Monday, May 10, 2021

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  • I am with you 100 percent on this one. I was prescribed ativan and then klonopin for 3 years for generalized anxiety disorder. It almost ruined my life. It made me angry, forgetful, depressed, and most of all, more anxious! I became highly addicted, and it severely messed up my brain. I began running out early, thinking taking more would trump the severe anxiety I had obtained from taking them. My doctor cut me cold turkey, 8mg klonopin per day. It was hell, the worst experience of my life! It took me a solid two years to recover and nearly cost me my family. I honestly thought there was just something wrong with me until I began doing research, reading Ashton’s work (Ashton manual). People defend them only to justify their continued use believing that they have something wrong with them, when the drug just causes MORE anxiety in the long run! There should be a limit to the time this drug can be prescribed!! I have been going to NA groups for 3 years now and have met many people afflicted by benzos, everyone I’ve spoken with says the withdrawal is much worse than Oxycodone withdrawal mainly because of the length of time a person suffers. You’re doing a great job promoting awareness, more people need to be aware of the effects of this drug!

    Oh, and I noticed your friend was using “special K” and you had reffered to it as klonopin. Special K is ‘ketamine’ on the street and it a powerful anesthetic. Very addictive! My wife is a veterinarian, a few places she has worked at have been robbed for that stuff! Its very dangerous.