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  • I grasped that with the brain in my stomach. What I hope that people will grasp is that the notion of “biochemical individuality” plays right into the hands of psychiatry and is a result of post-modern reductionist thinking that fails to take into consideration that a human being is more than a conglomeration of molecules. And to be frank, nothing is more important than combating the false notions of “mental illness” and “mental health,” because such false notions lead to the abuse, torture, stigmatization, suffering and death of millions of innocent people. In other words, let’s stop quibbling over food and start talking about substantive issues, such as how to combat the psychiatric fiction of notions such as “mental illness” and “mental health.”

  • There are many rude awakenings in the realm of psychiatric fiction. The first shock is to emerge from the myth of “mental illness.” It may be just as much of a shock to emerge from the myth of “mental health.”

  • Equally terrible things are being conducted under the name of “nutrition.” That is something to consider. I know that you are not guilty of this personally, but imagine the suffering of the innocent people who have been labelled as “mentally ill” or with poor “mental health” who are then subjected to strange diets and countless vitamins and holistic remedies to fix their supposedly broken brains. Psychotropic drugs are more harmful, in many ways, but it’s hardly any better to label a person and then throw vitamins at him or her. People need to be educated that they are children of a loving God, and that laws of health can be learned and applied in individual situations without the imposition of psychiatric overlords or even well-meaning nutritionists. It is fine to be healthy, and to teach people what we think health means, but the moment we insert the word “mentally” we have entered the realm of psychiatric fiction.

  • The amazing thing is that I have over 100 brains. Most people only have only one brain – their stomach. Some have two: their brain and their stomach. The third brain I need not mention. If you allow me to call forth my 98 other brains to help with this question… and if we must begin to think holistically… then we need to think what “holistically” means. When we are talking about a human being, what are we talking about? Is a human being a mass of atoms, molecules, and cells that function on a biological level in a random universe for no apparent reason? What is man? This takes us back to classical Greece, to the time when Socrates called forth philosophy from the heavens, and began to interrogate the “wise” of Athens. There were some atomists among the ancients, such as Epicurus and Lucretius and Democritus, but Socrates was skeptical of most everything. Plato and Aristotle understood that man is a teleological, or purposeful being. How did we get to the point in post-modern times when human beings are considered merely as a conglomeration of particles? I will let my other 99 brains rest while I eat a Snickers bar that I bought at Walmart.

  • Now I’m going to go eat a Snickers bar and some ice cream after a meal of pizza and soda. FREEEEEDDDDDOOOOOMMMM!

    If people were as passionate about liberty as they were about nutrition, perhaps the nutrition would take care of itself.

  • Case not closed. Feeling better, eating well, proper diet, nutrition, exercise and sleep are one thing. The mysterious “mental health” is another. It is wonderful that you understand proper nutrition, and that you help people understand proper nutrition. That is commendable. Why not call that nutrition education? Your claim that “mental health does exist” is highly dubious. Easter bunnies exist, perhaps, and tooth-fairies, and Santa Claus. But what evidence do you have that such a thing as “mental health” exists? The definition that you offer is highly questionable. The ability to form good relationships with oneself, with family, with community and with God… that’s completely in line with psychiatry. Psychiatry is the medicalization of behavior. Why support that, even indirectly? Of course you are perfectly free to make up definitions for inchoate concepts, and I defend your right to do so. As Thomas Szasz once put it “In the animal kingdom, the rule is, eat or be eaten; in the human kingdom, define or be defined.” As soon as a person asserts the category of “mental health,” no one in their right mind would choose to exclude themselves from the category. We are the “mentally healthy” ones, whereas those with poor diet, nutrition and exercise are the “mentally ill” that have “broken brains” that we must fix. If you were just someone who helps people understand what proper nutrition is, you might be a nutritionist. But that’s not what you are claiming. You are claiming to be a nutritionist who knows not only what “mental health” is, but who also has the tools to provide it. It has nothing to do with being a joyful human. There are plenty of joyful humans who help others and who impart joy without labeling others as “mentally ill” or “mentally healthy.” Don’t get me wrong, it is great that you enjoy proper nutrition and that you think that others should enjoy it as well. That is wonderful. But the case is not closed concerning “mental health.” That is still an open question, and there are some very smart people who consider that “mental health,” like “mental illness,” belongs in the same category as Easter Bunny, Tooth-Fairy, and Santa Claus. And Elizabeth, let me make it clear that I mean no offense, and I think that your work in the area of nutrition is very valuable. From your story it seems that you are on the right track, and that you have discovered many valuable things about the fiction of “mental illness.” Perhaps the next step is to question the paradigm of “mental health” that psychiatry advances along with the rest of its propaganda. In any case, no hard feelings, and best of luck, especially in gardening and reading. 🙂

  • No. Please. Just, no. Someone please set the record straight here. How do we make the illogical leap from the myth of “mental illness” to confirming that there is such a thing as a mysterious “mental health” that depends upon nutrition. Once a person understands that “mental illness” is a myth it should go without saying that “mental health” is likewise a myth. The sooner we get rid of “mental illness” and “mental health,” the sooner people start minding their own business instead of going around trying to “cure” people. If we want to talk about the health of the body or the brain, and the importance of healthy nutrition, that is fine. But for heaven’s sake, let’s not pretend that we object to the biological model of psychiatry only to replace it with our own biological model.

