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  • Nobody sees the big picture? The greatest benefit of locking mentally ill people up is the benefit to society by not having to deal with them. That’s why society turned to police and jails once all the asylums were closed. They have to go somewhere. I for one would rather it be a nice cozy healthcare environment than a jail or an encampment under a bridge somewhere. But there are some mentally ill folks who would choose the freedom of the streets over the security of the hospital. As long as they aren’t breaking the law or bothering people, fine. But if they are, they’ll eventually be rounded up and I think if we do our part to support the mental hospitals, maybe more of them will end up in a therapeutic environment rather than jail.

  • If either one of you are referring to me, nobody is making you read my comments. It’s a free country and I’m free to have my opinion, just as you’re free to have yours. It’s too bad you can’t see a thought you disagree with without shouting “troll”. I haven’t been rude to you. I have my own experiences and my own perspectives.

  • I’m sorry that this man is insane. But i don’t want to share my public space with him. I have no doubt that once out, he’ll stop taking his meds and wind up attacking someone again.

  • I’ve read that before. I maintain my opinion. Sterilizing the mentally ill and developmentally disabled and those with heritable disease such as Huntingtons is nothing but good for society. And in all those years, you’ll notice, that we never started rounding up masses of Americans for the gas chamber. Because sane people ran the American eugenics program, unlike the travesty in Germany ran by a madman.

  • That’s the problem right there, not allowing any gray. I think we all can agree that it’s horribly wrong to kill off an entire race of healthy people. At the other end of the spectrum, I don’t think that allowing my cancer-ridden parent a merciful release from her misery is murder. But it’s a gray area which you would forbid with that argument of yours and it’s the reason so many people are not allowed to move on with assistance, even though it’s of their own choosing. Paranoia.

  • I don’t fear death.

    If I were ever to become injured or debilitated to the point that I can no longer care for myself, and would become a burden to those around me, my family has strict orders to do whatever they legally can to avoid extending my life. I prefer to go with dignity. I believe that if many people with dementia or other incurable mental illnesses could see with clear eyes the pain and burden and expense they are to their families with no way of improving, they might agree with me. But people are so afraid of death, that they hang onto life, no matter how poor a quality it becomes. I don’t want to do that at the expense of my loved ones.

  • Just because someone’s opinion is different from your own, you consider it trolling? What’s the point of the comment section if you only allow comments that reflect your own opinions?

    I looked up the links you provided. I don’t think that killing mental patients was ever part of the American Eugenics program. It was based on sterilizing those who were unfit to reproduce. It looks as though you were able to dig up one American doctor who agreed with the Germans about mercy killing. I’m pretty sure his wasn’t the mainstream view in the US even back then. If you have more links to indicate that the US was going rogue and getting geared up to murder all the mental patients, I’d be happy to read them, but I don’t think that was the case.

  • The US eugenics program was a good, solid one, set up to prevent disease and suffering. Someone else had a eugenics program that turned into a genocide campaign. Therefore every eugenics program is guaranteed to end in genocide and war. That’s pretty much the mindset of everyone who speaks of eugenics. It’s an emotional and frankly, ridiculous response. There are many shades of gray to this issue.

    Sterilizing those who cannot even care for themselves on a consistent basis, much less a baby, is a kindness, not an evil.

  • You are correct; the person I spoke of is severely autistic and mentally retarded. He is over 21, and all past therapies have had little impact on his severe condition. He does not communicate except to occasionally repeat things he has heard in the past. He prefers to talk (or shout) to himself constantly, in some kind of garbled babble. The behaviors I described earlier seem to just be what he likes to do, not actually forms of communication. He doesn’t seem to notice anyone else or their discomfort at his constant noise and messes.
    I fail to see how your idea of me getting counseling for myself will help his issues. The headbanging, or trying to run into the street, for example. What would the purpose of counseling be? To get me not to care that someone is harming himself? I should just butt out and leave him to it? When the police arrive to pick up the body, I’m sure they’ll take a charitable view of my defense: “my counselor told me to work on myself, not on him.”

