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  • nope.
    If you were not everywhere, including literary texts (which is disgusting), if you were not like a social religion that create wars (becos wars are based on different psychology, not Religion), if you informed people that, what you did, would be about correlation – not causation, if you did not talk about logic and ethics in your office – but ONLY about feelings, if you didn not spend years ”brushing” one’s brain with your personal opinion about thinking and ethics – then we would need you. If you were a science, you would accept a limit – like any other science – you would not practice speech therapy while you did not study linguistics or grammar, you would not talk about thinking while you did not study logic, you would not talk about psychopathology without studying biology… In a nutshell, if you did not do cheap street philosophy in your offices, humanity would be in a better place.

  • As some news from East – maybe someone calculates this possibility: my students usually ask me: ”if your religion is so good, why your society is how it is? it means your RELÄ°GÄ°ON is not good.” I cannot explain them it is not Religion’ s fault – it is Psychology’s. My students’ belief is that becos of Religion people need psychologist. Look at this world and think how many lives has been lost. All they need to do, if indeed come from Philosophy, is to READ. But in the moment when you treat the healthy one same like the ”ill” one, the healthy one loses his powers to HELP the ”ill”one. It should have been a beautiful thing and it is a complete mess.

  • Jee, you make me type again.
    I do not promote the project on social media at the moment. On Fb only its artisitc part is shown. The project is ready and based on ”mapping” imagination on a BÄ°OLOGÄ°CAL basis. A computer program shall be developed in this sense – but it will take a while. I know this endeavour has not been tried yet and in fact I have always dreamed someone would want this idea and I won’t do it, but as nobody has been around in the past 20 years – here I am.
    Yes, America and West do not prmote humanities – and here let me explain you one thing – human resources usually work with Psychologists. As a new graduate, searching for a job in West, coming from human resources – the permanent question that I heard: ”Why Philosophy?” and ”Who supported you during studies?”. Psychologists from human resources DO NOT hire moral people – they hire people who would sell their soul for money – we can see the advise in regard to the study of humanities. The people who have skills and are not hired – get depressed, usually ending in therapy; the people who are hired, usually having moral lacks at least as potentiality – end in therapy. Communication, values, family relations, etc have been shaped by PSYCHOLOGY. It is not hard to have a wrong representation of your own self and put your parents in an asylum for example; or to believe and to focus just on yourself etcs etcs. I’m not saying Psychology should not exist – I’m saying the directions given by Philosophy, except the word ”psyche” have not been respected – instead, alchemy, kabala, dreams etc etc have been adopted as underlying principles. Why? It is hard to study. Starting human resources to education: a child is sent at counsellor – the counsellor sends him at Psychiatrist (ADHD example) – the Psychiatrist to Psychologist and the therapy starts. Concepts from Psychiatry are not ok, but who will make new ones? Psychology? But they need training and studies, dear. In Metaphysicsi ethics, logic. To make concepts is an act of thinking and you have to prove it. I still do not understand what is their chosen next job: to prescribe meds, to reshape concepts or to re-write ethics? I repeat: Psychology should exist because we, in our world, deal a lot with science. But its cooncepts and especially what happens during therapy – talking mostly about thinking and morality – is not ok for us. Why? Becos if you do this WITHOUT studies, the results is euthanasia, eugenics, sterilisation, human relations, work society – all are the result of Psychology’s wrong application of concepts. As based on alchemy people are attracted of the magic from their dremas, sexual fantasies, numbers, astrology – and are attracted of feeling special – and yes it creates a lot of attraction – unhealthy and addictive one. Just look how human resources work and you will understand Psychology’s values. We want it – but not like it is – and the compromise shall never be made.
    About the program – I hope by mathematically decoding imagination, I can help people whose imagination travels a lot.

