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  • Peter, can you find data on suicide trends for children and adults since 2010?
    Thanks for your fearless work over the years. Stopped me from prescribing depression pills – though never believed in the concept either. I had a coworker who wanted depression pills, she went to three different GPs in Australia (including myself) and we all told her they wouldnt help. So hopefully the message is slowly getting out. (She is doing Ok with psychosocial support).

  • Hard to believe the Peterson family is still promoting the meat only diet – you would think the terrible health issues that Jordan and his wife Tammy have faced over the last couple of years would make them reassess their diet. The most important new area of study in biological health has to be the increasing knowledge of the importance of a diverse and healthy gut microbiota in maintaining health and preventing autoimmune and other chronic disease like diabetes and heart disease. The gut microbiota need FIBRE – that is their food and what keeps the colonic cell tight junctions functioning and prevents inflammation in the body. A meat diet contains NO fibre, only plant foods contain fibre – so I cannot imagine a more unhealthy diet, which is also likely to increase the risk of nasty side-effects of drugs/medications. I watched a recent podcast where Tammy Peterson is still promoting the meat diet – unbelievable after developing a serious and life threatening kidney cancer.

  • Dear Lisa,
    the story of your family and son’s experience is really heart-breaking but I believe it is adding to the momentum to change current practices, maybe more so outside the USA initially, then hopefully inside it. MIA is an excellent source of information and as a health practitioner myself I am trying to change the culture of my work place to avoid the terrible use of these medications for conditions of mental and emotional distress for which there is very little unbiased evidence of any benefits and slowly increasing knowledge of severe harms. Through the work of the health professionals and people with lived experience who have set up and contribute to the MIA site the message must slowly but surely be getting out. Also the WHO is now proposing the limitation of forced treatment as mentioned in recent article by Robert Whitiker. “Guidance on Community Mental Health Services: Promoting Person-Centred and Rights-Based Approaches.”
    Please also keep praying for your son – these experiences can, as you are doing, find meaning in being turned into advocacy to change the very harmful current medication practices of the psychiatric profession and hopefully preventing harm to others in the future.

  • Hi Peter – do you have a graph showing trends in suicide rates in the three countries, as that is what is claimed to be the reason to start depression pills?
    Yes I appreciate your work over the years – I think it was some of your work which convinced me basically never to initiate prescription of depression pills (I like this term) as a GP in Australia – only for people already on them. Also due to your work I have never had a mammogram myself, though still do refer patients as part of the KPIs of my workplace – but don’t push them unlike other screening tests with more evidence behind them. It seems like the tide is starting to turn at least in the UK and some EU countries with regard to use of depression pills and with increasing understanding of harms and significant withdrawal side-effects in 50% plus on users.

  • Yes, must say Peterson’s naivety with regard to benzo’s is hard to believe given he is a clinical psychologist.
    I wonder if his akathisia could have been related to the SSRI use as he did ?restart them during this time I think, and had been on them for years. Certainly though his interview with his daughter about his experiences in Russia etc did open my eyes as a health professional to the serious side-effect for psychoactive drugs of akathisia and how truly devastating an experience it is, even leading to suicide in some people. The other issue not mentioned is the terrible MEAT ONLY diet which he and his wife had been on which may well have contributed to both of their health issues. A whole food plant based diet is far and away the healthiest form of diet linked to longevity. I love Jordan but he still sounds like a shell of his former self on his podcaste.

  • Makes a lot of sense, I had two episodes of depressed mood in my 20s and came out of them after about 6 months without any treatment (both triggered by affairs of the heart). Yes, my experience is that depressive states required me to deeply reflect on what needed to be changed in my life – either my attitude or external things to myself as well.
    Later in life several times I have felt myself starting to go “down” again but was able to pull myself out quickly by changing things.
    Fundamentally I see “depression” in most cases as causally a “spiritual” crisis of meaning and purpose – though the evolutionary biologists may not agree!

  • A great book to read is “Mount Misery” by Samuel Shem- a (semi-autobiographical) account of a young doctor’s first year as a psychiatry registrar in USA. He wrote the famous “House of God” book – my daughter who is a medical student in Australia just read it – she loved it and said “Mum, it’s what you’ve been telling me” – as I (a GP) have arguments with my psychiatrist husband about the issues raised by the MIA team.