Friday, March 24, 2023

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  • I was severely mistreated by a staff member because of my diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. I nearly died and she ended up being convicted of abuse of a vulnerable adult.
    After that I was understandably angry and was frequently criticized for my unreasonable hostility and paranoia by professionals who didn’t know my background.
    This happened more than 20 years ago. I have a master’s degree and work in behavioral health. I was rediagnosed long ago. I never had BPD. I I mention to other professionals that people can be abused because of being diagnosed BPD, they say it never happens. They don’t know about my story. I can’t afford for them to know, even though I wish I could openly tell my story and advocate for them. My therapist knows my story and we are working to resolve the PTSD that was a result of what happened.
    If you work in mental health, don’t ever assume you know people’s real stories. They may be hiding something from you for a good reason.

  • I used to really believe in warm lines. I worked on one for two years until the agency that ran it decided that it was too hard to bill for the service because the calls were anonymous and closed it. Then I moved to another state. One night when my anxiety was through the roof I called the one here in Salt Lake. I was told to, “Stop bothering us.” At that point, I also found out that all calls to the Warm Line are also traced and tracked through the crisis line. I ended up facing a crew of abusive cops and ended up being hospitalized. Later, I found out that the warm line worker had mistaken me for someone else. I will never call that warm line or crisis line again. Obviously, their training leaves a great deal to be desired.