    Please people. I beg you. Please read Thomas Szasz. Read Breggin. Read Whitaker. Read. And please discard these silly notions of “broken brains” and “mental health” and all other such nonsense. When will people start minding their own business and leave these poor suffering people alone, or at least show them that their brains are great, their bodies are great, their minds are great, and their souls are great. “For God hath not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a SOUND MIND.” Everything else is nonsense.

    Of course people suffer. Of course people should eat healthy food and take care of themselves. But that is a choice that people need to make for themselves, through education and not by the tyranny of psychiatry or any of its off-shoot replacements. The sooner that psychiatry and the “mental health” industry go, the sooner health will flourish, and the sooner that well-meaning “health care” workers can put their energy into worthwhile pursuits such as gardening or educating themselves.

    Of course people will feel better if they have proper diet, nutrition, sleep and exercise. But the problem is that there are vast hordes of busybodies who are convincing everyone that their brains are broken. Please. I beg you. Make it stop. Eat good food. Exercise. Sleep. And most of all, Slay the Dragon of Psychiatry.

  • “As Robbins and his co-authors write, a movement to recreate diagnostic classification systems has birthed novel ideas and alternative classification system proposals.”

    Here’s a novel idea: STOP MAKING UP FAKE DISEASES TO RAKE IN FILTHY LUCRE AT THE EXPENSE OF REAL HUMAN SUFFERING! It’s just plain evil, and everyone who understands anything about psychiatry knows it. END PSYCHIATRY. The sooner that psychiatry is abolished, and the sooner that the DSM and every idea of an “alternative” is extinguished, the sooner health and freedom and happiness will flourish.

    Here’s an alternative: The alternative to psychiatry is health. Here’s another: The alternative to psychiatry is liberty. Here’s one more: The alternative to psychiatry is happiness. In sum, the alternative to psychiatry is life. Slay the Dragon of Psychiatry.

  • If a person reads and understands Szasz, he or she will understand that a “mental disorder” does not correspond to any biological reality, but that it is a myth or a metaphor. There is no such thing as an actual “mental disorder” any more than there is such a thing as an Easter bunny. Psychiatry is the very definition of madness. It is antithetical to reason because it is an institution that is based on the pseudo-medical justification of torture, drugging, involuntary incarceration, and the stigmatization of the innocent. This should come as no surprise when a person considers the thinking and the character of the founders of psychiatry. Charcot’s chicanery, Freud’s fraudulence, Jung’s errors, Bleuler’s blunders, Kraeplin’s calumny and the mendacity of Mesmer and many others combined to create the behemoth that now subjugates, oppresses and obliterates millions of innocent people on a daily basis.

    Think of the word “psychiatry.” A simple reflection on the etymology ought to deter anyone from ever exploring the field as a legitimate discipline. What does it mean? From the Greek “psyche,” meaning “mind” or “soul,” and “iatros,” meaning “healing” or “cure.” As Szasz makes clear in many of his books, the role that was once played by false priests and clergymen has assumed a new form in psychiatry. As Szasz also makes clear, psychiatry is comprised of fake physicians who “diagnose” fake diseases in fake patients in a drama that used to belong to priests and laymen. Modern psychiatry has added psychotropic drugs, Electro shock torture, and a fake Bible of fictitious “illnesses” to augment its own authority and prestige, and to line its pockets with that filthy lucre that corrupts. What a great partner has been found in the pharmaceutical industry. It is a match made in Heaven’s counterpart.

    Of course “mental disorders” are not diseases. They are no more diseases than Easter bunnies are furry little mammals. They are no more diseases than tooth fairies are dentists. Szasz may be a bit confused in his atheism and his libertarianism, but he is right that liberty and responsibility are foundational to human life, and he is right about the history of psychiatry and all that it entails. If people could read and understand the simple truths that Szasz communicates in his books, then they would no longer be blinded by the inanities and the propaganda of the psycho-pharmaceutical industrial complex or threat of the therapeutic state. Psychiatry is, as one of the titles of Szasz’s books proclaims, the science of lies. It is like a gargantuan, scaly, fire-breathing monster that cannot be reformed or revolutionized. Just as in the legends and tales, it must be defeated. We must work together to slay the dragon of psychiatry.

  • Once again, Old Head and Bonnie hit the proverbial nail on the head. Fortunately for the world, the Founding Fathers resisted British tyranny. Fortunately for the world, Lincoln abolished slavery. Fortunately for the world, Churchill anticipated the destructive forces of Hitler and the Nazis long before anyone else, and he had the courage not only to speak the truth but to lead the Allied Forces to victory. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am grateful for the great work that Robert Whitaker and others have done and are doing. But we need to speak the truth about psychiatry, and to work toward the abolition of psychiatry because psychiatry is tantamount to slavery. Whether in its blatant forms, such as forced incarceration, drugging and torture, or in its more subtle forms, such as inculpating the innocent and exculpating the guilty, psychiatry is slavery. Moreover, psychiatry is a particularly terrible form of slavery because it carries out its coercion under the guise of medicine. It is oppression masquerading as compassion.

