Friday, September 18, 2020

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  • I’m newly out from mental health and in the 20+ years of being degraded via medicaments I can say, “Medication should be self adjusted”.
    What I find with medicaments is that saturation points cause a person to, “Sleepwalk”. Here these people are seen as, “Abnormal to be Normal” simply by facial look interpretations and what I interpret as the scent of magnolia signalling a sleepy or person that is in thought. The physical opposition is muscle spasms, panic attacks (nervous system and the Medulla Oblongata) and physical stress types, etc.
    If you look at side effects of muscle spasms I can tell you this from what I am forming in my third book relative to, “The taste/smell of coffee forming from the body and establishing itself in the Medulla Oblongata. This especially forming at the key location of the Vagus nerve and involves how the vocal of inner and outer forces interact as a Psychosocial Script Narration.
    As I said I am newly out from mental health and would like any comments from this community if anyone could relate to anything on Vagus nerve testing. I have discovered through research that this area is infected and causes mental sublime narration via what I say in Common Sense a re-emergence of the Bi-cameral mind.
    I have experienced through medication that sleep flowing from the night is continued as Bi-cameral subliminal interaction when awake as a: Script narration via Interpellation of the senses known to the ignorant in the Norm of Society as body language.
    So saying the body becomes the instrument of the minds communication via the Vagus nerve interpreting sublime levels of a choral echo where mental health clients are used to block and protect the public. Yes I believe in medication because I say my third book reveals how sublime interaction is a physical instant that forms in the Medulla Oblongata.