Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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  • I am bipolar and have been put on numerous medication, if i don’t like them my doctor gets upset or insist on upping the dosage I do take vyvance but if i refuse to take the others he will not give them to me. When i am depressed like right now due to the season change he says my vyvance is causing it but i cannot function with out it and I just started a job last week I cannot go without it, well if i want to sleep 20 hours a day i could I am also ADHD.
    Although my depression gets really bad i saw no improvement with the medication other than i felt like i was drugged or drunk, unable to wake up or function at all. I use what i need the other med i am on is for my blood pressure. I am a moderator on a bipolar board and the people on there are so screwed up and are on 5-10 meds a day so…, one girl is young she takes 3 10mg Valiums a day i think 50mg of remrod 300 mg of seroquel in the morning and 100 at night along with a mood stabilizer and antidepressant she thinks she is fine. How could anyone handle all of this they are over taxing our kidneys and liver on top of our minds we are mere guinea pigs in their game they read it and it must work they have absolutely no idea what we feel like or what this is doing to people makes me sick.
    They also say if you are treated as a child it will help cure you otherwise it will be worse in adulthood Really?? Maybe this might explain all of the shootings in the schools these kids do not need to be so medicated, My God!
    I believe talk therapy works wonders another is 5HTP an amino acid magnesium they have found it attaches in the brain much like lithium exercise is good too which i am going to start soon.