    “Of all tyrannies,” wrote C.S. Lewis, “a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.” This modern form of tyranny is in some ways more destructive than the tyrannies of antiquity or even the tyrannies of totalitarianism because when it deprives people of their liberty it does so behind a facade of benevolence. Lewis continues: “It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” In short, it may assuage our conscience for a time to work on behalf of a revolution in psychiatry, and such a course temporarily may appear superior to indifference or to the promotion of psychiatry. But sooner or later we need to come to grips with the reality that human beings are being tortured, drugged and killed by their alleged caregivers, often unbeknownst to either the victim or the perpetrator of the crime. Those who know the truth about psychiatry have a responsibility to speak the truth, and where courage is strong, to lead the way for the victory of liberty over oppression.

    Thank you for the work that you are doing to expose the mendacity of psychiatry, the fraudulence of the psycho-pharmeutical industrial complex, and the threat of the therapeutic state. Szasz understood this threat many decades ago, but sadly his voice has been neglected or rejected. With the advantage of historical hindsight, no one in their right mind would advocate a treaty with the tyrannical King George III, a reformation of slavery in the South, or a revolution in Naziism. How can the truth be told in plainer terms? Psychiatry is slavery, slavery is evil, and evil appeased is not evil opposed. While I certainly do not call for violence, let us labor to set the people free. Let us Slay the Dragon of Psychiatry.

  • Once again, Dr. Hickey strikes the bull’s-eye. Well done. Keep up the good work.

    Do Frances and his fraudulent friends fathom the suffering that they are inflicting upon millions of innocent children? Are they aware that the Savior of the world has given a special warning to those who dare to offend his little ones? If not, they should be made aware as soon as humanly possible.

    “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Matthew 18:6)

    The Lord doesn’t mince words, and He invites all men everywhere to repent.

  • Throwing Nietzsche quotes around won’t deter those who have fought the dragon and gazed into the abyss. Of course people want simple answers, but the truth is too simple to bear. The comforting lie that “mental illness” is the cause of human distress may seem simple, but psychiatry does not answer the problem of madness. Psychiatry manufactures madness. Unfortunately it is a hot commodity.

  • The truth is that psychiatry has always been rotten to the core. Psychiatry is not a healing profession, because it doesn’t heal, and because it isn’t a profession. It is a dangerous form of quackery. Sadly, psychiatrists don’t know this, and their victims certainly don’t either. The ignorance is so profound, and the idiocy so pervasive, that the fraudulence of Freud, the chicanery of Charcot, the mendacity of Mesmer, and the jargon of Jung spread rampantly and unabated throughout the country, and throughout the earth. The dragon of psychiatry cannot be fixed, tamed, rethought or reformed. Like all dragons, it must be slain. I am not advocating violence, but justice would be served by placing the dragon of psychiatry on its own proverbial couch, and by administering poisonous drugs through its fanged and bloody maw until it became a lifeless mass of skin and scales. When will the world begin to understand that the surest route to healing, to health, to freedom, to peace, is to slay the dragon of psychiatry? Thank you for resigning. That is a step in the right direction, both for you and for the victims of psychiatry.

  • I would like to volunteer my services to the cause. I can help “rethink” psychiatry.

    Also, when is the feature length film, or the blockbuster movie on the history of psychiatry going to be made?

  • No offense, but it is mind boggling that people can read Whitaker’s books, understand the truth, and still perpetuate the same nonsense that psychiatry has been peddling for decades. Simply. Mind. Boggling. Why is it still unclear that the sooner psychiatry is eradicated from the face of the earth, the sooner health will bloom and grow? Baffling. Just. Baffling. Heaven help us.

  • Psychiatry is like a great, fire-breathing dragon that must be slain. It is good to see the warriors uniting in the cause of freedom, because this is a battle for freedom, and a battle against coercion and slavery. We can learn from the lessons of the past. How did the American colonists gain their independence from the tyranny of Great Britain? How did Abraham Lincoln contribute to the emancipation of the slaves? How did Churchill and the Allied Forces defeat Hitler and the Nazis? How does good triumph over evil, and how does freedom triumph over oppression in any epoch? There is a chink in the dragon’s armored scales, but our aim must be true, our arrow sharp, and our shot precise. Let us with courage go on to slay the dragon of psychiatry. Happy New Year.

  • More metaphors. “Psychological symptoms.” “A way forward.” Is there anyone out there who is actually listening? Is there anyone in Mad in America who understands what this is really all about? Good grief. Willful ignorance is incurable. Not even the best vitamins could fix it.

  • You speak in mysterious metaphors. It is a radical claim that one can “tune” the brain, but it is even more radical to insist that “tuning” the brain will “tune” the mind. But even if such “tuning” could be accomplished, would the tuning be sufficient to help the “tuners” to “tune” in to the real questions? Perhaps not.

  • It is wonderful that there are people who study nutrition. It is a real topic of study. There are actual nutrients that can be examined.

