Tuesday, March 28, 2023

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  • “People who work in these places are usually the last ones who should ever be in such positions.”

    That is so true. I believe a majority of the people who get into the mental health profession are either completely heartless or if they do have a heart in the beginning, it’s trained out of them. I know for me going to these assholes for help was one of the most dehumanizing experiences I ever had. And trying to debate with them is completely pointless, maybe not all but most of them have a heart of stone.

  • I found this on the anti-psychiatry site years ago and for me this describes the way I feel almost exactly. By the way the man who wrote this committed suicide.


    To be a mental patient is to be stigmatized, ostracized, socialized, patronized, psychiatrized.

    To be a mental patient is to have everyone controlling your life but you. You’re watched by your shrink, your social worker, your friends, your family. And then you’re diagnosed as paranoid.

    To be a mental patient is to live with the constant threat and possibility of being locked up at any time, for almost any reason.

    To be a mental patient is to live on $82 a month in food stamps, which won’t let you buy Kleenex to dry your tears. And to watch your shrink come back to his office from lunch, driving a Mercedes Benz.

    To be a mental patient is to take drugs that dull your mind, deaden your senses, make you jitter and drool and then you take more drugs to lessen the “side effects.”

    To be a mental patient is to apply for jobs and lie about the last few months or years, because you’ve been in the hospital, and then you don’t get the job anyway because you’re a mental patient. To be a mental patient is not to matter.

    To be a mental patient is never to be taken seriously.

    To be a mental patient is to be a resident of a ghetto, surrounded by other mental patients who are as scared and hungry and bored and broke as you are.

    To be a mental patient is to watch TV and see how violent and dangerous and dumb and incompetent and crazy you are.

    To be a mental patient is to be a statistic.

    To be a mental patient is to wear a label, and that label never goes away, a label that says little about what you are and even less about who you are.

    To be a mental patient is to never to say what you mean, but to sound like you mean what you say.

    To be a mental patient is to tell your psychiatrist he’s helping you, even if he is not.

    To be a mental patient is to act glad when you’re sad and calm when you’re mad, and to always be “appropriate.”

    To be a mental patient is to participate in stupid groups that call themselves therapy. Music isn’t music, its therapy; volleyball isn’t sport, it’s therapy; sewing is therapy; washing dishes is therapy. Even the air you breathe is therapy and that’s called “the milieu.”

    To be a mental patient is not to die, even if you want to — and not cry, and not hurt, and
    not be scared, and not be angry, and not be vulnerable, and not to laugh too loud —
    because, if you do, you only prove that you are a mental patient even if you are not.

    And so you become a no-thing, in a no-world, and you are not.

  • This comment is out of frustration and hopelessness.

    I plan to commit suicide, no one knows what it’s like to walk in my shoes, to feel the sting on a daily base of rejection, being insulted, and total loneliness. I tried the mental health system and as far as I’m concerned the whole profession is a joke. You know what would help people? Getting involved their lives, being their friend, showing them that someone genuinely cares about them, but no we can’t have any of that, because that would be a ethical violation (sarcasm). These walls between the so called “mental health professionals” and the people (notice I don’t refer to them as clients or consumers) their supposed to be helping, is completely devoid of any real compassion or empathy. The whole thing is extremely unethical and cold, but most of those who work in the profession seem to live in a little world of their own convincing themselves with their degrees and textbooks that their method is correct and if a person argues against this, it only proves they are mentally ill. Psychiatry is so damned arrogant, believing they have all the answers, when they have no clue what it’s like to walk in the shoes of those who suffer.

  • This first part of y0ur article is almost exactly what happened to me. I had a gut feeling this therapist who I was seeing for over a year who is a woman was a total snob and always treated me at a distance and a few times even laughed at me behind my back. Even though I was suicidal and chronically depressed she never once ever called or showed any effort that she really cared. I wanted so much for her to like me and care about me but now I realize it was completely pointless because I don’t think this women had any heart at all or she just didn’t like me. I also had a suspicion she was gossiping about me to other staff. Like you I tend to be a very real and honest person and that probably pissed her off. I even bought her a thank you card. It’s been two weeks since she left the mental health clinic I’ve been going to, and after opening my heart up to this person which is very sacred to me, all I got from her was “by” with this fake empathetic look.

    I never want to do therapy again, the whole thing at least in my experience is completely devoid of any real warmth or compassion. I feel like my trust and heart was taken advantage. Even though I’m a man, I tend to be very sensitive, its not a quality I’m proud of. After all this I feel even more hopeless about the future.

  • For me therapy did help me to a degree but it was also extremely hurtful. In someways I feel like I was emotionally raped.

    I chose to trust this person with alot of personal stuff and before I knew it I realized I had opened up to a person who could care a less about me and I suspect was talking about me behind my back. Either she was completely incompetent or just a terrible person. Unfortunately through what you call smoke and mirrors they use your loneliness and vulnerability to get you trust them, using fake empathy and kindness to earn your trust. It really is almost the same thing as a predator taking advantage of a child’s trust.

    As far as I’m concerned psychiatry needs to be eradicated as a profession, no more making money off of peoples misery.

    The difficult part of it is because of psychiatric propaganda our society holds these frauds and abusers in high prestige. I’m studying Social Psychology, in the text it lists the most prestigious occupations, psychologists are seventh on the list even though the entire thing is based on lies.

  • I already posted this in the forums on rethinking psychiatry. Sorry for the horrible grammar.

    Mainstream therapy, psychology or whatever name you want to give it, is by it’s very nature, cold, uncaring, and cruel and does little to actually change people, the way they feel about themselves or there circumstances.

    I believe the core problem underneath so called “mental illness”, is the belief by the person suffering is that they are not loved, valued or excepted for who they truly are. The symptoms of this may be manifested in different ways. Some will create a reality of their own to escape into a imaginary world , some will become extremely depressed, in others they may be violent or have intense hatred for other people, Some will become narcissistic to make up for the core belief they are not good enough. The reasons for developing this belief can vary but many in cases it stems from childhood abuse, physical or sexual, neglect, or all of the above. For others it maybe that some just can’t live up to societies standards of attractiveness, financial success, or relationships. The reasons can be complicated.

    Therapists are taught never to reveal anything about themselves so there’s no relating with the client. They can never be friends with the client even if they want to. They can’t give or except gifts. In other words a therapist is supposed to have a wall between the person their suppose to be helping and themselves. True love and compassion is to never be shown. Some will attempt to show these things during the sessions but love without any action is dead and meaningless. Sometimes the client will come away from the session feeling a little better but ultimately they know deep down inside the therapist probably doesn’t really care about them or at least that’s the message communicated by following these ridiculous rules. Maybe some therapists actually like it this way since it means they don’t actually have to do anything except prescribe meds and listen to the client. Some therapists are extremely fake and can’t stand the client and laughs at them behind their back even after the person has opened up to them about embarrassing personnel traumas. In the real world pretending to be someone’s friend showing fake concern for someone especially if that person is very lonely with no friends or has no real connection with other people would be called cruel but psychotherapy considers this ethical standard practice.

    In many cases the client will come away feeling even more hurt, uncared for, and even traumatized after going to therapy. Sometimes the client may even commit suicide. But psychology is never held accountable, it’s always the clients fault. In someways it’s almost similar to a abused victim being blamed for their own abuse.

    This is just my opinion of why therapy is often ineffective and even harmful.