced to stop responding in emotion and generalities—to really go head to head on the points—it becomes plainly evident.

    Yet no one wants to be labeled “anti-science”.

    I do not know about your use of “we” if you are being clear that you are happy for voice hearers to remain firm in their OWN beliefs of what is the matter with them. Presumably many of those “beliefs” will be as diverse as are indigenous tribal beliefs. Some will be “for” science. Some will want nothing to do with genuflefting to science. Rather they might want to be “emotional” about their hellish hallucinations…so let them be! It is not our place to indoctrinate even those we believe have been previously indoctrinated. That path leads to bloody holy wars.

    You mention a Frank deBoer. I have not read his actual fragment but you seem to be rewriting his own self descriptions in your own word choices. He does not call his “psychotic disorder”….”pain”. To call it pain can blur the specific suffering he feels into being a sensation everyone feels, even someone who feels pain at loss of a job or exam. I am not sure if he calls his “psychotic disorder” a “significant disturbance” or if you rename his hell “for his own good”. Ditto his “emotional state”. Does he use these exact words for HIS suffering? If not then may I ask why you are translating his exact choice of words for him? Given that you say your Hearing Voices Network upholds the “freedom of choice” that ALL beings have, to interpret and navigate their OWN EXPERIENCES of their hallucinations IN there OWN way why reshuffle the exact words? But maybe that is my misreading of what has occurred and if so please forgive my HALLUCINATING brain for making sitting still to read ANYTHING pitifully impossible. That said, just because I am addled by hallucinations this does NOT permit any “expert” on me to step in and pontificate and give me “LESSONS” in hallucinations they have never had. Psychiatry traditionally went down that path, by virtue of “rescueing” me from my IMBECILIC inability to MAKE MY OWN FREE CHOICES as to how I regard my OWN illness, and now antipsychiatry is a doppleganger diagnoser of my need to diagnose myself. Frank deBoer seems to have diagnosed himself as having a “psychotic disorder”, just as a Christain might “diagnose” their suffering as caused by the Fall. Whatever makes sense to the suffering ought to be respected. This means respecting those who do not think they have “psychotic disorder” AND EQUALLY respecting those thousands who do think they have whatever they wish to think they have, be it a kind of epilepsy or hereditary glitch from the way humans interbred with other hominids way back before the snowball Earth thawed. The exact words a baby may use to describe a grazed knee IS the exact words THEY WANT you to respond to.

    Hallucinations DO NOT CAUSE the shambolic history of the pharmacological factory. Any more that a person choosing to believe in God CAUSED the Spanish Inquisition. A baby believing their grazed knee was from an impudent tree elf who shoved them DOES NOT CAUSE the millions of bullies in the world who shove.

    It is NOT BELIEFS that CAUSE BULLYING it is the lack of emotion, a blend of emotions needed to arrive at compassion for all people’s free choices to believe what the hell they like. Whether that means believing in martyrdom or headscarves or crucifixes or blue elephant deities or empirical science or pushy tree elves.

    I sense Sera, that you have a wonderful belief that many beings can heal in your way of understanding why they might be ill and suffering from AND I DO NOT WANT TO STOP YOUR AMAZING HEALING BELIEF.

    I bring you INTO my kind of HEARING VOICES group that welcomes your ridiculing of tyrants of psychiatry as you perceive them. Please understand that I live with a hallucination of one that a political placcard and trauma informed care does nothing to erradicate. I need baby caring. Not a reframing of dictionary words. Words may have the power to dissolve indoctrination by giving fresh outlooks and paradigms. But words will not stop my hallucination of a tyrant who orders me to recite that I am schizophrenic. And so words will not stop me rushing for a beaker a pills at four am. The reason people are so in love with notion that words can cure everything is because they need to think “logic” can straighten out ANY anguish, even a truck load of prisoners of war stuffed into a train. It gives an excuse to avoid believing in the healing power of just holding.

    No caring scientific direction is needed to just…


  • I was in the prozac drug trial. I felt so fantastic on it that it was a miracle to me. Many months later, still on it, I had a row with someone and promptly took an overdose of prozac. I was in hospital with grand mal seizures and oxygen tanks. The next morning a man in a suit was flown to the hospital to take blood from me. I recall it was all thrillingly shifty as the porters wheeled me off down ever labyrinthine corridors to a half built eerie basement of the hospital. A small room was there. I was laid on a table like an Area 51 manniquin and out of a black brief case with foam lining the drug rep waved two huge syringes, big enough to siphon off a horse’s quart of blood. It was all a bit Steven King novel. Off he flew back to the lab at Eli Lilly. I recall naively writing a little postcard asking what they found out about my blood since I had been getting head zap sensations no one had ever heard of. They all thought I was being neurotic. A formal reply closed all enquiry. I got on with life. I knew the pills were risky but a few months later I asked to go back on them….because the initial benefit was not me being neurotic. The pills can lift mood. People do clamour to go back on them. But that does not mean that these days I think anyone should imbibe such pills. They are too risky. But when young and suicidal you don’t really care if a party drug will usher you to the hereafter so you probably wouldn’t care if a prescribed pill did. It is easy to be moral about these things but this can obscure the equally important need to get to the bottom of why people just don’t care if they live or die. Why are people not each others anti depressant. My guess is it is because we have become to moral to tolerate each individual’s uniqueness of despair. We are totalitarian in only listening to approved models of despair that have research backing. We need to listen to those who choose to be on the drugs and not just those who choose to be off drugs. We need to listen to the supposedly “dirty” not just the supposedly “clean”. Telling addicts to quit can come across as a failure to hear.

    But above all we need to be politely educating people about the alternatives….polite because for some young and desperate tonight there aren’t any.

  • Dear Sera,

    I think the word priviledge is an attempt to catagorize and pigeonhole people one has not spoken to enough to gage the extent of suffering.

    A very good psychotherapist I lived with for a few years was not very pandering to me after my father died. I once went stroppy and told him he was dismissing my grief. He shocked me by telling me…

    “So you think your grief is more deep and painful than anyone else’s grief?”

    I found this dreadful at that moment but after it I always found it a helpful way to spot that heirarchical way of thinking in other people. A “my suffering outmatches your suffering because of xyz so therefore I am more entitled to compassion than you are”.

    Compassion don’t do entitlement.




  • https://youtu.be/ozjWLo-vdsU

    I want to lastly share that I DO NOT think a big flood will happen any time soon. It may not occur for many years or a decade or more and so there is no point in dwelling on it beyond retaining its “possibility” like a pebble in a pocket, to feel once in a while. It is quite possible I am bonkers in this regard and nothing will occur…NOT ever. And I may have gotten it incorrect about food shortages and meds shortages. I do know the future that is coming is a nice one. So whatever natural disasters occur on this planet, which they regularly do, plucky humans ALWAYS find a way to recover. So please only read my mad utterances as if fairy tales, if you like. I might only be an old hag on a moor hissing into the lake and seeing portents in the ripple effect. So please ignore my jottings if you find them psychotically idiotic. I did predict covid fifteen years ago. So that was a long long long wait. And if I had fretted over it that first week I would not have been able to just go with the flow of life and be ordinary and that is what I believe life is for, the comfort of the ordinary and unsurprising. This video is of lovely divine beings, namely the beautifully ordinary Kirsten and Joerg. They have not a care in the world. They just never seem to think the worst will ever happen. They breeze through life and this is how I feel wellness comes. They are like a mom and dad who are always smiling and delighted. We have the choice to cultivate that interior parenting to our stressed inner baby. Life is already startling so the onus ought to be on calming right down and being a bit more like a passive, unflusterd animal. Just browse leaves all day. Animals never think the worst will happen either, nor do children. The live in the realm of “feelings, feelings, feelings”. They shut down “what if” thinking.
    Even when or if the flood arises, in any disaster the best way to cope is to regard it all as a mirage and kind of pleasantly phase out being focused on it. Instead it would be better to be cultivating the art of being more dreamily Kirsten and Jeorg. I could say this is how to maintain balance. But it is not everyone’s choice. Lots of people are ponderers of philosophy or science or religion. All of that helps balance too, if it is “your” choice. There is no one way. It is all a case of seeing life and the world however you like to and pleasing yourself in it.