    But “Mental Health”? What is that? Is it anything more than a metaphor?

    When we speak about the human mind, the adjective derived from the word “mind” is “mental,” but the word “mental” and the word “mind” are not referring to an organ. The organ, one that is miraculous, mysterious, and rarely used to its full capacity, is called the “brain.” It is important to understand the difference between the two, and how one relates to the other.

    When a human being ingests nutrients or micronutrients, these particles may benefit the organ that is called the “brain.” This is certainly a wonderful thing. Human beings should eat well, exercise, and get plenty of deep sleep. We should take care of all of our organs. We should thank God for the miracle of the human body, and the miracle of the organ known as the brain.

    But we should also exercise our minds until they are capable of producing thoughts that coincide with reality. As we exercise the mind, it might become strong enough to ask questions such as: What is “mental health”? Is it a measurable thing? What is the mind? Perhaps if we eat more spinach, we can then ask the question: What is psychology? Who were the foundational thinkers of psychology? Were they good people? Why? or Why not?

    We might even begin to ask: What is psychiatry? What is the history of psychiatry? Has anything good come of it?

    These are questions that might be asked by strong minds even when the organs are deficient in micronutrients. In fact, even to a nutrient deficient brain, the answers to these questions might come through study and reflection. Certainly good nutrition is a desirable thing, but the answers to these questions would remind the person, whether his or her brain is swimming with micronutrients or not, that as wonderful as micronutrients are, they can never truly solve metaphysical problems. Micronutrients do not correspond with metaphors such as “mental health” or “mental illness.”

    It seems as though no matter how many micronutrients a person consumes, he or she may never fully exercise his or her mind to the extent that it produces the kind of thinking that would allow him or her to answer more fundamental questions. The answers to the more fundamental questions would make the question of micronutrients obsolete, or at least the answers would relegate the study of micronutrients to its proper field, namely, the health of the physical body and the organs thereof.

    In other words, until one is able to answer the question: What is mental health? or What is mental illness? He or she has not begun to think clearly. What use are micronutrients to brains if people refuse to use their minds?

  • “Historically, one of the most powerful political weapons in the struggle to abolish slavery was Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which became the second best-selling book (behind only the Bible) of the nineteenth century and was also turned into a play. In recent times, nothing is more important in shaping public opinion than film and television.”

    This is the key. The legendary little woman who wrote the book that started the great war had her finger on the pulse of the nation. Her book fueled the righteous indignation of the nation’s freedom-lovers, and it exposed the evil of slavery to the light of day. Szasz, Whitaker, Breggin and others have effectively exposed the nefarious nature of psychiatry to a select few, but where is the modern day “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” that will ignite the flame of freedom in the hearts of the masses? Where is the Harriet Beecher Stowe that will abolish psychiatric slavery and demolish the psycho-pharmaceutical industrial complex? Who will slay the dragon of psychiatry?

  • “Dear MIA readers, thank you for all the interesting comments. We are, however, always struck by the huge number of negative comments we receive on our blogs. Our research confirms what many of you are saying: there is suffering that can be alleviated by means other than medications.”

    Julia, some are saying this, but many others are saying something that hasn’t quite registered: There is suffering that can be alleviated by eliminating psychiatric oppression. Let people take vitamins, by all means. Let people eat healthy, exercise, and take care of themselves. Great. But please take note of the fact that suffering cannot be effectively alleviated until the root causes are correctly understood. Even then, removing suffering isn’t always a good idea. Psychiatry CAUSES the very problems that it is alleged to resolve, and throwing vitamins at people who have been ostracized and labeled with harmful psychiatric diagnosis may actually exacerbate the problem. Telling a kid that his brain is broken, that he’s mentally ill, that he is ADHD, Bipolar or Schizophrenic, and then trying to fix him is not going to help. No amount of vitamins can resolve the real dilemma: psychiatry is marketing madness. Whether with drugs or with pig pills, psychiatry perpetuates the myths that harm millions of innocent people.

    On positive thing that vitamins may accomplish, however, is that they may be helpful to those who are trying to withdraw from psychotropic drugs. People should have that options available to them, as long as they are not “prescribed” as some sort of a “cure” for fictitious “mental illnesses.” Does that make sense? I hope so. Otherwise the myth of mental illness carries on under the new guise of vitamins.

    Here is a quote, something to ponder in addition to the C.S. Lewis quote above, from the devil Mephistopheles in Goethe’s Faust:

    “I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good. . . .”

    A more fitting description of psychiatry could not be found.

  • The question is what does “work” mean? Like I said, I’m fine with nutrients, micronutrients, macronutrients and any kind of nutrients. By all means, eat nutrients. Sell nutrients. Be nutritious. But when you mention the word “work” are you implying that there is really such a thing as “mental illness”? Sure nutrients are good for you. No one contests that. But why should the psychopharmaceutical industrial complex manage our nutrients? I quote Thomas Szasz because he was one of the few individuals who was brave enough to point out the simple truth that mental illness is a myth. There’s nothing hyperbolic about that fact. The hyperbole rests with psychiatry and the manufacturers of madness.

    Where is your evidence that mental illness exists?

