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  • Hi Rossa:

    Thanks for the reply. Some additional back story on our journey to healing was that we consulted a few priests and Christian ministers are the psychiatrists declared our children incurable. They simply did not know anything in depth about “clinical level” Christian-based healing and deliverance.

    (Since the split between reason/science and faith in the Enlightenment phase of history, and the obvious abuses then of the Church, the spiritual dimension was not easily able to be measured, hence, it evolved in science that if you can’t measure it or see it, it doesn’t exist). The Church focused mainly on the teaching ministry of Jesus, and the healing and deliverance ministries (which were very active in the early Church) faded away. This has been hugely unfortunate, to say the least. In Christian terms, people and families are now more open to the “works of the enemy” when the very institution in society that may help educate them has not valued all of what was taught and demonstrated by Jesus’ own ministry and what his followers did then, and, I might add, some are doing today at a professional-grade level.

    (A side note on plant medicine: for our professional work, my wife and I travel extensively, including South America. At one point, we were very desperate for a solution for our children after a long tour of doctors and ministers. With great concern, we decided to explore Amazonian shamanism and the powerful hallucinogen, ayahuasca. We hired two top level shamans and journeyed into the Peruvian Amazon and took this “entheogen” and this is exactly where we saw the negative spiritual root causes. We knew then what we were up against. (read St. Paul letter to the Ephesians 6:12) We knew then exactly what we had to do. While we could have continued along this shaman path, we did recognize (given our faith) that this can open you up to more dangerous occult spiritual issues and it would be unwise and potentially dangerous to continue. You might get a lot more than you bargained for. In our desperation, after years of searching for help, we took this route and got enough insight to know what to do, but we knew we needed to turn away from this. But it blew the whole thing wide open. Within weeks after the Amazon journey, we took the initiative to dig deeper ourselves find out about effective Christian-based healing and deliverance.

    Sadly, the resources we found are not known by the Christian Church leaders we consulted, or Christian medical providers, I would assume to a large degree. If I had known then what I know now, we would have never gone the route of plant medicine if I wanted a complete and final cure for my children. It was an unnecessary detour but we were very blind, suffering tremendously, and without effective guidance from any psychiatrist or pastor.)

    In our case, we researched and applied these methods systematically for several months as a family; and also utilized a highly skilled Christian healer for a one day long session. The results were truly remarkable. There was no place to hide for the root causes of mental illness in our case. My children are 100% well, and frankly, committed to helping other young people.

    You or any reader of this blog owe it to yourselves and the ones you love to fully understand what is going in both the natural and supernatural realms when it comes to an integral, complementary and effective approach to achieving total health and freedom from infirmity and disease. What you can’t see and don’t know about can REALLY hurt you.

    This is what is soooo difficult about mental illness. It’s not a broken leg. And the causes can be complicated. But wjthout exception, as a survivor, it is my humble opinion that the emotional and spiritual causes should be investigated and addressed systematically.

    Our family is lucky to be alive, frankly, not because we could not fight back, or needed to be afraid; it was because we did not have an accurate map of reality and what we needed to do to heal and who the Healer ultimately is.

    Please note, there is no blame being placed here on psychiatry, pharma, or the Church. If possible, the goal is find the “common ground”. Could we all be allies to help people heal from mental illness and be willing and rigorous to include ALL possible root causes in the diagnosis, and provide a healthcare plan for an individual and the family supporting that person?

    Could we work together and not be subtly deceived, in some cases, and medicate someone who should not be medicated. I know this is unpopular, loaded with bias and assumptions from all sides and all camps, but what I would encourage all of us concerned about being mad in America these days is this: the patient (and the family) needs to be in the very center of the debate on the solution, and it is not about who is right or wrong, per se, but what really can work to help them heal.

    Hope this helps. Thanks for your comments, Rossa and Tameerae!

  • Dr. Datta:

    Thanks for these distinctions about blaming patients and then blaming the brain. They were very well presented. May I offer another alternative to you and the community for further consideration?

    Currently, mainstream medicine, including psychiatry, does not fully see the patient as a “whole person” with multiple levels of functioning, levels that you could say are mental, emotional, physical, relational, and finally spiritual. If the root cause of the illness in spiritual is origin, then the solution to address it needs to include the spiritual.

    True story: my two high-functioning daughters, aged 20 and 18, suddenly, inexplicably, developed serious mental illnesses within one month of each other, a near statistical impossibility (Bi-Polar 1 & Severe Depression). After multiple hospitalizations and failed drug regimes, and thousands of pages of psychiatric care documentation over three years, they were essentially declared “incurable” and given a life sentence on heavy meds. Their brains were blamed. But my wife and I never bought the diagnosis. There had to be a different root cause. I am a senior executive in a management consulting firm and I am a “trouble shooter” in industry, and the “chemical brain imbalance” theory did not explain the full picture of root cause here. Two people—let alone your own children—getting very mentally ill at the very same time?

    What I am about to share does not fit the current paradigm, and may be very unpopular, but your article appropriately provoked this post because the “blame” belonged elsewhere.

    My profession drove me to look deeper for root cause. How far would any parent go to heal the ones he loves? Raised Catholic / Christian, I investigated the methods of Christian-based healing and deliverance, where today, in these times, I found several skilled teachers and practitioners (many with advanced credentials) who understood that, in some cases, mental illness is caused by negative spiritual forces that want to destroy individuals and families. These forces do not want to seen, found, or named. And they want patients to blame themselves, their brains, and their families, anything really, which assists them in avoiding their detection and removal.

    If you have had a chance to read the New Testament, over 1/3 of Jesus’ own ministry addressed these forces directly, and Christians have been encouraged (even “commissioned”) to remove such hidden, “spirits without bodies” that are the root cause of some sickness and illness. Again, an unpopular view, or something to dismiss, or be even be frightened about—unless you or a loved one is really sick and you are desperate to get the right help to get them well. Nothing looks too improbable then—IF it could work.

    Here is the bottom line for my own children: when we practiced and applied these proven experiential Christian healing methods systematically, these forces were removed. It was so effective, you could have called the engagement – “no contest”. My so-called “incurable” children were simply misdiagnosed, or the diagnosis was only partial and the treatments offered were ineffective and made matters worse because they did not address the right root causes. I am so grateful to say that our odyssey has a very happy ending. They are completely in their “right minds”, holding jobs, and functioning in a high capacity (see MARK 5:1 – 19).

    I respect modern medicine. But I would like to respectfully suggest that the medical paradigm needs to shift to allow patients more effective tools and methods to fuse their faith into their medical care. Frankly, the outcomes and results could be astounding. They were in at least two cases I know of (and many, many more I uncovered in my research).

    And there would be much less misdirected blame and a more productive focus to include more “full spectrum” diagnostic approaches and treatment approaches of the “whole patient” that have the promise to actually cure mental illness—and empower patients in ways they have never been empowered before.

    Our example showed that a “team approach” with complementary medical and healing practitioners (in this case balanced, educated Christian-based healing practitioners) with the patients and their family as the key to two successful outcomes.

    And when we finally got there, after four long years, there was no blame, just results. Forgive my long post, but I share your frustration at the limitations of the current state of affairs.