Friday, February 26, 2021

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  • I just watched this film. I wanted to take a minuet to express my views on it. I thought the film was well done. It was shot well. The music was beautiful and helped express changes through out. Having the music done by the patients was a cute touch as well. My only critique on the film from an artistic stand point is I felt the transitions from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest to the film was over done. I understand they where shot at the same location and it was comparing fact from fiction along with the times but as a viewer it felt clunky. I think it should be mentioned but each section does not need to be opened with a scene from the movie. It takes away.
    As for the points made in the movie I was much more disappointed. I came into the film expecting an educational program. I did not get that. I did not learn about the mental health system in Oregon. I did not learn about mental health. I really did not learn anything. This film is a glamorized depiction of the lives of these people. Attention or not the film seemed to have an agenda to promote these facilities. The film was very one sided. Any idea of treatment was lost in this film. We saw happy people committed of horrendous crimes going about their days. These people go out into public. They have freedoms. This movie glamorizes the insanity plea in Oregon. It’s a depicted as a plea bargain. The movie was beautifully produced but completely missed the mark.