Wednesday, April 8, 2020

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  • Very thoughtful article. Just to provide another point of view, I was denied meds as a minor for far too long and became suicidal before I was finally given access to even a basic SSRI. It’s impossible to get the full picture (at least in the US) of drugging children without looking at both overtreatment and at undertreatment. Some parents will always be too hesitant (or too much in denial) to put a severely ill child on a drug while others run to drugs too quickly hoping for a silver bullet.

  • An SSRI probably saved my life when I was 15 (long before the warnings). We had tried everything else we could think of (therapy; exercise; nutrition) because we were already wary of ADs. I’m so glad we didn’t wait any longer. On the one hand, I’m for the warnings. However, I know most people won’t use the information rationally (we don’t think statistically), realizing suicide from a severe depression is still the biggest risk. Hopefully this is where docs can help people understand the pro and cons.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your story — the more info out there the better!

    I actually had a pretty different experience with klonopin and ativan. Basically, I have severe anxiety and depression — at one point it was so bad I had catatonia (the treatment for which is IV Ativan). I went on and off klonopin them for months or years at a time at time at a low/moderate doses and never had any withdrawal problems (until recently).

    Recently I was backsliding with my anxiety so I restarted klonopin. Now normally I start off with a high dose to bring the anxiety down and then the dose naturally gets lower as I get better — since too much makes me sleepy it always seemed to have a build it anti-addition element to it (unless people want to be zonked out). the better I get, the smaller of a dose want (so I don’t get sleepy). However, This time the dose is escalating.

    Ideally I want to live without these drugs. I am active, take my other meds, and have just started mindfulness — hopefully that will help.

    I actually overcame a major phobia of flying with exposure therapy, though I did it by using smaller and small doses of ativan each time I flew so it was a drug + therapy process. How can I start in on generalized anxiety, especially without meds — it seem more complicated than kicking a phobia? Any tips would be MUCH appreciated!!!