  • hi,
    it’ still me who will try to answer you. It is hilarious that Psychology discusses concepts from Psychiatry. As I said, firstly we need to discuss concepts from Psychology and THEN from Psychiatry. Even Psychology students are not aware in regard to alchemy history of PSYCHOLOGY. Let’s suppose you are right (in fact partially – you are right) and that somehow Psychiatry can be magically (same like Psychology’s principles) removed; then, a Psychologist would prescribe meds (a lower dose ofcourse) combined with ”therapy” (it is not needed to say that in Psychologist’s office anyone is ”patient” and the basic assumption is everybody has a ”problem”). THIS procedure would cost governments even more; already people’s ideals and fantasies has been shaped by Psychology. I (we) understand that Psychology’s ideal is to be called DOCTORS and to prescribe lower doser of meds and anybody be a patient – but same thing had happened when had started to talk and analyze human THÄ°NKÄ°NG and ETHÄ°CS without training in any of 2. We cannot do anything in PHILOSOPHY becos we do not compete with black magic; in fact we do, but we are invisible. And, let’s not forget that in a court or before a diagnosis, a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist ALWAYS work together; a Psychologist is always recommended by Psychiatrist and a DIAGNOSIS is made together. In the moment when assisted suicide is signed, a Psychologist and Psychiatrist ”work” together. 2) – concepts you are talking about are the business of Metaphysics and not Psychology’s. And concepts of Psychology (it s a lie that Psychology comes from Philosophy – the drop of trust let’s say so) still are Metaphysics’ business. Nobody hates people who deal with metaphysics, logic and ethics more than PSYCHOLOGY.
    Ok about fictional disease – the disease can be called anyhow – as long as it can be proved at micro level; the more adequate concept is, the better treatement ofcourse. For the moment, as a PHILOSOPHER I would recommend to be greatful that Psychiatry exists – no matter how it is (unless you are attracted of something which is pure alchemy and can be come a new RELIGION). People DO need to take meds at least in THOSE moments – by the way – it is Psychologist’s advice to take meds and to combine it with talk therapy. Nobody forces them to take the meds AFTER – it is their choice same as it depends on them how they understand PROVIDED information. Talk therapy takes years and years and years – which is very weird and even a Psychiatrist is in Psychologist’s hands (historically, at least).
    Now about biological disease: in the moment you learn a pattern – let’s say the mother has ”schizophrenia” and the child too – brain structure modifies and IMITATE the mother’s; and as I said, ( if you did not like the word scanner (those are the colors)), the screening and MRI or FMRI SHOWS something; that something is an image needs to be interpreted. nobody lies that it appears something while IT DOES NOT (there are cases when it does not appear anything but here we discuss statements according to which it appears). Then in the moment when you imagine something repeatedly, the brain structure modifies and IT APPEARS so. In the moment when brain structure modifies, you control much more harder what happens to yourself – especially if you are not informed, from a negative environment and with a sad destiny; in that situation, you are the perfect victim to BELIEVE Psychology’s UNPROVEN THEORIES. A Psychologist has years to shape you and the gathered files and confession give them a lot of ideas – too many I would say. In this SITUATION, one would better educate onself or go to priest or religious counselling (I am atheist by the way). To be honest, it is too late to do something – ”they” will never accept concepts be reshaped, becos this would mean concepts be reshaped in Psychology as well. But Psychiatry is open to reshape concepts; I do not imagine how this might occur; I suppose concepts will be reshaped by Psychology who are too ignorant to acquire some culture: most of their brilliant ideas which are put to experiments (and received money for those experiments) had taken place in PHILOSOPHY thousands of years ago; without reading speciality literature, and from patients’ files, in Psychology ”something” happens. This something is the desire of power and control WITHOUT real base, real studies, real history… – imagine they would lead the world completly; as they succeeded once (with us) I do not imagine why wouldn’t they succeed 2nd time too?
    Now, about INHERITATED – the fetus can sense and modify even in mother’s belly; this does not mean that coming to life, cannot modify again in the CORRECT shape – just that it is very difficult, because: if he modifies, he will – with psychological help: this is TEMPORARY and based on ILLUSION: one needs to master the habit of correct thinking, appropriate this habbit and, in time, become his/her inner nature. Check Neuroplasticity to see what happens there. Your post challenged me to answer you – I observed you were indeed interested. Unfortunately, as long as Psychologists will not let us do OUR JOB about thoughts and CONCEPTS, nothing good will happen. A thought is a very complex action and people need to know HOW it occurs. What if beyond everything lies a MORAL CONFLICT and not a psychological theory? who will solve the moral conflict? In most of cases – especially the ones which do not appear as ‘bio’ is just a moral conflict… and a Philosopher solves this in maximum a couple of months. The ”patient”s moral conflict which Psychology tries to explain by ”unconscious”, ”clinical diagnosis”, etc etc etc can lead to suicide if it is not done correctly – these are descriptive concepts which cannot prescribe norms; more, these psychology’s concepts, are not – there is no word to be used for this – are not anyhow. The ”patients” indeed imagine and imagination controls them and, in time, MODIFIES them (biologically) – it is true. We will wait and continue to work same as until now: in shadow and without being read because it is just too true and too difficult, right?
    I hope I explained your dilemma. As the text is long, I will not check my typo faults. Have a good day!