  • Why couldn’t you “get through” a C.S. Lewis book? Perhaps start with some of his fiction, The Space Trilogy, or The Chronicles of Narnia. Mere Christianity is pretty basic too, or the Screwtape Letters. Maybe you prefer Tolkien to Lewis. If not, maybe you would rather read the books of those who influenced the likes of Lewis, such as G.K. Chesterton and George MacDonald. The Abolition of Man is a short read, and one of Lewis’ best books, and that book explains why people who see what Lewis is talking about will see it, whereas those who don’t see it, won’t. I hope that was helpful. 🙂

  • People from countries outside of the U.S., the U.K. and Australia understand that the “mental health” system is completely bogus. They grew up understanding that health is a matter of taking care of yourself, eating well, sleeping well, exercising, and remaining positive. They don’t buy into these oppressive Western medical paradigms, and they are much healthier for it. Has anyone here read the book “Crazy Like Us” by Ethan Watters?

  • Finally, who here knows the history of “micronutrients” in connection with so-called “mental illness”? If you don’t know the story of the Canadian pigs, then you are only scratching the surface of this hoax. Don’t get me wrong. Take your vitamins. Eat healthy food. Exercise. Sleep well. But just stop trying to pretend that psychiatry is a respectable trade that helps people. Thanks.

  • “So we wonder; are psychiatrists truly ready to choose as their primary treatment the use of nutrients and other lifestyle interventions that cause no harm and often result in benefit?”

    Can an entire profession really be so dense as to wonder whether or not vitamins are better for the body and the brain than drugs are? How clueless can people be?

    No one in their right mind opposes proper nutrition or harmless vitamins for improving and maintaining overall health. Nevertheless, the “micronutrient” fad is just another attempt to justify the existence of pseudo-scientific psychiatry.

  • “Interestingly, the room for that session was packed to overflowing, showing that some psychiatrists are genuinely interested in non-pharmaceutical approaches.”

    Granted, it would be better for psychiatrists to be armed with harmless vitamins with a fancy name than with the psychotropic chemical bombs that they usually wield. But this hardly addresses the real problem. Whether psychiatrists are labelling and drugging, or labelling and throwing micronutrients at what they perceive to be deviant behavior or unwanted symptoms, the fact remains that psychiatrists are still perpetuating the harmful paradigm of coercion that draws legitamacy from the myth of mental illness.

  • “There were also two talks on diet as prescription, great advice on how to manipulate diet to improve the mental health of patients… ”

    Can anyone here actually give a definition of “mental health”? It is the biggest hoax in history. Mental health and mental illness exist in the same way that unicorns, leprechauns, and the lochness monster exist. The idea that there is some sort of moral police out there to ensure that everyone improves his or her so-called “mental health” is Orwellian in the extreme. It’s absolute nonsense, and yet a room packed with hundreds of psychiatrists buys into the ruse as if it were fact.

  • This “micronutrient” fad deserves a more detailed response than I can give it in one comment. Where do I begin? Let me first address the title of this article. “Psychiatrists May be Ready to Learn About Treating With Micronutrients.” Lest it is not abundantly clear to everyone reading the Mad in America website, the word “treating” is one of the worst euphemisms of psychiatry. It is a lie. Psychiatry does not “treat” any “mental illness.” The reason for this is simple. There is no such thing as “mental illness” and the “treatment” used on the so-called “mentally ill” is more akin to torture and abuse than it is to healing.

    Next, we need to look at the word “micronutrient.” It is such a fancy, highfalutin term that a lot of people will be impressed or intimidated by it. Some might even begin to believe that psychiatry has actual solutions to real problems. Doctors and psychiatrists might become giddy when they can use words like “micronutrients” because they will suppose that such vocabulary lends legitimacy to their oppressive enterprise.

    Sadly, a lot of people fall into this trap, because they just assume that doctors and psychiatrist must know what they are talking about. If anything from the history of psychiatry is clear, it is that psychiatrists are not really doctors, and that they don’t really heal people. Fancy “micronutrients” may be less harmful than toxic chemicals in the form of pills, but it’s just another tool in the method of oppression.

  • It’s time to quote C.S. Lewis once again, until the point gets across:

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be ‘cured’ against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.”

    Read this over and over again. Ponder its meaning.

  • “Kurt was falsely defined as having the made up brain disease – ADHD and was given Ritalin at a young age.”

    There’s your answer. People are resilient, and can often survive terrible abuse and neglect. Once you introduce drugs and false diagnoses, the journey becomes much more difficult. Psychiatry, or the psychopharmaceutical industrial complex in general, is creating an entire generation of Cobains. The irony, of course, is that psychiatry poses as the solution to the very problems it creates.

    This is not to say that broken homes and neglect do not account for much suffering, rather, such suffering is much more easily overcome without the added afflictions of drugs and psychiatric labels.

    Kurt Cobain was probably just like any other talented kid who could have blossomed in a loving home as long as he was free from psychotropic drugs. Perhaps he cannot be blamed for how he dealt with the injustices. Whatever his own “narcissism,” the real narcissists are those who occupy seats in the psychopharmaceutical industrial complex and think it their duty to diagnose and analyze those who suffer as a result of “medicine” and “treatment.”

