Tuesday, March 28, 2023

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  • I agree with this for the most part. However, I had a schitzophrenic neighbor that decided to flush all his meds. Within 2 weeks of flushing his meds he ripped the jaw off his puppy, tackled a teenage girl, and asked his neighbor if the could sacrifice her to the mothership. At that point you can’t just let a person walk around the neighborhood. He was a danger to others and he was in danger of being hurt by others. He was so out of touch with reality that when 2 cops pulled up in a marked police car he ran out and asked them if he could ride in their spaceship. They opened the back door and he hopped right in. I’m assuming he was committed. He would have gotten killed in a regular jail unless he was kept in solitary and that’s damaging too. I generally think that adults can do what they wish even if its self-destructive but for those few mentally ill individuals who are violent (like my former neighbor) committing them may be the best option.

  • Its highly subjective. At the age of about 38 I suddenly started having short term memory problems and executive function problems (I didn’t know what this was at the time). At that point I was a biology student with a 3.8 GPA. It quickly became so bad that I was failing every class and couldn’t even read my daughter’s picture books. I had a psycho-social test and my executive functions mimic someone with severe ADHD. No matter how much I try to tell them that I am the exact opposite of hyper and I need my thoughts to go faster, not slow down, they insist that I have ADHD. I’ve also tried showing them proof that I was not having any trouble prior to this but they insist I had ADHD all along but just didn’t notice it. Adderall does help, though, but that’s because it acts like a stimulant for me.

  • Over the past 4-5 years I have experienced a gradual reduction in my short term memory and executive functions that happened at about the same time that I started having almost daily severe migraines. I was recently sent to a psychiatrist for a psycho-social exam and he determined that I have moderate short term memory loss and severe executive function loss. This actually seems about right to me as I can no longer hold a job or even keep my finances and schedule straight and I used to have an almost perfect memory (my long term memory is mostly intact but due to the executive function impairment it often doesn’t do me a lot of good). Anyway, I was diagnosed with severe depressive disorder (which if I was depressed these cognitive issues would probably have landed me in the nut house since its not easy to deal with), ADHD (which all the evidence says I didn’t have before but the psychiatrist doesn’t think my 3.8 GPA and the ability to multitask that has won me promotions and awards (military) means anything), and long term-PTSD (I’m not denying that one).

    I decided to keep seeing him for the PTSD since it was the only thing on the list that might have to do with memory loss and I’m getting desperate. We had several sessions and during that time the psychiatrist barely remembered my name between appointments and didn’t bother to remember anything else. Since he liked to talk about himself, however, I know that he is an obnoxious born again Christian, he is in AA (and obnoxiously spots their rhetoric), and he had a nasty divorce and some other family issues that caused most of his family to turn against him and try to get him committed (I did not ask for that information) and he hasn’t gotten over it judging by the vehement way he told me about it (even though it was information I certainly didn’t need or want). He dropped me as a patient because I am, according to him, too angry to be cured. I’m not sure how he came to this conclusion, or if he confused me with someone else, because my PTSD actually causes me to withdraw and run from conflicts (I know this because I really have to struggle to stay present when people are screaming anywhere near me or at me).

    Also, they put me on Adderall for the ADHD and its cleared up the severe migraines even though the psychiatrist says that it didn’t (based on what, I don’t know because he’s not the one having the migraines). I’m not sure its done much for the memory issues but right now I will take what I can get and getting rid of the migraines helps and may even slow the memory loss. I wouldn’t take it but if the memory loss gets worse I will end up completely able to handle my daily life and my kid may end up in foster care and I think the memory loss is tied to the migraines. It hasn’t gotten worse since I started the Adderall and the migraines stopped.

    Was that whole ordeal supposed to cause me to respect psychiatrists because it didn’t? Most of them are nutjobs and they are complicating my ability to get my condition properly diagnosed and fixed. If the psychiatrist wasn’t just denying that the Adderrall was working in unexpected ways then someone might look into why the Adderall was working as it does and that might lead to an explanation as to my condition.

  • My nephew was put on several (not just one but several) psych and ADHD meds before he turned 5. This really bothered me for 2 reasons. 1) His mother has OCD and takes a pill to micromanage every part of her life and at least some of his “mental illness” is caused by her OCD and pill popping. 2) Since he’s been on so many strong meds since he was a preschooler he won’t have any memories of himself before he started taking the meds so how will he know who he really is? At some point, he will break away from his mother’s influence and try to form his own identity and at that point (if he hadn’t been drugged his whole life) he would have a chance to separate the truth from what his Mother’s OCD is telling her about him. Since he’s been drugged his whole life he may not be able to go through this normal growing up process.