Thursday, October 28, 2021

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  • Hi Micheal,

    Thank you for sharing this juicy bit of gossip about my beloved D.

    I give you one of my personal favorite observations in return. Nietzche missed the boat on setting Dionysus and Apollo as polar opposites when the position opposed to Dionysus so clearly belongs to Athena.

    Dionysus born of Zeus’s thigh Athena being born of the head.
    Dionysus as the feminine male and Athena as the masculine female.
    Athena is civilized, self controlled, fierce and brilliant but always always submissive to the big daddy god Zeus and not much else.
    Dionysus is… well you know how he is… and submissive only to that which is gentle while dominating the hell out of anything hard or immovable (Pentheus knows).

    Professional psychology has always been very strict about maintaining Athena standards. Unfortunately I don’t think psychology will ever manage any sway over Dionysus while insisting on being ruled over by Athena. It’s the biggest reason I gave up pursuit of a professional degree in psychology. I prefer to learn how to do healing that works rather than healing that is approved by the APA. Can’t say how delighted I am to learn that at least one of you is listening to the call of the tabor and pipes though.

    Of course this is my outsiders perspective, while I’ve spent a good deal of time studying “legitimate” psychology, my own healing process was undertaken far away from a professional office setting, in the woods with Dionysus himself as therapist.

    Anyway… I could right an essay in reply myself… D. has a way of getting me worked up like that, but I’ll attempt to maintain a touch of Athenian restraint 😉

    Mad Love From The Maenads,
    Joy Meander