Thursday, September 28, 2023

Comments by Howard Glasser

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  • Jennifer was such a dear heart and incredibly dedicated soul on her great path to help people in need.

    I had always hoped she could work out the timing to attend one of our Nurtured Heart intensive training weeks and despite nudging from Michael Gilbert and myself, that was never in the cards.

    When Michael sent me Kevin’s beautiful tribute to Jennifer earlier today I reposted it to our trainer community with a note that I am awarding her that certification. She exemplified the true nature of nurturing.

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  • Absolutely David. There is a fine but crucial line between between praise and authentic, recognition that is sacred acknowledgment of a child’s wisdom, judgment, choices, etc.

    In our culture we think nothing of “recognizing” poor choices and lack of good judgment by way of our energies and our relationship – in a way a giving of our being to the child for what’s wrong. Why not provide profound recognition for all that’s not wrong. I’m not Christian but I love the expression of “save your soul” which to me means that I want to save my soul for the good stuff and I don’t want to give it – my being – to what’s wrong. I want to give it freely to what’s right and teach all the vital lessons in those positive “lectures”

    The great child development expert and theorist Jean Piaget says that children learn from the external to the internal. They go from drinking in what they are recognized and appreciated for (external) through an eventual process of assimilation and finally integration – and my experience completely supports that premise as to how children learn to do the right things. They don’t know intrinsically. That develops over time.

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