  • There is one single theory which can partially validate the theory of ”genetic” mental disorder – that theory states that, we come in this world as ”seeds” that create themselves through nutrition from mother. This theory is a philosophical one and beyond common sense. The doctors cannot see such a thoery as they work with empirical matters and on scanner it indeed appears as genetic disorder. The point is that as seeds, first part which develops is the intuition of time in brain – and yes this is what the scanner gives – that it is genetically. the reality, as you create yourself, is that you ”learn” it or you apply wrong pattern of thinking which again – at scanner appears as chemical imbalance. The chemical imbalance exists on scanner as well – but the cause of it is represented by a wrong pattern which repeats over and over again until it controls you and it ”shows” that imbalance. The language of psychiatrists is not exact due to their preparation (it is not a language of logic or of mathematics); for it should not be completly dismissed but rather differently understood.

  • an observation based on common sense: most of people who have around a person with mental disorder know the theory that mental disorders are ”same like diabets”; still, those people, when reacting to it, do not behave same as it is a disease same like diabet. This common sense and basic observation raises further questions: why? I think it is because in their instinct, people ”feel” that IT IS NOT like diabets or like another medical disease. It is not a matter of educating people and explaining them thechemical imbalance theory – people will always be unable to react like it would be a medical disorder. Further – which are the measurements of the imbalance; is there any tool of measuring the imbalance of the brain, an imbalance unseenable in most of the cases? And which is the amount considered being a ”balance”? Further: it is enough to look at the history of mental disorders – psychiatry has been trying and trying to prove the reality of some arbitrary concepts – a reality they’re struggling to create. Those concepts have never been validated, their original meaning is changed -like nicknames and their proof in any possible measurement – it does not exist. For the cases where the proof exists, it still falls under the incidence of unproven concepts – precisely for trying to prove the validity of that concepts and of ”the treatement”. In a nutshell, nobody with a mental disorder had been happy before the mental disorder occured.

  • Dear Robert,
    From time to time, when I don’t resist anymore, I post on this site. As a journalist, do you think you could contact a group of philosophers who are able to provide a logical analysis of any DSM? – word by word, sentence by sentence, starting with the title, ofcourse šŸ™‚ You could transform the menace into reality. I feel too much to do this, but I prefer short things and for me it’d be more than enough to analyze just the word ”Psychiatry” in a short article. This thing with Psychiatry or whatever should be called (see Etymology), really stops the evolution of our society, but media can help about it.
    Good luck and congratulations.

  • Harm that has been made by Psychiatry postpones the evolution of humanity by at least one century. It is not about faulty logic only, but logical criticism is the thing which could stop ‘them’. I dream one day I’ll finally take DSM in my hand, pursue a logical analysis of it – word by word and then just send it to whoever on the planet by posta, e-mail, anything. I would flood the world with a book where, according to the laws of logic – not to mention the ethical ones – Psychiatry has been deeply failing. I’ll be waiting till I won’t resist anymore or till someone else will write this type of book. What I feel is beyond of words. Sometimes I wonder why do I feel doing this, while only to analyse the word ”Psychiatry” provides of all answers? Check this out:
    The word psyche comes from the ancient Greek for soul or butterfly.[3] The fluttering insect appears in the coat of arms of Britain’s Royal College of Psychiatrists[4]

    The term “psychiatry” was first coined by the German physician Johann Christian Reil in 1808 and literally means the ‘medical treatment of the soul’ (psych- “soul” from Ancient Greek psykhē “soul”; -iatry “medical treatment” from Gk. iātrikos “medical” from iāsthai “to heal”). – Wikipedia

  • As a metaphysician, I assert that it is absolutely impossible this concept to exist – from linguistically and logical point of view; it lacks real possibility even, and the concept itself matches to a schizophrenic concept invention- it is a salat of concepts united into an absurde and horrible representation, which can describe only movies and literature. The wrong, approach – the wrong research. The thing is, that even if the concept did not exist, did not match reality, the disease and the philosophy of a such thing could be indeed created, and further – to indeed exist.
    Congratulations for your critical approach!

  • I strongly believe this Psychiatry guys are out of order. Psychiatry is a ”science” which doesn’t even act according to its name, uses neologisms and theories meant for description in literature, neologisms that have no match with reality; it lacks of Elementary Logic and destroyed the evolution of humanity. It’s just a coercion form, a worst than Middle Age and Nazism history regarding human nature, and who doesn’t subscribe to it has probably ”a chemical imbalance”. I really wonder when will it finish, when will we be free to not believe these things and we will speak in our own facts, when will we evolve and won’t listen this cheap philosophy that Psychiatry makes?

  • Not to mention the logical analysis of synthesis of forming the concept of a mental disease, like it’s for example ”Schizophrenia” concept. If you do not have the correct concept, than you cannot pursue a correct research towards a cure. Not to mention the stupid theories which underlies Psychology too.
    Your article is great. It points in the correct direction. Unfortunately, we’re still experiencing Middle Age when it comes about Psychiatry.