    Sticky jam scone anyone?

  • I like you Joshua.

    You are important. A fine free thinker who is in touch with passionate feelings of dismay.

    In my many jobs I once did a stint at radio broadcasting. The man I worked with was a Catholic priest. I recall him chuckling once. I asked him to be generous with his joke. He just said that a fierce old lady was always phoning the radio reception, to ask for his advice. He said she always said the same refrain two or three times in the same chat. She said….

    “Mens pigs!”

    That was it. No embellishment. No explaining. No convincing the audience.

    I have never forgotten her fist clenched, defiant, liberating purity of passion.

  • https://youtu.be/rAMJ6FzEy3A

    Sera, here is that video that came up in todays algorhythms.

    This made me want to tell this fellow schizophrenia endurer in the video to keep navigating through the rigors of withdrawal but in watching the whole video I don’t see that she feels she is in the right spot to be doing a year long breakdown ordeal whilst the life of her young baby is relying on her being in some semblance of an even keel. When I quit antipsychotics there were times when it got really dangerous. I mean dangerous for me and for others. If a stranger shut someone in a room and forced them to be having shapeshifting hallucinations and psychotic paranoia for several months or more through the gamble of quitting and plunked an infant on their lap and a boyfriend whispering sweet nothings in their voice hearing ear that ravaged being would soon be crying out to get away from the withdrawal nightmare. Most people who quit antipsychotics are strong people in every sense. Tough. This lady has strengths and I am sure she will quit someday if she wants to but I go with HER choice that now is perhaps not a good time. I feel wincing that I cannot free her from drugs that equally may be doing her a mischeif but it is not my right to tell her what to do with her body and mind. Too many articles are trumpetting a call to rescue schizophrenics from aparent abuse. It reminds me of the furore over satanic cults in Orkney a few decades ago, where the whole of Britain believed children needed rescuing from their loving mothers and fathers. There was no proof those parents were defiling their offspring. So what the hell was going on? Where was the mass hysteria rising out of?

    I believe most psychiatric medications are harmful. But so is drink driving. So is smoking while pregnant. So is scoffing a vat of ice cream and pizza every evening. So is living with a partner who breaks your heart on a monthly basis. So is boxing and wrestling and white water rafting. So is touring tropical war torn countries with a bag of heroin in your sports shoe. Humans have the right to make rotton choices. Because to impinge on their choices means we are trying to live their safe life for them. Which means they don’t get to make choices. Which is a form of abuse also.

    I believe baby caring is the best way forward. I mentioned it in another comment elsewhere, click on my name to find it, I explained how it is a way of tolerating a person’s free choice as if they are a big baby. It is feasible to venture to “educate” a baby without damning their free choices. But education does not mean turning out identical rows of identical nodding puppets on strings. Education is like being a servant in an up market restaurant where you bring the world to the diner, the baby, and you ask the baby what she finds most delectable about the world. You don’t shove it down her throat. That was the problem with psychiatry. Always “educating” the enlightened mad woman.

    Believe that being schizophrenic makes you enlightened. This is because schizophrenia is torment to live with and all forms of torture from gas chambers to prisoner of war camps to abusive relationships make a person have to be enlightened to endure the unendurable. People ought not to be so quick to want to pontificate superior choices to the figures in our community who know the true worth of the term “freedom of choice”….since year after year after year their hallucinations never give them this GIFT of FREEDOM. No one should tell someone “what” free choice they ought to make if they live a life of never having their OWN free choices UNINTERUPTED.

    I would argue that all of us should be this way, ceasing to presume to know what everyone else needs.

    It is fine to share knowledge that antipsychotics can be damaging. Sharing is great. Shaming the driven mad who hallucinate is not caring.

    Some people do feel they need their medications. That is all you need to know to back away from upseting the clever decisive people tha schizophrenics are.

    They are NOT imbeciles.

    To think they don’t know that antipsychotics are not nice is perhaps as condescending as psychiatry has been at times of the brightness of these people in the past. They take the pills often not through a doctors mandate but because the hallucinations are frightening and they get angry aand desperate. That is never to suggest there arenot reprehensible psychistrists and pill poppong culture, there certainly is.

    I would argue that it is irresistable for many people right now to tell other people what is “for their own good” because it meets their own need to feel posessed of the “right logic” or “right moral intellectual integrity”.

    If a baby refuses to be babied by its mother then the mother, respecting that momentary need of theirs, IS being baby caring.

  • My position is that anyone who is not suffering from a cancer tumour should maybe not speak “for” those who do.

    I have been attending Hearing Voices groups for a decade and NOT ONCE have I heard anyone berate a schizophrenic for coming off meds.

    N O T O N C E.

    What I agree does happen is that schizophrenia suffers do not readily want to come off their meds. Other people who DO NOT have schizophrenia may have all manner of worthy or healing reasons to help people titrate down but if anyone knows how appallingly dangerous and difficult and protracted are the withdrawal syndromes it is the schizophrenia sufferers themselves, the people with the metaphorical cancer. I saw a video today of a rather famous schizophrenia advocate. She had quit meds some months ago or titrated down. In the video she mentions how impossible it is to function whilst caring for a baby and going through the rollercoaster of panic attacks born of withdrawal. There is nobody there to help her and her relationship took a knock mid detox. Sera it is not that easy for some to just fling a pill box into the stormy sea. I am on the side of those who think antipsychotics are odious, however, I think the same about heroin and alcohol. I would not dream of telling those heroin dependant others to quit what they are using to stop themselves going over the edge.

    People seem to want to accuse someone of causing dependency rather than build a detox house that offers to help people overcome their dependency. The key word is “offers”.

  • https://youtube.com/shorts/gPObIhdnxB8?feature=share

    In addition to my previous comment Jenny, this video could have come straight out of the pages of that old book that has hideous court room charicatures of African slaves. The book is a snapshot of the gentrification of intelligence. Seeing intelligence as morally superior to crying. Such narcissism videos are doing what I long predicted. They are sliding collective awareness of the “I” and demonization of the emotions that come from the innocent “I” over onto women.

    You cannot know your authentic feelings unless you are in touch with your “I”, as in “I feel sad” or “I feel afraid”. So you “I” is like a notice board where you stick your real feelings. What is gradually going to occur in global civilization is the disparagement of an individual’s basic human right to voice from their “I” any of their feelings “if” those don’t pass muster with metaphorical judges. A million people have become armchair judges and rather than use terms like sin, or sloth, or lust, or laziness, to counterpoint moral rectitude, certitude, and self righteous deceny, as was seen in the slave trade, instead the new condemnatory “word-centric” words are greedy narcissist, cunning borderline, manipulative victim and liar. These words come straight out of the annals of psych disciplines. Psych has given everyone permission to lambast everyone with these terms.

