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  • Look, the truth is that the mentally disturbed are a cash crop in western societies and across the globe. This is all about money. The love of money is the root of all evil. All the evil that we as psychiatrist survivors experience is due to the billions of dollars that certain people in our communities derived from our suffering. They got what they love while tormenting us. This is an endemic evil in society fuelled by the senseless greed promoted by Wall Street. Certain individuals saw us as easy targets because we had weak minds at the time of detention. This is exactly the same thing that happened in World War 2 era Germany. The leaders in that society thought they could eliminate the weakest from society and make a huge profit from it, at the same time. The question you as the reader have to ask is, what individuals in our societies are sharing in the profits derived from the suffering of the mentally disturbed?
    The thugs doing their dirty work are counterfeit doctor’s called psychiatrists. These are not Doctors as their specialisation is not a science. Psychiatry is based on subjective opinion rather than fact. They caused us suffering in return for power, prestige, status and career.

  • I live in the Republic of Ireland, and although I knew that electro shock was still used, I thought it was on a voluntary basis. There has been no mention of this in the main stream T.V stations, and any of the big papers. This implies that the establishment is protecting these quack doctors. This is 1942 Germany, all over again. Ireland is guilty of mass violations of human rights against the weakest in its society and this is the legacy of the Chatolic Church, as over 80% of Irish people identify themselves as Chatolic. Add the numbers together and you will see what I mean.

  • Hi Lisa

    I was detained in a psychiatric drug and hold facility myself so I know how it feels to be deceived ,lied to, and manipulated by so called doctors. I live in the Republic of Ireland, and the detentions also happened there. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and now I am in full recovery due to mindfulness based cognitive behavioural therapy (MBCT) without drugs. I am one of the thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people that recover from psychosis each year outside the system and without drugs.

    I am at the point now where I am setting up my first business. I mediated through the full horror of drug withdrawal using mindfulness meditation. I have successfully navigated my way through the same experiences that you have had. So have faith in God and Jesus and turn to mindfulness mediation. Go see a mindfulness based therapist.

    The main action of mindfulness is to non-judgementally observe our reality and all of it inside of us and outside of use. We learn to love ourselves and befriend our bodies. We befriend our universe and let go of the concepts of the past and the future. We only have the present moment and in this moment the trauma, anxiety and stress that’s inducing the psychosis can no longer exist. We are aware that the events that caused these feelings do not exist and the psychotic thoughts cease to exist.

    What is mindfulness? An inexperienced person would point to the meditating monk on the hill or in the monastery and say it is a path to spiritual enlightenment. Others would say that it is a tool to quieten the mind. And many more would say it is a mystical or transcendental experience that yogis experience in the east, particularly in the subcontinent of India. In reality these are only a poor approximation to what the truth on the matter actually is. On the purely scientific level what we can say is that it balances chemical fluctuations in the brain or heals and enhances particular neural pathways in the brain. But these remain as theories that have yet to be proven empirically. Inevitably as practitioners, therapists, or psychologists we must face the abstract qualities of the mind .The qualities that cannot be measured with precise scientific instrumentation or expressed in explicit mathematical proofs. So on the most basic level which is probably the best place to access the mindfulness practice we are left with Jon Kabat Zinns definition of mindfulness as non-judgemental observation or awareness of our thoughts and experiences thus leading use to accept reality as it is without superimposing a false layer of reality on top of the one that already exists. Quit a simple definition but an exceptionally powerful one indeed.

    I would encourage you to buy Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat Zinn and read it. I effectively recovered from drug withdrawal and psychosis using the techniques outlined in the book. I was in horrendous suffering as well from drug withdrawal so I am extremely confident that this practice will enable you to pull through. Have faith and start accepting the experiences you have. Fully experience them, befriend them and after all there’s no point going to war with your body. Have compassion for it.

    I have experienced deep sates of relaxation and peace of mind while experience great pain. This is a paradox in western culture. In the east this idea is accepted. We can be in great pain but at the same time have peace, relaxation, love, joy, and compassion.

    Best regards
    David Corkery B.Eng