Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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  • Well said, Richard. And I concur. Many in the “mental health” field seem to have fallen under a collective delusion that diagnoses are actual entities and that biological psychiatry and the medical model are the only way to help individuals. Sadly, many in the profession seem unwilling to take a stand and risk being fired. And it is tiring always challenging the status quo.

    In regards to your decision, Daniel. You already know enough to serve and to help people heal. People will pay for what you have to offer regardless of your credentials if you serve them and help them accomplish what they want to accomplish. In my opinion, you’ll experience more freedom and less stress with less restrictions by serving others as a coach – a talented, committed, highly trained coach – rather than a cog in the industrial mental sickness machine. Breaking free is stressful, it comes with a cost (peer skepticism and perhaps rejection, smaller pool of clients initially perhaps) but you will be free to serve as you best see fit.

    Trepidation about the decision is understandable. However, don’t let it paralyze you. The mental health system is a socially constructed game. And there is tremendous power, relief, and freedom in realizing you don’t need to play that game. In fact, you can create a new one — and still leverage your knowledge, expertise, and compassion to serve. And in your new game, you get the freedom to be your authentic self.

    Just my two cents…