    You may be wondering why I am in no hurry to ditch my schizophrenia diagnosis. My contention is that we need to turn our world what I call…

    Baby caring.

    By this I mean that it should not matter at all whether you call yourself a Jew or a Christain or an atheist or a woman or a man or an LGBTQ plus person or a mad person or a normal person or an addict or an alcoholic or s homeless person or a narcissist or a logical science buff or a fool or a schizophrenic or a gilded Mackaw with crystal feathers of deepest azure blue. If we ALL baby each other, which means treating each other as if..


    then NOBODY should be badly heckled or lambasted or punished or abused or turned into servile forelock tugging puppets on strings. If today Jenny you want to call yourself a “remarkable interstellar nebula floating in a glass of spring water” and tomorrow you want to call yourself a “vessel of divine knowledge” and the next day you choose to call yourself “bipolar” and the next day “never been bipolar” and the next day “a world saving woman of compassion” none of these descriptors you choose for yourself should make you a biffed baby heckled by a million juries.

    A MOTHER is symbolically a person who says “yes” to her baby all day long. The rare occasions of saying “no” are saying “yes” to life saving protection, such as “no” do not run accross the flat surface since it is really a highway with juggernauts on it. Mostly a MOTHER says “yes” to any eccentric or potty or bizarre or playful notions the baby dreams up because there is an awareness that love of life needs the marriage between “I” and “feelings” in order to make enjoyable and unique “free choices” that will grow a sense of wellbeing about being in the world. And when a billion “babies” feel such wellbeing the feeling spreads and soon the whole world becomes WELL.

    But in this era, because the world is not well, humans need to re-understand the importance of being “baby caring” towards each other. This involves being at times MOTHERLY towards the eccentric or odd or different or bizarre or playful. It involves leaving people’s individual “feelings” and “free choices” and their “I” in peace to be whatever these wish to be. It also involves being MOTHER to your own needs for “baby caring” acceptance of what you like and need.

    When a woman so symbolic of “emotions” is shunned in a court room what is being shunned is the human cry for “baby caring”.

    Instead “baby caring” is lambasted as conniving, duplicitous, crafty, witch crafty, guilt tripping, vile, lying, lazy, greedy, bitchy.

    This is what will continue in city after city, town after town, village after village, until all the actual real babies are called bitches.

    When the horizon darkens with that pall of smoke and real babies are given no protection because their real mothers are scolded from attending to their babies “feelings” then the world will be awash in its own depravity and sickness. But one day a light will shine on this. A beacon. An a million mirrors that hold the reflection of judgemental hostile ugliness will brighten with human forgiveness.

    I find there is nothing forgiving in this above video, on narcissism, that I link at the start.

    More and more videos are coming like gushers from the Hoover Dam. Videos parrotting the merciless Anti Christ blueprint of the entitled.

    When the Hoover Dam falls know this to be true.

    People think the collapse of a dam or a global flood means a wet doormat and rabbit hutch. A massive flood means the spoiling of a billion ready meals in markets as refrigeration switches off. It means no street lights. It means black outs. It means gang warfare. It means the army being drafted in. It means no access to meds so a million jurers have to drop into a chasm of instant withdrawal. It means mass trauma, relocation, loss and grief on a vast scale and the one psychologist’s appointment diary booked up for a decade. Puppets on strings will seize the day.

    But it is meant to go this way. Humanity is having its deck of preferences shuffled so that in future it plays a fairer game.

    So there is nothing one can do to stop it. The angels are leading the way through the dark impenetrable forest, helping each human follow the distant light of the beacon.

    Many will stumble into hostility, rage, violence, as they are taught to think the demon is their unknown neighbour. When there are no neighbours left but ghosts lifting veils behind smashed windows humans will pause and realise the silence contains no babbling of babies.

  • Thank you Jenny,

    I shall miss your articles. I must go.

    I have a very old book that has lengthy epistles of a legal sort from another centrury, about abolition. The language of that era is extraordinarily convoluted, as is the linguistic grovelling deferring to powers in order to buy emancipation of some poor Jsmaican plantation captive’s liberty. A bit like saying to a jury, of a trafficked minor…

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, we can see how rough and uncouth and bad mannered this child prostitute is, how dishevelled and unkempt she looks, and we can shudder lest she contaminate our noble higher thinking faculties which are God given, and yet does this bedraggled troublemaker not deserve new slippers?”.

    It is grotesque. Such servile language. But servants of all sorts will be made of human beings who have the misfortune to live in an epoch of servile convoluted finicky verbosity of speech. Rationalism adores its words, not the emotions of the poor people tasked with keeping up with such words. A very word-centric world view tends not to be a heart-centric view of the individual with bruises.

    I am disappointed that poor slipper limping Amber Heard has been thrashed by a million juries.

    My own angels have it that she is an angel among us. Her job is to be thrashed by the masses because this leverage will begin the descent. A fall of Man. A fall into utter disgrace. A bit like how it took the grainy footage of callous ovens at a death camp to finally, finally, shine a light on despicable harrowing dismissal of culpability. By this I mean that women are going to be like the new trafficked. Spat at and reviled and pilloried. But women have souls who have sort of agreed to help the light be shone on endemic human shamefull cruelty. In order for the light to reveal the growing darkness in human hostility, human lovelessness, women are going to bear the unbearable as things get much worse.

    Reading the pages of the old book I mentioned you just want to reach back in time and yell…

    “Stop the hyperbole and just scream that intolerance is WICKED!!!”

    Humanity is going to have to visit its penchant for torturing other innocent creatures in order to be able to take a good long look at itself. This is where women come in as ambassadors of peace in this process. But as is often the case with the “rational” mindset they cannot get beyond “word-centric bickering” and arrive at “heart-centric valuing” of other individuals emotions. They cannot see the bruises. There are more ways of leaving a room than by the door. There are more ways of leaving the body than by a bruise. And there are more ways to bruise someone than inflicting a spefic shade of lilac or prussian blue.

    My schizophrenia at times has been so tormenting that I hit my head on any convenient hard surface. I can categorically state that it always astonished me that the hardness of a hit does not mean a deeper bruise. Often the weakest hit leaves the most profuse bouquet on the forehead. A dreadful 4am spree of using a wall to try to save myself by knocking out my hallucinations from my brow gave me six months of brain fog concussion but NO bruise.

    I used to marvel at why people during the Spanish Inquisition found it acceptable to spectate, often packing a picnic and beverages, an act of unbridled atrocity in a town square. Did nobody want to throw up?

    I now believe that what occurs is a mass hypnosis in the human herd that has them all pursuing a sense of virtue through grisly acts of nightmare violence. The virtue is coming from “decency”. A sense of entitled outraged rational self righteousness at the expense of any gut intuition that atrocity is the opposite of virtue. If your gut feeling is located in your body and your sense of reason is located in your intellect then it is the tearing apart of these, en mass, as intellect stretches away from its obligation to “have a heart”. Intellect often fears “feeling” since emotions are uncontrollable by “certitude”. Feelings just are what they are. They are not analysable, not that this stops the braying chanting mobs. The medieval mobs, all united in chorus as one herd, one engine, one rational man made machine. The picnic picky nitpickers camping on the court room lawn. The heartless puppets with ironic heart emojis on placcards, loud speakers of intellectual, cause and effect, fetishing, media indoctrination. The media is “right” so the bruises must be the “wrong” hue to be “real”.

