Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Comments by Jolie

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  • I am sorry if it has stirred up some painful past experiences dealing with others, but please understand I was not involved in causing those.

    I apologize for having made three different comments, I am still upset by reactions directed toward me, and couldn’t find an option to modify my previous comments.

  • Dear Suzanne,

    I read your reply and Maria’s. I am sorry that my comment came across that way, I did not mean to.
    At the same time, I do not appreciate some harsh judgements made on this, and toward me.
    I actually have encountered the suffering brought by psychiatric medications and suicidality (will prefer not to go into details or explain whether it was first-handed or through a loved one).

  • Dear Maria,

    I’m really sorry for your loss and can imagine how intense your pain might have been.
    There are many findings linking psychiatric medication to suicidality, by hindering rational thinking and causing psychosis. However, no matter what the state a person is in, there is still a power of choice involved. There was a choice made at some point by your son and other people who have committed suicide. I agree that the self-determinism involved in that choice might not have been high, it wasn’t zero either. 
    I appreciate the good cause you’ve started in the memory of your son, but it wouldn’t be right to talk about those who’ve died by suicide in total sympathy; it can factually set a bad example. It would even bring those people down to total effect, a not desirable state for a human being. 
    I wish you success in your continuous effort.