Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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  • I would say treatment today initiates a chain reaction of both medium-term worsening of symptoms and longer term difficulties–plus, what is important for the psychiatric and drug industry, the enrolling of another lifetime customer. This is not only how medicine and psychiatry work, it’s how the whole US economy is motivated–profits over people and to hell with health (pun not intended).

    Drugs cause many of the symptoms people accumulate and that then “require ongoing treatment” thus creating a never-ending cycle of drugs, doctors, disease, dysfunction, disability, dollars and (early) death for lives that just can’t seem to get up to speed.

    The drug/psychiatric industry is a major scandal waiting to be exposed by willing reporters, writers, investigators, health care workers, personal advocates, policy makers, (even) lawyers, and of course affected people, families, and community advocates. A noble work needing more participants!

    If you want an example of what’s wrong with the whole ‘mental health’ picture, think of Prozac, which in original trials by Eli Lilly, showed an increase in suicidality by 6-12 times according to Breggin (investigator allowed privileged access to Lilly’s internal documents). Meanwhile Prozac is plugged as an antidepressant, the only one that was approved for use on depression by FDA, although Prozac was #3 drug associated with violence in America in a recent accounting of drug-associated incidents done of the relevant databases.

    There are positive, healthy, rational, largely effective, cheap, and safe alternatives, especially using food and nutrients to power up and support a person’s bio-individual system, but the problem with that (nutrition-based therapy) is that it works too well, so the health care authorities aren’t interested or deathly afraid of it, or “don’t believe it” (since drugs generally have such poor long-term outcomes) or are selfishly not interested in healthy approaches that outcompete theirs and would lose money and customers.

    S0 the “mental health authorities” configure the system so people can’t get the nutrient-based help they need. So what we’re left with is a not-so wonderful, cost-ineffective, unsafe, and unhealthy mess, which I call the sickness-creation and disease-management industry
    Alternatives are desperately needed-the current system is an ongoing allopathic nightmare.

    Yes, people need to be involved in advocating for better, healthier, more humane, group-oriented, and individual cost-effective possibilities for dealing with the troubling illnesses and life challenges we speak of. Get involved people, it’s empowering!