    Miss Heard is the first to the media death camp. A million bewildered angels will follow. Gentle hearted women. And caring heartfelt fathers, brothers and sons. The Anti Christ is coming. And all of the bile about narcissistic mothers and sisters and daughters is but a preparatory step in that journey to collective human depravity. The worm has turned.

    The lambasting of the female of the human species IS the lambasting of “heart-centred” ways. The defilement and degradation of “feelings”. A woman cannot cry without it being regarded as the victim ploy of a demon narcissist and deserving of a global response of snickering and violence. It matters not one jot that being a narcissist in the true pathological sense is rare and that even then the narcissist is often more like a boring burden wearing an empath down, whittling away at the empath’s sychophantic people pleasing neurosis, which may not be a bad result. These days the narcissist is deemed unfit for human society. But being as narcissism is on a spectrum of normal this means everyone who cries into their nightgown and says they feel like a victim can also be declared a demon.

    The black person in my old book was declared a weeper who did not have the pristine words or intellectual prowess to know the error of their way of weeping.

    This is where we are at….Again.

    A professor in my Divinity degree once said that it is never the suffering in society who we must concern ourselves with, if we know about them then they are not the ones who truly are suffering. The people who are the real victims are the ones not identified as victims but as problems. See it like strata. The surface layer may have one community, the next layer another community, the next layer another community. It is those way beneath the deepest known layer whose suffering apparently does not exist. And the worst is that it is this layer who do not even know it themselves that they are suffering oppression and persecution and damnation and atrocity. They just smile dry eyed as they sweep the streets or pour tea or mend the shirts of the jury.

  • https://youtu.be/JH40VvlejEI

    Richard, I have long said here that reality itself is…

    “a mirage”.

    It was the angels who told me this, around the time they told me a massive global flood is going to roll in. Yesterday in my mid afternoon drowse I chanced to come across this youtube video by an eminent professor of science. I was not looking for him. These videos often find me by happenstance. After my Divinity degree I flounced off into studying the paranormal. I attended a parapsychology school for a decade. I recall being taken aback when one of the first people I met there told me that Spiritualism was not a religion but a science. He himself was a scientist so I did not bother arguing with him. I then learned that it can be both a science and a faith, depending on individual preference. I always found that so healthy that congregants could be either or both.
    I find the idea of the nature of reality being made of “a mirage” both unfathomable and a relief. If reality is like a dream in which our nested consciousness cannot see that we are dreaming then it is hardly surprising we take it all so seriously. But one of the most liberating qualities in dreams is a sense that “anything goes”. Dreams, if you hadn’t noticed, have no orderly passage of clock time in them and they do not get bogged down in tight scruples and rules and criticisms. A figure may not like you in a dream but that is about all you get to know, which is really quite wonderful. The figure does not tell you are too uneductated or unpopular or remind you of a song you sang to them way back when you were twenty one. They just do not like you. That is it. The reason everyone is so simplified in dreams is because in that state the dreamer returns to being a human animal. Thinking stops. It takes a rest. Feelings pick up from where stressful daily thinking left off. Sleep edits out thinking. If it did not humans would go crazy with analysing too much. Returning to the animal core is what refreshes us when we stir awake to greet the new day, or mentally dread it.
    Being a dreamer who is more animal means to be more accepting of the “isness” of ever changing props in the dreams that we believe are “reality” while fast asleep. This acceptingness that is so very tiger and sheep and goldfish of us is really quite beautiful. Spiritual. The acceptance is almost a form of enlightenment. And yet it comes from being a humble unthinking oaf of an animal. So how come when we are at our most oafish are we at our most gentle? And how come when we are at our most intellectual are we at our most ruthless and even cruel? I have often said that cruelty comes from having a non acceptance of feelings. Children are very compassionate when in their pre school years. They may be bumptious and yell alot but they are not cruel enough to build a death camp. Children live in the dream. The dreaminess of feeling a lot about a lot of stuff a lot of the day. Which is why children are so unracist and unbigoted and very accepting of other people’s preferrencs. They see those as coming from intense feelings and not “logic”. And since feelings cannot be right or wrong but simply are what they are, children are like animals in how they accept each other’s differences of “free choice”.
    Children “get it”. Children get the “mirage” of reality. That is how they can play with it so unendingly. Adults take reality too seriously to play with it which is why they look so stressed and then try to think their way out of the stress that thinking all day causes to them.

    I like to put the notion of the “mirage” at the top of the tree of all the ways I can regard life. Every branch further down, like science or religion or atheism or philosophy are secondary to the initial tip of the top of the tree that sprung from the soil.

    If this reality we inhabit is ALL a wonderful riotous “mirage” or a dream that we cannot recognize is a dream then ALL ways of seeing that dream are open to the interpretation of


    If from the top of the tree you gaze down at science and decide you love certain things science says but not other things then where is the harm in your choice to perceive science in your dream of reality in YOUR WAY?

    I believe I have a chemical imbalance boggling my brain enough to cause my suffering schizophrenia. It gives me comfort to regard my illness this way, in my dream. Try to think of me as an animal. What business is it of anyone else who has NEVER had one minute of schizophrenic hallucinations to tell me I cannot have my mirage or dream way of believing things about my OWN self? No one in an actual dream orders you to HAVE TO think you are a completely different person to who you feel you are in YOUR dream. How humanity will resolve problems of endemic bullying on all sides of ANY campaign will be when it wakes up to the realization there is NO need to oppress ANYONE with arrogant certainty born of thinking the campaign knows best. There are so many bickering ideologies. Do ANY of these make it into our nocturnal dreams, where we can be blissfully unfettered animals? Ideologies are the hellish nightmares of the wakeful.

    This video seems to say, and I did not watch it to the end, that the mind is science’s next baby step. Will scientists who snubbed my past interest in parapsychology apologize? Nae. Because I am too animal in my fervour and not adept at correct spelling. Someone put the spelling law in the mirage and a million dyslexics have found it turned their childhood accepting good dream into a bad dream. A billion other laws got typed into the mirage. Too many laws, too few examples.

    This professor is a diamond for jaded minds. He seems to moot that MIND may preceed MATTER. I feel he is echoing my angels. But maybe the cosmos is like a Mother and a foetus in the womb. Consciousness dreams up matter which is itself made of dream stuff. A baby in the womb is form and physical but the placenta nourishes it. Mind is maybe like a circulatory flow that permeates matter to the point they are inseperable.

    You know I shall finish MY mirage story my way don’t you? Which is that I will insist that my brain chemicals are affected by my mind being unwell and my mind’s unwellness affects my brain chemicals in turn, in that shared metaphysical circulation. However, mind is so ineffible that NOBODY should dare tell anyone what is going on in their mind or brain with ANY rash certainty. Especially if this is ALL a “mirage”.

    There is only one law that MUST be kept in our “reality” and that is the law against sexual abuse or bullying or cruelty.

    This means that a person who bullies you into HAVING TO think of yourself as ill when you are not is a person “behaving badly”. Likewise a person who bullies you into thinking of yourself as not unwell when you know that you are is a person “behaving badly”.

    People may wonder why I wax lyrical on these themes. It is because in the future a regime is coming. An Anti Christ. He is going to make it that humans being sweet dreamy animals in a mirage becomes like being forced to be collective puppets on a strings. Drones obeying a billion laws.

    When I go to bed tonight I won’t have a long list of what I have to believe in my dream, I am free to dream however I dream. In the future life will be given a long list of what to believe.

