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  • The one thing that really sticks out to me is this phrase, “genuine belief” as it pertains to Santa Claus.
    Aligning that phrase with *Santa* so the child can learn to enjoy lies seems to turn the phrase into a oxymoron.
    So some lies are enjoyable and we learn this as kids. Maybe that’s why adults are in so much denial regarding so many things.
    It’s so much more enjoyable!

  • Forgive the report!

    I’ve been fighting the MHS since 2010.

    In my observations a pattern of authority seems present in these societal ills that mainstream Americans have difficulty looking at due to the issues explosive potential on personal image and personal safety.

    1. Racism is undoubtedly a behavior deserving of a diagosis and/or treatment. The push back alone is criminal.
    2. Child abuse another despicable practice consistently hidden from view. Children have no rights in the midst of forced drugging.
    Accused of unreliable memories and adverse experiences squelched by authorities.
    Children are always at risk of being abused.
    3. Mental health stigma is the most insidious form of abuse. Especially when practiced by MHS workers and professionals alike.
    I’ve been the victim of numerous abuses at the hands of every part of the MHS.
    4. Ageism is another assault on the poor and aged.
    Healthcare limitations and poor support systems contribute to the rapid decline of our elderly compared to other nations.

    The problems are enormous and enormously complicated.
    Especially when the powers that be are always in denial because of denial’s advantage to confuse.

  • This apparent disregard of people over profit trickles down to the various health professionals based on the credibility and recommendations of Pharmaceutical companies and the two.APA’s.

    For many years I complained of side effects and ineffective results. My faulty faith in the system was short circuiting my ability to use placebo effect in place of actual drugs that really never helped.