Monday, March 1, 2021

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  • A young man who stays in our home is from overseas, he is in the USA studying English, and has no idea what is going on here in the ‘prescription drug’ culture..
    So when he came to me and told me he had been put on drugs for ‘anxiety’, I asked him what he was anxious about. The short story is that he was slipping in his grades, and was worried that he would lose his scholarship. I asked him if the doctors had discussed with him the reasons for his anxiety; His reply did not surprise me, “No, they had not.” I explained to him the dangers of SSRIs, [psychotropic medications, he had been put on Celexa and something else which I don’t recall]. Ironically, in the 3 weeks that he was on the medications, he was oversleeping and missing even more school. It was as if the captain of a sinking ship, went to the ship’s physician and was put on meds. The ship would still sink, but the captain would no longer fret about it. I explained to this young man the dangers of the meds and let him know that while he was under the influence of mind altering drugs, that he would not be permitted to live in our house. Fortunately he agreed to stop immediately. I put him on a program instead of English lessons, tutoring him 3 times a week. Within 4 weeks he had risen to the top of his English class.
    What remains so shocking is how blithley the medical community wrote prescriptions for these powerful and addictive drugs, without a glance at addressing the actual problem. It remains to be asked of the community, if we permit ourselves, our children, friends, to resort to drugs as a first response to anxiety or depression or sorrow, how in God’s name are they supposed to learn to cope on their own? Does this not make addiction the obvious result?