    If I have been banging a drum against being ordered as to what to believe it is only to test the drums timbre before leaving its fond echo.

  • Yeah this is like Palestine and Israel. We need to find an understanding and acceptance that we may never agree on our way of seeing the world. Agreements tend to try reach for the intruments of “logic” to save ego identity and usually it is done to belittle not understand and all belittling is a way of making a wall. Not saying this of your comment Steve. It is just an observation.

    People seldom realise that science is a religion when people invest it with morals. Morals are rather spiritual and “personal” and yet real science is supposed to move above and beyond the spiritual and personal. A person who lionizes sciences feels it must always be perfect and flawless and reasonable. Much like a God or a belief. The faith in such a thing as perfection can be a comfort to anyone reeling from the chaos of an arbitrary cruel world. To take shelter in a cool cathedral of scientific objectivity can reassure people that the world is comprehensible and therefore its cruelty and craziness is controlable in a beneficient way. Like Christianity says to its adherents. When a person believes in science in this way they abide by certain dedications. They forgoe jumping to conclusions. They restrain their need to shout at idiots who do not adhere to science. They try to wrestle with their own selfish impulse to impose their ideas on others if those ideas are not backed up by a stack of analysis. But all of this can easily slide into the realm of becoming a positive regard of self and this can then become a heirarchical or “better than” way of thinking of one’s own personhood. One becomes a priest of science as if science is dogma. Ironically this is what some leaders in psychiatry used to be like as they excused themselves from colonizing indigenous populations. They used a belief in science as a moral good far superior to aboriginal versions of creation.

    Let us suppose I am an aboriginal woman who has a lore or myth or shamanic notion that I took wrong leaves from a bush and now the spirits in those leaves have befevered my brain. This is no different from my believing there is a chemical imbalance. Psychiatry may be my shaman. You may revile him and call him a witch doctor but in your rush to rob me of my choice to belief what I believe, in my choice to like what you may call “bad science”, you might favour your moral preferences over mine. That is totally fine. A person in a church should not be made to be in a temple.

    Now let us consider that we are both aboriginal tribes people in the same tribe called love of science. But parts of what or how I believe in science differ from your way. We are both nibbling leaves and I say the spirits of the leaves affect my brain but you say that is not possible according to science.

    It is like my saying the Virgin Mary spoke to me and healed my sickness but you tell me that it is not possible.

    Science seems to say what is possible and not possible, like biblical legends used to tell people that God could part seas and send plagues and viruses. Things that are arrived at in legends via unscientific methods often do have a grain of truth in them. We now stock our health food stores with rather inscientifically proven shamanic leaves.

    And science itself debunks whatever it held as the only truth only yesterday, as new information complicates or simplifies prior “facts”. So being a science is as shifty and watery as religion and being as both tend to blanket their separate adherents in quasi spiritual certitude, I find certitude preposterous yet enjoyable to preen oneself with. But concluding oneself better than or more morally perfect for believing in a shamanic truth or believing in a scientific truth is to use belief to make others feel immoral. And THAT is an overarching belief in humans that is born of fear.

    Fear cannot arrive at peace. Not unless the “feeling” is fully felt enough for it to be “let go”. What stops the “feeling” of fear from being felt fully until it flows harmlessly away is “reason”.

    “Reason” avoids “feelings”.

    And so the fear stays. It gets a grip and poisons the person’s system with anxiety and anger and a sense of threat.

    There may be good reasons why a person has fear of someone else’s choice of belief but logical arguments will not soothe the fear away. They will only point at why there is a reason to fear. A person explaining why they are now shouting is not the same thing as them understanding and fully experiencing the feeling of despair within their own interior that prompts it. Enough for the feeling to ebb away and peace to be a possibility.

    I must halt this comment now because I do not want to be seen as trying to convert anyone into my tribe. Instead I want everyone to enjoy their OWN BELIEFS. That kind of IS my tribe. An “each individual do your own thing” tribe, follow your own star, be your own explorer of this world.

  • Whilst I am leery of the bullying that can from any “we” I am mulling over articles like this. Is this article blaming atrocities on all the aunts and uncles and daughters and sons and moms and dads and best friends and unimaginative colleagues and doctor prescribers and psychologists and priests and immams and rabbis and college leaders and teenage pals and chemists and tourist shop owners and bakers and baristas and psychiatric peers and long covid nurses and psychiatrists fresh out of studies and sailors and drug dealers and celebrities in a court room and a billion other helpless well meaning people who suggest that the suicidal might like to try a short course of antidepressants? Are all these naive and blameless people responsible for killing the world? Are the people who offer other dangerous substances such as wine and beer and spirits to billions of miserable friends guilty of pressing a gun in their hand?


    This wonderful article is getting to the bottom of the barrel in revealling that it is the human capacity to BLAME that is killing billions.

    Logic is the critical fault finder. It acts as a blamer virus.

    The gun is a hopeless person’s answer to being repeatedly blamed.

    The gun is also the accoutrement of the menacing blamer, welded to the fist of that imposter leader.

    The gun is a moulded steel manifestation of the words….


    It is what everyone wants to scream at callous logic with it tyrannical rules rules rules.

    But the gun is cruelty itself. It has no place in a just and compassionate and sophisticated human civilization. A civilization that does not centre blame but centres love.

    That caring civilization can ONLY be found ONE WAY in the world.


  • Dear Steve, I got engrossed in doing a comment to you on your bit about how people are free to define themselves and their illness but that it is wrong when an organization tells a person what is wrong with them. This is good.

    However, and I must be brief because the long reply I did got zapped by a computer glitch, a person does have a “free choice” to choose to gravitate towards anything that is not good for them, even listening to a bishop or a bishop of psychiatry tell them what is wrong with them. People who veer towards science as their God are no less entitled to their freedom than a Muslim is to go to a mosque, or a Christain is to play a guitar in an evangelical church, or a tourist is to take advice from an overly certain Shaman. People have a right to get up to no good for themselves in psychiatry and psychotherapy and psychology. If these be this years church for those troubled souls then who are you or I to bulldoze their church?

    A problem may be if you are half “in” the same church and you despair of its teachings. If science is a church that has become corrupt in your estimation then you will rightly revile it and choose to leave and find a temple or shrine or nature hilltop that makes you feel much better. But that is “you”. Your individual “free choice” to leave what no longer heals you. If “free choice” is holy then we must let every individual have what is sacrosanct. Even their choice to marry a devil. Sad as that seems. We all want people to follow our example of “best choices”. Partly it is because we care. But it can be because we think our “way” is the path of redemption or perfection and the notion it might not be, if there are options of lots of other choices, causes anxiety that our choice might be “wrong”. This then raises a need to sound rock solidly certain about our better choice, to assauge our uncertainty about where we are going in life. But this posture of certainty means we rush to rubbish anyone elses “free choice” by throwing doubt on what they feel is fine for them. Getting them to doubt their “choice” of “church” shores up the collapsing weight of our own hidden uncertainty about our “choice”. If your choice is so emphatically right for you then there won’t be a need to spit tacks at anyone else’s choice of church or way of life or indoctrination. You would just feel compassionately sorry for them. I am not saying the “you” word to mean you here. I mean generically anyone.

