Monday, May 10, 2021

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  • Hi Melissa,
    I’ve been strugling with severe insomnia since May 14 after alot of health related stress. I was put on Seroquel 300mg which I stopped in 3 months. After that I was getting 3-2 broken hrs of sleep, and eventually I started taking Trazodone, which is not working very well. I went to a sleep slpecialist in Florida who told me to take 1mg Ativan assuring me that “it’s completely safe” and that I would get off it easily and “such a small dose is not addictive”. I should say that I tried it severeal times and it does help me to sleep, but I don’t take it more than 2xweek. Even doing so I worry about addiction and tolerance. I don’t want to take any meds for sleep, but I just don’t know how to restore my natural sleep? I tried everything – naturapath, accupuncture, supplements, etc. Tryptophan put me to sleep for an hour or so. But I am absolutley lost hope to sleep naturally. I wonder how did you regain your sleep after stopping benzo? I would appreciate any advice and thak you so much!