  • “Child Mind Institute Insists Its Mental Illness Numbers are ‘Real'”

    Lies, lies, and more lies. And why on earth is there an organization called the “Child Mind Institute.” Furthermore, why on earth would such an institution, with such a terrible name, have any credibility whatsoever.

    There is exactly 0% of the world’s population that is mentally ill, because “mental illness” is the biggest hoax of all time. People do become very sick because of false diagnoses, psychotropic drugs, and abusive, coercive, incarceration. But those promoting the “mental illness” epidemic are either fools or evil.

    It doesn’t matter whether or not these psychiatrists are receiving money directly from Big Pharma. They are getting paid to cause suffering, and that is wrong. Obviously the psychopharmaceutical industrial complex depends upon convincing people that they are “mentally ill” and then drugging them until their symptoms match the false diagnoses. The only “epidemic” out there is the one cause directly by psychiatry. Eradicate psychiatry, eliminate psychotropic drugs, and watch the epidemic disappear. Slay the Dragon of Psychiatry.

  • Of course these drugs are effective. Think of how effective they are! They killed Robin Williams. They caused the Germanwings disaster. They have caused countless murders and suicides. They are very effective in the purpose for which they were designed: to accrue filthy lucre for psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies. These drugs ARE effective, just not in the way that they are supposed to be.

  • “The Federal Aviation Administration has created a panel of government and industry officials to recommend ways to improve the evaluation of pilots’ fitness to fly.”

    Great. Just what we need. More uninformed or misinformed bureaucrats. The process could so easily be simplified: ban psychotropic drugs. These screenings will do nothing more than bring more pilots in for psychiatric “treatment,” and then these pilots will be administered more psychotropic drugs. Then we will have entire fleets of Lubitz-like pilots.

  • “after noticing that coercively or forcefully medicating people who were homeless and mentally ill didn’t seem to help”

    That is odd. Doesn’t coercively or forcefully medicating people usually help people?

    The drugging and psychiatric labeling of the homeless and the elderly is second only in evil to the drugging and psychiatric labeling of children. These are crimes against humanity and ought to be dealt with accordingly.

    When the truth comes out, and the lies of psychiatry are exposed, what kind of punishment would be just? After, these are examples of abuse and sometimes murder. Will prisons be able to hold all of the representatives of the psychopharmaceutical industrial complex? Will capital punishment be enough of a deterrant to future crimes against humanity?

  • “Antipsychotics Safe During Pregnancy, After Corrective Algorithm”

    Here is a list of other things that are now safe after the corrective algorithm:

    1. sky-diving without a parachute
    2. driving a car at top speed going the opposite way on the highway
    3. putting your face in front of the pitching machine in batting cages
    4. befriending members of ISIS
    5. challenging Krav Maga experts to a fight
    6. taste testing different flavors of anthrax
    7. flying with Andreas Lubitz

  • It is enough to drug toddlers and infants. In the quest to drug every living thing, the psychopharmaceutical industrial complex now reaches into the womb.

    What about drugging plants? Tree? Insects? Fish? Birds?

    For heavens sake, why limit ourselves to drugging human beings when there is so much life that can be destroyed.

    What about drugging the moon, or planets? NASA should get involved so that future colonies on Mars have ready access to prescriptions.

    Drugging children is pure evil. Drugging pregnant women… now that would make the Devil himself tremble.

    Slay the Dragon of Psychiatry.

  • Three cheers for PHILIP HICKEY, PHD. Hip hip, hooray! Hip hip, hooray! Hip hip, hooray!

    Dr. Hickey is among the most enlightened and thorough writers of the Mad in America community, and ought to be commended.

    That poor “right-handed” woman is being abused and tortured, and someone needs to put a stop to it. I would hate to think what they would have done to her if she had been left-handed.

  • In the Occupational Outlook Handbook, psychiatry is listed among the highest paying professions ($173,330 per year):

    Mental Health Counselors make a whopping average of $41,500 per year or $19.95 per hour:

    Psychiatric Technicians and Aids make, on average, $27,440 per year or $13.19 per hour

    Pharmacists, $116,670 per year or $56.09 per hour:

    The search for the term “mafia” rendered no results.

  • The problem is not just that psychiatrists and others enlisted under the aegis of the psychopharmaceutical industrial complex are making exorbitant amounts of money. The real problem is that they are making any money at all. The therapeutic state has devised a way of incentivizing the subjugation and torture of its citizens. Although many good people with good intentions are employed (mostly unwittingly) by the therapeutic state, every dirty cent of the oppressive “mental health” apparatus subsidizes the suffering of untold millions of people.

  • Again, underpinning all of this is the false notion of “mental illness.” It is a hoax, a plague of epic purportions. If the psychopharmaceutical industrial complex and the therapeutic state can convince citizens of the myth of mental illness, it will ensure their absolute domination. A population kept in constant fear through “anxiety,” “depression,” “bipolar disorder,” “ADHD,” the attendent psychotropic drugs, and incarceration, is a population that is easy to control. The dragon of psychiatry rejoices over her precious hoard of money, but she also rejoices over the slaves that she brings within her evil grasp. Slay the Dragon of Psychiatry.