    Science is still your church, as far as I can tell. And seeing science done badly is to you like a Christain seeing Christain love done badly. It is more threatening for us to have “freely chosen” to be in any church and find it growing more corrupt by the hour and yet needing to stay in the church as our “best free choice”, rather than bin scientism itself as hogwash. You still see the beauty of the church of science and it could break your heard to defect from it and join anarchy or mysticism or disinterest in scientific teachings and philosophies. And so you look around at who has bedevilled your lovely church of science and the finger of blame points at psychiatry. They have brought the corruption. They must be made to leave the church. You cannot simply bulldoze their church without bulldozing the church of science, so brick by brick you dismantle parts of the church that pertain to them, in the effort to salvage the “truth” that is in science. That God of Reason. You want to rescue him from charlatains who are using his name to further their agenda.

    But agenda is a big elastic word, as is corrupt. Some women are called corrupt for not wearing a facemask. What seems corrupt to one individual’s sense of “free choice” seems like the answer to fix all of life’s problems to another individual’s “free choice”. So we cannot have the holiness of “freedom of choice” without allowing for the fact that we may find other individuals have made bad or ill or even corrupt choices, according to us. We must tolerate loathing with a venom anyone else’s “free choices” but love that we and they live in a world that lets “freedom of choice for all” come FIRST.

    Even the choice someone has to kill themselves is still a “free choice”. Even the “free choice” to do so with antipsychotics. You can look on caringly and offer great advice. That is wonderful. A Muslim might offer advice to a miserable Christain. Advice is an attempt to influence choice. But influence ought not to be riducule or guilt tripping or intimidation of someone’s “free choice”, even if their choice is to go to university and train to become a Muslim or a Christain or a firefighter or a psychiatrist.

    There is ONLY one stage at which a person’s “free choice” is no longer just that innocuous decision. When a “free choice” hurts other people.

    It is crucial to undertand what is meant by the choice to hurt others. A Christain may be hurtful in what they believe about abortion or divorce or healthy lust. They may eschew these. But when they form a “we” gang that steps beyond celebrating mutual belonging and starts to bully others into HAVING TO believe what they believe then this is where abuse comes in.

    Abuse is not a “free choice”.

    Abuse is an act of violence.

    Abuse cannot be tolerated.

    It is essential to know exactly what is meant by the word abuse. A Jew who chooses to go to a synagog is not abusing any Christains just because they chose not to go to the church.

    Belonging to a “we” group is delightful IF the group are not seeing “enemies” in every “individual”.

    My impatience with the “we” of antipsychiatry is it is going from celebrating union of belief to making an “enemy” out of “freedom of choice”.

  • I feel for you. I think people should realise that Robert Whitaker is NOT arguing for NO TREATMENT CHOICES. He himself agrees with SOTERIA HOUSE that in some circumstances sick people may die if they do not get a break from symptoms that are driving them into an early grave. Which is why, even though he disbelieves that there is a madness mollecule, he still allows for the possibility of antipsychotic use in the short term. I would infer that this means either he feels they do have some statistical benefit OR he feels their placebo lift has some benefit. It would be pitiful to deny an alcoholic a drink if they feel they cannot exist without it. People ought to stop metaphorically trying to shut down the booze factory by throwing desperate ill alcoholics under a bus.

  • To Mr Unger,

    I ran out of the reply box. I think the shooting in Texas was horrendous though I would say that even a supposed loner does not get to be a so corrupt in isolation. A baby is born an “I”….

    not a “we”.

    Babies do not murder people. When a boy has the shit kicked out of him for being an “I” by a school gang of “we” , the hatred in the “we” errodes that baby’s “I”…until the baby grows up to buy guns to stop the “them” who are the “we”, and this may be done by aligning, even if only in fantasy, with a conquesting other group of “we”, like the marines, which is what the Texas boy yearned to do. In essence because of the “we” who did not let him be judging himself and explore wearing eyeliner and be himself he was not able to get back in touch with his “I” to know he was full of pain enough to get help.

    When a person is ostracized from any “we” group the shunned one invariably turns into a terrorist. Which is sometimes what the “we” subconciously want him to do, to treat him like the group refuse collector or sick bucket, to cleanse the group of anything within its cohesion of being traitorously “I”. It is as if in order for the “we” to exist the “I” element surfacing in each individual within the group proper has to be driven out like a ritual chasing off of group emotions as if disowned devils. What is being driven out are all the unwanted feelings knocking about within the group, which get lumped as a mass and blamed on the outsider as if he is the miserable container who brought them from nowhere. He then wanders the parks and streets alienated and adrift and reviled and finds himself unable to be either the “we” or the “I”. Then he sees happy loved children all being allowed to be their “I” yet being simultaneously embraced in shared togetherness.

    The boy tortured cats. A human cannot be cruel if they are in touch with their “feelings”. Cruelty is the result of indifference. The absence of “feelings”.

    To be in touch with your own deep “feelings” needs a sense of “I”. As in “I feel sad” or “I feel despair”. Clearly the damaged boy had the benefit of neither “feelings” nor his “I”.

    I am guessing he was born with an “I”.

    I am guessing he was not born with a rifle.

    Something happened to that boy. A “we” left him no choice since to access your sincere emotional choices requires “feeling” which choices you like best.

    I must leave the comments section. It is all too easy for anyone, me included, to snip and bicker in it and whilst this can feel healing more often it is just adding fuel to the fire. I do not believe people want to be proved “right”. I believe people long to be held.

    Like all the poor dead children in Texas.

  • Politely, and with the highest affection, may I say that I do not welcome your “caution”. It smacks of being judged “wrong” for airing my own brilliant opinion. I do not HAVE TO come out with correct “logical” opinions. The mad are wonderfully FREE to come out with rhymes and riddles and curses and incantations and generalizations and party pieces and tunes and expletives and embarrassing revelations. It is called being childish and it FEELS GREAT.

    Let me welcome you.

  • To add here on a different day I just want to say EVERY schizophrenic that I know has found Intensive Home Treatment Teams to be utterly useless. More of a patronizing insult really. This is not because the concept cannot yeild fruit, it just is not fit for purpose as it is.

    The schizophrenic may be going bonkers and so they call that team, a phone number on a scrap of paper. A succession of harassed fatigued and cynical psychiatric boffins are maybe allocated to pop in for a cuppa once a day for twenty minutes. Long enough to hear the details of the complicated mess going on in your mind but that’s it. That is all they do. You see a different stranger every day. A man or woman you have never spoken to before. They listen to your grubby hot episode whilst manicuring their appointment diary and intrusively commenting on your choice of rug. Then they go. Their exit causes a vaccum that was not there before they arrived. As if the fabric of your mystical cocoon has been snagged on their bag or coat zip or file. The sense of isolation left behind has more of a personal and empathetic solidity of form than when the qualified charlatain was present. What a cushy job! A joke job. The teams do zilch, in my opinion. You can phone them up once an evening to derive succour from an exchange of smooth voices but as for constructive impute it is a stock joke in schizo circles that these people only ever tell us to have…

    “A hot bath and a milky cocoa”.

    If you wanted to jump from a tall building for the past forty hours would that patronizing phrase do it for ya?

    What is going to happen is people with schizophrenia are going to be scolded if they need more than that. They will be regarded as willfully malingering and resistant to trauma therapy conversion.

    Few schizophrenics can make it to their own birthday party let alone a smart sleek therapy office accross town.

