Sunday, April 11, 2021

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  • I really appreciate this article and appreciate the work that both of these men are doing. I understand that all these issues are important and must be discussed. As I was reading, I kept tripping over the words mental illness. There it was again and again. I’m a grandmother and it’s been almost 50 years now that my work of caretaking human beings has taught me about human wellness and how it happens. It’s the job I had and my life’s work and I’ve learned it well. As a women studies independent scholar, I learned the history of the professions involved here are most often done by people who really have no experience in how human wellness happens in a daily application of one’s life. Worse, money and power and the institutions go back as far as the 1600’s. 400 years have produced today’s results. It’s just ALL so incorrect in the structure and basis. Mental illness term itself hardly is useful except as code and stereotype. One size fits all models are a mechanism of control in quantity rather than an efficient way of bringing people to wellness in quality. So as I read the article, I just kept thinking that what not start from scratch? Why not begin a movement of human wellness rather than a model to fix all the human unwellness that rides close to failure as it has done so for centuries already? I know we are all caught up in a large tangle of human relationships and it isn’t easy to untangle. But I just had to put my thoughts down. It is so encouraging in a desert of such massive harm to have at least a bit of rational discussion addressing it and I couldn’t help but want to jump in and say in my own way, MORE MORE MORE. Thank you.