Friday, February 26, 2021

Comments by Lieblerlee

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  • I watched this film in my Abnormal Psychology Class and I feel as though it was educational and gave insight into a topic I had very little preexisting knowledge about. I appreciated the quality of production the film was shot in and the music was beautiful. Knowing the patients and staff of the hospital made and produced the music was a very nice way to incorporate the film to the patients in a more intimate way.
    I didn’t like how one sided the film seemed to be. As a viewer we were only shown the positive and good points about the hospital and the patients. We heard the patients testimonials but never got the truth about whether or not what they were saying was the truth. A hospital holding so many different cases and patients all dealing with severe mental illnesses shouldn’t seem like such a carefree and happy place to be. Most of the patients seemed happy to be there and the film never displayed any kind of disputes or bad behavior.
    I found the entirety of the film to be entertaining and well made but left me with many questions about how I feel about the whole subject and a bit of confusion on what is really right or wrong.