Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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  • I was prescribed zyprexia once for a sleep aid. It did work for that but my son looked it up online and it said it was an anti-psychotic med which seemed outrageous that the MD had prescribed that for sleeping issues. It also said it could make your blood sugar soar,perhaps giving you diabetes. I told the MD who dismissed anything I said. I ceased taking it and just wondered if the MD got a great kickback from the pharmaceutical salesman for prescribing it instead of a simpler cheaper sleeping pill.

  • How do you get a correct diagnosis when your blood panel tests come out “normal” and antibody tests “normal” but you keep getting strange immune system reactions, repeat oral thrush infections, etc. and are eating as healthy as possible, etc. ? Can someone please comment because I have been suffering for several months, losing weight, blood spot on arm appearing, aching legs after walking, exhaustion, must sleep with a med and when tried to skip it had debilitating panic attack like rapid cortisol rush in my body (tried to walk it off, it was totally physical manifestation and used all my willpower to make it leave), face flush episodes. Now, I have red spot on tongue with circle around it (read it could be erythmatous candidiasis; why won’t it stay away?). Dismissed by my family MD since “normal” blood panel test. Don’t know where to turn, body flipping out with what seems like estrogen/thyroid/cancer/immune????? I don’t have a clue……Please comment with suggestions.