Saturday, January 22, 2022

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  • I see the point of what the distinguished doctor is saying, but would like to raise another idea. Since the late 1940’s when broad acre farming and the use of fertilesers began to be used and home grown vegetables with their micro nutrients fell into disuse – is it possible that each generation has been getting less and less of the important nutrients which we all need to make our brains work properly? Doctors like Carl Pfeiffer, Abram Hoffer found micronutrients like the lack of zinc, magnesium played a role in those labelled with mental illness. As each generation passes on a lower amount of a Nutrient, each generation could be more severely affected – what if all schools and homes served up nutrient dense organically grown foods, I think it would have an effect on the ADHD epidemic.

  • Good on you – there seems to be more and more people speaking out, but resistance to change in the psychiatric world is remarkable. Our charity group in Australia of parents of mentally ill took matters into our own hands by finding a USA scientist who was having good results using vitamins and minerals and brought him out to Australia and now have 200 doctors trained , including some psychiatrists . His book Nutrient Power is now translated into 6 languages – our aim is to have it taught in medical schools, but pigs might fly at this stage. He is now training in USA , and we have had a London doc come out to do the training in Australia. Our website is and his is The ironic thing is, none of our own children are on the protocol, in my case a doctor ( Pyschiatric) told him only quacks prescribe vitamins so he refuses to go on it.

  • Just wanted to let you know the work of William J Walsh PhD in Napperville Illinios . He has written a book called “Nutrient Power” and has trained over 140 doctors in Australia – see for more information.
    He uses science to measure a person’s biochemistry by taking blood/urine tests then prescribes vitamins and minerals to rebalance back to normal. Doctors here say it has profoundly changed they way they practise medicine and many people have found it has helped them very much. I think most psychiatry uses the Look, See , Guess method of diagnosis and treatment.