Monday, December 5, 2022

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  • Thank you both for your kind, well thought out responses. I’m terrified I won’t have the face to face support to survive these tapers. I feel I’m never going to escape the clutches of psychiatry. Benzos ruined my life and being polydrugged scares the heck out of me. As you know there is no real support out there for this. No program or place to go. Just looking for hope.

  • Thanks. Has anyone hear got off of psych meds and stayed functional. That’s my biggest fear. Becoming destabilized and then being stuck forever in the horrid world of psychiatry. Just looking for hope that my probkem is somehow solvable.

  • I’m honestly living my worst nightmare. My shrink told me “this is who you’ve always been, you just didn’t know it.” Really I am in acute benzo withdrawal trapped on two other psych meds. He didn’t know me before I was cold turkeyed off of 1.25mg of klonopin. Now he knows this is “me” even though he didn’t know me before this.

    I knew better about the pitfalls of klonopin but thought short term low dose use would be ok. Wrong. Wonderful detox yanked me off the klonopin and placed me on Seroquel, Neurontin and Remeron. How it makes sense to take someone off one med and place them on three “nonaddictive” meds. The most bogus term in psychiatry is “nonaddictive”. Meds more dangerous than illegal drugs. With sometimes long lasting and permanent withdrawal problems.

  • Also,

    Nancy do you know of any doctors in the south florida area that could possibly help me in this process?

    I really hope you and everyone else on this site are getting some relief from this terrible poisoin and process.

  • Nancy,

    I am on 100mg of this poison and want to start a liquid microtaper like you have mentioned earlier. Could you walk me through what I would need to do this and how to start. I want to get off this as safely and quickly as possible.

    If you want to pm me my email is [email protected]

    Thank you in advance.