    Psychiatry has not found the exact cause of schizophrenia yet and it has been berated into crestfallen defeat about that delay. It has taken to blaming the victim of schizophrenia for not healing that embarrassment to the proffession straight away by being instantly healed. Gone are the pyjamas and shackles and electrodes and out comes the avuncular priest in a confession box waiting to hear of your tragic abuse so they can recommend new stuff and say this was the cause all along. And they will say silly you if you do not agree, even though you have a university degree and are not so dim or crazy as you cannot dial their number and get told to…

    “Have a hot bath and a milky eggnog”.

    In this manner schizophrenics are being told they are LIARS for explaining the hallucinatory hell they go through hourly.

    They are being told they have mock depression or big fright or sad sad.

    When they just want to die they are being told there is nothing wrong with them so quit complaining. How is this an improvement from being told they are all wrong inside and need persecuted and locked up? Schizophenics have always been societies LEPERS and PARIAHS and so here we go again. Grab your partner here we go round and round the ballroom of indifference heel to toe. Schizophrenia is NOT caused by faulty thinking. Analytical thought won’t put a smile on a person’s face who is being beaten by relentless hallucinations.

    Youth are confusing the concept of mild enjoyable drug induced trips to the ill feeling of uncontrollable unending unstoppable misery of hallucinations and this makes them flippant and narrow minded about the ability to shrug it all off.

    You can shrug off a dripping tap for a week.

    A prison guard can reduce a grown man to a heap of howling by using the same unending nightmare repetative drip.

    Torture is found not in the act but in its ghastly anticipatory anxiety. There is no let up from that startle. Stay startled for a month, six months, a year, and see what being told to have a milky drink does to you. I am not arguing for pills. That is hopeless. The pills help hardly anyone I know. I am not even arguing for the buffoon home treatment teams to spruce up. I am no longer wanting ANY help.

    I just do not want to be told that my illness of schizophrenia is a laughable error of my own independant judgement. To say that the schizophrenic is too thick to know they may have nothing wrong with them is the ultimate slap in the face to the dying.

    People sneer that they have not found the molecule that causes schizophrenia so therefore the schizophrenic must get nannied to drop their diagnosis lest they imbibe a desperate pill that is not good for them. A man desperate for a bottle of whiskey does not get pestered on his way to the pub and nannyingly told he has nothing wrong with him. And he does not get told to drop the glass and toddle off for conversion therapy. People are always getting up to no good and doing risky things to their own health without a barrage of complaints that what they are doing is bad form. So what makes the schizophrenic uniquely different in needing schooled to take a sober good look at themselves “properly”?

    I am telling you that if you want a world of greater wellbeing NOBODY should be schooled out of how ill they feel. If we live in a world that does not recognize that some people are sick then this is a sick world making sick people sicker. Just as much as when it tells millions they are schizophrenic when they are maybe not that.

    Nobody has found the “dysphoria mollecule” and yet people with that hellish distress, which is comparable to my uncontrollable bodily hallucinations even though it is not the same thing, are people who are not quite so readily told their torment does not exist. They are not quite so often told they have been reading the wrong books or letting themselves be beholden to the medical model. They are not nearly as swiftly told that they cannot do risky and drastic things to cope with it, like down a pill or get a massive surgical intervention. These people are thankfully more respected to report exactly who they say they are and what treatment or acceptance they want. It is a blessing that increasingly these fine people are educating others and are now more or less treated like adults who can clearly describe their inner hell and not be so instantly publically shunned and cross examined. Though they have a long way to go to get justice and freedom.

    I understand that some people feel healed by getting rid of the idea that they have anything the matter with them. Some prefer the abuse narrative as an explanation. Fifty percent of schizophrenics say they have NOT been abused. But nowadays with even being looked at oddly on a bus can be traumatizing for some nobody believes that anyone was not abused. It is like no one used to believe their medieval neighbour was not lazy and sinning.

    What is at stake is our faith in each other to be full of HONESTY.

  • Parents in indigenous tribes in places of Africa are not narcissists. Parents in indigenous tribes in places in Africa do not grow boy soldiers.
    Evil does.

    Cradle snatching comes in the form of a general. Your children are already being sold to the shiny bullet and the nazi uniform. You just don’t see it yet.

    But let Mr Matte slowly perform his elegant back pedalling u-turn from all the years he has spent pushing the wicked parent narrative. It is no surprise that the children will listen no more to their loving parents after influencers and talkers have groomed them from hearth and home.

    All the childcare specialists have been dreaming of the MYTH OF THE PERPETUALLY FIXED IDEAL PERSON who comes from THE MYTH OF THE PERFECT HOME but to promote that product they must demonize the less than perfect yet loving parents. Experts in children need to save children from “something” to validate being themselves specialist big oafish children with dewy eyed wonderment at psychotherapy’s promise of salvation from ordinary existential anxt.

    A MOTHER and A FATHER is NOT a wooden paragon of textbook analytical perfection. A MOTHER and A FATHER are not MEANT to be a psychotherapist.


    No psychotherapist is supposed to pick up a child’s shoes from the floor or cool the child’s febrile brow or wash the child’s shitty diapers. Yet psychotherapist’s models of IDEAL PARENTS are being USED in the general’s propaganda. It is a global mission designed to separate children from their parents.

    The word PARENT has become synonymous with the word abuse and not love. This is both due to a very real increase in abuse AND an increase in gaslighting children into believing they have imperfect parents….as if not being a psychotherapist mom or dad is a violation.

    Your children are being abused BOTH ways.

    And CLIMATE CHANGE will be used as the final excuse to part babies from their mammas and daddies.

    Alien mothers and fathers give their children to NOBODY.

    Humans will understand why…one day.

  • Dear TomH,

    There is a very good reason why books have jackets.

    Each book is an experience unto itself. Each book is not meant to hold EVERYONE’s OPINION. Every person on planet Earth. An abundance of books are produced to cater for diverse tastes.

    You have your metaphorical book of fav opinions. You do not want my opinions in your book. I am glad. A world where everyone’s book HAS TO HAVE the exact same opinions would be monotonous. So it is nice to have a selection of books. A choice of books. A choice of fav opinions.

    The trouble with the comments section is it is trying to be a battle of the books. Each person wants to see written only their writing, their word choices, their pet peeves and precious notions. But Lo…

    Along comes a rival, then another rival, then another.

    It is as if these rival books are trying to shred any competing writing, as if trying to edit out what they consider dross that has infiltrated into their chapters.

    Comments sections are tearing up people as if they are mere books.

    Each commenter makes a comment and only wants to see themselves gloriously reflected in it. As if the little reply box were a fabulous Cleopatrian copper mirror. A little lift of mood happens after making a comment. As if clarity wins the book deal. The deal that says you are splendid and wise and all your anguish in life has been for this meaningful moment where you utter into the golden mirror things of outstanding awe and intricacy. But holding up a comment box like it is a restorative mirror, a mirror in which you re-find yourself again and again, from constantly losing who you are, by your having to bow to “logical” critics, becomes a mesmerizing looking glass that obscures the “other” who is reading your comment.

    Is the comment box for your sake or for their sake?

    I ask this philosophically and not meaning “you” as an individual. My use of the word “you” is generic here.

    Is whatever is for your sake the only way they can have whatever is for their sake?

    It is an uncomfortable question. You go on about emotional abuse as perhaps this has damaged whatever was for your sake.

    I have schizophrenia. It is killing me. It is not emotional abuse. I can understand emotional abuse. I can understand cancer and embolisms and toothache. None of those are my pressing concern. They have nothing to do with what is for my sake. Just as schizophrenia has nothing to do with your pressing concerns or whatever is for your sake. We are in completely differents tribes. Our metaphorical books are completely different. They are not meant to read the same. Our books are meant to clash and juxtapose and contradict each other.