  • Good points Alex. I’ve quoted C.S. Lewis before, but it bears repeating:
    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

  • Oh no… all those dangerous children on the loose now? We’d better restrain those innocent infants and toddlers before they go on the rampage.

    Who are the emotionally disturbed ones here, the children being harmed, or the people who think that restraining children is a good thing?

    This infuriates me. Harm an adult, and I am upset. Harm a homeless person or an elderly person, and I am angry. Harm a child, and I am furious.

    Read that title again, slowly. Yes, you read it correctly: “Use of Restraints and Seclusion on Children Can Be Dramatically Reduced.”

    In the future will we be reading titles like: “Use of torture and abuse can be dramatically reduced”? or “Use of forcible sedation and isolation can be dramatically reduced”?

    Give me a break. Slay the Dragon of Psychiatry

  • “That might provide Slaying_the_Dragon_of_Psychiatry with something of an answer, even if it isn’t a fully welcome one.”

    I appreciate the time and the effort that it took to attempt a response, but your article completely avoided the questions: “What is madness?” and “What is mental illness?” Civilization hangs in the balance. Those who claim the power to define “madness” or “mental illness” also assert their power to oppress. Is it any wonder that the prophets of old, and even Christ Himself were persecuted, mocked, killed and crucified? They spoke the truth, and for this reason they were called “mad.”

    The answers to the questions: “What is madness?” and “What is mental illness?” are found in the writings of Thomas Szasz. Mental illness is a myth of epic proportions, and as long as the public remains blinded to this reality, the oppression will continue.

    I urge all who read this to read “The Myth of Mental Illness” and then to join in the noble quest to Slay the Dragon of Psychiatry. Psychiatry does not need to be “reconsidered.” It must be abolished.

  • “Slaying_the_Dragon’s comments, along with many others from people with experience of contemporary mental health services emphasise how often “modern” mental health services do no better than their historical counterparts.”

    Am I still failing to be clear? There is no such thing as “mental health services,” and the modern version of psychiatry is, if anything, more insidious than its historical counterpart.

    “A century of medical psychiatry has achieved very little.”–

    Au contraire. A century of medical psychiatry has achieved the abuse, torture, and murder of thousands upon thousands of innocent people, including children, the homeless, and the elderly. It has accomplished what is perhaps the greatest hoax in history by convincing an entire society of the myth of mental illness and the false diagnosis of chemical imbalances. It has achieved the great status that is set out to achieve, at the expense of human lives and much misery. Medical psychiatry has accomplished more evil than our word processing machines are able to write.

  • “That is not to say experiences they may have suffered were not and could still be unpleasant, disabling and experienced as oppressive.”

    Notice the clever turn of phrase “experienced as oppressive.” Psychiatry is as “unpleasant” as poison, “disabling” as abuse, and “oppressive” as a totalitarian government. Oppression is experienced as oppressive by those who are legitimately oppressed. The oppressors obviously don’t experience the oppression in the same way. In fact, sick though it is, some oppressors seem to enjoy the art of oppressing, and not just for the sake of financial benefits.

  • Finally, I’ll address the arrogantly dismissive conclusion of the paragraph, “these are unlikely to have been real medieval priests casting out demons, the physically harsh environment of an eighteenth century madhouse or a trans-orbital prefrontal leucotomy performed by Walter Freeman.”

    “Medieval priests” were saints in comparison to modern psychiatrists. The “physically harsh environments of an eighteenth century madhouse” were 5-star hotels in comparison to the kind of sophisticated, pseudo-scientific centers of torture that have acquired the euphemistic title of “hospitals.” The trans-orbital prefrontal leucotomies of Walter Freeman were love taps compared to the excruciatingly painful chemical lobotomies that are the direct result of forced psychotropic drugging. Medieval and early psychiatric torture was horrendous and evil, but it wasn’t always as hidden as it is today. Now the torture that takes place is called “treatment” and the oppression is called “care.”

  • “Whatever unpleasant experiences Slaying_the_Dragon may have suffered in their career as a mental health service user, these are unlikely to have been real medieval priests casting out demons, the physically harsh environment of an eighteenth century madhouse or a trans-orbital prefrontal leucotomy performed by Walter Freeman.”

    Is shaming, belittling and discrediting those who suffer part of your “rewarding and fulfilling way of earning a living”? Let me spell it out in case the irony of your statement is not clear to you. In psychiatry, the euphemistic term “unpleasant” may stand for a variety of tortures, and in many ways, modern psychiatric torture exceeds in severity that of medieval and medicine and early psychiatry. These claims are supported by any of the accurate, non-apologetic, historical records of psychiatry (see Szasz, Breggin, Whitaker, etc.).

    Next. let us analyze the euphemistic “career as a mental health service user.” Could anyone think of a more demeaning way to refer to victims of torture and abuse? Would we refer to a rape victim as one who has had a “career as a forced-sex service user”? Would we refer to a murder victim as one who has simply benefited from their “career as a life-ending service user?” Perhaps many Africans of early American history experienced a distinguished “career as slavery service users.” Did the Jews that were consumed in by the fires of the Holocaust just finish up their “career as Nazi gas chamber service users”? I think not.

