Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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  • I’m hoping a book is in the making from this– both about your professional subjugation (found myself wanting to know the blow-by-blow, tones of voice, the characters doling it out) as well as the fleshing out of what you found in archives. I think it will highlight the work already done by Yellowfeather and maybe add the twist that the same thing is now decimating the culture at large. It’s got an essence of biblical irony when it happens to middle class white people, but it comes with increased oppression to everyone else.

    As another commenter mentioned, it’s still happening. I think it’s come back hungrier than ever.

    As a parent of young children, the way I feel it the most keenly is that, with the privatization of child welfare, these agencies and mainstream medicine seems to be using bad psychiatric theory as a tool of enforcement for various industries, not only to force consumers to the trough but to kill any opposition to industrial policy.

    I won’t get into too much detail about it– the stories of children being taken away from their homes on increasingly thin pretexts are all over the web and documented on various sites like Medicalkidnap. But it should be familiar. We keep seeing strange new diagnoses crop up criminalizing parenthood in many different ways. And what I keep sensing is that, on top of being perversely incentivized, this is genuinely a form of “politicide”– an attempt to snuff the formation of a political culture in the US which threatens control of consumerism through a new form of psychotic social engineering. Anyone looking closely at the cases would start to notice the common threads– families that dare to eschew commercial products or threaten to supplant these products with safer alternatives or whose lifestyles speak of a kind of anti-consumerism, or who threaten to expose toxic fallout from deregulation. For each insane state kidnapping case, there is an industry, usually those sponsoring hospitals and CME, whose ox is getting gored in some way.

    In short, we let Native children be taken wholesale by the state and now everyone’s children are in the cross hairs. Obviously the analogy goes further than this with the increase in forced institutionalization, court ordered drugging and police shootings of the mentally ill, etc. So I think it’s time we know every gruesome way this was carried out against Native peoples in its heyday, both to honor the victims and wake people up.

  • Steve is right, I’m not saying drugs cause the symptoms, not in our son. But there are several studies implicating SSRIs in pregnancy or SSRI’s in drinking water with increased risk of autism. I never took any drugs in pregnancy and our son never took them either, so that’s moot. I don’t know about the levels in water– these are reportedly enough to cause “autistic behavior” in fish, whatever that means.

    But personally I suspect that pre or neonatal exposure to SSRIs is probably a facilitator or co-factor more than it’s a direct cause of autism. Reform psychiatrist Grace Jackson did a very interesting review of a case of Depakote induced autism in a seven year old boy who had previously received chemotherapy. Jackson argued that the effects of chemo agents like Vincristine could have been compounded by Depakote, both of which share half a dozen or so overlaps regarding damage to the brain, immune system and metabolism. What’s interesting is that mercury shares the same overlaps as well. All cause mitochondrial injury, Alzheimer’s type II astrocytosis, disruption of tubulin assembly, glutamine and glutamate feedback abnormalities and other specific types of damage.

    In our son’s case, the damage was clearly caused by nine vaccines given on his first birthday, including a full mercury flu shot series. His mercury levels were through the roof even a year and a half later– he apparently didn’t excrete any of it. The curious thing was how rapidly our son improved once treated for heavy metal poisoning and immune and metabolic damage. In other words, he recovered when the condition was treated as a vaccine injury.

    We sort of throw up our hands at the old timers who still believe autism is caused by parental coldness. Even the Romanian orphan study of institutional autism which is often cited as proof that neglect plays a role in the condition left out the fact that half the subjects also had HIV. This was because Nicolae Ceausescu appointed his wife– a woman with a seventh grade education– as health minister and she ordered that state wards should receive several yearly doses of mercury-containing Hepatitis B vaccines using shared needles. One of the authors of the Romanian orphan/institutional autism study was Sir Michael Rutter, at the time a Deputy Chairman of the Wellcome Trust, which is now Glaxosmithkline– maker of Engerix B– the mercury-containing hepatitis B vaccine our son received at birth and at two months, etc.

    We tend to think that our son’s condition was caused by a toxicant-pathogen combo. Mercury is an immune toxicant. The concern about drugs is, again, that they cause overlapping cellular damage and risk compounding the condition. There’s also an irony that the same companies which make vaccines are making money hand over fist from drugging the collateral. “Autism drug profits” account for about 12% of American drug sales for only 2% of the population. Potential double dipping going on there. Countries like Sweden and Norway, which have rates of autism about 20 fold lower than the US, recommend 1/3 the vaccine doses, do not mandate the shots and stopped using mercury in vaccines in the early 1990’s. Uptake of the MMR is very low in both countries as are infant mortality rates.

    Our son is also multi-racial and news that a senior CDC scientist recently came forward to report that he and other agency researchers buried data from a study showing a 340% increase in autism in African American boys who receive the MMR at one year (as our son did) may shed more light on the mechanism of damage. The original data apparently shows that African American boys are at highest risk but apparently the study also showed higher rates among other ethnic groups following MMR. http://atlantablackstar.com/2014/09/08/cdc-scientists-shocking-confession-mmr-vaccine-likely-cause-autism-black-babies/

    There are further studies showing that pesticides, proximity to highways and proximity to coal-fired power plants also cause increased rates of autism though, like with the SSRI-autism studies, the research doesn’t really contradict the vaccine induction theory. Instead the studies appear to be “complimentary” because the main toxicant released from coal-fired power plants and dispersed from highways by the motion of traffic is mercury. And several pesticides are known mitochondrial toxins which also damage the same cellular pathways as mercury. Rachel Carson wrote an entire book about it.

    None of the above environmental studies control for vaccination. There could be a one-two punch effect or, in some particularly sensitive infants, pesticides and pollution might be enough to tip the balance. More independent research is needed.

  • I’m wondering if past studies on brain structure abnormalities in autism were detecting brain damage caused by the prescription psych drugs that about 70% of affected individuals take. I remember reading about the discovery of an enlarged area of the brain in autism that curiously overlapped with a known side effect of antipsychotics. Grace Jackson, Peter Breggin and others have written extensively about drug-induced brain abnormalities. I’m sure there are other environmental factors that can cause structural damage, but the question is whether the individual started out that way.

    Interesting evidence that brain structure is normal in autism is watching a child recover from severe clinical autism by removing heavy metals, addressing environmental mitochondrial injuries and autoimmunity by reducing toxic exposures, including avoidance of all psychiatric meds. In any case, i have a hard time believing that a prescription oral chelator and organic gluten-free diet suddenly rendered abnormal brain structures normal. I’m guessing that brain structure was never the issue to begin with but something overlaid instead.

    The turnaround was pretty radical in our son and we were never tempted to credit behavioral therapy for the improvement. The school fought tooth and nail to deny services and about the only therapy staff provided was a cinder block closet.– why we pulled our kids out of school and homeschooled. We ran into someone from the district recently who turned pale as a ghost watching our son pick out sunglasses at a kiosk and pay for them, thanking the vendor. Yeah, he remembers everything and yes, he might write a book about it one day.

    Brain structure — feh.