    How may we hold together the very different elements we each bring?

    Diaphanous Weeping is not meant to be ThomH and ThomH is not meant to be Daiphanous Weeping.

    Our lives, or sufferings, our solutions for our sufferings are totally unique to each of us.

    Bullying is about pushing the other to think the same and be the same book. Bullying is about neglecting the need for the other to have a voice because that other is seldom witnessed beyond the copper mirror of impressive erudition.

    I can come out with your words.

    You can come out with my words.

    But that would be a sad world impoverished of diversity of belief and feeling and idea.

    MIA began with the ambition to hold all the elements togther. Hold all the unique contradicting individuals together.

    Where ever you find contradiction you are immersed in emancipation.

    It takes courage to let people speak.

    The wounded human tendency is to want to heal self by ensuring that the bookshelf only has one book on it.

    Or the world only has one person in it.

  • Dear L.e. Cox,

    My “I” supports any “free choice” that “I” prefer and this includes any choice I have to like any concept or idea I damn well please. It is called liberation.

    As an “I”, I am also “free” to share my preferred ideas and concepts. It is called having a voice. Something that those who are genuinely and severely ill mentally or severely ill physically are historically often coerced out of airing.

    MIA, as far as its welcome mat appears to explain to ALL site visitors, is an impartial venue for rethinking psychiatry. If it is just about rethinking government then I am in the wrong place. As a rethinker of psychiatry I would like to use words like mental illness in order to explore what these words mean “to me”.

    I think you might be surprised to know how many schizophrenic people are eccentrically conventional. I know some who think the police are miracle Jesus disciples or bunnies dressed up in uniforms. I am saying here that to call their preferences to use words like mental illness “a mental illness” is profoundly rejecting of their basic human right to describe and see their universe in any way they damn well please.

  • https://youtu.be/A4nZy5i-QQY

    ANDERS, lastly I must share this remedy with you. A youtube channel of videos I happened to discover. It is BETTER than ANY antidepressant. Initially you may focus more on the tall thin man who has a rare and unusual way of giving short staccato sentences. I thought he was brusk or austere but after a few videos you realise it is his lovely way of being up front. Meanwhile she, his wife, is so delighted by everything she sees and finds that she makes the world seem valuable and sacred and cherished just for existing.

    Anders, as part of my voyage of spiritual knowing I kept a dream journal for years. I found that the other dimensional realm appeared to me in my sleep state easier than my awake state. In an abundance of those mystifying yet exciting dreams portals would open up and I would be “shown” extraordinary things. The effect is like when you are watching television and during the evening news broadcast suddenly an enigmatic figure appears in place of the newscaster. A jolt occurs and whilst you are still aware of being asleep this wakes you out of your usual stupor and into recognising “something more urgent is going on” in your dream. So you take note of that. I was often “shown” animals. Sentient ones. And I was often “shown” museum artifacts from our planet or distant planets. But I was also “shown” people.

    The mysterious people were always along the same theme. They were aware I was coming aware of their presence, as if I was emerging from anaesthetic yet I was still dreaming. And the people always nodded to me with a fond greeting then continued whatever they were doing. They would be gardening, or painting a beautiful painting, or strolling by a river, or loafing in a vibrantly colourful house, or running the desk of a hotel. Woozy serenity charaterized these meetings. The people were mostly always couples. Two people who were in harmony with one another. Like soul mates. They appeared to me night after night after night for about three months. It was like an initiation of me.

    Into what I am not sure yet.

    The people were just ordinary and human looking. I later had cause to feel that the beings were what we call angels.

    The thing is those angels were not engaged in “saving the planet”. They were not mounting a global campaign. They were not telling anyone what to do or be or what to not do or be. They were not admonishing or deriding anyone. They were not doing amazing speeches. They were not weilding massive books. They were not demonstrating their superior intellect or wisdom. They were not chastising humans. They were not doing anything but simply enjoying themselves in the blissful moment. Really rather Zen. Just revel in the sights and sounds and sensations brought to fruition through the bodily senses. Those angels were not giving preachy “lessons”. They were only able to show by example what makes a lovely life. Life is short. There isn’t time in any one puny life to “fix” the world. It is a waste of time to try. And in fact the breaking of the world has often been caused by people who cannot bed down into gorgeous simplicity. It is easy to get conned into having a fight with yourself and then having a fight with everyone else. Big waste of time.

    The people in this video channel have no interest in complicated. The ego likes complex. These people have no ego. They are supreme beings because they are like a couple of banal children.

    Children are the peace makers.

    Children do not blow up the planet with nuclear missiles.

    And children know the key to happiness is not in a pill but in simplicity of being and an eagerness to play with life as if life is its own adventure and it needs nothing “logical” added to it.

    From the perspective of a lost and forsaken drunk man or an abandonned drug addict, descending into a gutter of abject misery, these angels who do nothing remarkable in life but continuously be the river of love seem holy.

    In all their comments sections they are regailed as being a tonic for flagging spirits. Most are bewildered as to why their videos cheered them up.

    It is often not what is kept in a video or documentary or lesson or life but what is kept out of it.

    The mind is like a garden. It is easy in our era to let it fill with vileness, vulgarity, hatefulness, wickedness and trash.

    One does not have to be religious to keep rubbish out of the garden of the mind.

    Our natural feelings of revulsion or fright or stress offer to do that for us.

    But we are schooled out of listening to our own warning feelings. We cease listening to what our feelings yearn for most.

    Which is often simply harmony.

  • I have the human right to hold my own opinion. A person, any person, may think I hold the “wrong” opinion for their way of perceiving what the “right” opinion “should be”.

    Bear in mind that my opinion is not an act of bullying. It is merely a thought I have arrived at.

    They may proceed to attack my opinion by saying they need to be defending their opinion, which may really be a way of saying I am not allowed to hold my own opinion, or thought or feeling, I have to have theirs.

    Mr Anders is a human being who works in a profession, like school teachers work in a profession, or brick layers work in a profession. Working in a profession does not dehumanize the human being even if they are a sewer cleaner or a ratter or nurse mopping up vomit or street worker. Someone might work in a profession that you have an opinion on, and that is fine. An opinion is an opinion. But if it means they are less than what you think they should be that goes a step beyond a mere opinion and seems to use the same cold “logic” that is always used to single out and oppress any human who belongs by birth or class or choice or mistake to any place or biology or faith or employment and shun them. Usually without ever having met them. This is how some in psychiatry used to get away with dehumanizing.

    The impulse to dehumanize comes from an inability to empathize.

    It is not the duty of the one who is being dehumanized to get the dehumanizer to give them a “logical reason” to “feel emotional”.

    I know of no therapist who is so superhuman that they do not from time to time come out with lame or even insulting trivialities. So WHAT !

    If you read any of my early vintage comments you will see I am of the opinon that a therapist does their finest work when they feel free to offend enough to SPEAK THE TRUTH. Often this is what people want after a lifetime of being deceived by family. This truth talking holds good in any human relationship. I do not mean permission to be a bully. I mean permission to give authentic responses.

    Recent seizing on “words” by bullies means a new orthodoxy has been enshrined that declares “words” are harmful weapons. This is as bad as saying a person’s digestion or breathing is harmful to whoever is in charge. Historically psychiatry victimized humans merely because of their “ill” use of words. Now antipsychiatry is inheriting that lust for power over.