Saturday, October 16, 2021

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  • The aggression of people with Borderline Personality Disorder toward psychiatrists may be viewed as entirely appropriate. Borderline Personality Disorder victims can eliminate all symptoms of their illness by chewing pheromone gum. Pheromone gum can be obtained from any healthy adult male volunteer donor. Buy a new, fresh pack of gum (Wrigley’s), rub the gum all over your donor’s face, using both sides of the piece of gum. A male face will lace about 5 pieces of chewing gum. Do another 5 sticks of gum at 12 hour or 24 hour intervals until 1/4th gram is accumulated (usually about 15 pieces of chewing gum). Then have the BPD patient chew the gum. Instant cure, which persists for years.
    There is a side effect, jealousy, which can mostly be avoided when the BPD patient chews the gum alone at a distance from providers, otherwise the providers will also be affected. While the gum has wonderful behavioral effects with oral exposure to 250 mg, apparently the side effects can be felt by osculation partners and non-osculation partners via the air, which is very cool.

  • Well, for instance, I’m sure some “self-concept” believing zealot who believes in psychological states, egos, (e.g. untestable religious nonsense) with all his/her heart is going to report this comment as “inappropriate”, whilst the poor sick suffer, even die, without treatment–even though a kindergartener could collect plenty of pheromone with a gravimetric balance, some ordinary fresh, new, un-chewed, chewing gum and a little patience. If I did have a personality, which I emphatically DO NOT have, I couldn’t have observed this dermatology/physiology/rhinology.

  • “Borderline Personality Disorder” is a simple human paternal facial skin surface lipid pheromone deficiency, easily remedied. Cure it with 150 to 250mg of healthy adult male facial skin surface lipid paternal pheromone by mouth 1 time. There is nothing “borderline”, nothing “personality, and it is not a disorder. It represents an ecological adaptation which matches populations to available resources. The biological mechanism is “broken” in that simple air pollution, notably ozone, O3, irritates the chemoreceptive surfaces (microvillar “brush border” cells that line about half of the entire upper respiratory system in human beings) and disrupts pheromone reception. Simply providing a sufficient tiny quantity of the pheromone alleviates all symptoms without sequellae, instantly.
    I wonder if the discovery of vitamin C to cure scurvy had as much resistance as put up by these psychobabbling incompetents are doing today?