Saturday, May 15, 2021

Comments by Russ

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  • Hello Corinna,

    You say

    “The Hearing Voices community says that over 75% of people who could get a schizophrenia label recover spontaneously without any kind of treatment at all.”

    However reading the open letter what is said is:
    “In adults, around 75% begin to hear voices in association with a specific trauma, loss, or situations that make them feel powerless”. Is this the 75% that you are referring to?

    In regards to recovering without medical treatment the open letter says :
    “Significantly, it is well documented that there are many people who hear voices with the diagnosis of schizophrenia who have recovered successfully without long term medication use”.

    Is there any evidence demonstrating that 75% of people with the diagnosis of schizophrenia recover without medical treatment?

    Best wishes,