    The phrase “mental health service user” is not only demeaning, it is completely illogical. The notion that there is any such thing as a measurable “mental health” is almost as absurd as the myth of so-called “mental illness.” This conundrum is exacerbated by applying the misleading term “service.” Let me be absolutely clear about this. The psycho-pharmaceautical industrial complex does no service except to its own bank account. The oppressive apparatus of psychiatry serves only its own guild interests and the wallets of its chieftains. If that is unclear, please refer to Robert Whitaker’s and Lisa Cosgrove’s most recent book “Psychiatry Under the Influence.” Last of all, let us consider the term “user.” The vast majority of innocent victims who are sucked into the psychiatric machine of oppression have no idea what they are “using.” They are not using anything that helps… they are being used. The phrase “mental health service user” needs to be stricken from our vocabulary. Let it become a relic of the religion of psychiatry, along with the myriad other harmful terms. Szasz was indeed right when he concluded that “In the animal kingdom, the rule is, eat or be eaten; in the human kingdom, define or be defined.”

  • “How can we better understand what we are dealing with here, and how might Andrew Scull’s recent contribution help with that?”

    The first step consists in not avoiding the question. The question is “What is madness?” or more specifically, “What is mental illness?” The reason why I had to answer my own question is that few have yet proven capable of answering the question correctly.

  • “I haven’t suffered the pain and distress of being one with ‘mental illness’ that I see in so many that come to me seeking help, meet at conferences or read about in pages such as MIA but it is not difficult to understand Slaying_the_Dragon_of _Psychiatry’s frustration.”

    Apparently it is difficult to understand, because, like Philip Thomas, MD, you have almost completely missed the point. The reason why you have not “suffered the pain and distress of being one with ‘mental illness'” is obvious. You have been, and still are on the side that is inflicting the pain and distress. I do not fault you for this, because it is often done in ignorance. Repentance and forgiveness are available for all of us.

  • In which brave new world do people actually believe that any sort of a “program” is going to prevent depression? It would be like creating a program to prevent heavy drinkers from getting drunk, or a program to prevent chain smokers from getting lung cancer. Absolute nonsense. Psychotropic drugs create depression. Period.

    If you don’t want kids to be depressed, let me make a simple suggestion. STOP DRUGGING THEM! STOP DIAGNOSING THEM WITH FICTITIOUS DISEASES! While I’m at it, let me make another simple suggestion. Instead of creating elaborate programs to prevent depression, why don’t fathers and mothers start loving each other and their children so that they develop a naturally healthy sense of self-respect and dignity.

    Enough of this psychiatric, big brother, ministry of love malarky! Slay the dragon of psychiatry.

  • Psychotropic drugs cause suicide, and “mental health” workers facilitate the process. Screenings drag innocent people into the “mental health” system, where their problems are diagnosed as “mental illness,” and then they are drugged. The drugs ruin the brain and crush the spirit, until suicide seems like the only way out.

    Please read Dr. Peter Breggin’s “Medication Madness” ( and SSRI Stories (

  • Good post. There are a few who listen.

    One thing is certain: God hears the voices of the voiceless. Vengeance is the Lord’s, and He will repay. In a coming day, there will be nowhere for psychiatry to hide… and when the fulness of the wrath of God is unleashed, it won’t be pretty.

  • What could be more evil than an institution that not only coerces, tortures, abuses and kills people, but also condemns and ridicules the victims of coercion, torture, abuse and murder? Psychiatry is pure evil that wears a mask of goodness. It is torture, that hides behind a facade of compassion. Is is abuse, that boasts of great caring. It is murder that claims to save lives.

    As ever, the question remains: What is to be done?

    While peripheral skirmishes and intermittent battles dot the landscape of the survivors movement, the foul dragon of psychiatry slumbers quietly in his filthy lair. This fire breathing beast rests undisturbed upon his hoards of stolen treasure. Like a giant winged serpent he sleeps with a wicked grin curling around his rancid lips. He has left death, destruction, and ruin in his wake. In his arrogance, he considers that his reign of terror will continue forever while he enjoys the spoils of the war that he began.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. For you see, a hero is on the lose. A knight is on the prowl. His quest is clear, his destiny fixed. The time has come to slay the dragon of psychiatry.

  • Human beings are born pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-goodness. Psychiatry, and modern medical despotism in general, stands in direct opposition to these goods. Psychiatry is anti-life, anti-freedom, anti-goodness. Modern medical despotism is also anti-everything-good. Of course people are free to identify with which ever movements they wish to identify with, but there is absolutely no reason why the cause of psychiatric survivors and the cause of survivors of modern medical tyranny, could not be called the “pro-freedom” movement, because that is what it is… pro-freedom. I am pro-freedom, anti-psychiatry, anti-medical-tyranny, and more… these terms are still too weak, which is why I prefer the phrase “Slay the Dragon of Psychiatry.” Whichever phrase one prefers, we can unite behind the common cause of freedom. Thanks for your article Nancy. Best wishes.