Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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  • Good.

    There are two distinct phenomena: ‘psychosis’ the political, bureaucratic, institutional label, and the poorly-charted altered states of mind that exist in the wild. It’s a rigid dichotomy that runs along the (also very rigid) walls of the psych ward. While recognizing that there is an overlap, let’s not conflate these things.

    Sane uninteresting people are in fact hospitalized based on unsubstantiated claims by third parties, forcibly tranquilized and coerced into treatment with antipsychotics regardless of whether or not they are indeed psychotic. This shouldn’t come as a revelation: mental health legislation quite explicitly gives a free pass to cops and health workers to do anything in their power with zero accountability and zero transparency, in effect revoking basic human rights of the victim of the psychiatric encounter.

    A useful diagnosis comes weeks, even months later only to justify the treatment (read: disabling drugs) in retrospect, and to stigmatize (‘flag up’) the patient-subject as a lifetime recipient of such treatment. Doctors openly use symptom judgments such as ‘psychotic’ as bureaucratic tools to push through new decisions with no regard for their subjects’ actual state of mind, not that there’s any evidence-based method to access it, or that patients are free to speak their mind when everything they say is being used against them.

    The moment you take a psychiatry-naive person who, say, claims to hear voices and plonk them in front of a clinical white wall, you’re blanking out all the measurable interactions between the individual and their environment, which are all you’ve got to go by if you hope to understand or do some real science.