    But I can see that you’re so against drugging someone who cannot consent (only because he cannot understand what it is to consent) that you think it’s preferable to allow them to further damage themselves and the mental health of everyone forced to live within earshot. Maybe YOU’RE the one who needs to get a little counseling with a few of your own extreme issues.

  • So you’re against drugging. You’re against aversives. When ABA has produced zero improvements, what are your suggestions? (And here I get a bit specific, so forgive me for veering off the main discussion somewhat.) Do you allow a person to slam his head into the wall or floor until he knocks himself out? Do you allow him (an adult) freedom to race out into a busy street without looking? Do you allow him to throw or smear feces? What’s left but drugging to calm the person when nothing else works? When all the compassion in the world doesn’t calm an agitated person who is clearly chemically and mentally unwell? You can’t just let them loose to kill themselves!!

  • Whether you like it or not, the fact is that mental illness and crime do strongly correlate and the public is not blind to this. From all that I can tell of this publication, it seems that the founders want all the mentally ill people turned loose unmedicated and unchecked, and the safety and wellbeing of the general public be damned.

  • There are a lot of people who would agree with you. If you go on youtube, you’ll only see people talking about the negative side of the Rotenberg treatments.

    But ABA therapy doesn’t work for everyone and sometimes aversive treatment DOES work. I’m not saying it’s for everyone but at least it’s an option at this one place.

    And people are driven to desperation. There are not enough mental healthcare facilities anymore to place their needy family members in for the professional care they need. Just throwing a SSI check at a family and telling them to take care of things themselves doesn’t magically qualify them to deal with a severely mentally disabled person. They should never have shut down all the hospitals. Revamped, yes, but shut down altogether, no.

  • The reason forced treatment is even a thing is because THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE. A fact that you seem to miss over and over again in your thoughts. Perhaps this is why you have a chip on your shoulder about it: you continually forget that there are other people around while you scream and flail and throw things or whatever it is you do, then you’re forcibly treated to make you stop bothering them. Why not just try to live peaceably with others? And if you cannot, then how do you have a leg to stand on in arguing against forced treatment?

  • Empathy for the family. A family who endures days on end of shouting, cursing, breaking things, and fecal smearing messes to clean up. A family who can get no respite. A family who cannot get this person put into institutional care for lack of hospitals.

    As much as people feel sorry for the mentally or developmentally disabled person, all I can feel is bad for the family who has to put up with them.

  • Cute.

    The only area I agree with you is that families shouldn’t be forced to stay together at all costs. There should be places for mentally ill/severely DD patients to go without their relatives being held responsible. Unfortunately, in many states, you can’t simply drop off a mentally disabled person at the hospital or police station without being charged with a crime, even though they may be an adult.

  • In many states, parents can still be arrested for not continuing to take care of severely mentally ill/developmentally disabled offspring after they become adults. You can’t always just drop them off at the hospital without being charged with neglect of a dependent person. Yet the waiting list for placement in mental institutions for these people who will never be able to care for themselves gets longer and longer. Hence, the expression “forced”.

    Nearly all of the old state hospitals are gone. They should have been revamped, not shut down.

  • What are your thoughts about the family members who are made responsible for a person who goes off their meds periodically and during that time repeatedly gets violent, commits crimes, makes threats, and cannot be restrained? These families have to deal with posting bail, trying to come up with money for lawyers and doctors, replacing broken furniture, sometimes replacing vehicles, but since you’re their family member, they’re just supposed to deal with it. Do you feel any empathy there or are you just so wrapped up in your own mental problems that nobody else matters?

  • What a horrific story.

    A well known problem with mental patients is that they frequently don’t feel that they need to take their meds, and so they just stop, and the condition spirals out of control. I’m sure that this is why there is such a thing as involuntary commitment and forced medicating in the first place.

    It’s a tough problem. What do you do if your loved one is suicidal and you can’t be there to watch them 24/7? Do you try to get them committed or just respect their wishes and let the chips fall where they may?

    No competent general practitioner would continue with a psychiatric treatment at the expense of trashing the patient’s liver. It makes one really wonder about what’s going on in psychiatric medical schools.